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a sink.

5. This over-the-range oven was designed for use over ranges no wider than 30 inches. It may be installed over both gas and electric cooking equipment. 6. For best operation, plug this appliance into its own electrical outlet, to prevent flickering of lights, blowing of fuse or tripping of circuit breaker. 7. Some products such as whole eggs and sealed containers - for example, closed jars - are able to explode and should not be heated in this oven. In rare instances, poached eggs have been known to explode. (:over poached eggs and allow standing time of one minute belBre cutting into them. 8. Foods with unbroken outer "skin" such as potatoes, sausages, tomatoes, apples, chicken livers and other giblets, and egg yolks (see previous caution) should be pierced to allow steam to escape during cooking. "Boilable" cooking pouches and tightly closed plastic bags should be slit, pierced or vented. 9. Do not heat, store or use flammable materials in or near the oven. Fumes can create a fire hazard or explosion. 10.Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use corrosive chemicals or vapors in this appliance. This type of oven is specifically designed to heat, cook or defrost lbod. It is not desi_led for industrial, laboratou or commercial use. it is intended for home use only. ll.As with any appliance, close necessa U when used by children. supervision is
23. To avoid exposure to dangerous high voltage, DO NOT REMOVE THE SPLATTER SHIELD inside the oven eaviD,. 24. Liquids, such as water, coffee, or tea are able to be overheated beyond the boiling point without appearing to be boiling due to surface tension of the liquid. Visible bubbling or boiling when the container is renaoved from the microwave oven is not ahvays present. THIS COULD RESULT IN VERY HOT LIQI_ffDS SUDDENLY BOILING OVER WHEN A SPOON OR OTHER UTENSIL IS INSERTED INTO THE LIQUID. To reduce the risk of injury to persons: (1 Do not oxerheat the liquid. :_ Stir the liquid both before and halfway through heating it :3":,Donot use straight-sided containers with

nalTow necks.

31. Do not use a thermometer in food you are microwavingunless the thennometer is &signed or *_colmnendedfor use inthe microwaveoven. 32. Plasticcookware designedformicrowavecooking is very useful, but should be used carefully. Even microwave-safe plastic may not be as tolerant of overcooking conditions as are glass or ceramic materials and may soften or char if subjected to short periods of overcooking,hi longerexposures to overcooking, the food and cookware could ignite. For these reasons:l) Use microwave-safe plastics only and use them in strict compliance with the eookware manufacturer's recommendations. 2) Do not subject empty cookware to micmwaving. 3) Do not permit childrento use plastic cookware without completesupervision. 33. Do not store anythig directly on top of the microwave oven surface when the oven is in operation. 34. TV dinners may be microwaved in lbil trays less than 3/4" deep;remove top foil cover and return tray to box. When using metal inmicrowave oven, keep metal at least 1 inch away from the sides of the


Microwave 1 minnte at high. If the dish heats, it should not be used for microwaving. If the dish remains cool and only the water in the cup heats, then the dish is microwave-safe. Paper towels, waxed paper and plastic wrap can be used to cover dishes in order to retain moisture and prevent spattering. Be sure to vent plastic wrap so steam egul escape.
I_ Make sure all cookware used in your microwave oven is suitable for microwaving. Most glass cooking dishes, measuring cups, custard cups, pottery or china dimlerware, which &es not have metallic trim or glaze with metallic sheen, can be used. I_ If you are not sure ifa dish is microwave-safe, use this test: Place in the oven the dish you m'e testing and a glass measuring cup filled with one cup of water. Set the measuring cup either in or next to the dish.


with the touch of a finger.
The Touch Control Panel allows you to set the oven controls It's designed to be easy to use and understand. 1. DISPLAY - Displays time of day, time or temperature during cooking functions, power level being used, cooling mode and instructions.
12. ADD MLNUTE -Touch this pad for 1 minute of cook time, to add 1 minute of cook time as the timer is counting down or for an '%stant off' for i minute. (Page 9) 13. POg_ER LEVEL - Touch this pad if you want to change fi'om antomatic Power Level 10 (High) for cooking. (Page 8-9) 14. NUMBER PADS - Touch these pads to enter cooking time, defrosting time, time of day, power level or food weights for Auto Defrost. 15. WA1KM - Touch this pad and safely keep food warm for up to 30 minutes. (Page 13) 16. TIMER - This feature uses no microwave
2. POPCORN - Touch this pad to cook prepackaged microwave popcorn weighing 1.75 or 3.5 ounces. The oven will start automatically. (Page 12)
3. BEVERAGE - Touch this pad to reheat a beverage. The oven will start automatically. (Page 13) 4. FAVORITE CHOICE - Touch this pad to recall three cooking instructions placed in memo2 T and to program sound level of simlals, scroll speed and disable clock display. (Page 13) 5. BAKED POTATO - Touch this pad to cook i-4 potatoes. The oven will start automatically. (Page 13) 6. DIN_'ER PLATE - Touch this pad to reheat a dimler plate full of chilled leftovers. (Page 13) 7. FROZEN PIZZA - Touch this pad to heat frozen pizza. The oven will start automatically. (Page 13) 8. FROZEN VEGETABLE cook frozen vegetables. automatically. (Page 14) - Touch this pad to The oven will start

energy. It functions as a kitchen timer, as a holding period arier defi'ost or as a delay timer before time cooking. (Page 9)
17. TURNTABLE - Touch this pad to turn the turntable on and off. (Page 16)
18. CANCEL/OFF - When touched once, it pauses the oven operation. When touched twice, it shuts off the oven and erases all settings (except time of day). 19. CLOCK - Touch this pad to enter time of day or check time of day while microwaving. (Page 8)
9. AUTO COOK - Will automatically compute the microwave power and cook time. Refer to Auto Cool; Guide. (Page 14) 10. COOK TIME amount of time. - Microwave for a selected
20. START - After all selections are made, touch this pad to start the oven or timer.
21. VENT FAN - Touch this pad if you want to know the feature of key pad on the control panel. (Page 17)
Power Level 10 (High) is automatic but lower heat levels may be proganmled. (Page 8)
22. LIGHT - Touch this pad to turn on or off the s_.lrfuceight and night light. (Page 17) l
11. AUTO DEFROST - Touch this pad and enter food weight, then START. The oven automatically sets power levels and defrosting time. (Page 10)

< KOT-153UW

/ KOT-153[

B >



. :!:,)>. s

. e_s LEVEL

I_ Each time a pad is touched, a BEEP will sound. I_ When CANCEL/OFF Pad is touched during oven operation, the oven will stop, however, all progrmnmed information is retained. To clear all information, touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad again.

So,ling andfeatm'es

may diff'er slightly


on model.


a Glance
1. DOOR HANDLE - Pull to open door. Door must be securely latched lbr oven to operate. 2. DOORLATCHES
5. HOOD CONTROLS Vent Fan - Press High, Low or Off Light - Press On, Night or Off 6. GREASE FILTERS 7. COOKTOPLIGHT
8. TURNTABLE - Composed of glass tray and roller guide. The roller guide is placed first in the bottom of the microwave and supports the glass tray. Both parts must be in place when using the microwave oven. 9. DATA PLATE - Located of the microwave oven. on the inside wall
Screen allows cooking to be viewed while keeping microwaves confined in oven. 4. TOUCH CONTROL PANEL and DIGITAL DISPLAY - For detailed information on each feature, see Touch Control Panel section, page5.



Basic Instructions

Clock Cook TimelPower Level
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the COOK TIME Pad. "ENTER COOKING TIME" Will be displayed. 2. Enter the cooking number pads. time by using the
1. Touch the CLOCK Pad. "CLOCK ENTER TIME" Will be displayed. 2. Set the time of day by touching the appropriate numbers. The selected time appears and "PRESS CLOCK AGAIN" will be displayed. 3. Touch the CLOCK Pad again. The colon will flash.

Afer plugging m the oven or after a power outage, the Display will scroll "TOUCH CLOCK PAD TO ENTER TIME OF DAY". Touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad and set the clock lbllowmg The "time-of-day" the directions above.
For example, lbr 5 minutes touch number 5,0,0. The selected time and "PRESS START" will be displayed. 3. Touch the START Pad again. "COOK TIME" and selected time will be displayed. The cooking time will appear in the Display window. The oven will start cooking and time coumdown will begin. The oven wi!l stop automatically when the time is done and beep three times. When the cook time ends, "END COOK" appears in the Display.
clock is a 12 hour clock.
If set, the time of day will ahvays be displayed when no other cooking function is being used. The time of day returns to the cun'ent time when the oven turns of
Start with the shortest recommended time and add more time as needed. Check the food as it cooks. The oven door can be opened any time during operation. It will automatically stop and mamtain the time setting until the door is closed and the START Pad is touched again. If the START Pad is touched and the oven does not operate, check the area between the door and door seal for obstructions. The oven will not start until the door is completely closed.
F_dlpower is automatic. Ifyou wish to use a differe, tpouer level, touch the POWER Pad before touching START Pad. "PO_VER LEVEL IS HI [IO]. TOUCH 1-9 FOR NEW PO_VER LEVEL. PRESS S_4RT" will be displayed. Enter the power level desired hv mucking the appropriate t_umber pad. The selected power level and "PRESS SZ4RT" u ill be displayed. (See Cooking Guide on page 9).

The power

Cooking Guide

oven can



Pad provides a convenient

on your microwave

be compared to the surface units on a range. High (power level 10) or full power is the fastest way to cook and gives you 100% power. Each power level gives you microwave energy for a certain percent of time, for example, power level 7 is microwave energy 70% of the time. Most of your cooking will be done on High (Power Level 10). a lower setting will cook more evenly and with less attention given to stirring or rotating the food. Some foods may have better flavor, texmre or of the lower settings is used. use a lower power level when have a tendency to boil over, potatoes. Cooking times will level decreases. Power Level Best Uses Fish, bacon, vegetables, boiling liquids. 7 Gentle cooking of meat and Pouhry, baking casseroles and reheating. Slow cooking and tenderizing for stews and less tender cuts of meat. Defrosting, simmering, delicate sauces. 1 Keeping food warm without overcooking, softening butter. appearance if one You may wish to cooking foods that such as scalloped increase as power

way to heat foods at full power with one touch of a pad or add an extra minute to your cooking cycle while in progress. The microwave starts automatically after the pad is touched.
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the ADD MINUTE Pad. The Display will show "PRESS AGAIN TO ADD MIN".
ADD MINI TE cannot be used with ONE
TOUCH COOKING FUNCTIONS, SENSOR COOK, AlTO DEFROST, TIMER, FAVORITE CHOICE or WARM. Each time the pad is touched the oven will add 1 minute to the time up to 99 minutes.
"rimer Basic Instructions

High 10

1. Touch the TIMER Pad. The Display will show "ENTER TIME".
2. Enter desired time. The Display will show the selected time and "PRESS START". 3. Touch the START Pad. The Display show "TIMER" and selected time. The timer can be programmed minutes and 99 seconds. Three beeps operation. up to 99 will
signal the end of the tinting
To stop the timer once it has started, touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad twice. Display will return to the time of day or cooking program. The timer cannot be set while cooking. The door must be shut for the timer to operate.


If weight is in ounces1 to 2-oz. 3 to 4-oz. 5-oz. 6 to 7-oz. 8-oz. 9 to 10-oz. 11 to 12-oz. 13-oz. 14 to 15-oz.
then weight is converted to tenths-of-a-pound. 0.l 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9
Use the defrost setting for defrosting meats, poultry and fish fi'om 0.5 poun& to 6.5 pounds. Basic Instructions 1. Touch the AUTO DEFROST Pad once lbr meat. "MEAT DEFROST ENTER FOOD WEIGHT 1NLBS" Will be displayed. Touch the AUTO DEFROST Pad twice lbr poultry. "POULTRY DEFROST ENTER FOOD WEIGHT IN LBS" willbe displayed. Touch the AUTO DEFROST Pad three times for fish. "FISH DEFROST ENTER FOOD WEIGHT IN LBS" willbe displayed. 2. Touch number pads to enter the weight. *The defrosting time and power levels are automatically calculated. 3. Touch the START Pad. "DEFROST TIME" and time appear inthe Display.
* Enter the _ei,_ht inpoun& and tenths ofapound See (_m ersion Chart below. During defi'osting, the oven will beep a series of short beeps to signal that the food needs to be tumed or rearranged. "TURN FOOD OVER" will be displayed. Oven will continue operation if food is not turned or rearranged. Three beeps signal the end of defrosting. "END DEFROST" appears in the Display. During defi-ostmg meat and fish, the food needs to be tamed or rearranged twice. During defi'osting poultry, the Ibod needs to be turned or rearranged once.

by Time

Basic Instructions 1. Touch the TIME Pad. "ENTER TIME" Will be displayed. COOKING
2. Enter defrosting time desired. 3. Touch the POWER 4. Touch NUMBER Pad. "POWER LEVEL "3" Pad. "PL-30 PRESS IS HI [i0]" will be displayed. START" will be displayed. 5. Touch the START Pad.
Three short beeps entry. indicate an incorrect
See page 11 for additiot_a[ d@'os ring tips for botk Auto and Time Defivst.

Defrost by Time Guide

(Power Level 3)
Procedures and Techniques
Items and Weight Time Beef @ound Beefl lb. (hound Beef2 lbs. Beef Roast, boneless 3 lbs. Steaksil" thick Pork Polk Roast, bondessi3 Ibs. Pork Chops 1ib @ound Pork t lb. Spal'eribs 1 1/2 llbs. Ponlt U Whole Chicken 3 tbs. Chicken Breasts bondessi1 lb. Chicken Thighg2 lbs. Fish Fish Filletgl lb.
Defrosting Time 10-12 miu. 18-20 miu. 26-28 miu. 7-8 min. 20-22 min. 7-8 min. 10-12 rain. 15-16 min. 20-22 min. 7-8 rain. 18-23 min. 10-11 miu.


5 min. 8-12 rain. 7-10 min. 5-7 lnin. 10-15 lnin. 5-7 rain. 5-7 rain. 5-7 lIlin. 10-15 min. 5-7 rain. 8-13 min. 5-7 min.
Break apart and remove thawed portions with ibrk. Break apart and remove thawed portions with fork. Turn over pal't wax. Shield ends or thirmer areas with foil. Separate and rearrange once. Tnrn over part way. shield ends or thira:er areas with lbil. Sepal'ate and rearrange once. Break apart and remove thawed pol_ions with fork. Turn meat o:_r and real:ange, separate once. Turn chicken over. shield wiug tips, leg ends and breast areas with foil. Breast side down. Separate and rearrange once. Separate and rearrange once. Separate and realrange once. Shield as needed.


7. During Auto Defrost, the oven will prompt you to turn the food over. At this point, open oven door and check the food. Follow the techniques listed below for optimum defrost results. Then, close oven door. touch the START Pad to complete defi'osting. Turn Over : Roast, ribs, whole poultry, turkey breasts, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, or chops. I_ Rearrange : Break apart or separate steaks, chops, hamburger patties, ground meat, chicken or seafood pieces, chunks of meat such as stew bee l_Shield : Use small strips of aluminum foil to protect thin areas or edges of unevenly shaped _ods such as chicken wings. To prevent arching, do not allow foil to come within 1-inch of oven walls or &or. Remove : To prevent cookiug, thawed protions should be removed from the oven at this point. This :nay shorten defrost time for foods weighing less than 3-1bs. 8. After defrosting, allow food to stand 5 to 10 minutes if there are any icy areas. If large solid masts, such as sirloin tip or rulnp roasts, are not completely thawed after standing, return roast to oven and pm_'am Auto Defrost for 1 lb.

1. Do not defrost covered meat. (overing might allow cooking to take place. Always remove outer wrap grad tray. Place food on a microwave-safe lack in a dish. 2. Begin defrosting whole poultry breast-side-down. Begin defi'osting roasts l:at-side-down. 3. The shape of the package alters the defi'osting time. Shallow rectangular than a deep block. shapes defrost more quickly
4. Anto Defi'ost is pm_'ammed lb:" specific weights. Defrost results will be affected incolTect weight. if you enter an
5. Anto Defi'ost is progralmned for frozen food at 0 F. If food is stored at a higher temperature, expect shorter defrost thnes. 6. After 1/3 of the defi'ost time has elapsed, check the food. You may wish to turn over, break apart, rean'ange or remove thawed portions of the food.

feature lets

you program two sequential using two different power levels. It automatically changes power settings and cooking time.
operations such as defi'osting and cooldng or cooldng Basic Instructions
1. Touch the COOK TIME Pad. "ENTER COOKING TIME" will be displayed. 2. Touch the appropriate number pads to enter the cooking time. The selected time and "PRESS START" will be displayed. 3. Touch the POWER Pad. *"POWER LEVEL IS HI [10]. TOUCH 1-9 FOR NEW POWER LEVEL---PRESS START
4. Touch the nnmber pad for the power level you desire. *The selected power level and "PRESS START" will be displayed.
5. Touch the COOK "ENTER SECOND will be displayed.


again. TIME"
6. Touch the appropriate nnmber pads to enter the cooking time for the second stage of cooking. The selected time and "PRESS START" will be displayed. 7. Touch the POWER Pad. *"POWER 1-9 FOR START" LEVEL IS HI [10]. TOUCH NEW POWER LEVEL---PRESS will be displayed. 8. Touch the number pad for the power level you desire. * The selected power level and "PRESS START" will be displayed. 9. Touch the START Pad.
. Three beeps signal the end of cooking. "END COOK" appears in the Display. The audible beep between stages can serve as a reminder to add foods or ingredients. * Skip steps 3 at_d 4 or 7 and 8 i_fid/power desired. is


Basic Instructions the POPCORN
Pad once for 3.5 "3.50 will show or

1. Touch

oz. package. The Display OZ BAG OF POPCORN" 2. Touch the POPCORN"
Listen as the popcorn pops and stop the microwave when the popping slows down to 3 seconds apart.
Pad twice Ibr 1.75 will show "1.75

oz. package. The Display OZ BAG OF POPCORN"'.
Do not try to repop unpopped kernels or reuse a bag. Pop only one package at a time.
CAUTION: If prepackaged different weight than the popcorn is a recommended Pad. occur.
. The POPCORN Pad has been automatically set for the correct cook time for a 3.5 oz. or 1.75 oz. bag of popcom.
weight, do not use the POPCORN Inadequate popping or a fire may Follow manufacturer's instructions.

Dinner Plate

Basic Instructions 1. Touch the DINNER PLATE Pad. The Display will show "DINNER PLATE" Thepm_amaled time(2:40)willshowin the Display. Place meat and dense vegetables to the outside of the plate. Place delicate foods in the center of the plate. Cover the plate with wax paper to hold steam around most foods except rare meats or vegetables with crisp exteriors. Frozen Pizza
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the WA1LM Pad. The Display will show "WARM PRESS START". 2. Touch the START Pad. The microwave oven will safety keep cooked foods warm lbr up to 30 minutes. Openmg the door or touching the CANCEL/ OFF Pad cancels the WARM setting. Foods that were covered during cooking should be covered during warming. Complete meals on a dinner plate should be covered. Pad. The Favorite To Program Choice Favorite choice Setting:
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the FROZEN PIZZA Display will show "PIZZA"
Thepmganmled time(3:00)willshowin the Display. Time set is ibr a 6.0-7.5 oz. pizza. Cook only one pizza at a time. Follow manufacturer's directions. Use only fi'ozen pizza labeled microwaveable. If cheese pizza does not melt sufficiently, cook a few secon& longer.
1. Touch the COOK TIME Pad. Enter cooking time. 2. Touch the Power Pad. 3. Enterpower tevd. Example"5" for 50%power level. 4. Touch the FAVORITE CHOICE Pad. 5. Touchthe CANCEL/OFF Pad to place in memory. When a program has been entered, "MEMO" will appear in the Display to let you know that the program has been entered. NOTE: Repeat steps 1-5 for FA VORITE CHOICE Programs 2 and 3. To Change Favorite Choice Setting: Touch and hold FAVORITE CHOICE Pad for 3 seconds or until a beep sounds. Display shows "PROG- 1". Previously set intbmaation will be erased. Follow previous steps 1-5 to program new settings. To Use Favorite Choice: 1. Put food in oven and close door. 2. Touch FAVORITE CHOICE 1" will appear in the Display. Pad. "PROG-


Basic Instructions 1. Touch the BEVERAGE Pad once for 1 cup (7 oz.)/mug. The Display will show "ICUP". 2. Touch the BEVERAGE Pad twice for 2 cups (14 oz.)mugs. The Display will show "2CUPS". 3. Touchthe BEVEP_-_GE three timesfor3 cups Pad (21oz.)'amgs.TheDisplaywillsMw "3CUPS".


Basic Instructions 1. Touch the BAKED POTATO Pad: once for 1 medium potato (7 oz.) twice lbr 2 medium potatoes (14 oz.) tba'eetimes for 3 medium potatoes (21 oz.) fore-times for 4 medium potatoes (28 oz.) The Display will show "i EA POTATO" "2 EA POTATO", "3 EA POTATO" or "4 EA POTATO"
To select program 2 or 3 press FAVORITE CHOICE Pad until desired program number appears in the Display. 3. Touch the START Pad.

To Program Scroll Speed

Favorite Choice Signal and Clock Display:


COOK Pad until the
Touch FAVORITE "PROG-4 SELECT displayed. To Change Signal
CHOICE Pad fbur times TYPE ENTER 1-6" will be
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the AlTO
Sound: ON" will be Pad.
desired food is displayed. * 2. Touch the number pad indicated on the Cooking Guide for the cooking weight desired.* 3. Touch the START Pad. * See the fol[owing Label on the_'ont chart or the Cooking of the oven carlO'. Guide
Touch number pad 1. "BUZZER displayed. Touch CANCEL/OFF
Touch number pad 2. "BUZZER OFF" and "MUTE" will be displayed. "MUTE" will remain in the Display until the buzzer is turned on. Touch CANCEL/OFF Pad. To Change Scroll Speed:
Auto Cook has preset times and power levels for four lbod categories: Soup, Fresh Vegetables, Muffins and Fish Fillets. The DISPLAY counts down the cooking time.
Touch number pad 3. "FAST SCROLL SPEED" will be displayed. Touch CANCEL/OFF Pad. Touch munber pad 4. "NORMAL SPEED" will be displayed. Touch CANCEL/OFF Pad. SCROLL
I oz. 16 oz. 24 oz. 32 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 12 oz. 16 oz. 2 ea. 4 ea. 6 ea. 8 ea. 4 oz. 8 oz. 12oz. 16 oz.
Touch munber pad 5. "SLOW SCROLL SPEED" will be displayed. Touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad. Clock Display On/Off:

To Turn

Fresh Vegetables
Touch number pad 6. Signal will sound and the Display will go blank. To recall the time of &_y, touch the START Pad and the current time of day will be displayed for 10 seconds. Vegetable


Three Tilnes Four Times


Fish Fillets
Basic Instructions 1. Touch the FROZEN VEGETABLE Pad once will Pad
for 8 oz. frozen vegetable. The Display show "80Z FROZEN VEGETABLE" 2. Touch the FROZEN VEGETABLE

Tips and Techniques

twice for 10 oz. frozen vegetable. The Display will show "10 OZ FROZEN VEGETABLE". 3. Touch the FROZEN VEGETABLE Pad tln'ee

Warning: Do not use foods that will spoil while waiting for cooking to start, such as dishes with milk or eggs, cream soups and cooked meats or fish. Ans" food that has to wait for cooking to start should be velT cold or frozen before it is put in the oven. Unfrozen foods should never stand more than two hours before cooking starts. Do not allow food to rmnain in the oven for more than two hours after end of cooking cycle.


You may increase or decrease any nf the pre-set settings _br the ONE TOUCH COOKING FEATURES except the SNACK feature if ?x_u prefer more or less cooking time. To Adjust 1. Touch the Pre-set the POWER Settings: Pad once to increase or twice to decrease COOKING the the Pad.
time by 20 seconds time by 20 seconds.
2. Touch the desired ONE TOUCH


For best cooking results, leave the turntable on. When using larger dishes, it can be turned ofT. Press ]_'RNTABLE Pad to turn the turntableon or ofl_ Display will show the TiT OFF indicator cannot be turned offwith light. the




the on.
The oven operation can be locked to prevent microwave from accidentally being turned All oven functions can be locked. To Set: Touch and hold the CANCEL/OFF shows
Pad for "LOCKED"
three seconds. The Display and the oven beeps. To Cancel: Touch and hold


three seconds. "LOCKED" disappears Display and the oven beeps.

fi'om the

Using the Vent

fan by touching the

the Cooktop

the cooktop

light by touching
You can control the 2-speed VENT FAN" Pad. Basic Instructions 1. Touch the VENT
You can control the LIGHT Pad.
Basic Instructions FAN scroll FAN scroll Pad "HIGH once for 1. Touch the LIGHT Pad once for turning the cooktop light on. The Display will scroll "ON LIGHT". 2. Touch the LIGHT Pad twice for turning the night light on. The Display will scroll "NIGHT LIGHT". 3. Touch FAN Pad three times "OFF VENT the LIGHT Pad three times for
HIGH speed. The Display will FAN". 2. Touch the VENT will

VENT for

Pad twice "LOW
LOW speed. The Display FAN". 3. Touch

the VENT

for turning vent fan off. The Display will scroll FAN".

Wipe the outside of your oven with a soapy cloth, rinse and dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners. They may scratch the surface.


cleaners, abrasive cleaning pads or steel wool, as they can scratch or dull oven


Clean off the grease and dust on the light compartment cover on the bottom side of the microwave oven often with warm water and detergent.

Do not remove

or insert knife around the
stin'er cover to clean, it may damage the cover or affect the cooking performance of your oven.


Wipe with a damp cloth. Dry. Do not spray cleaners directly on panel. Spray cleaners on cloth and then wipe.
Wash oven bottom with hot sudsy water, rinse and dry. Do not use excessive amounts of water when cleaning the oven, especially around the turntable. Do not allow water or cleaning agents to seep into turntable gears located underneath.

The Exhaust


To Remove Grease Filter

The exhaust hood feature on your microwave oven is equipped with two metal filters which collect grease. When the fan is operationg, air is drawn up through the filters and is then discharged through the venting to the outside or through the charcoal filters if not vented to the outside.
To remove grease filter, grasp the "finger hold" on the filter and slide to the rear. Then pull filter downward and to the fi'ont. The filter will drop out.



To clean




The reusable least once

grease filters should be cleaned at a month. Never operate the In on the
To clean grease filters, soak and then agitate filter in solution of hot water and detergent. Do not use ammonia or ammonia products because they will darken the metal. Light brushing can be used to remove embedded dirt. Rinse, shake and remove moisture before replacing.
microwave without the filters in place. situations where flaming might occur surfi_ees below the hood, filters will stop entry of flames into the unit.

To Replace

To replace grease filter, slide the filter in the frame slot on the back of the opening. Pull filter upward and to the front to lock into place.

Replacement Light Oven

cooktop fuse light/


To replace night light:

fuse or circuit

the combination
1. Disconnect power at main breaker or pull plug.

or circuit

To replace oven light: 1. Disconnect power at main breaker or pull plug.
2. Remove screw on left side of light compartment cover and lower cover until it stops. (See Figures 1 and 2.) 3. Gently unscrew the bulb(s). Be sure bulb(s) to be replaced are cool belbre removing. 4. Replace with 30-watt incandescent bulb(s) available fi'om your authorized dealer. High intensity 30-watt bulb(s) which are available in supermarkets and hardware stores, may also be used for replacements. g. Raise

screw& -.

2. Remove the top grill by taking out the 2 screws that hold it in place. (See Figures 3.) 3. Remove charcoal filter.
4. Pull out the Lamp cover. (See Figure 4.) 5. Replace 6. Replace 7. Replace 8. Replace 9. Connect Never the light bulb with a 30-watt bulb. light housing charcoal filter. to original position
top grill and secure with screws. electrical power. foods I


and replace oven.


the oven without

6. Connect


power to microwave

the meta! shelf t avid danger f arching or fire, Remov e ahvays the meta! shelf when not using it.

.l[ _ EZZ





Q.Can I open operating?

the door

the oven
Q. What do the various A. Short beep
any pad is touched. incorrect oven plugged entry. in. of cooking
A. The door can be opened anytime during the cooking operation. The oven will automatically stop cooking and the time setting will maintain until the door is closed and the START Pad is touched. Q.What causes the oven interior light and display to dim when using a Variable Power Level? A.This is normal and indicates the oven is
Three short beeps One long beep
Three long beeps end (microwave will turn oil). Series of three short beeps see if turning or rean'anging

check food to is needed.

Q.Can the oven be used with the glass tray or roller guide removed? A.No. Both the glass tray and roller must always be used in the oven cooking. guide when


and cycling properly.
Q.Why does steam and/or vapor escape around the door and moisture droplets form on the inside of the oven door?
A. This in nomlal occurrence - as food cooks, steam is given off.

All these



are normal

l_com around

the door.


oz"vapor escaping around

Light reflection

the door oz"outer case. in blower sound may occur while operating at power levels other
Dimming oven light and change than high. Dull thumping
sound while oven is operating.


filter kit included for models that are not vented to the outside. See
There is a recirculating charcoal installation guide for details.


Check the


to be sure a service

If the interior

call is necessary:
of oven collects moisture:
If noting on the oven operates: check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit breaker.
check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit in house. check that controls are set properly. check that the cooking time is set.

light does not work: See

this is normal. Food gives off moisture when cooking and the steam collects on the door and the oven surl:ace. Wipe off excess moisture from oven after each use.
If food cooks unevenly: refer to your recipe lbr proper procedures. be sure food is evenly shaped. be sure food is completely cooking. defrosted before strips used to cooking

If the oven interior

The light bulb may be loose or defective. page 20 or call a qualified servicer.
If oven will not cook: check that control panel was programmed correctly. check that door is firmly closed. check that START Auto Pad was touched.
check placement of aluminum prevent overcooking.
If food is undercooked: check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time, and power levels) were correctly followed. check household voltage.
Start may have been set. Lockout may have been set the door and seal for

the Control

check the area between obstructions.
try plugging the oven into an outlet on a separate electrical circuit. be sure food was completely cooking. defi'osted before
If oven takes longer cooks too rapidly: be sure the Power properly. check instructions verify that voltage not low.

than Level


to cook

is programmed etc. oven is
If food is overcooked: check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time, and power levels) were correctly lbllowed. the initial temperature higher than normal. occur: dishes were used. of food may have been
on lbod density, to the microwave
clock does not always cord is fully inserted grounded. keep into
If the time-of-day correct time:

If arcing (sparks)

check that the power the outlet receptacle.

be sure microwave-safe

be sure wire twist ties were not used. be sure oven was not operated when empty. down but
check that the oven is properly
try plugging the oven into an outlet on a separate electrical circuit.
If the display shows a time counting the oven is not cooking: check that door is firmly closed.
If oven floor or glas tray are hot: this is nomml. fi'om the food. The floor is absorbing heat


DAEWOO ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. warrants each new microwave oven manufactured by it to be fi'ee fi'om defective material and worklnanship and agrees to remedy any such defect or to furnish a new part (at the Company's option) in exchange for any part of any unit of its manufacture which under nomlal installation, use, and service. To establish and receive warranty authorized service _acilities, proof of purchase/dated sales invoice is reqnired. service from us or

Return authorization

nmst be obtained

before any merchandise

is returned

to the facto W.

This warranty
does not extend to any of our microwave



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