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handersson 8:03pm on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
"I just received this headset and I love it! Very comfortable and great sound quality! Comes with several different ear buds to fit an individual."
rizo 4:40am on Monday, September 13th, 2010 
It was a snap to pair; has very good range; superb sound; easy controls and great battery life. Also, I love the way it fits in my ear securely.
Joni 1:18am on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 
For some one that is a first time use of BT headsets, I was a bit anxious about making the right choice, the Jabra BT8040 has alleviated the anxiety.
BiloxiGeek 1:26pm on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
The A2DP feature sold me on trying it.... and the two-pack saved me when I lost one. The replacement was right there on the shelf, ready to go. My husband bought this last year and I decided to buy one for myself and for my father. I think its pretty easy to set up. I just recently purchased the Jabra BT530 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets (Set of 2 in Bulk Packaging) for me and my wife.
Northlight 8:12pm on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
Great sound quality over fm. I tried the motorola roadster, and the plantronics k100 before I bought this one. The motorola worked well. If this item is refurbished, then it should be listed as such on the sales listing. Should not have to find this out once the product is received.

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The FAGOR 8040 CNC is ideal for simple Machine-tool applications and offers a great feature/cost ratio. The FAGOR 8040 CNC integrates a CNC, a PLC and a 10.4" LCD monitor.
Compact configuration (K)
CPU+Monitor+Integrated Keyboard(K)

Modular Configuration

Monitor+CPU Operator Panel
The FAGOR 8040 CNC offers different operator panels depending on the application.

Monochrome LCD monitor


Color LCD monitor

TC-MC OPERATOR PANEL (conversational models)
TCO - MCO OPERATOR PANEL (customizable models)
The most competitive FAGOR package With all FAGOR servo drive families: analog and digital.

General Characteristics

Axes and Spindle Maximum axis configuration for lathes Maximum axis configuration for milling machines Maximum spindle configuration Maximum axes + spindle configuration (analog + digital) Gantry axes Axis coupling via PLC Axis coupling by program User memory (RAM) User memory (RAM) Mem Key Card Compact flash (RAM memory) Integrated PLC PLC cycle time Direct programming in Mnemonics Logic analyzer Communication RS-232 (up to 115,200 Bd) DNC (via RS-232) Ethernet Telediagnosis via modem Axis adjustment Look Ahead Jerk control Feed forward / AC Forward Oscilloscope function (setup assistance) Circle geometry test (setup assistance) System architecture Hardware configuration Monitor Feedback inputs 256 K 1 MB 512 K 2 MB 24 MB 3 ms / 1,000 instruc. 75 blocks Central unit integrated into the monitor 10,4" Color VGA TFT LCD 10,4" Monochrome STN LCD 1 specific for spindle 2 specific for electronic handwheels 4 for axes, spindles or handwheels Analog outputs (10 V) Probe inputs, 5 V (0.25mA) or 24V (0.30 mA) Local digital inputs and outputs (150 mA) CAN for remote-module connection CAN for digital connection with the drives SERCOS for digital drive connection Remote I/O modules (option) Possible nodes (CANopen)) Possible inputs / outputs at each node (24V 500 mA) System power supply Central Unit Digital inputs and outputs Remote I/O modules Feedback inputs For axes For spindle For handwheels Servo Drive System Analog Digital SERCOS (for AXD/SPD drives) Digital CAN (for ACSD/SPD drives) Models Conversational Open conversational General purpose Milling M MC MCO GP 1 specific for spindle I / 8 O I / 48 O 24 Vdc 24 Vdc 24 Vdc 4 inputs TTL / 1Vpp 1TTL 2 TTL Lathe T TC TCO Circle geometry test 56 I / 32 O 4 for axes or spindles Logic PLC analyzer 5
Standard Option NA. Not available
Oscilloscope function for axes
FAGOR 8040 M / 8040 MC / 8040 MCO / GP
For Milling machines, Machining Centers and General Purpose Applications
FEATURES Spindle related Spindle orientation M19 Interpolation Linear, Circular, Helical Tangential control Retrace function Compensations Tool radius and length Tool life monitoring Graphics Tool path 3 simultaneous views (with depth simulation) Solid graphics Operation related Simulation with execution time estimate N block look-ahead to avoid tool collision Programming related functions Feedrate as an inverted function of time Profile editor Canned cycles Machining canned cycles Multiple positioning canned cycles Probing canned cycles Irregular pockets with islands Rigid tapping

Standard Option




Jog mode

Conversational Software 8040 MC: It requires no programming knowledge

3D Graphic Simulation

FAGOR 8040 T / 8040 TC / 8040 TCO
For Lathes and Turning Centers
FEATURES Spindle related Spindle orientation M19 Spindle synchronism Interpolation Linear, Circular, Helical Tangential control Retrace function Compensations Tool radius and length Tool geometry Tool life monitoring Graphics Tool path Solid graphics Operation related Simulation with execution time estimate N block look-ahead to avoid tool collision Programming related functions Feedrate as an inverted function of time Profile editor Canned cycles Machining canned cycles Probing canned cycles Rigid tapping




Graphic programming assistance: Profile Editor and Interactive Editor
Conversational Software 8040 TC: It requires no programming knowledge

Architecture (Hardware)

Central Unit (CPU)
CPU and monitor integrated into a single module saving a lot of space in the electrical cabinet. The compact configuration integrates the CPU and the monitor to the keyboard. Up to 1Mb of user RAM memory. Removable Memkey Card of up to 24 Mb, with flash memory to store: User programs, OEM programs, PLC programs, screen customizing programs, tables, parameters, etc. Ethernet (optional). TCP-IP protocol. Compact Flash (optional). Sercos interface (optional). For digital communication through fiber optics between the FAGOR 8040 CNC and FAGOR digital servo drives (AXD/SPD). CAN interface (optional) for digital communication between the FAGOR 8040 CNC and FAGOR digital servo drives (ACSD/SPD) or remote modules.


40 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs (24 Vdc)


4 1Vpp/TTL Feedback inputs and 4 analog outputs


Interface for two probes Feedback input and analog output for spindle Feedback inputs for 2 electronic handwheels 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs for the PLC Optocoupled RS-232 serial line (115,200 baud)


The remote modules may have the following configurations: (I) Power Supply module (24I /16O) (II) Power Supply module (24I /16O) + Single I/O module (24I/16O) Total: 48 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs (III) Power Supply module (24I /16O) + Double I/O module (48I/32O) Total: 72 digital inputs and 48 digital outputs The system allows the connection of up to 4 of these groups / nodes. This way, it is possible to obtain up to 288 inputs and 192 outputs. Digital input: 24V 7mA Digital output: 24V 500mA Terminal connection

Dimensions in mm (inches)
CPU + Monitor + Integrated Keyboard (k)
Fagor Automation S. Coop. (Mondragn) B San Andrs, 19 P.O.Box 144 E-20500 Arrasate-Mondragn, Spain Tel. Fax: E-mail: Fagor Automation S. Coop. (Usurbil) B San Esteban, s/n Txoko Alde E-20170 Usurbil, Spain Tel. Fax: E-mail:
Fagor Automation Catalunya (Barcelona-Spain) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation GmbH (Gppingen-Germany) Tel. 15 685-0 Fax: 79 Fagor Italia S.R.L. (Milano-Italy) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation Ltda. (Lea da Palmeira-Portugal) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation UK Ltd. (West Midlands-United Kingdom) Tel. Fax: 300 880

ER-073/1994 ER-0968/1999

8040 CPU with 10.4" LCD Monitor
Fagor Automation France S.r.l. (Clermont Ferrand-France) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation (Asia) Ltd., ( Hong Kong ) Tel. 63 Fax: 86 Fagor Automation Taiwan Co. Ltd. (Taichung-Taiwan) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation (S) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Tel. / 68417346 Fax: Fagor Automation (M) SDN.BHD. (Malaysia) Tel. (60) 2858 Fax: (60) 3858 Beijing Fagor Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Beijing-China) Tel. 84505858 Fax: 84505860 Beijing Fagor Automation Equipment Ltd. (Nanjing-China) Tel. 59 Fax: 60 Beijing Fagor Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Rep.-China) Tel. Fax: Beijing Fagor Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai-China) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation Korea, Ltd. (Seoul-Korea) Tel. (82 2) 21130341 / Fax: (82 2) Auxiliary Alphanumeric Keyboard Fagor Automation do Brasil Com. Imp. Exp. Ltda. (So Paulo-Brasil) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation Corp. (Chicago-USA) Tel. 500 Fax: 311 Fagor Automation West Coast (California-USA) Tel. 85 Fax: 91 Fagor Automation East Coast (New Jersey-USA) Tel. 25 Fax: 26 Fagor Automation Ohio Branch (USA) Tel. Fax: Fagor Automation South East (Florida-USA) Tel. 99 Fax: 654 3387

Operator Panels

Digital remote I/O
Fagor Automation holds the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and the CE Certificate for all its products.

Worldwide reliability

FAGOR AUTOMATION shall not be held responsible for any printing or transcribing errors in the catalog and reserves the right to make any changes to the characteristics of its products without prior notice.


8040 CNC - 0504 EN - D.L. BI-0000-05


***Note: This cable is use for connecting directly from CNC to PC. If you are connecting to Turnkey Package you must use a straight thru cable. Installation of software Go to the following website: and down load the free copy of WINDNC. Once you have downloaded the file double click on WinDNC_V04_01.exe and follow the instructions
Setup of software Go to start and select from the list WinDnc ver4.1 Once the software is open go to OPTIONS Under FILE SENDING select file loading + deleting Click the check mark icon Go to SETUP Click on NEW Under NAME click on NEW and enter a name. Example 8040M then press ENTER.
Under MODEL select the type of control that you are working with. Example 8050M / 8055M. You would select this option for a CNC 8040M. Under TYPE select Serial Line. No need to do anything with connect on startup. Under PORT, select your corresponding port. Example COM1 Select the correct Baudrate. Example 115,200 Double click under WORK FOLDER and navigate to c:/fagor/windnc/work. While the Work folder is highlighted click on NEW. Type in the name of the folder where all of your information will be saved to. Example machine Once the folder machine has been created , you must click select. The work folder should now read as c:/fagor/windnc/work/machine Click the OK icon Under devices highlight 8040M, then click on SELECT, then click CONNECT
****The screen should look like this:
****note this only need to be created once. You can now go to any 8040 M / 8050 M / 8055M control and establish communication.
Setup of parameters on CNC Go to the G code side of control. Press shift then escape to change between G-Code and conversational. From the MAIN MENU press F7 (+) Go to MACHINE PARAMETERS (F4) Go to SERIAL PARAMETERS (F4) Select SERIAL 2 (F2)
**** Note: The parameters should be modified to the following:
****Once the parameters have been modified make sure you re-start the control, so the parameters take effect. ****Description of options for WINDNC can be found in the following directory of your computer: C:\Fagor\Help\WinDnc\English\WinDNC.html



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