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GNX4 Operating System Update Procedure (via USB)
Carefully read through the entire procedure before starting. DigiTech always recommends that you backup your presets prior to performing an operating system update. The procedure for updating from a PC (using Windows XP or 2000) or Mac (OS X version 10.2.8 or greater) is similar, but differences are called out in the steps below. 1) From the DigiTech website software download page, copy and save the GNX4v##.upd file to your desktop (## represents the current version number, for example, the file GNX4v13.upd is version 1.3). 2) Start with the GNX4 turned off and the USB cable disconnected. 3) On the GNX4, press and hold the STORE button (top right corner of the control panel) and turn on the power. The GNX4 will display UPDATER # (the # represents the version number of the Updater code). Release the STORE button. 4) PC users: Mac users: On your computer desktop, double click or open the My Computer window. Skip to the next step.
5) Connect your USB cable to your computer and then to your GNX4. PC users: In your My Computer window a drive will be added called GNX4Upd or Removable Disk. You may get messages about Finding New Hardware followed by DigiTech Mass Storage Device prior to this drive showing up. A new drive will appear on your desktop named GNX4Upd.

Mac users:

6) Select and drag the GNX4v##.upd file from the desktop over to the drive named GNX4Upd or Removable Disk. 7) PC users: Select the drive GNX4Upd or Removable Disk and then right click. A menu will pop open. From here select EJECT. This launches the updating routine. On Windows 2000, you may get an Unsafe Removal of Device pop up window. Just click OK. Select and drag the GNX4Upd drive to the Trash or press the computers EJECT button.
8) The GNX4 will now display EJECT then change to ERASING (with numbers counting down) followed by FLASHING (with numbers counting down). When the update is complete the GNX4 will display SUCCESS. Some updates are quick and may not visibly display anything but SUCCESS. If SUCCESS is not displayed, repeat the procedure from step 2. 9) Turn the power off to the GNX4 and remove the USB cable. Turn the GNX4 power back on. During the power on sequence you will now see the new version number displayed. 10) It is recommended that you now perform a factory reset. Go into the utility menu and press the NEXT arrow button until RESET ? is displayed. Press the flashing STORE button. CONFIRM? will now be displayed. Press the flashing STORE button again and this will execute the Factory Reset and then take you into the treadle calibration routine. Complete the calibration and then press the EXIT button.



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