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Focal Polyglass SubwoofersFocal 27 V2 - 11" Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer
Since the very beginning of the brand, Polyglass has symbolized the very heart of the Focal line-up. The Polyglass cone, fully exploits the remarkable properties of glass. The uniform deposit of hollow glass microballs over the while of a cellulose pulp cone greatly increases its rigidity without adding significant weight.

Brand: FOCAL
Part Numbers: 27 V2, 27V2
UPC: 3544055751267
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sancho 11:41am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
Focal 165W: I have the Big Brother of these speakers, the K2 powers. These things are crazy.
tpassage 6:52pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
You may be an audiophile, after all For now, just ignore the price. You owe it to your ears to audition these speakers.
cityguy 11:28am on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 
Oh My God!!!!! If you want perfection then these deliver. I am running the Focal K3P with a Audison 2.400 at 250rms, talk about rocking.
CÚdric 10:27pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
Just wanted to correct the review posted by frankwhite. The 165W is the big brother to the 165K2 Power. Focal 165 K2 : I had these installed in my Scion XB (da boom box) and they are amazing speakers. No matter how loud, they sound perfect.
abec 3:34am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
Great speakers for the price These speakers were easy to install and have a great sound. You may be an audiophile, after all For now, just ignore the price. You owe it to your ears to audition these speakers.

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U s e r Manual

Franais page 9
This product has been designed using the very latest technologies available; to ensure the quality performance is to a very high standard. To gain the best results from your subwoofer, please ensure you follow these recommendations. If not followed correctly any fault observed, may not be covered by the guarantee. Cables For optimum performance the use of OFC cable (Oxygen Free Cable), to a sufficient thickness (2.5mm) is highly recommended. This is particularly important in the case of long cable lengths being used in the installation. We recommend the use of Focal cables FC500 or FC700. Check with your local Focal dealer for further advice. Connecting up Always check the polarity to the subwoofer, and that of the other speakers used in your installation. The polarity is important to ensure the phase characteristics remain correct, otherwise a "loss" of performance can result. The spring action input terminals are clearly marked red spot = positive (+) and black spot = negative (-). The 21 V2 uses a single coil; thus, there is one set of input terminals. For the 27 V2, 33 V2 and 40 V2, these all use a double coil system, thus have 2 x 2 input terminals incorporated. These subwoofers can be mounted in the traditional sense with the membrane on view externally, or inverted mounting with the motor unit and its chrome back plate on display. Inverted mounting helps increasing the volume for the given space available. When choosing inverted mounting the phase must be inverted (thus swap the positive / to negative connections) so that the polarity is correctly observed. Multi-subwoofer installations To obtain a more powerful acoustic presence, we recommend the introduction of multiple subwoofers for your chosen installation. Using multiple subwoofers, various series or parallel or combinations of both can be used, but always check the specifications of the power source (amplifier) before attempting any installation. It is worth remembering if low impedance of 2 or even 1 ohm is chosen an amplifier of high quality should always be used for such installation.


Focal is a trademark of Focal-JMlab - BP 374 - 108, rue de l'Avenir - 42353 La Talaudire cedex - France - Tel. (+33) 00 - Fax (+33) 04 -
Due to constant technological advances, Focal reserves its right to modify specifications without notice. Images may not conform exactly to specific product.
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 1

16/04/07 15:25:57

Connections in parallel Normally the terminal positive (+) on the subwoofer will be connected to the equally marked positive (+) on the amplifier, and the terminal negative (-) on the subwoofer to the equally marked negative (-) on the amplifier. Only on an inverted subwoofer installation is it normally necessary to invert the connections (-) and (+). Calculation of the impedance is (Z), for the given impedance value nominal (R), is 4 ohms. 2 subwoofers : 1/Z = 1/R1 + 1/R2 1/Z = 1/4 + 1/4 Z= 2 3 subwoofers : 1/Z = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 Z = 1,33 Connections in series Using multiples of subwoofers for such comprehensive installations, it is sometimes better to connect them together in a series circuit. Using a low impedance load to the amplifier effectively ensures it will work less hard. For connecting the subwoofers, they are effectively looped together in any series circuit. Thus the positive (+) of 1st subwoofer will be connected to the positive (+) of the amplifier. The negative (-) of the 1st subwoofer will be connected to the positive (+) of the 2nd subwoofer. Then depending on how many subwoofers are to be included this looping will continue, until the last (in this basic case the 2nd subwoofer), will have its negative (-) connected to the negative (-) of the amplifier. Calculation of the impedance is (Z), for the given impedance value nominal (R), is 4 ohms. 2 subwoofers : Z = R1 +R2 Z=4+4 Z=8 Connections series and parallel, combined Depending on your installation amplifier(s), subwoofer(s), various combinations of series and parallel circuits can be used. The real advantage of doing this is to have a system with available power, but at the same time to ensure the system impedance load is optimum for the amplifier(s) used.
Connection diagrams for the 21 V2
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 2

16/04/07 15:25:58

Examples and configurations for various multiples of subwoofers:
2 subwoofers 21 V2 in parallel. Z = 2
3 subwoofers 21 V2 in parallel. Z = 1,33
2 subwoofers 21 V2 in series. Z = 8
4 subwoofers 21 V2 in series / parallel. Z = 4

Connection diagrams for the 27 V2, 33 V2 and 40 V2 Four examples :
Connect in parallel the 2 voice coils Z = 2 Z=4
Connect in series the 2 voice coils Z = 8 Z=4
Z=4 Connection using 2 ampliers (mono)
Z=4 Connection using 1 amplier (stereo)
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 3
2 subwoofers 33 V2 both in parallel. Z = 1
2 subwoofers connected in series / parallel. Z = 4
3 subwoofers 33 V2 connected in series / parallel. Z = 2,66
Adjustment of low cut off frequency The cut off frequency of a subwoofer is normally in the region of 60 to 100Hz. This is always dependent on the particular installation and listening position. A frequency of 80Hz is a good compromise for effective bass compared to listening quality. Installing the subwoofer into an enclosure The new Polyglass subwoofers have been designed to work in sealed box enclosures. This system of charge, (easy and convenient for most installations), allows the user to experience a more dynamic extreme bass (12 dB/oct), with the added bonus of easier integration into the rest of the system. See pages 6, 7 and 8 regarding our proposals for the various volumes available per subwoofer. Building an enclosure The construction should always remain strong and rigid, to eliminate any unwanted resonances. A good material such as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) will effectively ensure this is possible. Choosing the correct thickness of MDF compared to the surface area decided, is also critical to ensure the enclosure does not vibrate. For this reason the general thickness recommended is 19mm MDF. Any loose components such as the internal connections and cables should always be fixed securely inside. Damping material (foam etc) covering all the internal walls of the enclosure, will further ensure it is free from unwanted resonances. It is imperative that your custom designed subwoofer enclosure remains securely mounted at all times to the vehicle.
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 4

Internal volume A

with sides of 19mm thickness (6/8") in medite
12 L 15 L 20 L 30 L 40 L 50 L 60 L 80 L 0,42 cu. ft. 0,53 cu. ft. 0,71 cu. ft. 1,06 cu. ft. 1,41 cu. ft. 1,77 cu. ft. 2,12 cu. ft. 2,83 cu. ft. 101/4 " 260 101/4 " 260 133/8 " 340 71/16 " " " 280 143/16 " 1/16 " 180 113/4 " 300 113/4 " 300 161/8 " 410 77/16 " 190 149/16 " 370 149/16 " 370 1415/16 " 5/16 " 237 149/16 " 370 149/16 " 370 191/4 " 5/16 " 237 149/16 " 370 149/16 " 370 2313/16 " 5/16 " 237 153/4 " 400 153/4 " 400 285/16 " 720 611/16 " 170 1711/16 " 450 1711/16 " 450 2811/16 " 730 77/16 " 190

External sizes in inches and millimetres
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 5
Calculating the internal volume "Free air" installation The 40 V2 has also been designed to work in "free air" installations, for example into the rear parcel shelf. With this type of acoustic charge the subwoofer can work to an optimum level without a huge loss in performance. For such installations it is important to observe these following rules: If mounted into the rear parcel shelf it must be strong enough to support such a heavy mass of subwoofer. Thus for this reason it is quite likely that the parcel shelf may have to be reinforced with wooden bracing. Alternatively a custom designed rear parcel shelf made from thick MDF, can be designed to replace the existing one. If a weak shelf is used, the acoustic performance of the subwoofer will be dramatically reduced. A weak shelf that emits loud vibrations can in effect create an acoustic short circuit. Recommended power ratings Polyglass subwoofers are already highly efficient, with improved sensitivity. Therefore, their use with amplifiers will produce comfortable listening pleasure. However used in a more high-end system, with more powerful amplification, the audio quality will be greatly improved. It is very important to check that rated power of the amplifier is suitable to the subwoofers. Otherwise they may distort, or possible damage could occur. Always consult the owners manual of the principal source (head unit/amplifier), to ensure the power rating is compatible. A safe guide is to ensure the maximum power of the amplifier is not greater than the nominal power of the speakers. Warning! The improved power handling has allowed Focal subwoofers to play at very loud sound volumes. For this reason, we recommend caution be wisely applied, especially during long listening periods. Excessive volume levels of more than 110dB can cause permanent hearing damage.

16/04/07 15:25:59

Guarantee In the unlikely event of any problem, please contact your Focal Audiomobile retailer. Outside France, all Focal speakers are covered by the guarantee drawn up by the official Focal distributor in your country. Your distributor can provide all details concerning the conditions of the guarantee. Guarantee cover extends to the minimum legal period, provided in the country where the original purchase invoice was issued. Technical characteristics
Cone Sd Xmax Fs Qes Qms Qts Vas Res Mms Bl Re Parameters
Type Impedance Maximum power handling Nominal power handling Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) Fitting diameter Mounting depth 15.5cm 6-1/8" 188.69cm2 29.25in2 9mm 3/8" 36.5Hz 0.86 3.28 0.68 15.27 liters 0.54 cu.ft. 13.41 ohms 62.12g 2.1912oz 7.64N/A 3.5 ohms

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Votre Produit Focal :

Modle : Nom du revendeur : Date de lachat : N de srie : Ville : Prix de lachat :
Avez-vous confi linstallation du produit votre revendeur ? Si non, pourquoi :
Ces informations sont necessaires notre socit pour traiter votre demande. Elles sont enregistres dans notre fichier de clients et peuvent donner lieu lexercice du droit daccs et de rectification auprs de notre service clientele (00). Si vous ne souhaitez pas que vos donnes soient utilises par nos partenaires des fins de prospection, veuillez cocher la case ci-contre. Si vous ne souhaitez pas recevoir des propositions commerciales de nos partenaires par voie lectronique, merci de cocher la case ci-contre. Vous tes susceptibles de recevoir des offers commerciales de notre socit pour des produits analogues ceux que vous avez achets. Si vous ne le souhaitez pas, cochez la case ci-contre. Nous garantissons la confidentialit de ces informations.
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 17
notice sub polyglass 2.indd 18

16/04/07 15:26:02

For the validation of the Focal guarantee, send back this sheet within 10 days to the following address:
Focal- JMlab - BP 374 - 108, rue de lAvenir - 42353 La Talaudire cedex - FRANCE About yourself:
Your name: Your full address: Your e-mail address: Your age: Your job:

Your hobbies:

At home, do you own Hi-Fi loudspeakers? If yes, specify the brand: Do you read the press? If yes, which magazine(s)?

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- No - No
Your audio/video equipment (brands and models) before the acquisition of Focal products:
CD player/tuner: Navigation system: Speakers: Other elements: Multimedia player: Amplifier: Enclosure/subwoofer:
Your choice for the purchase of this Focal model was made according to:
- Dealers advice - Visiting an exhibition/a show - Sound quality/listening room - Reliability/manufacturing quality - Design/Finish - Article in the press (if yes, specify the title of the


- Friends or familys advice - Quality-price ratio - Already own Focal products - Catalogues - French product - Other :

Your Focal product:

Model: Dealers name: Date of your purchase: Serial number: City: Price of your purchase:
Did you leave the product installation to your dealers care? If not, why?
This information is necessary to our company to deal with your request. It is registered in our customer file and can give you the right to have access to and correct the information that concerns you through our customer service (+435 700). If you do not wish to have your data used by our partners on commercial purpose, tick this box. If you do not wish to receive commercial propositions from our partners by e-mail, please tick this box. You may receive commercial offers from our company for products similar to those you have bought. If you do not wish to, tick that box. The information given on this page will remain confidential.



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