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321 GatedCorrecter 322 Gate VRealRingmod 324 Choralspace 325 Moonlight Gtr 326 CJ's EchoFlange 327 CJ's EchoPhase 328 TriangleFlange 329 CJ's Fugue 330 NQ Phase 331 Megaphone 332 DistortVoxFilt 333 SolsticeBells 334 Solstice'Aarrhh 336 Rich Plate 337 Shimmerish 338 FuzzySampleMe 339 Rainbow Drops 340 RingDelayWa 341 FilterEchos 342 Diamond Rain 343 MiniMalism 344 Spaced Spaces 345 Doubler Phased 346 FiltaPongVerb 347 ChoralFlange 348 Eclipsed Delays 349 Flangedown 350 Trem-A-Phase 351 FritterpanVerb 352 FuzzyFlange 353 Reson8Delayz 354 FiltaShiftVerb 355 BrillianceLoop 356 PhasedRoom 357 4Evers Loop 358 Filters Nonstop 359 Quintilizer 360 Insta-Magic 361 Vox-A-Verb 362 6th World 363 Octa-Fuzz 364 PanVerbEcho 365 RingerPhase 366 GhostingDelay 367 Ample Say 368 AmpliDetuner 369 AutoVox 370 BalancingAct 371 XtremeBalancing 372 DrumBreaker DrumMangle

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BandCenter&Pong ____________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: m_bandtaps A pug-nosed, unobtrusive delay that, unlike Bandpong, does manage to separate itself from the source signal. BandtapsL/C/R _______________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: m_bandtaps A more obvious delay that pans in a predictable left, center, right fashion. Filters separate it from the source. BandtapsR/C/L _______________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: m_bandtaps Similar to "BandtapsL/C/R," except it pans the other way and has a higher cutoff frequency. Choruspong ________________________________________________________________________(Modulation, Delay) xfade: m_chorustaps A ringy, stereo modulating delay that hints at comb filters. Use on anything that needs more rhythm or is too weak to stand on its own. Ticktock ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: m_combtaps A heavily comb-filtered delay that is perhaps best used on poorly pitched instruments (e.g., drums). Ticktock2 ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: m_combtaps A variant on "Ticktock". Compare, you'll see. Ringpong _________________________________________________________________ (Coloration, Delay, Pitchshift) xfade: m_ringtaps A bubbling delay that adds a unique if slightly dissonant character to the input. RingpongRoom _____________________________________________________ (Coloration, Delay, Reverb, Pitchshift) series: m_ringtaps reverb 8 A hazy reverb. The ring modulators make it swarm like bees. Adds an interesting space when used in moderation. DualCompress ____________________________________________________________________________ (Dynamics) xfade: dual compressors Like the "Stereo Comp" except that the controls for each channel are separated for your convenience. Flangerator ________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) xfade: large dly8 plex A reverbish delay that bends the pitch of the input in subtle and interesting ways. Use it to add a unique space that choruses unpredictably. ChorusSpace2 ______________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: delay 8 plex st chorus delays A LONG delay/reverb that modulates to "sweeten" the input. One of the favorite effects from earlier products! Brown _________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitchshift) xfade: 4 detuners A nicely articulated close reverb (or "ambiance") that uses subtle detuning to add "sweetness" and flanging to the input. Browner ________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitchshift) xfade: 4 detuners A very flanged, very stereo version of "Brown". WIDE solo _______________________________________________________________________________ (Pitchshift) parallel: 4 detuners 4 detuners Stereoize and chorus your guitar in one (big) fell swoop. Oh so large!

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De-Bigulator ___________________________________________________________________________________ (EQ) xfade: dual filters A bandpass filter that makes your input sound sixty years too late. Like playing over a telephone line. Lo-fi for the hifi age. Detunedspace ______________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Pitchshift) xfade: detune 4 plex A reverb that forever falls in pitch. Very worrisome. Great for "bad dream" sequences. WhiplashSnare ___________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Reverb) series: reverb 8 dual modfilters Adds lovely noise to a dull snare. Increases the "crack" at no cost to you. Bob's Claps ___________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) xfade: ultratap 2 A dreamy, reversed delay to space out sharp instruments. Bob's Delay _________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Pitchshift) series: mono loop (10) multishift 4 A panning flange that's apt to get water on your speakers. Very ghost-like and spooky. A lovely, if intense, delay for vocals. Angelic Echos______________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Pitchshift) series: st chorus delays multishift+verb8 More gorgeous smear. ResonEchoes _________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) series: delay 8 plex dual loops (5) A long (long) singing delay, with plenty of feedback to overwhelm any last remnant of clarity. CompressedRoom ______________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) series: dual compressors dense room 8 Reverb for overly-dynamic instruments. Keeps the reverb at a consistent level. Dual Reverbs ________________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb) dual: reverb 8 reverb 8 One reverb for each input for when you need different reverbs on two mono instruments. The outputs of each reverb are mixed for stereo lushness. Phaser+Verb ____________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Reverb) series: stereo phaser reverb 8 A smeared out phase for those times when a dry phaser is too heavy handed. TremmedVerb ___________________________________________________________(Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb) series: reverb 8 fm trem Tremolo on a reverb for guitar, vocals, or keyboards. The imposition of the very stark tremolo after the very smeared reverb makes for a neat reversal of the audio equivalent of entropy. LarynxDelays ____________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, Modulation, Delay) series: dual modfilters m_chorusdelays A dusty, scratchy reverb straight out of the last century (or maybe the one before that)! Add a nice, dynamic, muted color to any instrument. Larynx 2 _________________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, Modulation, Delay) series: dual modfilters m_chorustaps A higher fidelity variation of "LarynxDelays."

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LatinCathedral _____________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Pitchshift) xfade: reverse 4 plex A medium reverb with plenty of high-end energy. LarynxVerb1 ____________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb) series: dual modfilters diffchorus A more coherent variation of "LarynxDelays." LarynxVerb2 ____________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb) series: dual modfilters reverb 8 A longer variation of "LarynxDelays." Biomec 3 ____________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, EQ, Modulation, Delay) series: fuzz preamp lfo filter+pingpong Mad distortion and rapid filtering for altering sounds wholesale! ShiftedVerb1 _______________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Pitchshift) series: stereoshift reverb 8 Use when you need to blur out a fixed-interval, stereo-coherent pitch shift. ShiftedVerb2 _______________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Pitchshift) series: stereoshift long reverb 8 A variation on "ShiftedVerb1". ShiftedClusters _______________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb, Pitchshift) series: stereoshift long reverb 8 Another variation on "ShiftedVerb1. ArenaSound2__________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) xfade: dense room 16 A large and smooth reverb. Crystal Verb _______________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Pitchshift) series: reverse crystals reverb 16 A reverb with an interesting tinge of reverse, pitch-shifted delay, giving a lovely, swimming effect that is suitable for any instrument that needs a well-colored space. EarlyReflec1 __________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) xfade: ultratap 2 Places the input in a small room. EarlyReflec2 __________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) dual: ultratap 2 ultratap 2 Like EarlyReflec1 but the room is larger and slightly duller. EarlyClust1 ___________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) xfade: ultratap 2 A medium reverb with a pronounced, delayed "cluster" of echoes. Adds a nice reverb with a bit of rhythmical excitement. EarlyClust2 ___________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) dual: ultratap 2 ultratap 2 Like "EarlyClust1, but gets right in your face. BostonChamber _______________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) series: ultratap 2 dense room 8 A beautiful, large reverb.

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StMike&Room2 ____________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: delay 8 plex st chorus delays A small room with an edge. AcousticRoom2 ________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) parallel: dense room detuners A medium, dense room with a wealth of mid-range energy. EchoRoom ________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: m_chorusdelays dense room 8 A long reverb with pronounced "bumps" (i.e., echoes) of energy. StringRoom2 ________________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb) xfade: reverb 16 A luscious, long, smooth reverb for nice, well-behaved instruments. BlackHole2__________________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb) series: diffchorus diffchorus An insanely long and deep reverb that might be useful for dramatic endings or fadeouts. A popular effect from previous Eventide products. EchospaceOfGod____________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: delay 8 plex st chorus delays An insanely long, but friendlier reverb than "BlackHole2." Everything ends up one happy smear. FlangeCanyon ______________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: st chorus delays delay 8 plex A very, very long reverb with flanging color for added value. ChorusCanyon _____________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Delay, Reverb) series: st chorus delays delay 8 plex A subdued version of "FlangeCanyon." Not subdued by any other measure! ReverseNonlin _________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) series: ultratap 2 s_diffussor Plays things backwards! Adjust the (LENGTH) for rhythmically interesting results. Record the output and then bump the resulting tracks backward for easy "reverse reverb. Wormhole2 ___________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) series: ultratap 2 dense room 8 A "mega-insanely long" reverb that slowly pitches up and down like a drunken sailor. Diat +3rd+5th __________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Pitchshift) xfade: diatonic 2 Both inputs are combined and then shifted to 3rds and 5ths within a given key. Nice for adding subtle harmonies to well-pitched instruments.

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302 303

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OpenVerb___________________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb) xfade: reverb 16 A medium reverb. Completely unassuming and harmless. Backwards 1_________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Pitchshift) xfade: reverse crystals A long and loud reverse to punish sonic miscreants. Backwards 2_________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Pitchshift) xfade: dual reverse(5) A variation on "Backwards 1". Aliens ______________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Pitchshift) xfade: reverse crystals Crazy pitch shifts that sound like aliens. Need a sound for your Sci-fi movie? Here you go. Taps L>R ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: ultratap 2 Straightforward taps that pan from left to right, from left to right, from left to right. DeathFlange2 __________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Reverb) xfade: delay 8 plex A thick, somewhat grotesque flange that hangs like the Rancor Monster between your speakers, waiting to gobble up good little timbres. Undulator 2 __________________________________________________________________ (Dynamics, Delay, Reverb) series: delay 8 plex fm trem A nice "gate" effect with a little bit of front-end haze to keep things consistent. Try this on guitars, vocals, or keyboards. Phase/Plex __________________________________________________________________(Pitch, Reverb, Modulation) parallel: stereoize phaser reverse 4 plex This is a performance crossfade effect in that the two effects are controlled by an external control (typically pedal) to crossfade between them and alter specific parameters, giving a morph-like result. Goes from a rich deep phase shift to a thick octave up, reverse crystal reverberant field. Chorus/Ring________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation, Coloration) parallel: m_chorusdelays dual modfreqshift Another performance crossfade effect. This one goes from a lush chorus effect to an offset ring modulation. Crystal/Wash _____________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Reverb, Delay) parallel: reverse crystals reverse 4 plex This is a performance xfade effect in that the two effects are controlled by an external control to xfade between them. This one sweeps from a reverse crystal delay effect to a tighter crystal reverberant wash. GatedCorrecter __________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Modulation, Dynamics) series: dual noisegates auto correct This useful tool contains a pitch corrector fed from the output of a noise gate ideal for cleaning up a less than pristine source. Gate V16____________________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb) series: dual noisegates reverb 16 This smooth reverb is also fed from the output of a noise gate to help with messy sources. Unlike post gating of the reverb, as a special effect, this one stops the source from entering the reverb, preventing ringing of the gate transition.

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Quintilizer _________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Modulation) series: vocal wa multishift 2 What it is, we don't know but it is REALLY cool and very strange. Spaced, filtered pitch shifted ascending mini echoes from another place. Good on percussive sounds. Insta-Magic ______________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Reverb, Delay) series: dual reverse(5) reverse 4 plex Dual reverse shifters into dual reverse plex's create a shimmered echoverb in reverse. Good on melodic material. Vox-A-Verb ______________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Modulation) series: reverb 8 vocal wa A big reverb into modulating vocal format filters. Sounds trs neat on all forms of sounds and unsounds. Tempo controls the sweep of the filters. 6th World _______________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) series: multishift detuners Dual multishifters set at unique intervals, feeding into 4 detuners. Sounds good on chordal and melodic lines. Octa-Fuzz __________________________________________________________________________(Pitch, Coloration) series: dual multishift fuzz preamp An octave up shifted and delayed fuzz with slap back. Good on choppy melodic lines in rhythm with the slap. PanVerbEcho______________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Dynamics) series: reverb 16 m_pandelays Reverb into multi echoes with panning. Play staccato chords in time with repeats. RingerPhase ____________________________________________________ (Delay, Modulation, Coloration, Dynamics) series: m_ringdelays stereoize phaser Ring modulated echoes feed into a highly resonant stereo phase shifter. Good for rhythmic sounds. GhostingDelay _________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) series: ultratap 2 m_bandtaps Repeating multitap and feedback echo clusters with long multi-band delays sound like they will begin to get out of control - but they never do. Good on all types of material. Ample Say ________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Modulation) series: mono reverse(10) dual sample/hold Pig latin long reverse shifted echoes with filtering. Play and listen for the long echo delay pattern, or work melodically in time with the echo. AmpliDetuner ________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch) parallel: 4 detuners reverb 16 Four detuners and a reverb. The detune amount is controlled by the amplitude of the incoming signal. The louder the signal, the less detuning. AutoVox ________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ, Dynamics) parallel: vocal wa vocal wa The amplitude of the incoming signal determines the vowel selection of two VocalWa algorithms. Try using the LFO or pedal to add additional control of the vowel selection. BalancingAct __________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch) series: reverse crystals reverb 16 Two Reverse Pitch Shift Delays running into each other, one is set to +12 cents while the other is set to 12, forming a delicate balance. Be careful when adjusting the pitch of either one feedback is high and things get out of hand quickly. The output runs into a nice reverb. Beautiful and ugly pads and drones are quickly formed using this effect.

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Artifacts _____________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch) series: stereoshift stereoshift Use this program to make something sound very digital and very processed without really changing it. It uses a superhigh pitchshift compensated by an opposite super-low pitchshift. In the end, the pitch is the same, but artifacts of the process remain to torture the listener. BandModFilters ____________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ, Dynamics) parallel: dual modfilters dual modfilters A bandpass filter whose width increases as the input signal gets louder. Makes the input funky sounding and dynamic. BandPass ____________________________________________________________________________________ (EQ) series: dual filters dual filters A simple band pass filter that uses separate low cutoff and high cutoff controls (it's actually a low pass filter followed by a high pass filter). This algorithm has a different sound and is more flexible than a simple bandpass filter with Q. BigBandTap_______________________________________________________________________________(Delay, EQ) xfade: m_bandtaps Delay taps, each with their own band pass. Useful for creating new rhythms from simpler rhythmic sources. BouncingBall _________________________________________________________________________________ (Delay) xfade: ultratap 2 A delay tap setup to sound like a bouncing ball: Bink..Bink.Bink.Bink.Bink.BinkBinBiBBBBBBB BrittleVerb ___________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Coloration, EQ) series: dual filters dense room 16 A reverb follows a distorting high pass filter, effectively removing all the low energy content from the reverb and causing a distorted high end. A nice program to use if you want a lot of reverb without mucking up the low end - pull down the filter's gain parameter. CrazyPhazy __________________________________________________________________________(Modulation, EQ) series: stereoize phaser stereoize phaser Over the top series connected phasers. CreeperShift _______________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Modulation) series: dual modfreqshift dual modfreqshift Series modulating frequency shifters get pulled into and out of ring modulation. Sort of creeping forward. DiffusePhaser _________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Coloration, EQ) series: s_diffussor stereo phaser A phaser following a diffuser. Useful for accentuating the phase on instruments that don't have many harmonics (pipe organs and such). If a standard phaser isn't phase-y enough, try this one! DrunkMusic _______________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Modulation) dual mono: auto correct auto correct Wildly fluctuating pitch makes it feel as if the input signal is about to give the ol' heave-ho! Not very musical but good for a laugh or two at parties. DuckedRobot ____________________________________________________________ (Delay, Modulation, Dynamics) xfade: ducked delays A very short delay with lots of feedback makes your input sound like a robot - but only when the input signal is quiet. Get it? The robot ducks out of the way when your input signal is present! EnvHiLowShift ____________________________________________________________(Pitch, Modulation, Dynamics) series: fm panner dual multishift Enveloped panner sends signal panning between a pair of shifters (-200 and +300 cents).

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GargleTrem ____________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, Dynamics) xfade: fm trem A super fast enveloped tremolo kills bacteria and keeps your input smelling fresh and inviting. HiLowFilterPan______________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ) series: dual filters fm panner A panning filter that splits the signal into high and low components. Very spatial but slightly disorienting. LittleRadio ___________________________________________________________________________ (Coloration, EQ) series: fuzz preamp dual filters A slightly distorted, heavily band-passed algorithm makes whatever you put into it sound like it's being played on a little radio. MadScientist _________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch) xfade: reverse crystals Tight reverse shifters create an eerie atmosphere. ModNotch __________________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ) parallel: dual modfilters dual filters A modulating low pass filter feeding a fixed high pass filter. NoiseMimic _____________________________________________________________________________ (Modulation) xfade: 10 band vocoder Uses a vocoder modulating noise to effectively imprint the noise with the spectrum of the input. Works best with percussive sounds - it turns them into different instruments! OpeningFilters ______________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ, Dynamics) series: dual modfilters dual modfilters A panning filter that moves and breathes with the input level. Very spatial and rich! OpeningFltrPan______________________________________________________________________ (Modulation, EQ) series: fm modfilter/pan dual modfilters Filters that open with the input level make for a very dynamic output. PulseDelay _______________________________________________________________________________ (Delay, EQ) series: fm trem m_bandtaps A rhythmic panner into bandtap delays create a pulsing effect on the dry and delayed signal. RingMod ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch) xfade: m_ringdelays A simple ring modulator without any delays to imbue your dialog and whatnot with that THX1138 sound. RobotAttack_______________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Modulation) xfade: st chorus delays Crazy feed-backing delays make the input seem as though its got something to say in its own robot language. RingTapsMod ________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: m_ringtaps A ring modulator and tap delay that alters the ring modulation speed with the input level. Makes the effect breathe with the input. RubberWorldDly___________________________________________________________________ (Delay, Modulation) xfade: m_pandelays Heavily fed-back delays seem to pull the sound through the stereo field as if it was a rubber band. ScratchIt___________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Modulation) xfade: st chorus delays Makes the input sound as if it's being scratched on a record.

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Electrofilters ____________________________________________________________(Delay, Reverb, EQ, Modulation) series: ultratap 2 dual modfilters cluster of 30 diffused delays processed thru 2 envelope swept filters. Electronica Textures! FractureLoop _________________________________________________________________(Delay, EQ, Modulation) series: mono loop (10) dual modfilters A loop being panned and filtered in a strange way. ModBlock Lfo pans the loop and changes the filters type continuously. Input envelope follower reduces loop feedback to kill older layers in the loop, evolving into the newly added ones. The power of parameters modulation. Electronica________________________________________________________________________________(Delay, EQ) xfade: m_banddelays 4 delays whose slightly offset filters get mirror-swept by the T_Tempo ModBlock Lfo. From acquatic to dense electronic texturesnow on your Eclipse! Verb Mayhem ________________________________________________________ (Reverb,Coloration, EQ, Dynamics) series: long reverb 8 st_distortion Lets crunch that nice verb! ModBlock Lfo modulates Flux parameter and Curves morphing. Distortion morphing affects reverb with pretty artifacts. AmbiClouds _____________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Reverb, Delay) series: ultratap 2 reverse 4 plex Multitap clusters thru ambient detuned reverse reverb. Bursts of sounds.peaceful! Blues Room ____________________________________________________________(Distortion, Delay, EQ, Dynamics) series: distortion preamp m_chorusdelays Blues crunch thru light chorus and ambience thickening. Best w/rear single coil pickup. Lead Gtr ____________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Distortion, EQ, Dynamics) series: distortion preamp reverb 16 Rock tone into huge verb! For those intense inspired solos Rear pickup is the way to go! NYC GtrTone _____________________________________________ (Distortion, Pitch, Delay, Reverb, EQ, Dynamics) series: distortion preamp rev_taps_verb NYC gtr tone w/attitudethru delay, thickening and reverb. Play it hard. Rear pickup, folks! L.A.Blues _________________________________________________ (Distortion, Pitch, Delay, Reverb, EQ, Dynamics) series: distortion preamp rev_taps_verb Wanna play Blues w/West Coast classic tone? Use in between pickups positions and go! Crystal Echo2 ___________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #163. Classic. A shimmering, hypnotic ambience. My Bloody Val___________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #275. Evil, reversed and down shifted delays. Perfect for that scary solo sound. Watery Chorus _______________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: multishift 2 preset #279. You heard this classic chorus on literally thousands of recordings. Avant-Garde ____________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #304. Produces a unique reverse pitch shifted effect. Dreamy!

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Magic Air ___________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: multishift 2 H3000 preset #515. This has 2 upward micro-shifts and 2 delays in a tight ambient. Use to liven & slightly raise flat vocals or to generally thicken sources. Voice Doubler ________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: multishift 2 H3000 preset #533. Sweeps 2 pitch shifters in opposite directions, giving a convincing doubling effect. Ambience _____________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) xfade: ultratap 2 H3000 preset #555. Use this to add ambience without muddying the mix. Chorus Room_______________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay. Modulation) xfade: delay 8 plex H3000 preset #558. Short reverb with chorus. Nice for instrument but perhaps not with drums. Dense Hall2 ___________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) xfade: dense room 8 H3000 preset #382. Large, dense Hall reverb. Heard on many, many records! Tight & Bright _________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) xfade: dense room 8 H3000 preset #573. Bright short room ambience, useful for any source. Bob's Room2 __________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) xfade: dense room 8 H3000 preset #578. A warm, long reverb, useful on lots of sources. Northwest Hall2________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) xfade: dense room 8 H3000 preset #585. Similar to a Concert Hall but somewhat more discrete. Anti-Ambience___________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #631. This is a reverb-like sound created from REVERSE SHIFTERS. Sounds great on guitar! E.Z. Chorus __________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: multishift 2 H3000 preset #720. Instant stereo guitar w/gorgeous Eventide classic chorus! Heaven _________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #723. Play anything into this. It will sound good. Hell ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #724. Another unearthly sound! Mondo Chorus________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, Modulation) xfade: multishift 2 H3000 preset #731. A wide clean guitar chorus that still keeps its punch. Outdoor Arena __________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: reverse crystals H3000 preset #734. Big stadium, backwards echoes.

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Ballerina _______________________________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay) xfade: multishift 4 An H3000 tweak: delays and intervals create a well known arpeggiofrom a passionate 1990s guitar record. Behind Spaces _______________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Reverb, Modulation) series: reverse 4 plex rev_taps_verb Amazing fjords space shifted textures, growing from nothingness. Play sparsely! Abyssal Filters ____________________________________________________________ (Pitch, Delay, EQ, Modulation) series: 4 detuners dual modfilters Autowah-style filtered detuned delays for ambient work. Detuning and filters sweep are modulated by input level. Sweetaps&Pans ________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) series: m_bandtaps dual modfreqshift Moody rhythmic delays, filtered and modulatedin a beautiful panning dance. Sax plate______________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) series: ultratap 2 dense room 8 Diffused delays and room ambience for that 'produced' delayed sax sound. Use TAP to control the verb decay. Remember that reggae song? Far Gitar _____________________________________________________________________________ (Reverb, Delay) series: ultratap 2 dense room 8 Diffused tones from the back of the room. For those sweet vibes on a clean gitar. Use moderated input levels. Mission Chorus _____________________________________________________________________(Delay, Modulation) parallel: st chorus delays st chorus delays An FM and dynamically modulated chorus. Adds color and builds a large sound for a lot of melodic instruments. Try it on organ or electric piano.

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H3000 to Eclipse V3.0 Cross Reference Chart
Preset Name BuenosNotches Dolphin Talk Jimi James Acid Reign Analog Delays FatAsCAn B Micropitchshift Micropitch Slap DigDelay+Wah ScaryMovie RicherChorus JustStereo2 EchoPlexingPong Micro-Verb2 Backwards 1 Aliens DeathFlange2 Undulator2 Megaphone Rich Plate Shimmerish Big Snare 1 Big Snare 2 Crystal Echo 2 My Bloody Val Watery Chorus Avant-Garde Magic Air Voice Doubler Ambience Chorus Room Dense Hall 2 Tight & Bright Bob's Room 2 Northwest Hall Anti-Ambience E.Z. Chorus Heaven Hell Mondo Chorus Outdoor Arena Preset Numbers H3000 Eclipse V3.492



XL H1S GTP-750 KDL-40U4000 EW-BW10 PP-100 CU-XE12EKE CFD-S36L BBA 2721 ADC-M60 Powerview PRO Duofit F86050VI SA-HE7 RL41wgps RX 350 SH18ZA9 MS-7125 OW 5003 SRU5130 Lyra 250 Review CCD-TR5 Lcd Game ER8997B S7350 Connector Motor 2HG Elite Philips 760 VR-309 9800XL UE-26C4000PW Leicaflex SL2 Dtxtreme IIS P5P800 SE Tonelab SE 32LD8700UA Zoom-nikkor Aspire 5920 VGN-FE670G UP-X200 Regatta-2 DSC-S40 F1045AV MYX-1 PT 4000 MYX-5-2 OT-209 Theater Nuvi 550 AWA 8125 EX-Z1000 HT-Z210R LN46M81B Kodak C142 786 501 MRV-F302 DCR412W TE100-P1U CD 235 SP-60 CDR770-00 Doro TH60 Precision 530 SRU9600 Planescape-torment SLV-SE810G DX6340 Panzer V TD-8811B Minolta 8031 - 1999 VPC-CA9 FT-250 N85-1 D AIR Tablet LXT435 CC-CD200 RTS-HE10T BXL3000A Silverado 1999 DS310F AG241 EL-509VH 9 1 Printer Dock 41666 DC593W PMD620 TM-1600 2CI 280 PRO 170MP-TFT KDL-40V1 TC-919 RS21dcsv Motorola V360 EL-733A KRF-V5090D DDP-2 RSH1utrs


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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