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scrouet 10:22pm on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
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beanbag 4:54pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
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Coopa 12:36am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
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ricardo_ok 3:13pm on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 
This laptop is very well made. It has a battery life of about 7 hours under normal use. Fantastic battery life - easily hits 7 hours under normal usage.
prashvan786 9:16pm on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
The product is good that was why i bought it Fast, Powerful, Quality Display, Lightweight, Long Battery Life, Quiet, Comfortable Keyboard
blzastro 3:08am on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
My whole life I was a PC user. I never had many complaints. Then a few months ago I had to start using the MacBook Pro for work. I love it.
hegong121 1:44am on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
There is no comparison with the PC/Windows and a MacPro they are different in many respects, and perhaps similar with some. The Mac is fast.
Olhsson 4:18am on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
Overall this is one of the better laptops I h...  The screen brightness, lit keyboard, trackpad. There is no comparison with the PC/Windows and a MacPro they are different in many respects, and perhaps similar with some. The Mac is fast.
Boswellian 6:28am on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 
"If you are buying this for just e-mail and internet it is not the best machine for you. using it for the added graphics for video editing, gaming.
wordsmith101 9:43am on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
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OPTIMISE THE FISHERY CH-18 and CH-28 are compact but efficient sonars suitable for small and medium size vessels engaged in professional fishery. The sonars will provide the skipper with exact details about sub sea conditions. They are efficient tools to detect and present the bottom condition and to differentiate between sand bottom and stone ridges. The sonars will also display other obstacles on the bottom like wrecks and large rocks. Due to the high frequency - 180 kc - the sonar is especially suitable for detecting fish without a bladder like mackerel and sand eel.
This series of compact sonars consist of a 6 hull unit and either an 8 (CH-18) or 10 (CH-28 colour display. Both displays will show sub sea conditions in 8 colours depending on echo strength. Both sonars have an equal amount of functions but skippers due to a larger display often choose CH-28.
THE SYSTEM CONSISTS OF. CH-28 is easy to install and takes a minimum of space. The standard equipment consists of only four units as follows: a compact display, a hull unit a loudspeaker and an inclinometer MS-100. MS-100 is an electronically stabiliser (a sensor) which compensates for the vessels movement in the sea (pitch and roll). It will always attempt to keep the transducer in the chosen angle to the surface, thus enabling a stable and reliable picture.
An optional 15, 20 or 30 meter ready made signal cable between the display and the hull unit may be chosen. An optional remote control CH-143 with 5-meter cable is also available. CH-143 allows all major functions to be remotely controlled enabling full armchair control of the sonar. The external loudspeaker enables the fisherman to listen to the fish echoes. This feature is especially effective to differ between different echoes like echoes from bottom and echoes from fish.
DIFFERENT MODES Three different modes may be selected in CH-28. The normal sonar picture is useful during search operations, whilst sonar and historic presentation enables the skipper to evaluate the development over some time. Echo sounder presentation is an added feature, which allows the skipper to view the situation directly under the vessel. In echo sounder mode the transducer automatically tilts to 90.




The historical presentation shows the last four sweep (4x360pictures) and may be used to detect weak echoes or to show the difference in bottom contours. HORIZONTAL SCANNING. The sonar usually scan in a clockwise direction, but the skipper may reverse the scan direction anytime he wish so. This is useful when detecting an interesting echo that should be further evaluated. A full 360 scanning sector or a limited sector may be chosen.

Full sector

120 sector
TILT BETWEEN +5 and -90. Once a fish school has been detected it is very important to adjust the tilt angle for optimum detection. CH-28 has a possibility to tilt between 5 above the horizon to 90 below.

When getting closer to the interesting subject the transducer angle is lowered in order to keep the echo within the loop. At very close range the echo may disappear due to bottom reflections.
EFFECTIVE FILTERS. CH-28 is equipped with effective noise and interference filters and for removing interfering echoes. A TVG function effectively compensates for sea surface reflections. When operating on shallow waters the output power may be reduced in two steps to 1/10 or 1/100 of full power.
DISCOVER STONE RIDGES. The CH-28 series is especially effective for fishery close to stone ridges and cliffs on the bottom. Rocks and stones will be displayed in strong red or rd brown colours whilst sand bottom will be painted in weak colours like yellow and green, and often not displayed at all.
OFF-CENTRING. When fishing close to wrecks and stone ridges it is essential to get a closer look at the echoes. This may be done with the off-centring feature. When off centring the picture a better scale may be chosen, and a closer observation may be done of the interesting echoes.
Detecting stone ridges The picture may be off-centred in 7 different positions - see below figures.

Starboard view

Front view

Possible positions

Port view
ECHO SOUNDER MODE: CH-28 is much more than just a good sonar. It is also an effective echo sounder with 11 different depth ranges from 10 to 600 meters. The selection of echo sounder mode is easily done - simply push the On/Off button. When selecting sounder mode the transducer automatically puts itself in a vertical position. Then a highresolution sounder picture is obtained due to the high frequency and the effective transducer element.
ALARMS. The sounder even offers a built in alarm function, which is adjustable in depth, by using the VRM buttons.
The alarm may be used to warn about shallow waters or to alert about interesting fish echoes. The alarm sound is adjustable by using the VOL. button.
COMPACT DIMENSIONS. The sonar may be installed in even the smallest vessel, take a look at the compact dimensions: CH-28 display unit.

Remote control with cable.

Hull unit and motor.


Jeff Kauzlaric, Furuno Advertising & Communications Dept. Phone: (360) 834-9300 Fax: (360) 834-9400 Email:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FURUNO INTRODUCES ITS SMALLEST SEARCHLIGHT SONAR THE CH-270 MULTI-FUNCTION, COLOR LCD SEARCHLIGHT SONAR Furuno is proud to introduce the new CH-270 Searchlight Sonar, a true Sonar built specifically for sport fishing and motor yacht navigation on vessels as small as 28 feet. Whether you need a sonar to help you win the tuna and billfish tournaments or to safely navigate the underwater abyss with its forward looking search ability, the CH-270 fits the bill. This revolutionary, high-performance sonar with a 10.4-inch color LCD lets the operator choose from eight operational modes including, sector or full circle scan, vertical scan, a combination display of full circle and vertical scan, historical or video plotter. Theres even a mode that makes the CH-270 act just like a vertical sounder. By setting the tilt on the soundome to 90 degrees, it will show fish schools and seabed conditions directly under the boat. In addition to its versatile display modes, the CH-270 also displays vessel position, heading, cursor Lat/Lon, vessel's track line and water currents when interfaced with appropriate sensors. It also allows you to either manually or automatically track targets, such as fish schools, within a predetermined search zone or by Lat/Lon position. The CH-270 also has Furunos own TLL (Target Lat/Lon) function, which allows you to select a fish or seabed target as a handy navigation waypoint! Fish and underwater targets are displayed in eight or 16 colors, including white, on a high-resolution color TFT LCD display. The CH-70 has user-selectable background colors to adjust for every lighting condition, from pitch-black to full sunlight. For those who prefer to specify their own display, the CH-270BB allows you to choose what type and size of display to connect to the unit. It doesnt matter if it is a CRT or a flat panel LCD, as long as it is a non-interlaced, VGA (640 x 480) or higher monitor. The intuitive, easy to use control panel includes one-touch selection of sonar display modes with user programmable custom mode keys.

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Page 2 Furunos CH-270 Color LCD Searchlight Sonar
When operating the CH-270 in Full-circle mode, it offers 15 range scales from 40 to 2,500 feet (10 to 500 fathoms.) The Vertical Fan Scan mode, also offers 15 range scales from 30 to 2,000 feet (10 to 400 fathoms.) Because of the slim design of the LCD display and control panel, the unit needs less space on your bridge than its CRT counterparts. The CH-270BB Black Box version allows for shared monitor utilization of other Black Box products with a standard PC monitor switching system. Which means you can use one monitor for several different Furuno Black Box products. Furunos CH-270 and CH-270BB features a small 147 mm (6) hull tube and operates on a 180 kHz frequency. The 147 mm hull tube makes retrofitting existing Furuno CH-18 or CH-28 sonars with the CH-270 easy. This low-profile hull unit requires only a limited space for installation. For more information on the new Furuno CH-270 Color LCD Searchlight Sonar or any product in Furunos full line of marine electronics, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Dept. P, Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300. Fax: (360) 834-9400. Online boaters can also check out Furuno U.S.A.s Web site (



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