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buck 6:24pm on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
THE MAC BOOK AIR model I am reviewing is the MB003LLA 1.6 Ghz with an 64GB HDD, 2 GB of RAM and a standard Lithium Ion Battery (as ordered).
Krogon 7:30am on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
I received my MBA 2 days ago and once again Apple has made an impressive statement in the form of presentation.
Tom_ZC 8:40am on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
Though it is far more expensive than the “netbooks” that are competing with it in the lightweight, totally capable computer category.
manuguy 4:32pm on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
I have been an MS user for like 20 years. Vista: they should really be ashamed of themselves!
mpaulvalois 8:05pm on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
I have been an MS user for like 20 years. Vista: they should really be ashamed of themselves! Again, I am blown away by another apple product. This is one of the coolest laptops to hold in your hand. Hmm, gotta give it to Apple again for making a light weight, good looking machine. Same as the I-pod, a first. Again, same as the i-pod.
pyr1 2:34am on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
MacBook Air ultraportable may not like too many people hope, but the entry in the category of pocket-sized notebook. amers rejoice. The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M brings amazing graphics performance to MacBook.

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Domos B Kyu Gurume February-March Special
(Exclusively for our Domo newsletter patrons!)
Japanese Home Cookin- B Kyu Gurume
B Kyu Gurume is a popular new- style phrase used to describe types of restaurants and cuisine in Japan. B Kyu Gurume translates as B rank gourmet in English and is used for restaurants that feature more local, traditional foods; every day fare made from locally harvested ingredients and cooked with local recipes. B Kyu Gurume restaurants are not fancy restaurants; they reflect the home-style heritage and environment of the local people of Japan.
Link here to read more of Domos first article; Domo is Proud to be a B Kyu Gurume Restaurant!
Spicy Miso Ramen with chicken or pork, topped with yamakake (grated Japanese yam potato)
$7.25 yamakake topping +$1.00 Ramen (Japanese egg noodles) is as popular in Japan as Japanese curry and can be found anywhere and everywhere in Japan. Interestingly, Ramen and Japanese curry were not originally from Japan! Both were introduced from other countries to Japan where they were developed into a Japanese culinary art form; much the same way sushi has taken off as a popular trend in the United States. Ramen first became widely popular in Japan after World War II. Soon after its introduction, every region, city and town had their own local recipes for making ramen. The preparation of an endless variety of local ramen soon took its place as part of local Japanese B Kyu Gurume food culture; a culture and traditional that has now been handed down from generation to generation. The Japanese have also produced instant ramen and cup-o-ramen which sadly, is the only ramen that many Coloradoans have experienced. There have been few opportunities to enjoy the delicious varieties of real Japanese ramen in Coloradountil now. Domo has introduced an entire new Japanese noodle menu for lunch and dinner with over 50 varieties to choose from. All of the selections are wonderful, but for the month of February, Domos recommendation is the Spicy Miso Ramen with chicken or pork topped with yamakake (grated Japanese yam potato). The flavors of spicy miso (Japanese soybean paste) and soy sauce are used in Domos original ramen soup stock and the taste is enriched with your choice of pork or chicken. Freshly boiled ramen is added to the broth with scallion, cooked bamboo shoots and topped with yamakake (grated Japanese yam potato). The grated yam potato adds a smooth taste and texture that makes this Domo dish a special down home treat that is a B Kyu Gurume favorite in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
To Order: This ramen special is not on our regular menu. Ask your server for the February ramen special!
Domo Menu Highlight Battara Yaki
Small $4.75 Large $6.00 Although Okonomi Yaki is as popular as ramen in Japan, it is not well known in the United States. Okonomi yaki is a Japanese pancake made with meats, seafood and vegetables and there are thousands of restaurants in Japan that serve only this Japanese specialty. Most of these Okonomi Yaki restaurants are small, family run establishments that are not found on sightseeing tours for foreign visitors to Japan but share in Japans culinary and cultural history. Okonomi Yaki Restaurants are B Kyu Gurume restaurants in Japan that date back to the period in Japanese history after WWII. During the occupation, American GHQ proved white flour to the Japanese people who termed this new material merikenko or American flour. To suit Japanese tastes, the Japanese people used this white flour to make pancakes, not sweet to serve with butter and syrup as we do in the United States, but added what meager portions of meat, seafood and vegetables they could afford to create okonomi yaki. The actual word okonomi in Japanese means preference and the word yaki means grilled. Okonomi yaki are also called Battara yaki. The word battara is a semblance of the sound the pancake makes when it is flipped on the griddle! In my home town of Akita in northern Japan, the term battara yaki is still used, so I have added it to our Domo menu with fond memories from my childhood. Battara Yaki is traditionally served at Domo with a no sweet fruit-based sauce made from traditional soup stock, and garnished with kezuri bushi (dried bonito shavings), agedama (tiny balls of fried tempura batter) and aonori (dried seaweed) If you would like, red ginger and mayonnaise are also popular garnishes in Japan! The Japanese pancake in Japan has developed its own taste and style the same way that sushi has developed in the United States to include many varieties that are not traditionally available in Japan, but reflect an American taste. California rolls are a good example of this, and Battara Yaki is sometimes called Japanese stuffed pizza! Both of these are examples of the mingling of cultures and cuisine our global history has produced! Battara Yaki is not well known yet in Denver and is available exclusively at Domo. Domo offers Battara Yaki on our SOMETHING TO START menu as an appetizer and currently is available with chicken or salmon. Coming soon! Domo is planning to introduce an expanded Battara Yaki menu available in large and small sizes.

This special is for all of our Domo Newsletter Patrons. We hope you will enjoy our Domo B Kyu Gurume February Special and February Menu Highlight. Come on down and ask for our February specials!
Thank you, Gaku Homma Domo Owner and Head Chef



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