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SCENIC C620 Green PC Ultra Small Form Factor PC

May 2005

The SCENIC C620 is built with specially selected material to minimize impact on the environment. Development, production, transportation and recycling are optimized to the aspect of environmental sustainability and aligned to strong internal environmental directives. Dont be fooled from the size of the SCENIC C620. Although its a small system it presents latest chipset and processor technologies and offers Multibay functionality like a notebook. Make profit from the small form factor design because you need less space. This will lower your office rental costs. Working with the SCENIC C620 is stress-free. It is small, ergonomic, silent and reliable. It is easy to administrate and secure. In short, this highly reliable premium PC is particularly tailor-made to your business demands. Tailor-made Fully configurable: processor, memory, drives, add on cards Your individual choice of hardware, software and design Reliability Virtual multi-processing with Hyper-Threading technology Best-in-class manufacturing winning the Industrial Intelligence Award 2003 and the Ken Sharma Award 2002 High quality and function stability made in Germany through own development and manufacturing Short reaction and transportation time Stable system with smooth combination of mainboard and cabinet Your choice of supply concept for in-time and tailored delivery: value4you, made4you Warranty, service and spare part supply according to your needs Manageability Easy and remote administration with DeskView client management ManageIT: software suites with best integration into your IT environment optionally available Security Easy and secure access and data protection for your business intelligence SecureIT: software suite with best integration into your IT environment Trusted platform module (TPM) provides more secure applications and makes transaction trust worthy(option) Ergonomics Product and manufacturing concept to minimize the impact on the environment Reduce downtime with service-friendly cabinet and easy component access Stress-free working and silent operation due to low sound level Enhance productivity with EasyChange and EasyFix: tool less access to hard disk drive, card Enhanced flexibility with FlexySlot: Low profile and standard PCI card useable in flexible extension slot Excellent resolution and video quality with on board graphic Convenient front access to USB and audio Internal speaker to play audio files Blue Angel certification due to low energy consumption and recyclability Flexible usage as tower or desktop to your convenience
Data Sheet Issue: May 2005 SCENIC C620 Green PC

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Unique SCENIC features
Reliability Wide range power supply Power supply monitoring System monitoring Manageabilty Desktop management local and remote support with DeskView Disaster recovery with Recover Pro as option Thermal management (temperature-regulated) Intrusion detection switch as option Alert on LAN with heartbeat Security Integrated cabinet lock in front panel as option External SmartCard reader / writer as option Internal SmartCard reader / writer as option (PowerOn) System Lock incl. hard disk password support Alert on LAN with heartbeat F-Secure virus scanner with one-year upgradeability for signature files Convenience / Ergonomics On / off via appropriate keyboard USB / Audio connectors in front panel Internal speaker to play audio files SafeStandby: In Save to RAM mode, data is additionally stored on hard disk; no data loss in case of power loss Serviceability EasyChange: Tool less access to hard disk drive EasyFix: Tool less access and fixing of add-on card FlexySlot: Low profile and standard PCI card useable in flexible extension slot Tailor-made Made4you customizing using standard manufacturing and logistics processes
Environmentally conscious development including product concept, design, material and manufacturing

Development Construction guidelines (FSC 03230) for products in respect to environmental sustainability Production Special solder technology o Soldering in N2 atmosphere o Water based flux Reduced water consumption: o No washing of board after soldering o Washing of production equipment in a closed loop Production certified to ISO14001 the international standard for environmental management systems Material Lead free printed circuit board (PCB) and soldering process for mainboard, risercard and power supply Reduction of lead content per mainboard from 12 g to less than approx. 3 g for components and chipsets Reduction of halogens for PCBs (mainboard, riser) (reduction of chlorides and bromine content from 12 % to under 0.15 % corresponding to global standard JPCAES-OA-1999) Halogen free cabinet plastic parts Halogen free plastic form parts Cr6 free cabinet Ergonomics Low sound level fulfilling Blue Angel requirements Silent system due to fan regulation with thermal management Silent systems with fan speed control (patented) Power saving with ACPI and IA-PC (Instantly available PC) Transportation Bulk delivery, reusable transport packaging and recycling of packaging avoids waste Bulk packaging of PC for Large Accounts (no single packaging per system) Retraction of transport packaging Recycling Returned old systems are recycled properly: For detailed information about recycling please have a look at:

Software Suites

Manage IT Suite Migration Increase efficiency of software and operating system deployment, manage software patches and migrate user settings with Altiris software solutions Manage IT Suite Controlling Enhance your multivendor hard- and software inventory, manage the use of application software licenses effectively and support your end user remotely with software solutions from Altiris
1) SmartCard reader / writer mandatory 2) Uses native support from Microsoft Windows operating systems
SecureIT Suite SmartCard SICRYPT SMARTY: Windows access protection with SmartCard SmartCase: Simple and secure password storage, file encryption for data protection 2) E-Mail encryption with SmartCard SystemLock with SmartCard: Pre-boot access protection

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Operating Systems / Software Microsoft Windows XP Professional Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Office 2003 SBE Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Drivers and Utility CD (DUCD) ManageIT Suites SecureIT Suite Desktop Management DeskView F-Secure virus scanner
Graphics processor preinstalled preinstalled for special languages for special languages included optional optional on DUCD on DUCD
on board with shared memory up to 128 MB depending on chipset and driver
Graphics subsystem DVI extension adapter via Risercard as option Recommended refresh rates (Hz) color depth up to 32 Bit /pixel
Resolution 800 x x x x1024 1600x1200 915GV 85
Fujitsu Siemens Computers recommends Microsoft Windows XP Professional for business. Mainboard D1944 with Microprocessor (GHz)
Processor Socket Chipset System memory (GB) DIMM slots Flash EPROM System management Interfaces 2 x serial (9-pin, 16-byte FIFO, 16550-compatible) 1 x parallel (25-pin, with EPP and ECP) 1 x keyboard (PS/2), 1 x mouse (PS/2) 1 x monitor (15-pin, VGA) 1 x micro (mono) in front, 1 x headphone in front 1 x line out (stereo, 1 W) rear 1 x micro (mono) rear 1 x line in (stereo) rear 1 x LAN RJ-x Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0, in total) 4 of them rear, 1 of them internal, 3 of them in front I/O controller Fast IDE / Ultra DMA-100 busmaster capability for 1 x 2 drives, Serial ATA for 2 drives LAN Broadcom BCM5751 on board (10/100/1000 MB/s), Wakeon-LAN, ASF 2.0 with PXE BootP bootcode flashable from DUCD as option WLAN 802.11b/g as option (intern USB) Audio on board AC97/AD1986
Intel Celeron D up to 346 Intel Pentium 4 up to 551 Intel Pentium 4 up to 640 LGA775 Intel 915GV Express up to 43), DDR 4001) 4 BIOS update by software ASIC on board
Floppy disk drive Hard disk drive
no optional, Serial ATA, max. height 20mm 2) Formatted capacity 40 GB (7200 rpm) DVD / CD drive optional slim 8/24-speed ATAPI DVD-ROM slim 24/10/24/8-speed ATAPI CD-RW / DVD-ROM Multibay optional slim (from Feb.05) DVD + - R / + - RW, dual layer Combo CD RW / DVD Slots 1 x PCI (174 mm) as option Drive bays 2 external 1 x 5.25-inch slimline internal 1 x 3.5-inch Electrical values Rated voltage 100 - 240 V Rated frequency 50 - 60 Hz Max. output of power supply 240 W Power consumption for standard configurations Peak (running application, CD in use) 171W Average (running OS, Idle mode) 75W Minimum (ACPI status S5, soft-off) 2,4W

1) for dual channel performance, a minimum of 2 memory modules have to be ordered. Capacity per channel has to be the same 2) 1 Gbyte equals one billion bytes, when referring to hard disk drive capacity; accessible capacity may vary, also depending on used software and tools 3) 4GB address space thereof, max. 3,0 GB DDR 400 usable for physical main memory
Intel Processor feature set reference table Intel Celeron Processor D330 D335 Intel Pentium 4 Processor Socket LGA 775 LGA 775 Clock Speed (GHz) 2.66 2.8 Front side Bus (MHz) L2 Cache (KB) HT EIST EM64T XD x x
LGA 775 LGA 775 LGA 775 LGA 775 LGA 775 LGA 775
3.40 3.20 3.00 2.80 3.00 3.20

800 800

2048 2048

x x x x X x


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Temperature / noise / dimensions / weight Ambient temperature 15C - 35C (IEC 721) A weighted sound power level LWAd / Workplace related Aweighted sound pressure level LpAm (bystander positions) (ISO9296), (for standard configuration) LWAd in B / LpAm in dB (Idle mode) 3.9/25 LWAd in B / LpAm in dB (Operation, HDD) 4.5/31 Dimensions (H x W x D) 87 x 292 x 325 mm Weight 7 kg (dep.on config.) Product safety / EMC / Environment approvals: CE certification according to EU Directives 89/336/EEC (EMC) and 73/23/EEC (Product safety) Ergonomics ISO9241 (GS mark) Compliance with standards Product safety IEC60950, EN60950, UL 60950, CSA22.2, No.60950 Electromagn. compatibility EN55022/B, EN55024 EN61000-3-2/3, FCC class B Environmental compatibility Energy Star Desktop management DeskView management software on CD, configuration data, monitoring of all main functions, integration in management software over DMI 2.0 and SNMP
Security functions Security functions implemented in the cabinet: Mechanical case lock as option Intrusion detection as option Prepared for Kensington lock for access and theft protection Eye for padlock for access and theft protection Seal option Access protection via SmartCard reader as option Security function implemented in the BIOS: Boot protection with SmartCard optional Write protect option for the Flash EPROM Passwords for system, setup and hard disk drive Enable / disable interfaces incl. USB Boot and write protection for floppy disk and CD drive Virus protection in BIOS Compatibility (references) Microsoft operating systems (HCT / HCL entry) DMI 2.0, WMI 1.5, USB 2.0 Drivers for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems can be found on DUCD are downloadable from
Memory module configuration Intel 915 chipset (Example) Channel MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 512 MB 256 MB 512 MB 256 MB Channel 2 Dual Channel X X -Total Capacity 512 MB 1024 MB 1024 MB

All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design as well as rights of technical modifications are reserved. Delivery subject to availability. Designations may be trademarks, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may violate the rights of the trademark owners. Copyright Fujitsu Siemens Computers, 05/2005
Published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers

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