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ginna 3:44am on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
I work at a high school where we recently bou...  this netbook is overclocked at 1.99 GHZ which for something this small is pretty good.
khb 1:20pm on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 
I plan to upgrade from 1GB to 2GB along with a 32GB SSD drive (from Newegg.) I plan to use this for remove office access. Although XP home is nice.
Sastrei 1:24am on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 
I love my mini, and if I was traveling I woul...  Loaded with all what is needed for on an on the go person 3 hours on the battery. I like it because it is compact and light  in-built bebcam and clear big screen and best of all, it fulfills my needs. Keyboard not back-lite.
thsis 6:12am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
I strongly suggest buying this netbook. Altho...  great appearance and performance. New to the netbook world and accustomed to macs.
sannear 6:22am on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
Hp Mini 2140 Create a different appearance from the labtop this keyboard is made of aluminum material which makes the appearance that seemed expensiv...
mod_wastrel 8:36pm on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 
Works like a charm on every other part. Worked the first time it was setup. sends and receives faxes well.
tony r 3:49am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
worst supplier i have ever seen is TigerDirect!! there are alot of thigs i want to say but im fed up with talking about TigerDirect ...
ccooll00 3:32am on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
I like the most from HpMini2140 is a great keyboard for the size of a netbook, you will not find on any other netbook brands.
fsb 2:16am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
Quality Build and Performance Purchased the HP 2140 one week ago after extensively reviewing it against earlier HP models and competition (also.
David77 12:31am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
Frickn great netbook This is an absolutely great netbook, looks great, very comfy keyboard, loud speakers, beautiful LED bright glass screen.

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CH-1092 Belmont, Switzerland Tel +728-6156, Fax 728-6157 Email,
RADIR RC radio to IR converter.
Radir is a board that converts the PPM signal of a radio transmitter into a powerfull IR stream. The PPM signal is usually available on the traniee's plug (also named "buddy socket"). The power, 8 to 12V, 0.3A is taken from the same plug. For a better understanding of RC radios, see ). The problem is that the trainee's plug are not well documented, and one need a scope to do some reverse engineering. With a scope, one can find the required signals in any radio. Flight simulator developers have a similar problem: connecting your radio to the parallel plug of a PC, so you can fly their simulated planes with your radio. Most of the detailed information of the appendix has been found this way. If your radio is not listed, search a simulator for it."Buddy box" is the name of the adaptaing cable they discribe. Tanaka ( provides similar adapters and have some documentation. The shape of the PPM signal is given below. The level must be 0 to 0.5V for the zero level, 3 to 5V for the one level. The width of the pulses are not critical. Radir software adapts to positive or negative pulses. The space between pulses (positive edge) corresponds to the pulse duration sent to the servos. The processor modulater converts the PPM signal into sets of 20 pulses at 40 MHz. The PPM standards specify 1 to 2ms pulses. After measuring several radios, we noticed that even with the trim, the range was narrower. We hence convert below 1.1 ms space to 0% and above 1.9 ms 100% as 1 to 2ms IR pulses. 1.5 ms is 50%. This IR protocol is not the same as for TEDRA, and is not compatible with the MIR receivers. The new MIBxx receivers must be used. Simultanous usage of several IR transmitters is not possible in the same room.
The DIDEL Radir connector is an AMP-Micromatch 4-pin connector Pin1 (brown) Ground Pin 2 (red) Not connected Pin 3 (orange) Signal (0 to 5V) Pin 4 (yellow) Radio power supply (8.4 to 12 Volts)
The Radir four wire cable is either connected to adequate points inside the radio, or to the trainee's plug frequently provided. An oscilloscope is required to find where this signal is availabe, if the documentation is not complete enough. On some high grade computer radios, the HF part is a plug- in module, to be more easily compatible with the frequencies authorized in different countries. The signal can be picked up on that connector. The power supply should be at Volts to power the IR diodes. If the signal is higher than 5V, a resistor bridge is required to bring the voltage down to 3-5V, see the Graupner 4014 doc. An external battery can be used, as shown in the diagram. A Led blinks when in operation. The radio functionnality is not modified by the cable going to TedRa. It is recommended to remove the antenna when TedRa is connected to avoid disturbing some other radio users. 8 additional diodes can be soldered if required.
Radir is available as a kit easy to solder since there are no SMD components. Cost is only 40 CHF, about 32 USD The 8 additional diodes are sold for 10 CHF. The assembled and tested version costs 70 CHF.

Connection to radios

We rely on our customers to send us a picture and short description of their modifications, and we will add them to the list below. As mentionned before, flight simulators document several trainee's plug, but they do not say on which pin the power can be found (use a voltmeter). See for Futaba (FM), Conquest FM FG FM 4VF, 6VA, 6VH, 6DA 6YF, 6YG, 6XA, 6XAs 6XH, 6XHs 7U, 8U, 9Z Futaba (AM) FG Series, FP-T7FG FP-T6FG, FP-T5FG FP-T4FG, FP-T4FN FP-T5FN, FP-T6FN Futaba 9, 9C Cirrus (900 FM) Cirrus Four-XL, Six-XL For Cirrus 6, s Tower Hobbies System 3000 4FM, 6FM HITEC Focus 4, Focus 6,Laser 4, Laser 6, Flash 4, 4X, 5, 5X Prism 7, 7X,Eclipse 7 JR Quattro, F400 , F400EX, XF421EX, XF622, XF631, XP642, XP652, XP662, XP783, XP8103, 10 Series Airtronics Radiant RD6P, RD6H RD6000 Series Vangaurd Series VG4R, VG6DR, VG6H VG400, VG600 Sanwa VG400 MPX Picoline Digifleet, Omega See for Robbe Terra Luna Futaba Skysport Robbe 4-channel Robbe Starion Hitec Flash 5 Europe MPX sprint Graupner FM 314 FM-SS PROFESSIONAL 7/14 Fire Electronics microprop proportionally 4/6 Robbe Promars Futaba-F14

Graupner MC-15 JR FM6014 / PCM18 Didel had only several radios to analyze. Thanks to Urs Szymanski and J.C. Zufferey

Multiplex Europa Sprint

The Multiplex Europa sprint is easy to adapt, since a DIN 5 pin connector is provided on the top of the box.
The three signals for the TedRa can be taken from the DIN connector: DIN pin 3 toward Micromatch pin 1 (Gnd, brown wire) DIN pin 2 toward Micromatch pin 4 (Vbatt, yellow wire) DIN pin 4 toward Micromatch pin 3 (Signal, orange wire)

Multiplex Commander 2010

Robbe Starion
The Starion has a radio module on a separate bord. It is easy to remove that board and make a connector with a wire-wrap strip with the usual 2.54 mm pitch.

Robbe ProMars Rex

The Promars uses a radio module that can be easily removed. A connector can be inserted in place. We didnt got any signal on the radio we tested, so we cannot guarantee our documentation.

Hitec Focus6

The three signals for the TedRa can be taken from the 6-pin DIN connector: DIN pin 6 toward Micromatch pin 1 (Gnd, brown wire) DIN pin 1 toward Micromatch pin 4 (Vbatt, yellow wire) DIN pin 2 toward Micromatch pin 3 (Signal, orange wire)

Graupner 214

Graupner 4014
The output is 0-10V. A resistor bridge (two 5 to 10 kOhm resistors) is required.
Robert Throssel from UK ( has adapted Radir on his JR347. Ask him for details.

040928/jdn 041009us



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