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Installation Instructions for: Ducati 748 1996-02, 916 1996-98 , 996 1999-01, 998 2002
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Tools for installation : 5mm and 6mm Allen wrench, 10mm box end wrench, rubber mallet, cycle stand. Contents of kit: Triple clamp, stabilizer with linkarm, (4) 8x16mm Allen bolts, (1) 8x20 Allen bolt, (4) 6x20 Allen bolts, (1) 6mm nut, (1) adjustable strut arm with locking nuts loose for final adjustments, (1) mini Loc-tite. It is mandatory to use Blue Loc-tite on all nuts and bolts. We promise they will come loose, if you dont. This installation is easier if you put the bike on a stand that holds your bike upright vertically. Cover the tank with an old sweatshirt or protective device so you dont scratch it accidentally. Remove the stock upper triple clamp by loosening the (2) fork pinch bolts in front, the single rear triple clamp pinch bolt and the frame attachment point for the stock steering stabilizer. Remove the triple clamp by lifting it straight up or it may require slight tapping in an upward motion with a rubber mallet. Install the new Scotts triple clamp, making sure the small machined recess areas on the under side match the nubs on your clip-on bars as it slides down into place. The triple clamp may appear at first, to not fit. This is due to the weight of the front wheel displacing the steering stem relative to the triple clamp (see photo 1). Take the palm of your hand or a rubber mallet and gently tap on the front side of the triple clamp to allow it to get started over the steering stem. Once its aligned it will normally slide down easily in to place. Be sure it seats all the way down. (The slots in photo 1 do not need to be lined up). Install and tighten the (4) 8x16mm pinch bolts in the front of the triple clamp, 14-16 ft lbs. Do not use longer than 8x16mm bolts or you can bottom the bolts and damage the outer surface of the triple clamp as they bottom out. Install and tighten the single 8x25mm pinch bolt in the back of the triple clamp, locking it to the steer tube. Install the stabilizer using (2) 6x20 Allens. All 6x20 bolts in this kit can be tightened to 6-8 ft-lbs. of torque. Install one end of the strut arm to the upper side of the stabilizer linkarm and tighten. Install the jam nut on the same bolt but on the bottom side of the link arm. Remember to use Loc-tite on all nuts bolts! Aligning the strut arm: engage the steering lock in the center position and adjust so its centered as per the photo. Align the linkarm on the stabilizer so its straight front to back, you can use the sight hole in the linkarm as a gauge to see if its centered (see photo). Adjust the heim ends equally on the strut so it matches the frame mounting point perfectly. Install the 6x20 frame mount bolt and tighten. Now tighten the jam nuts on the strut arm. It should look like the photo below. Initial settings for use are 8 clicks out on the base valve from full stiff, 1 turn on the high speed valve and sweep controls at the 6 oclock position. Please read the manual as a separate page describes each valving circuit and their advantages. If you have any questions on anything call us, we want to help you! Phone: 818 248-6747 Fax: 818 248-4529 email: Please visit our website at: for additional photos and other fine products.

8) 9) 10) 11) 12)

13) 14) 15) 16)

Front B

Triple clamp mount

Frame bracket CBRs

Steering lock pin centered in notch
This shows how to push on the tight side first to get the triple clamp started over the steer stem.
Ducati 748 / 916 / 996 / 998 instructions 02/16/10 31-0000



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