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PaulThatcher 2:43pm on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 
Lightweight, waterproof, accurate Takes a minute or two to input coordinates Easy to follow the arrow to the almost exact geocache spot Takes a lot of time to install coordinates
sk8free 4:19pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
There are no maps at all on it, which is not an issue unless you really need them. I pair this with a Mio Digiwalker and do just fine.
sirjus 7:47pm on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
Quality item. It's really well designed and really stays in place. I'm very happy with it. Easy To Use","Improves Functionality","Well Made".
sdjenS24 5:11pm on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
It satisfies the basic needs very well. My ideia is to record short tracks during my free time in a natural reserve area.
mervturner44 3:45am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
Now, I never get lost! Compact, Accurate Very please with this product Simple Controls, Easy To Read, Compact, Easy Menus, Acquires Satellites Quickly, Easy To Set Up, Reliable Performance.
matbender 9:32am on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
The Garmin eTrex Handheld GPS Receiver is a great GPS for anyone who has little to no experience with GPS units and wants to become familiar with one.
melmoth 1:58am on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 
This GPS system works well and has the additional features of Bluetooth and real-time traffic guidance to provide assistance when needed.
Pitounet 5:17am on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
This is the best gps for your motorcycle yet. I have a honda goldwing without a gps, because the factory gps is about 2000.
sunbeam75 8:17pm on Friday, April 9th, 2010 
Can navigate to Lat/Lon coordinates (for geocaching) but that is not shown anywhere in manuals. If you field trial, or hunt with your dogs, this collar is priceless. AKC has approved it for trials...
starfish21 12:43pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
The Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking System lets hunters and sportsmen spend their time looking for game, rather than looking for their dog. Three, in general representative of the quality of the brand, brand is important. Design Design Nokia 6600 Slide are made with the tiny slide concept. Models are also more trendy. However. Stored in internal flash memory. Garmin Astro Dog Tracaing System provides a new generation of voice recognition capability.

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Users Guide - Devireg 550 Thermostat
U s e r s G u i d e - D e v i r e g 0 T h e r m o s t a t

About the thermostat

Pages 2 - 7

Set weekday and clock

Pages 8 - 9

Set temperature

Pages 10 - 11
Set periods with lowering of temperature

Pages 12 - 14

Congratulations! You have purchased a Devireg 550 thermostat, which forms an integrated part of a DEVI system. DEVI has developed the Devireg 550 to make your oor heating system and the heating of your home environmentally correct. Devireg 550 will work dynamically with both the room and oor temperature in order to give you the highest possible comfort in the most economical way. Furthermore, Devireg 550 will take a few days to optimise the use of the heating system. It does not stop there, though; the Devireg 550 will continue to learn from the room and thus constantly improve its performance and consequently your comfort and economy.
We wish you many years of comfort with your new DEVI system. Warning Do not cover the thermostat, for intance by hanging towels etc. directly in front of it.
Introduction Devireg 550 is an adaptive temperature controller, specially designed for oor heating systems. It can, however, also be used for other heating systems (e.g. with power heating units). The Devireg 550 will measure the radiant comfort from the oor combined with the comfort from the air temperature in the room to oset the outside weather condition. This means that as soon as you have set your Devireg 550 at your desired comfort temperature, you do not have to do anything else. Devireg 550 will automatically adjust the heating to meet your requirements for comfort, no matter how the weather is changing outside. Devireg 550 is also capable of detecting a sudden temperature drop in the room. Instead of switching the heating on to immediately compensate, the Devireg 550 uses the information 2 stored and then checks if this sudden drop of temperature may be caused by for instance a window that has been opened for 10 minutes. Even the programming of economy temperatures (i.e. lowering of temperature during the night and when you are at work) is very simple. You do not have to calculate how much earlier the heating should start in order to reach a specic temperature at a specic time. Just tell the Devireg 550 when you want the comfort temperature, and the Devireg 550 will take care of the rest. By learning the rate of heat loss from the room, the Devireg 550 knows when to start heating in order to achieve the selected temperature at exactly the right time. Devireg 550 - the thermostat that thinks!

Symbol for timer On

Symbol indicating that the room temperature is below the wanted temperature (set-point).
Symbol for frost protection
Symbol for degrees Numerical display for time, temperature, text, etc. Weekdays
Indication of AM/PM time at 12 hour clock
Flashing point for actual time
24 hour clock ring which shows actual time and timer program
Symbol for setting of clock
Symbol for timer programming


Thermostat button You can use the button on the thermostat in three dierent ways: - You can turn it. - You can press it. - You can press and hold it for a certain number of seconds.

x sec.

Switch thermostat on/o Before you can switch the thermostat o, the timer function (indicated by timer symbol on the thermostat display) must be deactivated. Press the button to switch the timer function o. To switch the thermostat o, turn the button counter-clockwise to lower the temperature below +5C (1 by scale). Then OFF will be shown on the display. To switch the thermostat on again, raise the temperature above +5C (1 by scale). This is done by turning the button clockwise. If the Devireg 550 only uses a oor sensor, the display will not show the wanted temperature (5 to 35), but a scale from 1 to 10 (in steps of about 5).

Switch timer function on/o The timer function is used for automatic switching between periods with normal (comfort) temperature and periods with lowering of temperature (e.g. at night). When switched on, a timer symbol (clock) is shown at the top of display. - To switch the timer function o, press button. - To switch the timer function on, press button again. Read more about how to set periods with lowering of temperature (e.g. at night) on page 12. Clock ring The markings on the clock ring indicates periods with normal (comfort) temperature and periods with lowering of the temperature (e.g. at night). The ashing point indicates the actual time of day (every half hour). 6

20:0 C

Network set-up with a controlling master thermostat If more Devireg 550 thermostats have been installed in the house, the electrician may have chosen to link them together in a network with one thermostat serving as master unit controlling various settings on the other thermostats in the network (also called slaves). In that case the following settings are controlled by the thermostat that has been congured as master: Time Weekday Timer program If the thermostats are linked in a network, any changes of time, weekday and/or periods with lowering of temperature must be made on the thermostat congured as master. The changes will then take eect on all slave thermostats.
Please contact the electrician to nd out if the thermostats in the house are linked in a network, and in case they are, which thermostat has been congured as Master.
Set weekday 1 Hold the button for 3 seconds. Then the symbol for setting of clock and the number of the weekday will be shown on the display. 2 Turn the button to the right or left, until the time passes 0:00. Every time the time passes 0:00, the weekday number will go 1 up/down depending on which way you turn the button. The number you choose will be the weekday of the current day of the week. The numbers 1-7 do not correspond to any specic days, so you can choose which day of the week should be number 1, etc. Example: If today is Tuesday and you select 2 on the display, Tuesday will be weekday number 2. 3 Set the clock correctly by turning the button to the right or left. 4 Press the button to save the settings. 8

3 sec.

Set the clock The clock is not set from the factory. 1 Hold the button for 3 seconds. Then the symbol for setting of clock will be shown on the display. 2 Set the clock by turning the button to the right or left. 3 Press the button to save the setting.
Constant temperature By switching o the timer function you can set the thermostat so it will maintain a constant temperature (see how to switch timer on/o on page 6). The setting with constant temperature can for instance be used as Party mode or for constantly lowering the temperature when going on holiday. An unbroken clock ring indicates constant temperature.

Read more about how to set periods with lowering of temperature on page 12. When the timer is on, it is indicated by a timer symbol in the form of a clock (and a clock ring if periods with lowering of temperature have been selected).
Fixed periods with lowering of temperature By means of the built-in timer you can set up xed periods for each day of the week where the temperature is lowered (e.g. at night and when you are at work). This means automatic switching between economy and comfort temperature. 10
The display shows wanted temperature. In periods with lowering of temperature, however, the temperature will be lowered according to the set-back level (e.g. 5C) that has been dened in connection with installation of the thermostat.
Switch timer function on/o To switch the timer function on/o, press the button. A timer symbol on the display indicates that the timer function is on.
Raise temperature Turn the button clockwise rature.

to raise the tempe-

Lower temperature Turn the button counter-clockwise the temperature.

to lower

Frost protection To obtain frost protection, lower the temperature to a minimum of +5C. Then a frost symbol will appear on the display.
If the Devireg 550 only uses a oor sensor, the display will not show the wanted temperature (5 to 35), but a scale from 1 to 10 (in steps of about 5).
Set periods with lowering of temperature (timer)
The timer is not set from the factory. 1 Hold the button for 6 seconds. Then the symbol for timer programming and the weekday numbers are shown. 2 Select the weekday that you want to begin with by turning the button until the wanted weekday is shown. You can read more about setting weekday on page 8. 3 Press the button to choose weekday. Now you are ready to begin dening periods. 1

6 sec.

4 Turn the button forward to the rst time when you want normal temperature (comfort), e.g. 06:00. The clock uses 30-minutes intervals. 5 Press the button. 6 Turn the button until the temperature must be lowered again, e.g. at 07:30 hours. The number of degrees (e.g. 5C), which the temperature is lowered with during an economy period, is dened in connection with the installation of the thermostat. You may refer to Installation Guide to WEBHOME for info about basic settings. 7 Press the button. 8 Turn forward to the next period, where you want to have normal temperature again, e.g. 15:30. 9 Press the button.

10 Turn forward once again to the next time where you want a period with lowering of temperature to begin, e.g. 22:30. 11 Press the button. 12 Turn forward to make settings for the following weekday, and continue until you have made period settings for all seven weekdays. Every time the clock passes midnight (00.00), it changes over to the next weekday. 13 Finally, hold the button for 3 seconds to save your settings and nish. The display will automatically return to normal display. With Devireg 550 you only have to programme the time when you want comfort temperature and the time you want economy temperature. The thermostat will do the rest. You do not have to calculate when the heating should start; Devireg 550 will do this for you.

Error messages

Error messages Devireg 550 has a built-in system that constantly checks the heating system, the thermostat itself and a possible network for any malfunctions. If an error occurs, the display will ash together with a code for the detected fault, which will be shown as a number from 1 to 7. No Error Congured as Master, but another Master unit detected. Congured as a Slave, but cannot nd any Master unit. The thermostat is switched o because of overheating. Sensor fault. Floor sensor short-circuit. Sensor fault. Floor sensor open circuit. Clock is not set.
You can read more in Installation Guide to WEBHOME. A fault on the oor sensor/sensor cable or thermostat overheating will result in the heating being switched o. What to do? Call an electrician (Only one unit may be congured as a Master). Call an electrician (One unit must be congured as Master). Call an electrician (Let the thermostat cool for a period. Then enter basic set-up to leave error mode). Call an electrician (Floor sensor must be changed). Call an electrician (Floor sensor must be changed). Set the clock. 15

Your notes

Weekday 1 has been set to: The temperature will be lowered the following number of degrees at night: The thermostats in the house are linked together in a network with one thermostat serving as master (Yes/No): If the thermostats have been set up in a network, the following thermostat has been dened as master thermostat:

The DE VI Warranty

You have purchased Devireg 550, which forms an integrated part of a DEVI system, which we are certain will improve your home comfort and economy. A DEVI system provides complete heating solutions with Deviex heating cables or devimat heating mats, Devireg thermostats and devifast tting bands. If, however, contrary to all expectations, a problem should occur with your Devireg heating system, we at DEVI, with manufacturing units in Denmark, are, as European Union suppliers, subject to general product liability rules, as stated in Directive 85/374/CEE, and all relevant national laws which implies that: DEVI provides a warranty for deviex heating cables and devimat heating mats for a 10 year period and all other DEVI products for a 2 year period against defects in material and production. The guarantee is granted on the condition that the Warranty Certicate on the overleaf is lled out properly in accordance to instructions and that the defect is inspected by, or presented to, DEVI or authorised DEVI distributor. Please note that the wording of the Warranty Certicate must be provided in English or local language with the ISO code for your country in the upper left corner of the front page of the installation instructions in order to release the warranty. The obligation of DEVI will be to repair or supply a new unit, free of charge to the customer, without secondary charges linked to repairing the unit. In case of defective devireg thermostats, DEVI reserves the right to repair the unit free of charge and without unreasonable delay to the customer. The DEVI warranty does not cover installations made by unauthorised electricians, or faults caused by incorrect designs supplied by others, misuse, damage caused by others, or incorrect installation or any subsequent damage that may occur. If DEVI is required to inspect or repair any defects caused by any of the above, then all work will be fully chargeable. The DEVI warranty is void, if payment of the equipment is in default. At all times, we at DEVIwill respond honestly, eciently and promptly to all queries and reasonable requests from our customers. The above mentioned warranty concerns product liability whereas matters in relation to legislation on sale of goods shall be referred to national law.

Set periods f i a t e W a r r a n t y C e r t iwithclowering of temperature
Name: _______________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________ Postal code: _________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ ___________________ Please note: In order to obtain the DEVI Warranty, the following must be carefully lled in! << See other conditions to the left. Electrical installation by: _________________________________ Installation date: _______________________________________ Type of thermostat: _____________________________________ Production code: _______________________________________


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