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Fbii XL-31FBII XL31 Twelve Zone Control / Communicator
REPLACES FB-SD30012 Zone Control/CommunicatorThe XL31 control panel delivers outstanding performance and value. With 12 fully-programmable wired zones and a powerful built-in, two-channel siren driver, the XL31 minimizes installation time and system wiring. This powerful, feature-rich panel also features four programmable trigger outputs and 30 user codes. Ideal for mid-size installations, the XL31 sets a new standard for panels in its class. Features:With features like phone line monitoring, fo... Read more

Brand: FBII
Part Numbers: FB-XL31, XL31
UPC: 781410004597
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NHaughton 11:59pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
love it, went on vacation and it always got us to where we were going and back to out resort. very easy to operate none yet cheap and awesome. does the job not a garmin
ramonL 10:59pm on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
I have lived in my home for ten years, and it can not find me. It takes me three blocks away and says that I am at my destination.
alexwinolj 7:04am on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 
Easy to use. Fun voice options. Lots of maps and features. They let you download the first map update for free. I highly recommend this unit. also. I am glad I could take advantage of the great special newegg offered on the unit ($88 & free shipping), but the unit never did connect to a satellite.
c1p8 4:36am on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
I love this product several times without it we would of been so lost but TomTom was always there to tell us the right way. Works well, I like the fact that it can reconfigure your directions quickly if you miss a turn.
magnox 7:00am on Monday, July 5th, 2010 
The TomTom One XL was released Before one years ago But i take it AUGUST, 2008. ITS BUY TOO EASY BY ONLINE . do u want to buye it . Volume. When we reviewed the TomTom One last year, we were impressed by its ease of use, affordable price tag, and good performance. Now.
slot machine game 6:47pm on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
Will take you way out-of-the-way on a long route when a left turn or U-turn will take you right to the spot. It almost never allows U-turns.
stewartk 8:03am on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
I received one about a year ago as a gift and...  Big screen, good audio with digital voices poor routing, terrible customer service. purchased map updates and updates ALWAYS des...  It works untill I update.
OOoCrazy 4:40am on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 
I think this is one of the best devices out there because of its accuracy and features. It is very easy to use, and input directions. Overall good GPS Overall, I am happy with this GPS. Updating can sometimes cause problems.
kyuchulyoon 8:10pm on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
Will take you way out-of-the-way on a long ro...  Excellent reception in my location (SF Bay area), easy to use Unnecessarily long routes.
sthayashi 8:17am on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
This is a great product and it is very user friendly. Ease of use and teriffic wide screen Some difficulty in bluetooth connectivity with Palm phone.
bertilow 10:07am on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 
"I use this on my business trips. Last time out, used it to navigate from Boston to Rochester NY. "I liked the easy to use features but as far as the maps , they are not very accurate, maps are out of date about 4years behind. "I love my TomTom One XL-S. I work in the emergency services field and reply on my TomTom to get us to our calls with the fastest route possible.
tuju 12:43am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
Call in North America, Europe TomTom ONE XL is the boss, I Leaving aside the accuracy of this statement, at least in the international GPS market.

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XL.31 Instsllstion

& Hookup Psge 6
DESCRIPTION TRANSFORMER: Connect an the 16.5 VAC 40VA transformer, ufihzing 16awg wire at a data~e not to exceed 15 feet from the panel, to an unstitched 120 VAC outlet. Do not use any other transformer since this may resuff in improper operation (>r damage to the unt. The AC/LOW BAT LED on the keypad will remain ON while AC ~wf~r is present. If an AC loss omurs the AC/LOW BAT LED will turn off immediately. If AC remains OFF for 15 minutes, the system will pulse the ke~ad buzzer ard transmit to the central station, if programmed. THE KEYPAD BUZZER CAFI BE SILENCED by entry of any valid user code. When AC restores the AC/LOW BAT LED will fight and a restore code will be reported, if programmed, SIREN/BELL OUTPUT: The control panel mntains a buih in siren driverwMch is selected within question number 070fthe programming sequence, Iftheairen driver isselected!hen the programmed sounds will be generated for fire and burglary condifionla. If programmed as a bell outpdt then the total output power available for sounding devicesiel amp(750mA for ULinstallations) atll-12.2V. lnULhouselbM installations, youmust usean FBlmode1671 speaker anditmust bemoullted indoors. These terminals will deliver CONSTANT output on BURGLARV, AUDIBLE PANIC and BELL TEST. On a FIRE condition, a PULSED outpultwill be generated. There are separate bell cutoff times programmable for Burgilal~ and Fire conditions within the programming sequence. REGULATED POWER ( The total regulated output power for motion detectors and other external devicf~s is500mA (200mAfor UL installations at 13.8VDC, with lessthan100m1tPP ripple. The total regulated output capacity of the control system includes the ~)wl~r available from these terminals as well as the power used by the keypads and smoke detectors. Therefore, to determine the total pwer available from ttlese terminals subtract the pcwer consumed by the keypads and smoke detedors. SMOKE DETECTOR POWER: (9.%12.2V) This system will accept 12VDC four(4) wire smoke detectors only. Approximately 50mA of current is available at these terminals for powering all detectors and an E.O.L. relay FBI model 620. For UL installations see wirirlg diagram for hookup. Due to the different power requirements of smol(e detectors, the system may only support one smoke detector. These terminale adhere to the fire verification and reset logic which is explainf)d in the Zone types section of this manual. Manual reset of smke detector W]wer can be accomplished by entry of any valid user code after clearing alarm memory, Zone 1 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = DELAY Zone 2 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = INTERIOI?] [Default = PERIMETE13] Zone 3 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) Zone 4 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1E17] Zone 5 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1E13] Zone 8 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIMETER] Zone 7 (Optional 2,2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1ER] Zone 6 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1E13] Zone 9 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1E13] Zone 10 (Optional 2,2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIMETER] Zone 11 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1-EIR] Zone 12 (Optional 2.2K EOL resistor) [Default = PERIME1-EIR] NOTE: Connecting JP1 on the circuit board and enabting the option in Questi(>n 6 location 4 configures Zone 12 as a fast loop res~nse zone (8 -10 msec.res~nse). When selected, trigger number 3 cannot be used. Also tlhe fast response zone must bean alarm on open type of device. If trigger number 3 is used then cut JP1 and disable fast loop response in question 6 locati~~n 4. XL-31 Irsatallation & Hookup Pege 7



XL-31 Installation

& Hookup Page 8



the XL-31 PC Wrd DO NOT

~fore mounting the circuit hard, be certain that the appropriate metal knockouts have Men remved. ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE KNMKOUTS A~ER THE CIRCUIT BOARD HAS BEEN INSTALLED.
1. Hang the three mounting clips on the raised cabinet tabs. Obsewe proper tip orientation to avoid damage to the clip when mounting screws are tightened and to avoid problems wth Inaetiion and removal of the PC board. 2. Place the plastic spacer provided into the hole between terminals 27 and 28 from the back of the board. This will pn~vkte a~tional auppcrf for the PC board. 3. Insert the top of the circuti board into the alota at the top of the cabinet. Make sure that the hard rests in the sk~lsaa iticated In the diagram shown below. 4. Swing the base of the board into the mounting ctips. Place the grounding lug provided on top of the PC board near terminal 23 of the control panel and secure the ground lug to the PC bard. Secure the board info the cabinet with the accompanying wrews.


XL31 Irsatallatbn & Hmkup Page 9


FLUSH MOUNTING USING DOUBLE GANG BOX 1- Create an opening and mount a standard double gang ~x.

_.__ -

& (7 %.
. -%-77 : :[:][::1[;~[:JuL]. o[:][:juTJ. ~ ~ ~~~[~[:1. L---e.-=:=1
2- Semre keypad to double gang hx as shown in diagram below. Note: The double gang box should be mounted flush with the wall in order for the keypad screws to ft. NOTE: For UL installations, munt the XL4612RM to an earth grounded outlet box.
FLUSH MOUNTING WITH MOUNTING RING (Using the XL4600TR) 1- Create the desired opening where keypad is to be mounted, using the inside of the munting ring as a template. NOTE: This opening should be made between studs. 2- Secure mounting plate towall through thefour outer holes using suitable mounting hardware (not provided). 3- Connect keypad wiring to control panel and secure the keypad to the mounting ri~ using the four painted screws provided.
1. Depending on type of installation run the keypad widng out of the rear, top bottom or sides of the backbox. 2- Attach backbx to wall at desired height 3- Insert XL4612RM keypad into backbox and secure with the four screws provided. MOUNTING KEYPAD IN CONTROL PANEL ENCLOSURE 1- Remve keypad knockout from front of metal box enclosure as shown. 2- Inseti XL4612RM into opening from front of enclosure. 3- Secure keypad to enclosure using the painted metal screws and nuts provided.

QG qR \

& Hookuo Paoa 12


The 7005, 7005L and 7015 keypads contain dp switches to set the addresa of the keypad. This fdefst~iesthe kemad to the system. NOTE: There is no switoh on the XL4612RM or XL4SI 2SM keypads. This switch ccntains 4 locations and is numbered SWI - SW4 and is tited ae folbws: 7005, 7005L, 7015 Keypads Inetie of open door on left hand eide of keypad Each keypad must be assigned a un@ue keypad address fmm the table below. For example, if there are 4 keypads (2 LCD and 2 LED) then the LCD keypads can be numbered 1 &2, and the LED keypads shcutd be numbered 1 & 2. W~PAD -~ ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF OFF ON ON OFF ON ON OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
NOTE: SW4 is not used on these keypads. IMPORTANT: Keypad addresses must be set for the 700, 7005L5 and 7015 keypads prtor to system ~wemp for all of the keypads connected to the system. If addtional keypads are added to the system, the keypads must be set to the desired addressea (in accordance with table above). Neti a pwer up mst be perfcrmed on the control panel in order for the iletw keypads to be recognized.
The following configurations and aaessories are available for the XL-31 and XL-31 B systems:
CONTROL PANELS XL-31 XL-31 B A 12-zone contro~ccmmunicator for UL Residential Burglary /Fire applications. Keypada available se arately A !2-zone mntrol/communicator for UL Commercial Wr hry applications. The control is housed in a lIL Listed attack-proof enclosure. Keypad available separate! y.
SYSTEMS KEYPADS XL4612RM XL4612SM 7D05L Surface mount metal plate LED based keypad for XL3/XL3B syefema. Includes XL4600TR trim ring for flush mount installation. Surface Mount LED keypad for the XL3 and XL3B aystema. LCD based ke~ad, containing large character LCD display, surface or recessed mount wtih two fine LC[) dia lay. LCB based keypad, sutiace or recessed mount wfih two UneLCD dieplay. LED based keypad, sufiace or recessed mount. Note; The XL4612RM and theXL4612SM cannot be used on the same systam with the 7005f1015 keypads. ACCESSORY PRODUCTS *XL4612TC Trigger cable connector for XL-31 systems. *XL4600RMBX Back box to surface mount theXL4612RM metal keypad. Not tested for UL apphcatiins
XL-31 Inetallsflon & Hcokup Page 13


/ 1 =8


1) ZONE STATUS LEDS These LEDS display the aurrent zone status including slarms, bypasses, troubles and fauns. Each oandtion will aause ~hese LEDS to operate dtierentiy as follows: ALARMS Fast Blink (approx, 150 ms. ON -150 ms. OFF). TROUBLESSbw Pulse (epprax, 600 ms. ON -S00 ms. OF~. BYPASSES Wink (100 ms. ON -900 ms. OFF). Zone bypasses are displayed as a very slow wink of the zone LED light. FAULTED Z NES Sol ON. F UI e z nes are tha bwest ~ are dieplay$wkh the L%D solld?y&flw%ile the system la dignn~ NORMAL OFF 2) ARWDISARM LED This LED indbates whether the system Is mrrently armed (ON) or diaermd Fast Blink = Slow Wink = Alarm Mode Fail to Communicate with Central Station (OFF). Itihtion. Fauked burgla~ zones

3) ACILOW BATTERY LED This lndbator light displays the current power status of the panel as follows ON = OFF m Slow Blink = Fast Blink = AC is prssent, Battery aondtiion normal No AC, runnl~ on battery ba~up Low batte~ oandklon deteoted Telephone Line failure
XL.31 Inatallatfan & Haakun Paaa 14
4) READY LED This ready LED displays the current ready ststus of the system while disarmed, and displays the arming status when the sy~em is armed as follows DISARMED STATUS (Armed LED OFF) ON= OFF = Slow Btink = OFF = Slow Blink = Fast Bhnk = System ready to be armed System not ready to be armed Indicates Installer programming mode Armed in AWAY mde Armed in STAY mode Armed in INSTANT mode
Slow & Fast Bink = Armed in STAY-INSTANT mode 5) STAY BUTTON The STAY mode enables arming the system, excluding zones programmed as inferior zones. This will provide exfelric}r protection of the location while allowing full access throughout the interior. 6) BYPASS BUTTON The BYPASS key is used to temWrarily exclude protection to a specific zone. 7) INSTANT BLf~ON The INSTANT button enables arming of the system, eliminating the entry/exit delay. 8) CODE BU~ON The CODE button is used to enter the installer programming mode and entry of user males. KEYPAD SOUNDER 5.1. The keypad sounder annunciates differently to indicate the folbwing cctitions: CHIRP Keypad emfis a shofi chirp to mnfirm each keystroke. STEADY The keypad will make a steady sound during entry time, an~or dudng burgla~ alarm. CHIME - steady 1 second tone. ACKNOWLEDGE - UWn successful entry of a csnain commands the system will emfi a sound for approximately half a second. PULSING - A pulsing sound (approximately hati a second ON then OFF) indicates a trouble condtion such as AC Icss, Low Battery, or Fire Zone. NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGMENT - u. n entry of an ille al com~nd the keYPad wiIl emfi four s~~ beeps. For example, If attemptm TY de me a new user an3 the master user is net entered, four shcti tc be5DSwill be made mdicatina tha the command was unsuccessful. SOUNDER RINGBACK. Several shcrf beeps to indicate suwessful @mmunication to the Central Station. This owre for all signals, excluding ambush and silent zones. FAST PULSING SOUNDER. Sound enerated during entry time period AF7ER an alarm m~iion ha$ occurred and the system. reached belf cutoff. A Pulsin9 sounder WIIIfo!low the bell outPut on F!re conditions. Trcuble conditions also generate a pulsing eounder and WIIIfellow the lcoP or be sllen~d through entry of a valid user code. AUTO ARM WARNING - If the a@o arming function has.Men aeie~ed then the ke Pad will emit a ~u~l two minutes prior to the auto-arming time period. In addtlon the Ights will scroll on r he LED based keypada. The keypad is non-operational if none of the LEDs are ~t and the keypad does wt beep when keys are pressed. This is indication that service is required.

NOTES: 1. Only the master users (user number 1 &2) can program or modtiy other users. 2. User number 28 will be the system door stfike code H any of the triggers is defined as a door strike trigger. ff the trfgger is defined then entry of this user code will activate that trigger for a period of 5 seconds. If a door strike (or awess) trigger is not defined then this user code can be utihzed as another user code. In addition thera is an option to allow afl user codes to act as a door strike code. If this option is selected (question 06, location 3) then all users can activate the door strike through the W command. (See command modes) 3. User number 29 is a system wide arm (maid ) wde if the ARM only code is selected for question 08 Iocatbn 3. 4. User number 30 will be the systemwide ambush code Mthere is an ambush CS transmission code programmed into question number 23, If no code is defined then this user number 30 will be a~ther available user code. USER DEFINITION PROCEDURE: CODE [USER] [USER number] [USER ID] CODE [USER] [USERID] Example: Code button on keypad Master User ID code (user #1 or M) Four digti user code. Vahd digfis are O-9 Define user number 03 wtih an ID of 7493. (Assume master user wde is 1234).
[USER number] Desired user to be programmed (01-30)
CODE 1234037493 An acknowledge sound (steady tone) verities a successful user code programming. A negative acknowledge sound (4 short tones) indicates unsuccessful programming. If additional user programming is necessary, repeat the procedure fisted above. User programming can be performed while the ayatem la DISARMED ONLY.
If a dialing format is programmed which transmits openin@cIosing by user ID, each user will re~rt the respectfie user number. User numbers greater than 16 can only be reported as the actual user number it the FBI Superfast or ADEMCO pint ID formats are used, Pulse formats can transmit different opeticlose and cancel codes for users 16-30 as defined in question 25. DURESS/AMBUSH If ambush capabi~iy is required then an ambush transmission code must be entered wittin the programming sequence. When ambush has been enabled (see programming question 23) then the user number30 code will be used as an AMBUSH hale. In ttis mode, entry of the user number 30 code will ARM or DISARM the ayatem and transmit the ambush mde to tha Central StatIon. Fudhermore Kopening/closing by user reWrting Is programmed, user number 30 wIII be re~rted along whh the ambush code. If ambush has not been programmed then user number 30 can be used as an ordinary user code. ARM ONLY CODE [USER 29 CODE] Defining number 29 ss an ARM only code means that the code can only arm the eystem and WOUHbe ueed for a ueer such as a maid or temporary user of the system. This Is obtained through location 3 of question 08. 6.12. USER DELETION Removal of users from the system can be performed as follow% USER DELETION PROCEDURE: CODE [USER] [User number] # Where: CODE is the CODE button on the keypad [USER] Master ueer mde [User number ] Re resents the user number bein deleted, (03-30). Note: User number 1 & 2 (master user codes) canno ? be deleted, however they can% e modtied. # is the # (Wund) key on the keypad.

6.13. KEYPAD AUXILIARY CONDITIONS The system has the atitity to transmit four separate keypad auxitiary conditions as follows: PANIC FIRE AUX. AMBUSH # [USER CODE number 30] If an ambush @de has been programmed. XL-31 Installation & Hookup Page 18
Audible panic can be RESET BY ENTERING ANY VALID USER CODE. The keypad FIRE and AUX mtitiona are selectable through the programming sequence. ia p~rammed in question number 23. The ambuah @de will be user number 30 if an ambush tie 6.14. INSTALLER MODES The panal containa tha following installer commands SEQUENCE: CODE * [INSTALLER] [1-4] Where: CODE = Depression of the CODE key
= Depression of tha * Key
[INSTALLER] = Entry of the four digit installer @de. Note The defauh installer code is 4612. [1-4] Entry of 1-4 as follows: 1 = Installar Keypad Programming 2= Walk Test 3 = Walk Test wtih bell 4 = System log view NOTE: Ether walk test mde diaablea the pane~s alarm funtions. The mndmlon is idenffied by WALK TEST MOIDE on the LCD keWads and flasting of the RDW and ARM LEDs on the LED type keypads. WALK TEST The keypad will beep and annunciate with activation of aach zone while in this mode. Press the q key to rastart and rdtum to the pfior panal status. WALK TEST WITH BELL Smilar to walk test except that the bell will be tested uWn entering the walk test mode. SYSTEM LOG VIEW Tha system retains history the past 6 events (alarms and troublas) UWn entry to the system log view, LED based keypada will display alarms as faat bhnking ~ihfa and zona troubles sw sbwbhnking ~ghfs. On LCD based keypada the~splay will show the events one at afime efarflng from otiesfeve~. Depreaaion of any key (except q or bypass) will scroll bachards through the events. To exit from the system @ view fumticln preaa the * key. To clear the system log press the BYPASS key.


The end user can parform the following commands If quick arming haa been enabled than enf~ of # 1 will am the system wklbti QUICK ARM [#1] the need for a user coda. QUICK FORCED ARMING [#2] SET CLOCK [#3] If quick forced aming has been enabled then entry of # 2 will arm the system and bypass any bypassable zones that are not ready. To set the time of the system clock entec # 3 [USER] HR MIN where: [USER] vahd user code HR = Hour of day (24 hour time, example 3 PM = 15) MIN = Minute (00 - 59) The system time clock is used for the system test transmission as well as tlhe auto-arming function. NOTE: Question 07 location 4 determines ti a user tie is required to set the system time; othe~ise enter # 3 HR MIN. ZONE DIRECTORY (LCD Keypada) [# 4] AUTO ARM TIME - [#5] To scroll through the zone descriptions on the LCD keypad enter # 4. To aet the time of day for auto-arming on a penanent # 5 [USER] HR MIN where: [USER] vatid user mde HR = Hour of day (24 hour time, example 3 PM = 15) XL*1 Installation& Hookup Page 19 basis enfec

XL.31 Installation&

Hookup Page 25
@estion 06;3 1: 2= 3= 4= 5= 6= 7= 8= 9= A= B= c= D= E= F= WHERE:
QUICK COMMANDS/ARM ONL Y/ DOOR STRIKE CODE Default = O Quick Commands Dlssblad Quick Forced ArtiBypass Quick Arming Quick Forced ArtiBypass, Quick Arm Quick Commands Disabled, Arm Only User Quick Forced ArWBypass, Arm Only User Quick Arming, Arm Only User Quick Forced ArWBypaas, Quick Arm, Arm Only User Quick Commands Disabled, All Users ~rike Quick Forced ArWBypass, AII Users Strike Quick Arming, All Users Strike Quick Forced A~Bypasa, QuiW Arm, All Users Strike Quick Commands Disabled, Arm Only User, All Users Strike Quick Forced ArtiBypass, Arm Only User, All Users Strike Quick Arming, Arm Only User, All Users Strike Quick Forced ArtiBypass, Quick Arm, Arm Only User, All Users ~rike
QUICK Forced Arm/Bypass Enables the quick forced arm [#2 command] andquickbypass [BYPASS ZONE commenq NOTE: The quick forced arm command shall not be selected for UL installations. QUICK Arming Enables the quick arming command [#l]. ARM ONLY USER - If this option is selected then user number 29 will be dedicated as an arm only (makf) code. This means that this user code is capabla of arming the system only. The user mde canmt be used to disarm the ayatem, If this option is not selected then user numbsr 29 will act as a nomal user code. ALL USERS DOOR STRIKE - If this option is selected than all of the user males can be used to acf~ate any t~ere defined as a door strike trigger, If this option is selected then any user can activate a door strike triggerthmughthe folbwing mmmand , # 9 [USER] [Trigger number]. If t~s option is not selected then user number 28 will be the dedicated system door strike code, Hsny of the triggers are defined for door strike. In this mode, entry of user code 28 will activate the first trigger detined as door atrfke. In addition, user 28 cannot be used as an ordnary user code, unless there are no door strike triggers defined. Question 06 L4 CS Test Interval Default= 1 This question~=dicates the method of CS Test transmission as follows 24 Hour Test by Event 9 =90 Day Test by Time 1= Weekly Test by Event A = Waekly Test by Time/Event 2= 27 Day Test by Event B =27 Day Test by TimelEvenf 3= 60 Day Test by Event C =60 Day Teat by Time/Event 4= 90 Day Test by Event D. 90 Day Tea by Time/Event 5= 24 Hour Test by Time Weekly Test by fime 8= 7= 27 Day Test by Time 8= 60 Day Test by time Where: Teat Interval - Select daily (24 hour), weekly ( 7 days), 27 day, 60 day or 90 day. Test by Time Indicates that system test signals (if selected) will be sent at the time specified in question 28. The intewal depends on the test interval selected. Teat by Event This indicates that each event transmitted will restarfthe teet timer. For example, Ma daily signal is selected and the Iaat signal was transmitted at 2:15AM then a test signal will be sent the following dsy at 2:15 AM if m other events ~ere transmitted. Each subsequent transmission will reset the test timer. Tees by EventfTlme Test signal will ba transmitted at specific time (defined in queafion 28) after the programmed number of daya unless day counter is reset by an event. Esch event transmitted reatarfs the fimar. Esample: If 60 day test by eve~me is selected then a test signal will be sent after 80 days of inactivity at the time programmed in questbn 27.

XL-31 Inatsllatlon & Hookup Page 27
@estion 07 L4 NUMBER OF RINGS, BYPASS STAK BELL TEST Defauff. 6 01= 2= 3= 4= 5= 6= 7= 6= 9= A= B= c= D= E= F= Mere: RING COUNT Determines the number of rings required by the wnfral panel to pickup forremctecommunicafion pupses. The number of rings should be set to a value which does not interfere with the telephone at the panel location. To dssble remote Wmmunications select one of the options labeled Remte Access Msabled. The options for ring count are O(Remote awess disabled), 5, 10 or 15. NO BYPASS ON STAY This option spectiies that bypasses will not be transmitted upon Stay arming. If this option is not selected then bypasses will be transmitted for each interior zone that has been bypassed with the STAY arming. Note: Bypasses will only be transmitted i there is a bypass code defined (see question 26). BELL TEST AT ARMING If this option is selected the bell will be ativated for ons semnd upon successful arming. This option is required for UL Commercial Burglary applications. Remote Access Oisabled 5 Rings For Pffikup 10 Rings For Pickup 15 Rings For Pickup No Bypass on Stay Arming, Remote Aaess Disabled No Bypass on Stay Arming, 5 Rings For Pckup No Bypass on Stay Armlrrg, 10 Rings For Pickup No Bypass on Stay Arming, 15 Rings For Pickup Bell Test At Arming, Remote Ameas Disabled Bell Test At Arming, 5 Nngs For Pi&up Bell Test At Arming, 10 Rings For P@kup Bell Test At Arming, 15 Rings For Pickup Bell Test At Arming, No Bypaes on Stay Arming, Remote Access Disabled Bell Test At Arming, No B~ass on Stay Arming, 5 Rings For Pickup Bell Test At Arming, No Bypass on Stay ArmiW, 10 Rings For Pickup Bell Test At Arming, No Bypass on Stay Arming, 15 Rings For Pickup


Enter the three (3) or four (4) digit subscriber account number for Central Station phone number 1 in locations LI-L4. If a three(3) digit number is used then enter an A in loca~an L4. Vatid entries are O-9,and B-F. The value A is interpreted as the null value for account numbers.


Enferthe three(3) or four(4) d~it subscriber acmunt number for Central Station phone number 2 in locations L1-L4. If a three(3) dgif number is used then enter an A in location L4. Vahd entries are O-9, and B-F. The value A is inte~reted as the null value for account numbers. If the second phone number is not used this question can be left as facto~ defaulted. WIS ACCOUNT NUMBER MUST BE ENTERED IF YOU HAVE PR~RAMMED NUMBER FOR BACKUP OR SPLIT REPORTING. A SECOND RECEIVER PHONE


Locations L3 and L4 of the zone questions represent the alarm mde that will be reported to the central efatbn.
zOneS WilltranSMti to the Central Station Unless these ~gtis are defined as w for any in~vidual zone, or the bcal dialer optbn is selected in question 05. Based on the tialer format selected enter the slam cede as follows;
STANDARD FORMAT Enter the desired single digit alarm cede in location L3. The value placed in L4 will net be used. Example: Desired transmission 1232(account 123, alarm mde2). Enter a 2 in location L3 of the zone. Any value placed in L4 will be not be used. EXTENDED: Enter the desired first dig~ of the alarm cede in location L3. The sewnd digit in L4. Example: Desired transmission Enter 3 in L3, 4 in L4. PARTIAL EXWNDED,: Enter thedesiredd tiinhth locations L3and L4. Thiswiil generate asiWle round alarm transmission andan extended P ransmlsslon forallsyefem ~ndtions suchas reefores. ~~ Example: Alarm Restore E EEE 3 Enter 3 in L3 and L4. 1233 3334
4x2: Enter the desired first digit of the alarm mde in location L3. The sewnd digit in L4. Example: 476532 Enter 3 in L3, 2 in L4.
FBI SUPERFAST The two digits zone type L3 L4 will be transmitted as the zone code. will be transmitted.
ADEMCO EXPRESSFORMATS: In the 4x2 format L3 - L4 will be transmitted, in the 3x1 format only L3
ADEMCO POINT ID (PID) Format:The PID format transmits the following information: The Point ID reprting format: SSSS 16 Q~Z where SSSS=Four digit Subscriber ID 16=Uniquely identifies this format to the receiver and to an automation system, but is not displayed or printed. Q= Event qua~ier, which gives specific event information 1= New Event or Opening 3= New Restore or Closing WZ= Event Code: The event mde is a 3digfi wde (3 Hex digtis). See L3 below. GG= Group number (fixed as 01) CCC= Zone or Sensor number (3 Hex digits). Zone Alarm is defined as L4. (Event reports) or User # (QpeWClose events) GG CCC

XL-31 Inetalfatfon & H@kup Paga 32
L3 PID EVENT Code The PID event @de transmitted (shown as W in PID example) depends on the ~ table tisted below: 24HrTroubh 24Hr Alerm Fire Zrs Value Burglary Zn 100 MediA o 122Silent panb 110FireAlarm 100 Medioel 101PendantXmh12 silent 1 123Aud. Panic 111Smoke 112~mbustbn 120Panic Alarm 123Aud Pank Burglary 3 131Perimeter 1t3 Water Fbw 122Silent Panb 137Tamper 123AudlblaParsb15024Hr~rg l14Heet 4 132Intedor 15SHeet* 5 13324Hr. Alarm 115Pull Station 130Burglaw lW 24 Hr. Alarm 155 Foil Break l16Dua s 134EntryExit 15SDayTWS. 135DayNQht 135 Day~ight 117 Flema 7 15SHhh Temp. s 136 Outdoor 140Gen. Alarm 13?Tamper 9 137Tampar 15024Hr N/Brg 140Gsn. Alarm 159Low Tamp. A 140Gen.Alarm 15SHighTemp 15024Gas Detd 300 SystemTrbb, B 144 Snsr.Tamper159LowTsmp 151GaaDatd 301 AC Loas c 155 Foil Braak 200 FireSensor 152Refrigeratbn 302 L. SP. Bet. o 156DayTroubls 201 L. Water Pr. 153 HeatLose 310 Grid. Fauk 164Water Le* 37SFireTrbl. E 202 Low C02 F 203 ValveSnsr. 155 Foil Bra* 380 Snsr.Tbl. Example:For a burglaryzone, entar a 2 in L3 to definethe zone se an evantde d 130. L4 Zone Seneor No. Enter the de ired zon number t be ~ran mMed t the oentral atatlon info L4 of h zone MSMbOr. is @ ~ C ehown ae C61? in the ormat exp anatlon.*rtferO-?, the zone numberenteredw~ll~tmnsMW i~o of event @ tftS


QUESTION 11 ZONE 1 Default = QUESTION 12 ZONE 2 Default

C031 0032

QUESTION 13 ZONE 3 Default = QUESTION 14 ZONE 4 Default = QUESTION 15 ZONE 5 Default =

40ss 4038 4039

17 ZONE 7 Default =
QUESTION 18 ZONE 8 Default =
4030 403B 403C Zone 12 ean be programmedfor FeatZonQma~nwl

21 ZONE 11 Default =

QUESTION 22 ZONE 12 Default=
XL.31 Inatallatforr & t400kup Page 3S
QUESTION ~ AMBUSHIAC LOSS There are 4 locations L1-L4 in this question. L1 - L2 is the alarm code that will be transmitted on AMBUSH. If an am~sh
code is defined then user number 30 is the ambush code. L3 - L4 is the AC LOSS CODE. The same rules for programming regarding dialer format apply here. If either of these transmission are not desired, program their respective Iocatiins AA. AMBUSH transmissions are immediate and not ahrfable, AC LOSS is reported 15 minutes after detecfbn.

L3 - L4 ie the code transmitted
auxiliary condiion enter ~. ~
to the CS for keypad aux, condnion ( 1 & 3 from the keypad). To dseble the ke~ad The keypad auxiliary mndtion can be silent or audible baeed on the queetion 06 location 1.
KPAD FIRE 11 L3 - L4 KPAD AUX 23 PID FORMAT (Keypad Condtions) If transmitting in PID zone format, L1 and L3 will epecify the event mde transmitted from the table bebw. L2 and L4 defines the zone number transmtied for PID format. Value o

PID Code

112 t123 130


Medical Pendant TranamNer Fire Alarm Smoke timbustion Flame Panic Alarm Duress Silent Panic Audible Panic Burglary 24Hr Alarm General Alarm 24Hr Alarm
DEFAULT =QUESTION 28;EST %;E If the mntrol panel transmits a system test at a epectic time of day enter the hour and minute in mi~~arytime (24 hour
C&k) aa follows: LI L2 Hour of day [00 - 24] Example: 5:30 PM= 1730 L3 L4 Minute wthin hour [00 - 59]

& Hookup Page 3S

QUESTION 29 Trigger 1 & 2 DEFAULT= OCO1
The control panel contains 4 voltage level output triggers. Enter the desired tfigger type for each olutput trigger (see table below). LI L2 Defines Trigger #1 Default = Strobe L3, L4 Defines Trigger #2 Default = Burglaw
QUESTION 30 Trigger 3 & 4 DEFAULT = 021 B The mntrol panel contains4 voltage leveloutput triggers. Enterthe desired trigger type for each output trioger.
LI L2 Defines Trigger #3 Default = Hre L3 L4 Defines TrigOer #4 Default = Zone Reset NOTE: Trigger #3 cannot be used if zone 12 is being used for Fast ResWnse.


01 [Trigger 2 Default] 02 (Trigger 3 Deafult]


Trigger Dlssble Burglary Fire Duress Keypad Tamper 24 Hour Trouble Fire Trouble Day Trouble 24 Hour Alarm Keypad Fire Keypad Auxiliary Keypad Panic Strobe AC LOSS Low Battery Arming Bypasa Entry Exit Instant STAY Ready D~R STRIKE (Access trigger) Comm Failure Phone failure Sounder Ground Start Zone Reset


07 0s 09 OA OB OC [Trigger1 Default] OD OE OF 1A 1e [Trigger 4 Default]
Steady follows Burglary timeout Steadv follows Fire timeout 2 Semnd pauae following duress mde Kpad tamper turns an, vahd user ade turns off Follows 24 Hour troljble Follows fire trouble Follows day trouble zone (on after 15 see) Audible follows bell, 2 sac. pulse on silent Audibla follows bell, 2 sac. pulse on silent Audible follows bell, 2 aw. pulse on silent Audible follows bell, 2 s=. pulse on eilent Follows arming light, until system dsarm Follows AC after 15 min delay Follows Low battery Follows arming state Follows any zone bypassed Follows entry time Follows exit time Follows Instant State Follows STAY state Follows ready state 5 Semnd Pulse on entry of door etrike mcle Follows comm failure light Follows phone failure light Follows keypad sounder Follows diating (Trl~ger #l only) Reaeta Latched Zones (Ie glass break det.)
NOTE: If Zone reset triggar (type 1B) is aelectad then depreaaion of from the keypad will iictivate the tfigger
QuestIon 00 INSTALLER CODE Default u 4612 There are 4 locationsL1 - L4 in this question. Enter any 4 digit installer code desired. This code is used to ENTER the
system programming mode via the keypad. Typically each installing mmpany would use a unique installer code in order to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to their panels. Note: The facto~ default value for the inetallercode is 4012 in locations L1-L4 respectively. NOTE: This question is can be accessed only through the dhecf access mode, select question 00.
XL-31 Installation & Hookup Page 37
This section describes the physical keystrokes necessary to perform keypad programming and how to interpret the data displayed on the LED baaed keypads during programming operaffona. This section describes opera~on through efiher the XL4612RM, XL4612SM or 7015 keypads. Actual keypad programming should be performed after mmplefiin of the programming sheet.
DEPRESS the CODE button. DEPRESS the * button. (asterisk) ENTER the four digit INSTALLER CODE (defauH value= 4612) ENTER the digit 1 (Installer mode 1 = Keypad programming)
The SYSTEM programming mode can be entered WHILE DISARMED ONLY as follows:
PROGRAM MODE = READY LED: Upn entering the installer keypad programming mode the READY LED will slowly pulse, and will continue to pulse u~l leaving this mode.
QUESTIONNUMBERS= ZONE LEDS: As previously stated there are 42 total questions, each of which contains mutiple data entry Iocatbns. Zone LEDS 1 through 6 display the wrrent QUESTION NUMBER (not the sDacific location within each auesfbn) aa


XL4612RM +s


In the tiagram shown the question number is obtained by ADDING the values of all LEDS that are ON. TMa appfies to bath the metal and plastic versions of the keypad.

FBII LIMITED WARWNTY Fire Burgla~ InstrumentsInc., a Subsidiay of Pitiay Corporation,and PiWay Corporationits divisions,subsidiaries,and sfihates ~Sellefl), 149 fileen Way, Syosset,NewYork 11791,warrantsits pmdutis to be in wnforman= with its own planaand spedfi~tions and
to be free from defeds in materials and workmanship under normal uae and sewim for five years from the date stamp mntrol on the product, or for products not having a date stamp, for Welve months from the date of original purchase unless the installation instructions or -talog sets forth a shorter petiod, in which mse the shorter petiod shall apply. Selle?s obhgation shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, free of charge for matetials or labor, any pati which is proved not in compliance with Sellets spetificefions or proves defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and sewice. Seller shall have no ob~gation under this Limited Wamanfy or othe~iae if the product is altered or improperly repaired or aewicad by anyone other than Seller, For warran~ sewice, return transpotiation prepaid, to Fado~ Sewice, 149 Eileen Way, Syosset, New York 11791. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSEO OR IMPLIEO, OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICUMR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE, MICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. IN NO CASE SHALL SELLER BE LIABLE TO ANYONE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF THIS OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR UPON ANY OTHER BASIS OF LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, EVEN THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY ITS 0~ NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT. Seller does not represent that the produtia it sells may not be wmpromised or circumvented; that the produds will prevent any personal injury or prope~ loss by burglay, robbeV, fire or othewise or that the products will in all ceses provide adequate warning or protetion, Customer understands that a properly installed and maintained alarm system may only reduce the tisk of a burglary, robbe~, or fire without warning, but it is not insurance or a guarantee that such will not o~ur or that there will be no personal injury or prope~ loss as a result, CONSEQUENTLY, SELLER SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR OTHER LOSS BASEO ON A CLAIM THE PRODUCT FAILEO TO GIVE ANY WARNING. HOWVER, IF SELLER IS HELD LIABLE, WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING UNOERTHIS LIMITEO WARRANVOR OTHERWISE, REGARD LESS OF CAUSE OR ORIGIN, SELLERS MAXIMUM LIABILITY SHALL NOT IN ANY CASE EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT, WHICH SHALL BE THE COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AGAINST SELLER. This warranty replams any previous warranties and ia the only warranty made by Seller on this product. No increase or alteration, writien or verbal, of the obhgafions of this Limited Warranty is authorized.


Technical specifications

Full description

REPLACES FB-SD30012 Zone Control/CommunicatorThe XL31 control panel delivers outstanding performance and value. With 12 fully-programmable wired zones and a powerful built-in, two-channel siren driver, the XL31 minimizes installation time and system wiring. This powerful, feature-rich panel also features four programmable trigger outputs and 30 user codes. Ideal for mid-size installations, the XL31 sets a new standard for panels in its class. Features:With features like phone line monitoring, four programmable trigger outputs and a built-in siren driver, the XL31 saves time and money on every installation.



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