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Dual Dual 1249Music Hall MMF-5.1SE Dual-Plinth Rosenut Veneer Turntable

Music Hall - Standard

The music hall mmf 5.1 special edition is a significant upgrade over the standard mmf 5.1. The special edition includes upgrades to the following critical components; vibration damping system, cartridge, and plinth. The mmf 5.1se like the mmf 5.1 is a two speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing music hall's unique dual plinth construction. The distinctive design isolates the key sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the ... Read more

Part Number: MMF-5.1SE
UPC: 837654659496
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Dual 1249 United Audio Turntable


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The Smoking Gnu 3:37pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
For car stereo, not for home stereo ! Amazon fails to describe the true nature of this product. This is an automotive audio device. good... while it lasted with these subs i also bought a 4000 watt amp that was 2-channel with 2000 watts peak and 1000 watts rms per channel.

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From the Desk of Kermit V. Gray Woods & Waters/KVG Labs 16371 Lake Point Drive Bonner Springs, KS 66012 USA 913-422-0577,
Aftermarket Replacement Stylus for Shure V-15 Type III, February 5, 2006 Aftermarket replacement stylus for Shure V-15 Type III, features a.2 X.7 elliptical diamond mounted on a tubular heat-treated aluminum alloy cantilever. The cantilever has a 1.0 mil wall thickness and 20 mil diameter exhibiting very low moving mass. Tracking force ranges between 0.50 to 1.75 grams (5 to 17.5 Newtons), with the optimum at 1.25 grams (12.5 Newtons). Sold as a direct replacement for the Shure VN35E and VN35HE styli, and a functional replacement for the Shure VN35MR stylus. Manufactured by: Ed Saunders, Price as of this review, $45.95 each plus shipping. This project began unexpectedly. I was shopping on the Internet for a replacement stylus for my Shure V-15 Type III, one of my longtime favorite cartridges. My search was for only genuine Shure styli, because Ive found generic styli for the V-15 Type III to be audibly inferior to genuine Shure styli. Unfortunately, nearly all the styli I found were generics, except for one or two new-old-stock Shure styli selling on eBay. Along in my search I encountered Ed Saunders offering a replacement elliptical stylus for the Shure V-15 Type III. Eds description for the stylus was intriguing, and stated it was the exact same as the original Shure stylus. I was skeptical because all the aftermarket styli Ive seen so far had either spherical tips or had very poorly made broad elliptical tips. One especially awful example that I once purchased for $18.90 (and should have known better) would not track any of my audiophile albums and made my V-15 Type III sound cheap, shrill and distorted. I soon contacted Ed, who was very gracious and tolerant of the almost accusatory tone I adopted when questioning him about the stylus. He explained that he was actually the manufacturer, having made the stylus for over ten years, and that the stylus was not one of the well-known generic brands of aftermarket styli. More importantly, he told me the stylus was indeed an exact copy of the VN35E, with a 0.2 x 0.7-mil elliptical tip, described by Shure as biradial. He remarked that he chose the elliptical stylus because he preferred the sound of the elliptical stylus over the hyperelliptical or the microridge. This got my attention, because Ive always preferred the original biradial elliptical Shure VN35E stylus over the newer VN35HE hyperelliptical or the VN35MR microridge. Each of the V-15 Type III styli are excellent, of course, but the VN35E seems more natural and it seems to more accurately render the texture of sounds (such as the woodenness of a guitar or the metallic sheen of cymbals). Ed kindly offered to send me one of his styli if I would write a review of it. I eagerly agreed, and awaited the arrival. The stylus arrived in only three days, which surprised me. Pleasantly. It was packed in a clear plastic box with foam rubber padding. Physically, it looked okay, although the blue label on the stylus grip was trimmed sloppily. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. Test measurements were carried out using a Shure TTR-103 Laboratory Test Record, KVG Labs TR-1 Frequency Response Test Record, KVG Labs TR-2 Harmonic Distortion Test Record, KVG Labs TR-3 Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) Test Record, Shure C/PEK-3 Cartridge Analyzer, Heath IM-22 Audio Analyzer, Heath IM-5258 Harmonic Distortion Tester, B&K dual-trace oscilloscope and Hewlett-Packard 400 audio

Technical Review



voltmeter. The Ed Saunders stylus was measured then compared to a vintage genuine Shure VN35E stylus using an early-production Shure V-15 Type III cartridge made in 1976. The cartridge was mounted on a Dual 1249 turntable for both the measurements and the listening tests. Tracking force was set at 1-gram (10 Newtons). Listening tests compared the Ed Saunders stylus to vintage genuine Shure VN35E, VN35HE and VN35MR styli. The other equipment for the listening tests used two stereos: one system used a Kenwood KA-7100 integrated amplier with JBL 4311 loudspeakers, and the second system used a KVG Labs 76EQ phono preamplier, KVG Labs 60A 40-watt power amplier with KVG Labs L-81G loudspeakers. Ten listeners, including the reviewer, listened to the styli and both stereos, involving 47 different LPs and 22 different 45 rpm records, covering every almost genre of music and level of record quality. The listening tests were informal and asked only for broad preferences. No scores were taken and no statistical tests were calculated, because such was deemed unnecessary. Ed Saunders stylus


Peak Measured Velocity: 400 Hz 26 cm/sec 26 cm/sec 1000 Hz 38 cm/sec 38 cm/sec 5000 Hz 35 cm/sec 35 cm/sec 10,000 Hz 26 cm/sec 26 cm/sec Output Voltage: 3.37 mV 3.53 mV Measurement referred to 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity at 1000 Hz. Channel Balance: 2.1 dB, left 1.9 dB, right Measurement denotes toward which channel the imbalance leaned. Frequency Response: 12 - 24,000 Hz +/- 3 dB 10 - 25,000 Hz +/- 3 dB 25 - 16,000 Hz +/- 2dB 20 - 14,000 Hz +/- 2dB 40 - 10,000 Hz +/- 1.5dB 40 - 10,000 Hz +/- 1.5dB THD, 1000 Hz, at 5 cm/sec: 0.87% 0.83% IMD, 700+3500 Hz, 4:1 1.2% 1.1% The listener panel, as expected, was split among who preferred the biradial elliptical styli over the hyperelliptical or the microridge. The vote was unanimous, though, that the Ed Saunders stylus was indistinguishable from the genuine Shure VN35E. Despite my initial skepticism, the Ed Saunders replacement elliptical stylus for the Shure V-15 Type III is excellent and every bit the equal of the Shure factory stylus. The sound is the same under real-world listening conditions and the diamond tip is made good enough that wont prematurely wear the records, unlike other aftermarket styli. The price is a fraction of the cost of new-oldstock Shure styli and is less than most other aftermarket styli. The Ed Saunders stylus will keep your V-15 Type III sounding sweet, detailed and accurate for years to come. If you have a Shure V-15 Type III that you still enjoy and need a replacement stylus, Id recommend you buy it from Ed Saunders unless you enjoy paying $200 for the privilege of having Shures name on the box. If all you care about is the sound, then you cannot go wrong buying Ed Saunders stylus. As for myself, I will not hesitate to buy a stylus from Ed for my other cartridges as well, like my Ortofon VMS-30s nude ne line stylus.

Shure VN35E stylus




Precision Syringe Pumps
Options & Accessories for Teledyne Isco D-Series Syringe Pumps Models 65D 100DM 100DX 260D 500D 1000D

February 2009

Precision Fluid Metering Precision Pressure Control Reactant Feed Core Flooding Supercritical Fluids HPLC and Ultra-HPLC

Options and Accessories for Series D Pumps
Most options are available to be retrofitted on-site, or installed in the factory, if your needs change. Contact the factory for assistance with selection and ordering.

Single pump air valve

Air Valves for Single & Dual Pump Systems
Actively controlled pneumatic valves work reliably with almost any fluid. Provides constant volume during switch over; no fluid movement during the opening and closing of valves. Requires pressurized air source @ 80-115 psi (5.6-8.4 kg/cm2). Temperature rated @ 149C (300F). Wetted materials: Hastelloy, SST tubing, PEEK, and Chemraz. Other materials and temperature ratings available upon request.

(Dual system shown)

500D Single pump air valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-089 260D Single pump air valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-088 100DM/DX Single pump air valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-090 65D Single pump air valve (1/4" tubing). 68-1247-131 Dual pump air valves 1000D Dual pump air valves (1/4" tubing). 68-1247-104 500D Dual pump air valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-061 260D Dual pump air valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-058 100DM/DX Dual pump air valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-058 65D Dual pump air valves (1/4" tubing). 68-1249-129 Single pump electric valve
Electric Valves for Single & Dual Pump Systems
Actively controlled electric valves are reliable for a wide range of corrosive fluids, liquefied gasses, and volatile fluids. Valves are stem-and-ball, and feature a unique one-way flow path design, for added protection against back flow. Requires interface board internally mounted in the pump controller to operate the valves. No pressurized air source required. Temperature rated @ 150C. Wetted materials: Hastelloy, Inconel, and silicon Nitride.
(Dual system 1000D Single pump shown)
electric valve.. Call 500D Single pump electric valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-112 260D Single pump electric valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-110 100DM/DX Single pump electric valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-090 Dual pump electric valves 1000D Dual pump electric valves.. Call 500D Dual pump electric valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-091 260D Dual pump electric valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-090 100DM/DX Dual pump electric valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-090

Single pump check valve

(Dual pump system check valve shown)
Check Valves for Single & Dual Pump Systems
The passive check valve package requires low viscosity, clean fluids, and downstream pressure 200 psi greater than pump refill pressure. No pressurized air source required. Temperature rated @ 0 40C. Wetted materials: SS316, sapphire, ruby, PEEK, and Teflon.
1000D Single pump check valve (1/4" tubing). 68-1247-123 500D Single pump check valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-062 260D Single pump check valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-062 100DM/DX Single pump check valve (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-062 Dual pump check valves 1000D Dual pump check valves (1/4" tubing). 68-1247-128 500D Dual pump check valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-059 260D Dual pump check valves (1/8" tubing). 68-1247-059 100DM/DX Dual pump check valves (1/8" tubing. 68-1247-059 Manual valves 1000D Manual refill valve kit.. 68-1247-117 1000D Manual outlet valve kit.. 68-1247-118 500D Manual refill valve kit.. 68-1247-083 500D Manual outlet valve kit.. 68-1247-082

Manual Valves

The refill valve allows manual control of inlet port. The outlet valve allows manual control of the outlet port. Each package consists of the valve, fittings, and tubing to connect valve to the cylinder cap ports. Temperature rated @ 200C. Wetted materials: 316 SST.
Manual refill valve Manual outlet valve
260D Manual refill valve kit.. 68-1247-077 260D Manual outlet valve kit.. 68-1247-078 100DM/DX Manual refill valve kit.. 68-1247-077 100DM/DX Manual outlet valve kit.. 68-1247-078 65D Manual refill valve kit.. 68-1247-127 65D Manual outlet valve kit.. 68-1247-126

Corrosion Resistant Materials
For applications requiring delivery of highly corrosive fluids. This package consists of: Cylinder cap Piston Cylinder
Hastelloy Conversion Package 1000D Package. 68-1247-116 500D Package. 60-1247-138 260D Package. 60-1247-099 100DM/DX Package. 60-1247-137 NOTE: 500D, 260D, and 100DM/DX packages include a titanium pressure transducer. Contact the factory if a hastelloy pressure transducer is required. Standard 1000D pressure transducers are hastelloy.
Alloys available: Hastelloy Titanium Others available upon request
External 0.1% Accuracy Transducers
Externally mounted transducer replaces standard transducer. Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale Consists of: Externally mounted transducer Cylinder cap High Accuracy Transducers 1000D Transducer. 68-1247-114 500D Transducer. 68-1247-097 260D Transducer. 68-1247-093 100DM/DX Transducer 68-1247-092
High Temperature Packages
For operating at temperatures above 100C. Rated at 200C. These packages include: Externally mounted Sensotec TJE high-temperature transducer New cap assembly Special high-temperature seals NOTE: Cylinder heating device is not included. High Temperature Packages 1000D Package. 68-1247-113 500D Package. 68-1247-097 260D Package. 68-1247-096 100DM/DX Package. 68-1247-095
Temperature Control Jacket
Cylinder cooling allows fast, complete filling with a liquefied gas and is recommended when a continuous flow system is used for rapid delivery of such fluids. Can be controlled by circulating heated or cooled fluid through jacket. Cylinder temperature (-30C to 100C) Factory installed Temperature Control Jackets available Consult your Teledyne Isco Product Specialist for part numbers. Jackets listed here will not be factory installed. NOTE: Temperature control device is not included.
Temperature Control Jackets 1000D Jacket. 68-1247-115 500D Jacket. 68-1247-057 260D Jacket. 68-1247-047 100DM/DX Jacket. 68-1247-047 65D Jacket. 68-1247-047
Cylinder Insulating Cover
Cover reduces ambient temperature effects for best flow stability at low flow rates (below about 0.05% of the maximum flow on any pump model) Note: Not compatible with dual pump continuous flow systems, 100D, 1000D, or 65D. Cylinder Covers 1000D Cover.. NA 500D Cover.. 68-1247-085 260D Cover.. 68-1247-081 100DM/DX Cover. 68-1247-081 65D Cover.. NA

RS232 Connection Cables

RS232 cable for connecting syringe pump controller to a computer or other device.

RS232 cable - single controller 25 pin Sub-D to 25 pin Sub-D.. 68-1020-207 RS232 cable - dual controllers two 25 pin Sub-Ds to 9 pin Sub-D.. 68-1020-198
Analog Inputs - Voltage (standard)
Up to three D Series syringe pumps can be controlled externally with analog voltage for either constant flow or constant pressure. User-selectable ranges of 0 to 5, 0 to 10, and -5 to 5 volts. Resolution of 5000 increments per volt. Functions: Run/Stop, flow, or pressure setpoint. Terminal block connections require one wire for ground and one input wire for each pump.
Inputs are a built-in standard feature.
Analog Outputs - Voltage (optional)
Analog outputs can be purchased pre-installed in a controller, or as an upgrade kit. Software -selectable output ranges: 0 to 5V, -5V to +5V, 0 to 10V. Output functions: flow and volume. Female 25 pin Sub-D connector.
Controller (only) with analog outputs.. 68-1240-046 Analog output installation kit.. 68-1247-070
Analog Inputs - 4-20 mA Optional
This device is mounted externally and is built into its own housing, which can sit on top of the pump controller. It converts 4-20 mA signals to voltage signals, allowing pump control with a 4-20 mA analog interface instead of analog voltage or serial port interfaces. Interfacing for up to three pump modules. Input functions: Run/Stop, flow, or pressure setpoint. Terminal block connections for input.

Rear panel output

4-20 mA input module. 68-1247-119
Analog Outputs - 4-20 mA Optional
This device is internally mounted and outputs signals for flow rate and pressure for one pump, but can be expanded to up to three pumps with additional output modules Female 25 pin Sub-D connector. 4-20 mA output for one pump.. 68-1247-120 Additional output modules.. 68-1247-121

Accessory Package

This package consists of: Heavy-duty graphite-filled piston seal 1/8" short arm socket screw key 1/4" ID Vinyl tubing Lube kit (also available in individual bottles) NOTE: This package is provided with every pump as a standard item.

Accessory package

1000D Package. 60-1249-103 500D Package. 60-1249-016 260D Package. 60-1249-012 100DM/DX Package. 60-1249-015 65D Package.. 60-1249-024 Lube Kit Components Gear Lube. 60-1244-220 Never Seez Lube. 60-1244-272

Service Kit

This kit consists of most common replacement parts and the tools required to install them. Cylinder cap seal Shear key Shear key installation tool Replacement motor brush spring Fuses Label Piston seals Male tube connector Pipe plug Wrench Package: Cylinder clamp Socket screw key, 1/4 hex Open-end wrench, 31/4 Open-end wrench, 33/4 Piston wrench

1000D Kit.. 68-1249-104 500D Kit.. 68-1249-102 260D Kit.. 68-1249-101 100DM/DX Kit. 68-1249-100 65D Kit. 68-1249-111

LabVIEW Pump Tool Kit

These kits consist of the drivers necessary to operate Teledyne Isco Syringe Pumps with LabVIEW software for Windows. The LabVIEW program is not included, and must be purchased separately from National Instruments.

LabVIEW Tool Kits

(choice of Internal or External Driver) Internal Driver. 68-1247-101 External Driver. 68-1247-134

Piston Seals

Teledyne Isco carries a wide variety of seals to fit almost any application; virgin Teflon for corrosive fluids, heavy-duty reinforced for slurries and viscous fluids, high temperature, and UHMW polyethylene. Your choice of seals can be ordered factory-installed in your pump system. General use / CO2 - Black, Graphite filled PTFE High temperature - Black, Graphite fiber PTFE Low pressure - Black, Graphite filled PTFE, single point contact Aqueous solutions - White, UHMW Polyethylene Ammonia (NH3) / Nitric Acid - White, Virgin teflon General Graphite Filled PTFE 202-9990-25 High Temp Low Pressure Graphite Fiber Graphite Filled PTFE PTFE 202-9990-28 202-9990-27 202-9093-56 202-9091-09 202-9090-76 NA NA NA 202-9092-56 202-9092-06 202-9092-75 NA Aqueous UHMW Polyethylene NA NA 202-9094-56 202-9094-06 202-9090-77 NA NH3 Virgin PTFE 202-9990-26 202-9990-24 202-9091-57 202-9091-07 202-9090-78 NA
Pump Model 1000D Primary (upper) seal
1000D Secondary (lower) seal 202-9990-23 500D 260D 100DM/DX 65D 202-9091-56 202-9091-06 202-9090-75 202-9096-07
Teledyne Isco, Inc. Customer Service Department P.O. Box 82531 Lincoln, NE 68501 USA Phone (800) 228-4373 (402) 464-0231 FAX: (402) 465-3022 Email:
2004 Teledyne Isco, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. L-7108 02/09


Technical specifications

Full description

The music hall mmf 5.1 special edition is a significant upgrade over the standard mmf 5.1. The special edition includes upgrades to the following critical components; vibration damping system, cartridge, and plinth. The mmf 5.1se like the mmf 5.1 is a two speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing music hall's unique dual plinth construction. The distinctive design isolates the key sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet which are mounted on the bottom platform. Sorbothane orbs separate the two platforms and provide vibration damping. The mmf 5.1se comes complete with cartridge mounted.



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