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ftalevi 6:22am on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
About the DesireThe HTC Desire is a smartphone, very similar in look and functionality to Apples iPhone. Released in April 2010.
stoughto 5:33pm on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
the phone is very user friendly,faster processor after upgrading to froyo2.2 software. I am about to trade in my problematic Nokia N8 only one month old. So now got to choose which: Galaxy 9000 or this HTC?
boffy_b 2:47am on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
Love this phone Fast, Responsive, great screen, amazing camera in video or pics No slide out keyboard The only way I have resolved this, and it has happened at least three times, is to pull of the back cover and pop the battery. And, for the record.
sweetum48 2:28am on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
Bad quality of the device and service in the selling office. External design is fine Not reliable mechanical/Electrinic of the device. Its and amaz it widout thinking. Fast, Good touch Screen, looks, syle Battery time is very low....lasts a day Does it all quickly Battery life is not so good, and the carrier could be better At first, I was disappointed in the phone. After using the Htc Hero, I expected the Desire to have a great speakerphone. I was wrong.
diggeryo 1:18pm on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 
HTC Desire After having to wait for 4 weeks in Sweden I decided to purchase from Amazon (my 1st time) and was happily surprised. Great Handset, but... Not wanting to be a sheep and get another iPhone to replace my 3 year old 2G iphone, I decided to buy a Desire.
jouellet 2:30pm on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
"I have it for 3 weeks now and its the best thing ive ever held in my hands.My friend has iPhone 4,and its a great phone but Desire is much better. "I love my desire! some of the software updates have slowed it down considerably tho, anyone have the same issue? It feels lovely in my hand.
hwilliamson 10:56pm on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 
Understand where this Unlocked unit is coming from. Mine came from the Middle East. It has a Quaran and prayer alarm. This is not a OLED version this is a SLCD version! very good no - so far
greulen 12:00am on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
its a good smart phone ... lotsa apps ... wish theres a better way to know what app is useful ... Easy Buttons and Controls".
michelan 1:13am on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
Excellent phone Love this phone. I think it is far better than the iPhone personally. Just does so many things, so well. GREAT! I recieved the item a couple of days before I expected it so YAY! and the phone was in excellent condition. It had everything it needed e.
toshog 8:52am on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
Since I bought my Desire I have been crazy in love with it! What a great phone.Isnt it nice to be able to do things like music playlists without having to plug in to a computer and connect to itunes.

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Are you ready for the improved mobility and cost savings of converged communication? BusinessPhone 8.0 from Ericsson is an evolutionary step in the process of creating the best communication systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you need 8 or 250 extensions, you can benefit from high-quality, IP-based communication for voice, data and multimedia traffic.
A reliable, high-quality IP solution The BusinessPhone IP solution lets you choose whether you want to use a combination of fixed, mobile or IP extensions, or switch over to a purely IP-based solution. Either way, BusinessPhone ensures that voice and stability are of premium quality, as always, and you can still enjoy all the PBX functionality of your current system. By evolving into IP, and integrating your voice and data networks, youll experience a wide range of benefits. You can set up cost saving voice and video communication, and lower your telecom bill by using solutions like IP networking to connect remote branch offices via the corporate network. Plus, with simplified maintenance, and the ability to quickly implement moves and changes, a single converged network helps decrease the total cost of ownership of your communication system over the long term.

Solution areas

Computer Telephony


IP Telephony


Contact Center


System Management


The all-in-one solution BusinessPhone lets you turn any phone connected to any public or private network into a full-featured telephone extension. With Mobile Extension, even home workers and traveling staff can use their remote fixed phones or mobile phones to benefit from system functions like call-back, conference, attendant services, computer telephony integration, and much more. Mobile Extension also helps you gain control over costs by using features such as account codes or user profiles. Plus, mobile workers will appreciate having just one phone, whether they are in the office or on the move. The benefits of Unified Messaging To significantly improve productivity levels, BusinessPhone provides all end-users with a single point of access for voice-mail, e-mail and fax. Using Unified Messaging, you can forward voice-mail to groups, access messages remotely via the Internet, or keep in touch while you are out traveling. A notification via SMS allows immediate reaction on a new voice-mail, thereby improving your customer service and your own efficiency. A personalized approach To make communication even easier, you can choose between a range of contemporary cordless and fixed telephones. BackStage, the application used to provide Computer Telephony and IP Telephony, supports users in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. In the office, at home, or on the move, BackStage lets you manage your calls, access your corporate directories, e-mail, and voice-mail messages from wherever you are, all according to your personal preferences. Easy to understand, it provides all the tools you need to keep up to date, and to inform others of where you are and how you can be reached. Designed to help you lead the way We understand that the smaller your company, the more nimble you need to be. Thats why BusinessPhone incorporates the latest technological innovations, and why it offers easy upgrades as new solutions become available. As you grow and change our converged architecture and integrated applications help your staff get more done quickly and easily, regardless of where they happen to be working, meeting or traveling.

Solutions Areas BusinessPhone offers you a wide selection from different solution areas targeting the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Combine one or more solution areas of your choice into BusinessPhone to tailor a communication solution to your needs.
Mobility is a behavior, not a product. The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and fewer people are able to, or for that matter want to, work solely from their desks. People are expected to be more efficient and provide better service with quicker response times. Availability and accessibility are a must. Work, therefore, becomes a process and not a place. Whatever size of business they work for, mobile workers need to stay in touch with customers, partners and colleagues, and be able to access and exchange the latest information fast anytime, anywhere. When we offer mobility we are not just giving you mobile access. The integrated mobile solution brings all the features and services available to wired phones to mobile users. On top of that, BusinessPhone integrated voice supports the features that make the mobile life manageable for all users. Integrating these applications brings two main benefits: on the one hand they are easy to use; on the other hand they are cost-effective. Mobile Extension With Mobile Extension, business people on the move can now use their mobile phones as if they were full-featured extensions of the enterprise PBX. For example, they can make and receive calls, use internal short number dialing, check voicemail, have calls diverted to other extensions or managed by an attendant, as well as access all the usual services. Mobile Extension even allows call control and access to services through computer telephony applications, i.e. you can control your mobile phone with the same value-adding applications as your office phone. Integrated Cordless The Integrated Cordless Solution is based on DECT technology, which is a standard in all European and most world-wide markets. It offers superior voice quality as well as improved service through the availability of all enterprise PBX functions on the cordless device.

Access devices

Telephones IP Clients Office Roving Mobile Home Operator Mobile Devices
BusinessPhone enables you to visualize and listen to your voice messages when accessing from your PC while you are abroad or while in the office. The Voice Messaging Unit (VMU) and UM have strong interoperability with other applications such as BackStage, helping you organize your messages more efficiently and increase your productivity.
customers speak to the right person at the right time, armed with the right information, every time. By enhancing and automating numerous communication functions, CT offers enormous productivity and revenue gains to any organization where fast, efficient call handling and data integration is a must. Efficient communication support is also important for enterprises. BusinessPhone now includes All Computer Telephony. That means unlimited Computer Telephony is implemented as standard in every BusinessPhone system. Without additional cost. For your advantage. Herewith, the base for application integration is not an option any more it is standard now. BackStage BackStage brings more communication efficiency to enterprises in a simple, straightforward way. It improves the users working environment and productivity by allowing applications such as Microsofts Outlook, Excel, Word and Access to be telephony enabled. Furthermore BackStage fully integrates into BusinessPhones messaging capabilities. It allows you to send and retrieve messages and in addition provides Mobile Messaging functions using SMS which ensures that you never miss important messages. From a configuration point of view there are various options for deploying BackStage depending on your varying needs. The technologies you can choose from are Computer Telephony via LAN, Voice over IP, Terminal Server environment, Web access, and PDA support.
BusinessPhone IP Telephony solutions are based on the IP Unit (IPU), which is a plug-in board that makes Voiceover-IP (VoIP) an affordable, integrated and, above all, useful tool for small to medium-sized enterprises. It enables existing BusinessPhone systems to offer IPbased, as well as traditional telephony. BusinessPhone is an IP-enabled system, which means that IP telephony is support in various ways, such as IP Networking to connect two systems or more and create a virtual private network IP Extensions for dedicated IP telephones out of the D4000 telephone series or softphones, such as BackStage iClient. IP Trunking to utilize IP-based connections to public operators. The immediate benefits are cost-effective connectivity and truly integrated computer telephony applications over your corporate network. The BusinessPhone IP Networking solution allows two or more BusinessPhone systems to be networked seamlessly together or with other PBXs, including the Ericsson MD110.

The BusinessPhone Contact Center solution is for small to medium-sized enterprises that want to improve customer service. The BusinessPhone Contact Center can be built up in several steps and can easily be expanded in terms of number of agents and in terms of functionality depending on immediate and future needs. At the base of the system is the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) which is included in the core of BusinessPhone. This ensures that the calls are directed to the most appropriate call handling group accounts department, sales order team, warehouse giving callers a better perception of your efficiency, and making the communication process more effective.
Communication Efficiency Computer Telephony
BusinessPhone Computer Telephony (CT) platforms enable you to combine the power of telephones and computers to gain a competitive edge. Advanced CT applications can be built on these platforms to offer powerful business enhancing solutions. Computer telephony can give your business a real competitive edge by ensuring that you and your
One of the building blocks of the system is the BusinessPhone Call Center Supervisor, an information system for the BusinessPhone Call Center solution. It provides management and staff with information on the performance of the call center both in real-time and through detailed historical reports. This information is vital for fine-tuning the day-to-day operation of the call center and for long-term planning. The BusinessPhone Call Center Assistant can be added to improve support for agents and supervisors. This is a Windows application that enhances the productivity of call center agents by providing a single environment for all activities. Computertelephony integration (CTI) is used to simplify workflow agents carry out call-control and administration tasks using a networked PC.
Telephones Make the most of your Ericsson business communication system with the Ericsson Dialog 4000 Family of telephones. With their exceptional functionality, they are perfect for harnessing the power of your PBX. Excellent voice qualities as well as state of the art ergonomics optimize the user experience. Dialog 4000 digital telephones contain four models ranging from entry-level to sophisticated executive models for advanced functions. The analog telephones in the Dialog 4000 series deliver the performance and reliability you expect from Ericsson. IP clients The Ericsson IP-Telephone offers businesses an easy and costeffective way to integrate telephony into the enterprise data network. It brings data and voice communication together into a single networking infrastructure and at the same time provides all the functions an office telephone has to offer like message waiting, supervision, and an intuitive user interface. The Ericsson IP-Telephone converts voice into data packets that are compatible with an IP telephony system. The IPTelephone is compatible with all H.323 compliant systems. The BackStage iClient adds business class IP telephony to Computer Telephony. In this scenario the PC itself serves as the telephone. The clients are connected to BusinessLink and the integrated IP board of BusinessPhone. This IP telephony offer from BackStage provides freedom of choice for your workplace. Operator BusinessPhone supports two different types of operator consoles, enabling you to choose the perfect solution for your busy switchboard. All of the consoles are designed for comfort and simplicity to allow the operator to work with maximum efficiency. Easy to read displays and ergonomically designed keyboards provide an instant overview and complete control of all calls being handled by the switchboard. Different types of consoles can be used concurrently in the same system. The Dialog 4224 Operator Telephone is a dedicated but costeffective system phone with a large graphical display and single key access to the most commonly used operator functions and with an option to add up to four extra key panels providing 68 programmable keys. BusinessPhone Operator Suite is business software that provides a unified working environment for telephone operators, integrating powerful call handling, directory management, messaging, absence information and administration functions on a single workstation. Mobile devices The key requirements in this increasingly mobile world are reachability with easy and fast access to people and vital information, anytime, anywhere. By making use of both integrated solutions and open standards you can choose from a wide range of mobile terminals. Ericssons DECT/GAP phones are available as office telephones as well as rugged, outdoor phones with facilities for short text messaging, group calls, paging and alarm handling. By making use of BusinessPhones Mobile Extension solution you are free to use virtually any device, be it your mobile phone or your telephone at home. BusinessPhone Mobile Extension and the Sony Ericsson P900 or P910 smartphone make the perfect combination. An intuitive graphical interface makes the functions easy-to-use and allows users to easily access all the functions of BusinessPhone. Typical in-call features such as inquiry, conference or call-back are only a click away. The communication profile of the Mobile Extension can be changed through a new menu on the Sony Ericsson P900 or P910. For example, you can easily activate your mailbox system, set information or activate the tandem function using a menu accessed via the control line at the bottom of the display window.

The BusinessPhone Networking solution allows BusinessPhone communication systems to become part of integrated digital corporate voice and data networks. There are different Networking services, designed to cover a wide range of corporate networking scenarios, allowing BusinessPhone systems to interact with other BusinessPhone and MD110 systems, as well as with PBXs from other vendors. Switched dial-up, leased ISDN lines and corporate IP networks can be used to connect them. In effect, BusinessPhone Networking can link your communication systems together so that they behave like one unified voice and data communication network, providing service transparency, cost-efficiency and adaptability to your organizations needs.
A truly dedicated solution such as BusinessPhone Hospitality incorporates special, tailor-made features and equipment to meet the specific requirements of your business. The best part is that you also benefit from a wide spectrum of advanced communication features and functions that have made BusinessPhone a worldwide winner. Whether you run a hotel, holiday complex, hospital, conference center, retirement home or even a cruise ship, you can be sure of the highest standards of operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.
BusinessPhone Management Suite is a tool for configuration, administration and maintenance of the BusinessPhone family. It combines the ease of use and access flexibility of a Webbased tool with the efficiency of Java programming optimized for BusinessPhone system configuration and management. It is self-contained, simple to install and use, and has a very wide range of configuration alternatives. The server software can be installed either at customer or service center premises, and can be accessed locally or remotely using a Web browser interface. The package supports multiple user profiles and multiple BusinessPhone systems. The use of the Web browser graphical user interface (GUI) and the wide range of BusinessPhone-to-BMS server connection alternatives offers great flexibility in the use of the Management Suite.

Communication devices

BusinessPhone offers a broad range of communication devices from standard analog telephones to high-end IP-Telephones which are available to suit the needs of different individuals and organizations.

BusinessPhone Compact Cabinets
BusinessPhone Compact This is the start-up system that comes prepackaged for small enterprises with 1030 employees. It is a complete BusinessPhone system including telephones, voice functionality and access to all BusinessPhone solution areas. BusinessPhone Compact is a highly attractive entry point for todays dynamic small-sized enterprises and can be easily expanded. Integrated Application Server (IAS) The IAS board is a fexible and inexpensive way of introducing applications. With the help of an embedded Windows 2003 version the board runs the applications that exist on a BusinessPhone. That means that once you have got the board, it is incredibly easy to add and update applications. And there is no maintenance of other components than those, which form part of the BusinessPhone system. The IAS board can of course be maintained and updated easily via remote upgrading.
3x Dialog 4222 Office Dialog 4223 Professional + 1 Keypanel Dialog 4223 Professional
One (1) Free slot for any BusinessPhone board
8x Digital Extensions 4x Analog Extensions 4x ISDN BRA / S0 Full Voice Messaging Music on hold + 2x Mobile Extensions + 2x BackStage + 2 Unified Messaging* + 2x Full networking + 2x Call Center Assistant* + 2x BP Extension Assistant* + 60 days free trial * License included, additional products required for operation,
such as external PC or an IPU board.
+ BMS CDROM + Online Tutorial + Designation Card Kit + Enterprise Application Suite incl. BackStage, Unified Messaging, CCA, CCS
BusinessPhone 50 The BusinessPhone 50 system is a single compact wall cabinet with five board slots, that can cater to between eight and 64 extensions. The cabinet has a built-in switched-mode power supply, with the option of an external battery back-up unit or alternative DC power supply. The BusinessPhone 50 system is particularly cost-effective for small offices. BusinessPhone 128i The cabinet size enables it to be mounted into 19-inch racks, the industry standard for data equipment like routers, hubs and switches. Therefore, it is easy to install and integrate into the existing data infrastructure. BP128i has an integrated patch panel which makes additions, moves, and changes to the configuration a simple and fast process. BP128i is a single, compact cabinet with five board slots. Since it is possible to stack two systems, it can serve up to 128 extensions and 60 trunks. The cabinet has a builtin switched mode power supply.

BusinessPhone 250 The central system is comprised of between one and three wall-mounted cabinets, each with nine board slots, which can cater to between 20 and 200 extensions (or 300 for the special Hospitality solution). Each cabinet has a built-in transformer with the option of a battery back-up unit or alternative DC power supply.
Ericsson BusinessPhone 250
Ericsson BusinessPhone 50
Ericsson BusinessPhone 128i
Ericsson Dialog 4000 Digital Telephone

Function Table

Extension functions Name
Abbreviated number dialing Account number


Common and individual numbers A number, such as a project code, may be keyed in before or during a call for call accounting purposes. As an option, verification of the code against a predefined list can be done, before the user gains access to the system. By dialing special codes, extensions may be temporarily barred for calls, or class of service may be transferred to another extension The received/dialed number is analyzed and replaced with the name from a directory, which is presented on the telephone display. Callers to a busy or unanswered extension may book an automatic call back Callers to a busy trunk or route may book an automatic call back Initiates automatic re-dial to an external number when busy or on no answer. Up to 5 numbers can be stored Stores incoming and dialed numbers of the telephone. Displayed on the telephone display during and after an external call (actual call, last call and accumulated fee) Printouts are also available Calls to any extension can be picked up from other extensions (individual, group, common) If dialed extension is busy, a special "call waiting" tone may be sent by the caller to indicate an important call Notifies a busy extension that a call is waiting Up to six-way, internal and external Record a conversation in your own mailbox Record memos in your own mailbox Telephone display can show information such as date and time, temperature, calling number and name, directory entries, and messages from other extensions Automatically diverts calls to another destination, internal or external (direct, on busy, or on no reply) Allows a second call to be taken during the first call (which is put on hold) Extensions can be programmed specifically to handle incoming faxes To be compatible with various Call Information Logging software products Users can request that their incoming calls are transferred to a designated internal or external number A group of extensions may be called using a common group number. Calls may be distributed to free extensions in a predefined order Loudspeaker and microphone for conversation without handset. May be initiated immediately or delayed by lifting the handset All types of telephones can be used to leave voice or text information for callers while the user is absent Single-key, hands-free extension-to-extension calling with automatic answer Authorized users can intrude into an ongoing call Instant text, voice and call-back messages can be sent or forwarded from extension to extension. Operator may monitor an external call while continuing to put through new calls The user can be notified that there is a new message in the voice mailbox with a call to a predefined external number. Messages can be retrieved immediately. Ongoing calls may be temporarily parked for later retrieval or pick-up from another extension (common or individual) A personal greeting can be recorded in the voice messaging system. Provides access only to nominated extensions After a predetermined time, calls that have been parked, camped on or transferred without answer recall the initiating extension

Authorization code Alpha-tagging Automatic call back (busy/free extension) Automatic call back (trunk/route) Automatic re-dial Call list Call metering Call pick-up Call waiting indication Camp on busy Conference Conversation recording Dictaphone function Display indications Diversion Dual line access Fax extension Flexible CIL format Follow me Group (PBX-) hunting Hands-free Hot line Absence Information Intercom Intrusion Message system Monitoring Outcall notification Parking Personal greeting Private trunk line Recall
Reminder service Save/redial Secretary function Supervision Telephone directory Transfer Unified Messaging
Users may set time for reminder, at which the extension gives a special ringing tone Dialed or incoming numbers are stored for quick call back of incoming answered calls. Includes direct call, busy indication, call pick-up, intercom and diversion Users may monitor individual directory numbers to determine status, answer incoming calls or call the monitored party For internal and external numbers Before or after answering Integration of voice message system, fax and e-mail service

System functions Name

Alarm function
Allows an alarm signal to be sent from a telephone with a connected Alarm Interface Unit (AIU) to a predefined extension for instance, from a hotel room to the concierge Re-routing on busy or no answer Synchronizes with the time information received from public ISDN to enable automatic change of summer/winter time (daylight saving time) Music from an external source may be played through phone speakers A specific code may be dialed to bypass call forwarding Individual extension call metering and central call information logging Varying levels of restriction on access to functions and traffic authorization may be assigned to extensions All extensions may pick a call from an extension that has been predefined as a common bell extension Full-featured CT support according to industry standards (TSAPI, TAPI) Built-in diagnostic facilities, accessible by using a local PC or via a modem Computer Telephony function to search and retrieve information from external (e.g. LDAP) Indicate, for example, whether call is internal, external or call back If offered from the network operator Enables external dial in with access to all services One or more extensions may be used to monitor the entrance to premises and control the door lock remotely Up to 1000 logical extension numbers in up to 16 groups, to support hot-desking, recognition of incoming call type, fax server applications, etc. Up to eight digits with number translation Integrated BusinessPhone server hosting BusinessPhone applications (e.g. BackStage, BP Management Suite). Applications are pre-installed and pre-configured BA, PRA, S-interface, T-interface CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, DDI, MCID, AOC, MSN, SUB, CF/PR Corporate networking to carry internal voice calls over a private local or wide-area IP network (LAN or WAN). Integration of Ericsson IP-Telephones, BackStage iClient or 3rd party IP clients Transmission of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) between Local Access and Transport Areas (LATAs) and between countries by long distance carriers around the globe Automatic selection of the cheapest route in the network Extends features such as transfer, inquiry, monitoring, dialing via CT-application, etc. to a mobile phone

Answer position(s) for trunks Automatic time synchronization with ISDN Background music Bypass call diversion and follow me Call charge control Class of service to extensions Common bell Computer Telephony Diagnostic functions Directory Service directories Differentiated ring and tone signals Direct In Dialing (DID) DISA Door phone (optional) Fictive numbers Flexible numbering plan Integrated Application Server
ISDN basic functions ISDN supplementary services IP networking IP telephony IP trunking Least Cost Routing Mobile Extension
Mobile Messaging Music on hold Networking Night service Advanced Operator functions PBX groups with parallel or serial distribution PBX group flexible display Power failure circuit Pre-recorded voice announcements Programming of system parameters via service terminal Remote configuration, service and Suite maintenance Re-routing Route Optimization
Messaging for mobile devices based on SMS. Includes functions like Message Waiting Notification, Meeting Reminder, Send and retrieve via BackStage From internal or external sources, up to 13 channels, which can be assigned to different groups, based on extension, PBX groups or ACD groups Corporate networking of BusinessPhone and MD110 systems via analog, digital ISDN and IP lines Re-routing of calls during restricted hours Identification, parking loops, queue indication, serial calls, metered calls, etc. Up to 20 extensions per group, and up to 16 groups per system PBX group members can have different caller information (first called party, calling party or PBX group name and number) on the display, depending on requirements For battery backup For voice mail and absence information Basic system configuration via PC Via built-in V.24 modem or Internet connection. Web browser based Management allows remote system changes and upgrades monitoring, fault analysis and correction On busy or no answer The Corporate Network Route Optimization service gives the possibility to optimize the usage of trunk routes in private networks containing BusinessPhone and MD110 systems. Functions and applications can be enabled centrally through a software-based license. Free reference users are available permanently. In addition to a fully open 60days trial period. A wired (desktop) phone and a cordless (portable) phone or a mobile extension are treated as one logical unit Makes it possible to set up a tariff structure, including your margin, for guests using your telephony system, independent of whether the network operator sends pulses or real costs to the PBX Internal and external Individual control over extension and trunk line access for internal calls Several levels of restriction on external calling from extensions

Software-based licensing

Tandem configuration Tariff calculation
Tone (DTMF) and pulse dialing Traffic matrix Trunk Call Discrimination
Reference users and trial period
A wide range of BusinessPhone solutions are available. In order to get familiar with the features the following functions are permanently available in every BusinessPhone system. In addition a 60-days trial period is available where all functions are available unlimited. Free reference users
Mobile Extension Unified Messaging BackStage Computer Telephony IP telephony Networking Gateway BusinessPhone Extension Assistant Call Center Assistant
* The free trial period for IP telephony ends after 28 days ** Computer Telephony is standard in every new BusinessPhone system.

60 days trial period

channels per board* Full unlimited Open 250 40

(=max) ** Full 10 2

The table below is based on typical business configurations, i.e. it can be used as an average. The actual limitations may differ to some extent, depending on the configuration.
Capacity BPC* BP50 BP128i BP250 Modularity
Extension capacity (theoretical) Extension capacity (typical) Digital extensions Analog extensions Cordless extensions Mobile extensions Operators S-Interface terminals H.323 clients CT monitored extensions Trunk Capacity (theoretical) Trunk Capacity (typical) Analog trunks Digital trunks PRA Digital trunks with CAS Digital trunks BA S-Interface channels H.323 trunks VoIP channels Analog tie lines Base stations Free slots for PBAs (except CPU-Dx) RJ45 sockets available
(4x 2B+D) (Office) 40 (Call Center) (1x 30B+D) 30 (1x 30B+D) 8 (4x 2B+D) 8 (4x 2B+D) 1 ** N/A
(8x 2B+D) (Office) 40 (Call Center) (1x 30B+D) 30 (1x 30B+D) 16 (8x 2B+D) 16 (8x 2B+D) 4 N/A
(16x 2B+D) (Office) 40 (Call Center) (2x 30B+D) 60 (2x 30B+D) 32 (16x 2B+D) 32 (16x 2B+D) 4+5 72+72
200 (300 for Hotel systems) 200 (300 for Hotel systems) (24x 2B+D) (Office) 40 (Call Center) (2x 30B+D) 60 (2x 30B+D) 48 (24x 2B+D) 48 (24x 2B+D) 8+9+9 N/A
8/16/32 4/8/16 as per FECU 4/8

4/30 8/16 8/4/8/16 4/-

* BPC can be expanded to BP50 capacity by means of the BPC Upgrade License. ** BPC basic configuration includes CPU-D5C and MFU

System cabinet

Cabinets, wall-mounted Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight (fully equipped)

BP50 / BP Compact

1 500x400x155mm 13 kg


1 or 2 125x483x396mm 14,5 kg
up to 3 435x260x300mm 19,2 kg

Technical data

Power supply Mains supply: 110127VAC 10%, 220240VAC 10% Emergency power supply (battery): 48VDC +8V/5V Analog trunk lines Max. line resistance: 2000 Ohms at 48VDC Make/break ratio: 33/67ms or 40/60ms DTMF signalling: ITU-T Q.23/Q.24 Digital trunk lines Channel associated signalling (CAS) 2Mbit/s interface according to ITU-T G.703 and G.704 CAS R2 according to ITU-T Q.421-424 ISDN interfaces according to ITU-T I.430 (BA), I.431 (PRA), I.440, I.450, I.441, I.451, G.703 (PRA), G.704 (PRA), ETSI CTR3 (BA) and CTR4 (PRA), and Australian specifications Integrated Application Server (IAS) Operating System: Windows Server 2003 Embedded Telecom Edition Processor: Embedded Industrial PC IP Telephony Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100BaseT Protocols: IPv4, BOOTP, coding of speech packets according to RTP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, FTP, H.323 v4 incl. Annex M.1, H.225 and H.245, Gatekeeper Gatekeeper signaling with Location Request procedure Voice support: up to 16 parallel calls per IPU Voice coder: G.711, G.723.1, G.729ab Quality of Service support: queuing prioritization, Type of Service (TOS). DiffServ according to RFC 2474 Support for IP clients, Networking over IP, IP loop trunking
Environmental Performance
Hazardous Substances BusinessPhone complies with Ericssons directive on the use of banned and restricted substances. End of Life Treatment Ericsson offers recycling service for old Ericsson products to all our certified Partners. After the material has arrived at our collection point, we will, free of charge and in an environmentally responsible manner, take care of disposal through approved recycling companies in compliance with EU or other national legal requirements. Environmental Declaration BusinessPhone complies with the standard TR/70 issued by Ecma International European association for standardized information on communication systems, which are defined as being critical to a product being judged as environmentally sound.

Networking Common corporate numbering plan: coordinated, location code based or mixed Definition of up to 1000 corporate network nodes Corporate network routing with first choice and up to three alternative route choices Enhanced set of telephony features via the network ISDN access Basic Rate (2B+D, 144kbit/s) Primary Rate (30B+D, 2Mbit/s) Interfaces: Q interface (leased-line QSIG) T interface (switched public ISDN line with DSS1) Analog extensions Max. loop resistance (incl. telephones) 2500 Ohms Current feed: 2x400mA, 48VDC, or 2x800mA, 48VDC Impulse speed: 10Hz 10% Make/break ratio: 33/67ms or 40/60ms DTMF signaling: ITU-T Q.23 Timed break of loop: 80120ms Leakage resistance: 40 kOhms Digital extensions Max. line length: 800m with 0.5mm diameter cable ISDN S-interface According to ETSI and Australian recommendations, supporting: Group 4 fax PC with ISDN board PC with ISDN board and telephone Terminal adapter Videophone ISDN telephone Bearer services supported include: Speech Unrestricted 64kbit/s Unrestricted digital information (with tones/announcements, 7 kHz) 3.1 kHz audio Video Supplementary services supported include: Transfer Hold Suspend Maximum range: Short passive bus: up to 250m Extended passive bus: up to 500m
Environmental Operating temperature: +5C to +40C Relative humidity: 1580% Electrostatic discharge: >8kV at 30% humidity, complies with IEC 801-2 System programming Local programming via V.24 (RS-232) interface Web-browser based Management Suite for local (via V.24 or LAN connection) or remote (via built-in) (V.22 modem or Internet connection) configuration, O&M and upgrades EMC Standards Compliance Emission: EN 55022 Class A/Class B Immunity: EN 55024 Regulative Compliance Information: Hereby, Ericsson Enterprise AB declares that BusinessPhone BP250, BP50 and BP128i are in conformity with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of EU directive 1999/5/EC Digital corporate networking (QSIG standards) Basic Call Control ETS 300 172/ISO 11572, ISO 11574 GFP (within the scope of the supported supplementary service listed below) ETS 300 239/ISO 11582 Supplementary services CLIP, COLP, CLIR: ETS 300 173/ISO 14136 CNIP, CONP, CNIR: ETS 300 238/ISO 13864, 13868 AOC: ECMA 211/212 Protocol compliance Layer 1: ETS 300 011/ETS Layer 2: ETS Layer 3: ETS 300 172
Ericsson AB SE-Stockholm EN/LZT 102 3674-RC Ericsson AB, 2006
Subject to alterations without notice. Produced in Sweden on Eco-labeled paper


ERICSSON BUSINESSPHONE Your guide to the professional telephony of tomorrow


Ericsson is one of the worlds leading suppliers of telecommunications end-to-end solutions. We provide solutions to increase efficiency and create a strong platform for your businesss internal and external


Ericsson's BusinessPhone is a flexible and financially attractive solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Designed to
support business growth, BusinessPhone links the different elements of your business together with the help of IP telephony, advanced mobile technology and an

exceptionally platform.



When it comes to fulfilling the demands of your business, you cannot be better
equipped today and in the future.


A family with many members and many opportunities BusinessPhone has solutions for businesses with 10 to 300 users. Here is a short introduction to the special strengths of the different members of the BusinessPhone family: BusinessPhone Compact The easy solution for enterprises with 10 to 30 users, BusinessPhone Compact is a stylish and handy plug-and-play version housed in a small stylish cabinet with five digital telephones. BusinessPhone 50 This is the ideal solution for enterprises with up to 64 users. BusinessPhone 50 comes in the same cabinet as the stylish compact version but includes two extra slots for additional boards. BusinessPhone 250 Perfect for enterprises with up to 300 users, BusinessPhone 250 even enables an advanced Call Center, with the capacity for up to 40 Call Center agents. BusinessPhone 128i Same type of boards and telephones in all systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business. Large system capacity and attractive prices. Small to mediumsized businesses get the right amount of telephony power at the right cost. Excellent investment protection. If your business grows, you dont have to start all over again with your telephone systems. BusinessPhone grows with you. Advanced IP telephony. Even very small businesses can utilize the bandwidth in their LAN/WAN. BusinessPhone 128i is built to match your IP infrastructure. Supplied as a 19-inch system with the option of accommodating up to 128 users, it can be used for IP telephony as well as classic telephony. Upgrading If you currently own a BusinessPhone, it is easy and inexpensive to upgrade your solution to benefit from the latest technological developments. If you have an older BusinessPhone model, we also have a financially attractive solution. We build flexibility into all Ericsson systems so you can continue to use older phones and build on the system expertise youve already developed. It pays to stay with Ericsson. When you buy a BusinessPhone, you get access to all the applications on the system for 60 days. Try it out before you decide!
Because no two enterprises are the same.
Small and medium-sized enterprises need the same advanced communication options as larger enterprises and at a price that makes good business sense. A combination of our views on employee mobility, our IP telephony capability and our attractive application platform, has led to the installation of more than 100,000 BusinessPhone systems with 7 million lines around the world today. With BusinessPhone from Ericsson, you get a wide range of communication options from digital telephony to IP telephony and SMS. With an uptime of 99.999%, you and the rest of your IP or telephony staff can sleep well at night. Its an investment that pays off! Here is a selection of the system functions that BusinessPhone offers.

Mobile Extension With Mobile Extension, the office telephone and mobile telephone behave as one, with the same options and services on the mobile phone as on the office phone. This way, your companys employees may bring the office with them in their briefcases without worrying about forwarding or transferring their calls. If they are busy, their calls will be forwarded to the receptionist or wherever they want it to be forwarded to. They can mark themselves as absent just as they could if they were in the office. They can remain an active part of the team, even when they are on the move. IP Telephony Data and telephony services converge via BusinessPhone IP telephony. This is done using a plug-in board, which opens up new possibilities for systems integration and Voice over IP (VoIP). BusinessPhone IP makes VoIP a sensible investment for small and medium-sized enterprises. Apart from the obvious financial savings, you benefit from better utilization of the data infrastructure of your enterprise and the option of getting applications via the network. Communication solutions with fully integrated speech and data result in improved efficiency, reduced system administration time and costs and far smoother and faster customer service response. Enterprises with multiple locations will reap additional benefits from introducing IP telephony and tapping the full functionality of BusinessPhone and our large-scale communication solution MD110. A complete voice network can be created this way, using a companys IP network infrastructure.
MOBILE EXTENSION Even when employees are on the road, they are still part of the team
Telecommuting BusinessPhone is an ideal solution for businesses with telecommuters. Working from home is becoming more and more widespread, and it is important to have a communication solution that supports the workplace at home. With BusinessPhone, your employees can have the same functionality as their office telephones via either a fixed or mobile telephone. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to work from home and still be part of the team at the office even though they are not physically present. Networks among several regional offices BusinessPhone is also the perfect solution for regional offices in a large network. If, for instance, you have a large headquarters office and several smaller regional offices, BusinessPhone can form part of this network. Just as connectivity between Ericssons MD110 and the communication systems of other brands is possible, BusinessPhone plays a critical part of a network solution via IP.

MOBILE EXTENSION A perfect solution for telecommuting employees
BUSINESSPHONE Tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises
Applications to ensure an optimal set-up
BusinessPhone applications enable set-up optimization at a sensible price. While applications are perceived by many as an expensive investment that needs a lot of maintenance, with BusinessPhone, Ericsson has developed a concept perfectly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises without a big price tag. * All new BusinessPhone systems include two user licenses on all applications. With BusinessPhone, applications run on the Integrated Application Server board that operates as part of the BusinessPhone infrastructure.
IAS Integrated Application Server (IAS)
The IAS board is a flexible and inexpensive way of introducing applications. With the help of embedded Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software, the board runs BusinessPhone applications. This means that once you have installed the board, it is incredibly easy to add and update applications. There is no maintenance of components other than those that form part of the BusinessPhone system. The IAS board can, of course, be maintained and updated easily via remote upgrading.

Computer Telephony (CT)

The BusinessPhone Computer Telephony platform offers small to medium-sized enterprises a wide range of opportunities normally reserved for large systems. By combining the strength of telephony and data, and consequently PC applications, it is easier for employees to work more effectively in a structured environment. Think, for instance, about the many small enterprises that lose important calls because they are short staffed. The use of BusinessPhone CT applications offers solutions to that problem and more, which can give your business a competitive edge.
BACKSTAGE A system that simply and easily enhances user productivity and the working environment


Imagine that you have a tool that improves both communication and customer service in a straightforward and effective way, benefiting all in your enterprise. That is exactly what you get with BackStage. Back-Stage provides integration with applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and Access. These can now be telephony activated. BackStage is a software-based communication tool (CT and VoIP) that enhances the CT platform on BusinessPhone. BackStage comprises call handling and business telephony support, SMS messaging, communication profiles, details about employee presence or absence,

improvements in personal work efficiency and corporate group collaboration as well as data integration. One of the crucial elements is the integration with a customers infrastructure. BackStage supports IP, digital, wireless and analog communication devices as well as mobile telephones. Access can, of course, also be achieved via PCs, web browsers and Pocket PCs.
PC Switchboard Operator Suite
BusinessPhone Operator Suite is a solution that offers switchboard operators a powerful and efficient tool for superior internal and external service. The solution ensures more effective dial-up handling, catalog control, messaging, information on absence and administration functions all on a single PC. BusinessPhone Operator Suite works together with the BusinessPhone communication system via the CT link. Switchboard operators can use their time more efficiently thereby providing better service to customers calling the business or to colleagues on extension numbers.
Voice Mail, E-mail and Fax
With Unified Messaging, company employees can access their voice mails, e-mails and even faxes in one inbox. This means that they have access to voice mail wherever they have access to e-mail, whether theyre in the office, on the move or at home. They can display, listen to, play or forward voice mails easily, just like e-mails. Ericssons flexible and economical Unified Messaging solutions can be easily and effortlessly integrated into existing BusinessPhone installations. Full integration via BackStage with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes means that employees have access to messages in the same intuitive way. When they are on the road, SMS messages ensure that they dont miss out on important information.

Call Center

BusinessPhone Call Center provides all the functions needed at a Call Center, making it simple for you to give customers a positive impression of your business. With the modular structure of BusinessPhone Call Center, it is a breeze to expand to meet demand. You also get the management and statistical tools you need to plan work procedures and manage Call Center agents in an effective way.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging is perfect for enterprises with mobile workers that need to be able to contact the business or customers no matter where they are. On BusinessPhone, Unified Messaging makes the daily handling of messages simple.
CALL CENTER Optimizing customer service and giving customers that all important positive impression is critical for all enterprises

Terminals for BusinessPhone
With the Ericsson Dialog 4000 telephone series, you get a prize-winning design, extraordinary sound quality, unique functions and superior ergonomics. Dialog 4000 epitomizes user-friendliness. You and your colleagues can use the telephones many built-in functions easily and effortlessly. One of the cornerstones in our design process is our focus on an environmentally sound design. The advanced telephones in the Dialog 4000 series ensure the least possible effect on the environment when they are in use and when they are returned for recycling. The Dialog series includes digital, analog and IP telephones. The telephones come in light or dark grey.

Analog Telephones

If you have a BusinessPhone solution, we can offer you a selection of analog telephones, including several office models and a model especially created for hotels. Most of our analog telephones come with functions such as re-dial and message waiting indication as well as programmable keys and the ability to connect directly to a PC and headset. Find the model that suits you and your business best.


The IP telephone series has two versions. In addition, you may use the BackStage application as an IP soft client, which allows you to make calls via your PC using a headset.

Dialog 4422 IP Office

Dialog IP Office is an advanced IP telephone that offers all the functions needed in an office environment. Via the built-in speaker, company employees can listen to telephone services such as voice mail and news. With the built-in headset port, they can connect a headset directly to the telephone, which can then be operated with 10 function keys. The call list, for instance, can be opened with a particular key. The call list contains a log file with call data for all incoming and outgoing calls and is operated by a user-friendly scrolland-call function.

Dialog 4425 IP Vision

Dialog 4425 IP Vision is a versatile IP telephone that supports advanced system functions. It is suitable for demanding professional use. With the table stand and the six-lined graphical display, which allows for modification of the viewing angle and contrast, the user can adjust the telephone so that it fits into all working environments and lighting conditions. It is easy to use the telephone and system functions by using the soft keys and the intuitive menu. The menu provides access to a telephone book, which enables namebased dial-up. The telephone book can be saved locally in the telephone or centrally on a server, making it accessible from any IP telephone. The menu also gives employees access to a call list, which contains a log file with call data for all incoming and outgoing calls and scrolland-call functionality. A first-class hands-free function makes Dialog 4425 suitable for conversations at meetings and conferences. Dialog 4425 is equipped with 20 function keys. All programmable function keys are equipped with LEDs and can be labeled by the user.


There is a wide variety of digital telephones for BusinessPhone, from the Lite model suitable for meeting rooms to the Professional model aimed at managers and assistants.

Dialog 4220 Lite

This is a compact and inexpensive model suitable for many business needs. Place it in a meeting room or in the reception area, where the four programmable keys easily enable the most popular tasks.

Dialog 4223 Professional

This is the telephone for the members of your staff who demand the most from their phones. With its many functions and monitoring options, this telephone is aimed at assistants, Call Centers with ACD functions and service groups. The large three-lined graphical display can be rotated to suit the user. Thanks to the special soft keys, users can navigate the functions on the telephone and get access to voice mail, conference calls, menu search and much more. The Dialog 4223 has the option of connecting four key panels, making it possible to add 68 more programmable keys.
Dialog 4222 Office Dialog 4224 Operator
Dialog 4222 is an office telephone providing all of the functions necessary to satisfy the demands of a busy office environment. Features such as a flexible graphical two-lined display and time and date information, as well as an integrated headset port, make this telephone our bestseller in the series. This model also offers the possibility of connecting a key panel, which enables the telephone to have 17 additional programmable keys. This telephone is aimed primarily at switchboard operators. It gives a complete view of the switchboard and features an integrated headset port, hands-free function and superb sound quality.

Key Panel

The key panel is an extra unit for the Dialog 4222/4223/4224 series, offering the possibility of 17 extra programmable keys per key panel. It is also available with the IP telephones Dialog 4422 and Dialog 4425.


Ericsson is a pioneer in DECT technology and is marketing a range of products that can be customized to the different working environments where DECT is the preferred technology. All DECT telephones are designed to withstand knocks, water, wear and dirt. This makes them far more durable than normal telephones.

This is a cordless telephone for any office. The price is just as attractive as the design is unique and user-friendly. Here you will get full mobility within the framework of the DECT system and superb sound quality. DT292 offers a hands-free function, vibrator ring, telephone book with storage for up to 100 names and numbers, re-dialing function, fast dialing function, mute, telephone lock and much more.

DT400 Series

This series of DECT telephones is tailored to all types of working environments. The DT400 series gives you a durable, full-featured telephone of high quality that can withstand anything and everything. It includes the same functions as the DT292 and DT590. Some of the models also have options for alarm calls and monitoring.
This is the more robust version of the DT292. Using the same platform, the DT590 gives you more advanced functions such as a telephone book with the option of up to 1,000 stored entries, hands-free speaking and SMS functionality. Users also have easy access to functions in BusinessPhone such as absence marking, call forwarding and advanced call handling.
Look to Ericsson for your business telephony solutions Ericsson has developed a complete portfolio of business products and applications to match the increased demand for being mobile and simultaneously connected to a company network. With its wide range of unique products that combine mobility, IP telephony and application integration, Ericsson Enterprise offers solutions to enable employees to gain access to data at the companys premises wherever and whenever. That is true flexibility. Thanks to our forward-looking technological solutions, we have achieved a very strong position within the enterprise segment. Today, Ericsson has more than 100,000 enterprise customers globally. And our close relations with the operator segment have made us one of the preferred players on the market today. To learn more, visit us at
Ericsson AB SE-Stockholm EN/LZT 102 3753-RB Ericsson AB, 2006
Subject to alterations without notice. Produced in Sweden on Eco-labeled paper

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