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Games Microsoft Xbox Dead OR Alive 3Dead or Alive 3 [Xbox Game]

Developed by Team Ninja - Tecmo (2001) - 3D Fighting - Rated Teen

Since the initial arcade and PlayStation releases in 1996, Tecmo's Dead or Alive has developed into one of the three or four most important 3D fighting series in gaming. Exclusive to the Xbox at the time of its release, this third game in the series is designed to maintain and build upon that prominence. Familiar characters return and new fighters are introduced, all in unprecedented detail. The true-3D maneuvering and multi-level stages have been retained and enhanced to offer a familiar fe... Read more

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo
Release Date: November 9, 2001
Controls: Joystick/Gamepad
UPC: 018946010229
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manish 10:31pm on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
Ignore all the reviews complaining about how difficult the single player is, because this is a Tecmo/Team Ninja game.
jmrother 12:07pm on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 
Excellent graphics and gameplay mechanics. Varied character line-up with a dozen of modes to play in. Excellent graphics and gameplay mechanics. Varied character line-up with a dozen of modes to play in.
Spark 6:10am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
Excellent graphics and gameplay mechanics. Varied character line-up with a dozen of modes to play in. Well this game is darn near perfect..
oceanic 5:28am on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 
i thought this would be like tekken but i was wrong good graphics alot of stuff to do in the game quite alot of fun once you get used to the bad cont... The big problems are fixed because of the multiplayer which is what every fighter is meant for. I would give this a 3/5.
belliss 7:36pm on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
I would definitely love to have this game playable in an arcade cabinet ... hmmm ...

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0202 Part No. X08-61672 XZ
Safety Information About Photosensitive Seizures A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these photosensitive epileptic seizures while watching video games. These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptomschildren and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued.

Table of Contents

Using the Xbox Video Game System.2 Using the Xbox Controller.3 Prologue.4 Game Controls.5 Starting the Game.7 Basic Operations.9 Game Modes.12 Option Settings.16 Basic Battle Know-How.18 Characters.19 Warranty.37 Customer Support.37
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing. Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction Manual contains important health and safety information that you should read and understand before using this software. Avoid Damage to Your Television Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of game play may burn in to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television owners manual to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owners manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited.
Thank you for purchasing Dead or Alive 3 software for the Xbox Video Game System from Microsoft. In order to get the most out of the game, please read this game manual thoroughly before playing. The game screens used in this manual may differ from those of the actual game. Dead or Alive 3 supports Dolby Digital 5.1ch. Dolby Digital 5.1ch output requires a compatible system including speakers and either an Xbox Advanced AV Pack or an Xbox High Definition AV Pack, both of which are sold separately. Dead or Alive 3 supports the progressive display format (480p), which requires a compatible television and an Xbox High Definition AV Pack (sold separately).
Using the Xbox Video Game System
Using the Xbox Controller
1. Set up your Xbox video game system by following the instructions in the Xbox Instruction Manual. 2. Press the power button and the status indicator light will light up. 3. Press the eject button and the disc tray will open. 4. Place the Dead or Alive 3 disc on the disc tray with the label facing
up and close the disc tray. 5. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more information about playing Dead or Alive 3. Avoiding Damage to Discs or the Disc Drive To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive:
Insert only Xbox-compatible discs into the disc drive. Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-shaped discs. Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when not in use. Do not move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc is inserted. Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs.

1. Insert the Xbox Controller into any controller port on the front of the Xbox console. For multiple players, insert additional controllers into available controller ports. 2. Insert any expansion devices (for example, Xbox Memory Units) into controller expansion slots as appropriate. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more information about using the Xbox Controller to play Dead or Alive

Game Controls

This game is designed for use by one to four players. This section describes basic controller operations. Directional pad Controlling characters Menu selection, etc X button f Free (Hold and Guard) Y button Punch p
DEAD OR ALIVE3 is licensed only for non-commercial use. All of the audio and visual contents, including still images and streaming video (motion) images used in DEAD OR ALIVE3, are licensed only for non-commercial use.
Except as expressly authorized, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, distribute, exhibit or modify this software and any of its contents, including audio and visual contents. By way of example, to capture, copy or download any of the contents in this software, including audio and visual contents, onto any hardware or other software source media for any purpose, by the Internet or any other source, is strictly prohibited.
Reversed engineering, decompiling or disassembly of this software is also strictly prohibited.


Ryu Hayabusa, the Super Ninja, put a stop to the evil doings of Tengu
A button f+p Throw (evade throw) Confirm in the menu, then proceed to the next screen. B button k Kick Cancel in the menu and return to the previous screen. White button Punch + Kick p+k
Bankotsu-bo. But it was too late to stop the Tengu of Destruction from triggering a massive, worldwide collapse. The collapse churns up a dense cloud that covers the entire planet in a shroud of darkness and fear. DOATEC has gone astray, turning into the hunting grounds for power-hungry scam artists. This is when DOATECs Development Department - a fortress for state-of-theart military technology - witnesses the success of a genius. Following Project Alpha and Project Epsilon, the ever-ambitious Dr. Victor Donovan completes the Omega Project, producing a new superhuman. Genra. This man, who was once leader of the Hajin Mon Ninja, is no longer human. He - or It - is a force of singular and unprecedented capabilities.
Black button f+p+k Tag change (for use during Tag battle only) Right trigger Free + Kick f+k
START button Pause during game Confirm in the menu, then proceed to the next screen. BACK button Cancel in the menu and return to the previous screen.

A slaughterhouse has now been provided as the exclusive domain of the Omega superhuman. It is a realm that has come to be known as the World Combat Championship, "Dead or Alive 3."

Starting the Game

Game Mode Select Press the START button on the Title screen to display the Game Mode Select screen. Use the directional pad to select a mode and press the A button.
Character Select Use the directional pad to select a character, then press the A button. Next, use the directional pad to select the character's costume and press the A button.
Rules 1. Criteria for winning battles In battle, the conditions specified below are required for a set victory and the player that wins the predetermined number of sets wins the battle.

KO: Time Up:

Opponents health falls to 0. Your health is greater than your opponents at time up.
Game Reset You can perform a soft reset and return to the title screen by holding down the START and BACK buttons for three seconds. Operations shown in black letters are battle operations. f Represents the X button in the game. Likewise, p represents the Y button and k represents the B button. * To play with two or more players, you will need to purchase a controller (sold separately). * Use the Options mode (page 16) to switch the vibration function on and off. * The operation method shown uses the default button assignments. Use Controller Settings in Options mode to change settings. * Pressing the START button pauses the game.
2. Draws and sudden deaths A draw occurs when both parties have the same amount of health remaining at time up, or in the event of a double KO. In the event of a draw, both parties earn points for that set. If both parties reach the number of sets required for victory at the same time, a sudden-death match is held. If there is no clear winner even after sudden-death combat, the champion is declared the winner. 3. Continue Press the START button within the alloted time following Game Over to issue another challenge.

Battle Screen

Life gauge Set count

Basic Operations

This section explains the basic operations applicable to all characters. The following operations assume that the character is facing toward the right. Character Movements EEForward dash EeRun AABackward dash GGCrouching dash

Free Step (background) Free Step (background) Standing guard Crouching guard Free Step (foreground) Jump forward Move forward Crouch forward
Set count: Displays the number of sets required for victory. One light will illuminate for each set victory. The battle is won when all lights are lit. Each side in a tag-team battle will show two life gauges. The life gauge for the character in combat will be displayed at the front. Time: Time up occurs when this counter reaches 0. The side with the most remaining on his or her life gauge wins.
Free Steps cBackground movement

hForeground movement

Life gauge: A player loses if his or her gauge drops to 0. About the menu during game pause Pressing the START button during a game pauses the game. A menu screen will be displayed.
Free steps allow you to control the character freely. During a free step, use the directional pad to move the character in any direction. Let go of the directional pad to snap out of the free step. Legend The f button shown is the X button, the p button is the Y button and the k button is the B button (when default settings are used). E Indicates a short press of the directional pad, while the e indicates a long press. Strikes p Punch
Closes the menu and continues the game. Displays the command list for the character. Ends the game and returns to Character Select screen. Ends the game and returns to the title screen.

k Kick

Each character has their own strike moves. Combining them with the use of the directional pad, you can execute various attacks.
Types of attacks High attack: Middle attack: Low attack: Super High attack:

Hits Hits Hits Hits

standing opponents both standing and crouching opponents both standing and crouching opponents standing opponents, no guarding
Evade Throws f+p Evading Ordinary throws (well-timed) f+p Evading a string of throws Ordinary throws can be evaded by pressing the F + P buttons the instant youre thrown. Some characters will throw again soon after the first throw. Well-timed use of the F + P buttons will enable you to evade that throw. Holds


f+p+k Tag Change Press F + P + K during a bout to switch a character in battle with a tag partner. Characters not engaged in combat will gradually recover their health. When a character has already been knocked out, he or she cannot be used again. Tag Combos When your opponent is floating or in critical status, you can perform a quick tag change. Practice this skill, and your team will function as a powerful unit. Attack Change Ef+p+k Attack Change Af+p+k Attack Change The fighting character can switch places with his or her tag partner, which can then unleash an attack. Down Attack Change Hf+p+k Down Attack Change By pressing HF + P + K while the opponent is down on the ground, the fighting character can switch places with his or her tag partner while the tag partner unleashes a Down attack.


This mode allows the user to watch a computer-operated battle, which will continue until the mode is turned off. * Physical strength and battle time are unlimited. However, the specified options will not be reflected in this mode. * When you want to change characters, pause the game by pressing the START button and choose CHARACTER SELECT. *Select QUIT to exit this mode.


This mode allows a player to change game settings to suit his or her preferences. For further details, see page 16, "Option Settings." Name Entry
If your score ranks in the top ten in the Time Attack or Survival modes, you can record your name. You can view the rankings inside the RANKING menu in Options.


These are the language settings for use in the game.
MENUS: SUBTITLES: Sets the language for menus Sets the subtitle language for use in the game

Option Settings

Players can select OPTIONS MODE from the Game Mode Select screen to reconfigure the game to suit their preferences.


These are the controller settings.
BUTTON CONFIG.: VIBRATION: ANALOG BUTTON: Configures the functionality of each button on the controller Switches the vibration function on and off Enables/disables the button's analog input


These settings control the difficulty of the game and rules.
DIFFICULTY: MATCH POINT: LIFE GAUGE: Sets the skill levels (degree of difficulty) of computer opponents Sets the number of rounds one must win to clear a stage Sets the amount of health Sets the amount of time for a single round Restores default settings Returns to Options Mode screen


These are the general settings for the screen.
REGULATOR: ENDING MOVIE: Sets the gamma value, brightness and contrast. Sets the display mode for the movie on wide-screen television (Applies only to wide-screen televisions)



You can check the rankings for Time Attack mode and Survival mode.
TIME ATTACK RANKING: SURVIVAL RANKING: CHARACTER RANKING: Displays the ranking for the Time Attack mode Displays the ranking for the Survival mode Displays the frequency with which each character is used
* Some game modes dont allow you to change settings.


Settings for game sound
MUSIC VOLUME: S.E. VOLUME: VOICE VOLUME: SOUND TEST: Sets the music volume Sets the sound-effect volume Sets the characters voice volume Lets you listen to the games soundtrack


Displays information on the DEAD OR ALIVE 3 software.
Exits the Options screen and returns to the Game Mode Select screen.
* Option settings are automatically saved to the hard disk. * Do not turn off your Xbox console during saving.

Basic Battle Know-How

The techniques and tips below will help you win Dead or Alive 3 battles.


Dead or Alive 3 Legend

Defensive Position

When you are about to be knocked to the ground, press the P, K, or F button to adopt a defensive position and avoid going down.
* The defensive position cannot be used against some types of attacks.


Buttons Used
directional pad directional pad directional pad directional pad directional pad X button Y button B button Simultaneously Pause Brief press Long Press


Use the same type of attack as your opponent strike or throw to execute a counterattack. A counter causes more damage to your opponent than a normal attack. In addition, when a strike is used to counter a throw or a throw is used to counter a hold, an even more powerful high counterattack is launched, doing massive damage to your opponent.
Attacks and defense by the wall
With some strike moves, if you strike near the wall you can send your opponent toward the wall. Proper use of this move, such as putting some distance between yourself and your opponent, or forcing him or her toward the wall, will help turn the fight in your favor. You can also release multiple attacks upon an opponent who still has not recovered from the hit against the wall. Some throws change if used near the wall.

E e ) @ ~ f p k + >

AE from neutral position
Semi-circle Full circle Free button Punch button Kick button
Perform the moves to the left and right of this symbol at the same time Perform the moves to the left of this symbol, pause, and then continue with the moves to the right of this symbol.

* Escaping from the Wall When you are thrown against a wall, you will lie helpless against it for a certain amount of time if youre still suffering from the damage. In such a case, press c or h on your directional pad as youre getting up so that you lean against the wall at a slight angle as you get up.

Off the Edge

Stages such as "LOST WORLD" and "LORELEI" feature multiple levels. You can send your opponent off the edge by striking or throwing him or her near the edges of these stages, or by the wall. Be aware that falling to the lower levels of these stages will result in damage. The key to winning is using free steps to position yourself in accordance with the layout of the stage. * When you send an opponent off the edge, your character will jump down after him or her, but you will not receive any damage. * The tiered structure will differ depending on the stage. You cannot fall off the edge in some places. * Not all attacks allow you to send your opponent off the edge.
Instructions for keys apply when the characters are facing to the right.


Kasumi is a kunoichi (female ninja) who was ordained as leader of the "Mugen Tenshin" style. Instead of accepting this position, she became a "runaway shinobi" so that she might avenge her brother, Hayate, who was partially paralyzed by DOATEC. Day after day she is forced to defend herself from attempts on her life by highly skilled assassins. Then, one day, Kasumi learns that Hayate is to be at the DOA tournament. Though she finally meets her long-lost brother in this last tournament, it is impossible for a runaway shinobi ever to return home in peace.
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Japanese Female February 23, age: N/A A 5'2", 106 lbs B35" W21" H33" Mugen Tenshin Style Ninjutsu Tenjin Mon Runaway shinobi Strawberry millefeuille Fortune telling Attacks Ren-Kaio-Sentotsu Renzuki-Hakuro Renko-Rishu Ren-Engetsu Renzuki-Fukasen Senko-Tenshu Muei-Hangetsu Mugen-To Tenbu-Shu Rengo-Kyaku Getsurin Mai-Ogi Tsumuji Rekkuga Hakuro-Kyaku Oboro-Giri

Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu, the modern super ninja, is the best friend of Kasumis brother, Hayate. In the last tournament he successfully brought down Bankotsu-bo - the feared Tengu of Destruction who had brought chaos to the whole world. But before he allows himself to relax in a new era of relative peace, Ryu Hayabusa must enter the tournament again, this time to save the world from Genra, an evil being created by the DOATEC.
Nationality: Gender: Japanese Male June 15, age: 23 A 5'10", 154 lbs B41" W33" H36" Hayabusa Style Ninjutsu Owner of curio shop Sushi Mountain climbing, fishing Attacks Ren-Jaki-Barai Raishin-Geki Yami-Barai Shinso-Zuki Garyo-Sen Tenrin-Kyaku Ura-Chiso-Kyaku Jisuberi Mai-Kiri Soku-Rento Tenma-Meido-Ha Gao-Sho Kikoku-Shintei-Kyaku Chisho-Kyaku Jinpu-Kyaku Throws Kubikiri-Nage Hayabusa-Geri Gen-Ei Izuna-Otoshi Zanshu-Sen

Fighting Style:

Occupation: Likes: Hobbies:
pppp ppkk ppEpkk ppEkk ppHk EpEk EEpk GGp Dpk kkk Bk GGk p+k Ep+k f+kk Next to wall Ap
Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Likes: Hobbies:
pppp EEp ApHp Gppp &p Bk Gkk EEk &k p+kp Ep+k Ap+k f+kkk Af+k Hf+k


Oboro-Gake While running f+p Hien-Saka-Otoshi Throw combo Cf+p>f+p Ibara-Otoshi Throw combo Niji-Shibuki

Cf+p EEf+p Ef+p

Throw combo
%f+p>#f+p>~f+p Low throw Hf+p
EEf+p>Hf+p Low throw Hf+p


Hitomi is the daughter of a Japanese mother and a German karate master. She has been practicing karate under her fathers tutelage since she was just a child. Hitomi has always wanted to fight in DOA in order to test her formidable skills against the real world, and her father has finally allowed her to participate. "There must be many powerful opponents in this world," Hitomi tells herself, as she begins practicing her craft with a new degree of enthusiasm.
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: German Female May 25, age: 18 O 5'3", 108 lbs B35" W23" H33" Karate High school student Sachertorte (German chocolate cake) Cooking Attacks Ren-Fujin Renzuki-Harai Shotei-Da Ren-Tenro Zangetsu Fujin Tobi-Ushiro-Geri Domawashi-Geri Enpi-Henka-Geri Kama-Gaeshi Nami-Gashira Gyosho Mawashi-Kakato-Nagi Morote-Zuki Fudo-Fujin Kakato-Nagi Throws Shu-So Moka Azusa-Yumi Kobore-zuki
Zack, the funky dude who taught himself Muay Thai, returns to DOA. One day, after spending all his winnings from the last DOA tournament, Zack realizes he has a problem. He has forgotten to do what he always wanted to do - enjoy the many luxuries of a Las Vegas vacation! In order to whip up some cash for his Vegas trip, Zack is back in his combat mode, heading for DOA.

Nationality: American Male April 3, age: 25 O 5'11", 172 lbs B42" W33" H37" Thai style boxing DJ Ice cream Billiards Attacks Mobius Rush Genocide Rush Strike Knuckle Devil's Elbow Triple Impact Heaven Smash Inferno Rush Reverse Heel Spring Kick Zack Cyclone Mephisto Rush Tricky Hound Cosaque Kick Ducking Smash Windup Bazooka Boomerang Heel Kick Zack Tornado Throws Knee Storm Hard Rush Beast Fang

Occupation: Likes:

ppp ppk Eppp EEppp EEkkk &p &k )k Bpkk Dpkk Gkkk p+kp p+kk Ep+k Ap+k Hf+k
Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Likes: Hobbies:
pppk ppEpk App GGpp &ppp gppp Epkkkk Ck Bkk &kk kkkk Hkphkkkk p+k Hp+kp Ap+k f+k Hf+k
Af+p GGf+p ^f+p Low throw Hf+p
(f+p GGf+p Low throw Hf+p

Gen Fu

Gen Fu fought in DOA to obtain the money needed to cure his sick granddaughter, Mei Lin, who was suffering the ravages of a rare disease. Thanks to the prize money, Mei Lin is growing better and better every day. However, one last surgery, which will require a vast sum of money, is needed to cure her completely. To save the life of his granddaughter, Gen Fu fights once again.
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Chinese Male January 5, age: 65 A 5'7", 172 lbs B38" W40" H39" Xynyi Liuhe Quan Bookstore owner Mabo Dofu Painting Attacks Hakuja-Rensui Ban-Ho-Yokei To-Sho Oda Ugyu-Haito Sen-Shippo Senryu-Ha Han-Senpu Senpu-Zenso-Tai Tenshin-Koshu-Tai Jatoshin Ryukei-Kakuo Soha Yoshi-Saiken Byakko-Soha Sohi-Kyaku

Brad Wong

One day, the old master Chen, great teacher of Zui Ba Xian Quan, says to Brad: "Bring me the legendary drink. The name is 'Genra.'" These words are a riddle to Brad Wong, and he begins his journey in search of the mysterious "Genra." After three years of wandering, he finds himself in a fighting tournament.
Nationality: Chinese Male September 10, age: 30 O 6'0", 168 lbs B45" W31" H36" Zui Ba Xian Quan Bohemian Drinking Game of Go, Chinese fiddle Back-Facing Attacks Koshu-Getsuga Kokon-Uron Tohon-Kishin Throws Senshi Tetsu-Kairi Ran-Saiwa Attacks Ren-Senpu Ren-Chowan Kasenko, Yogeki Sohaku Ren-Sokuto Ren-Koshutai Ren-Kohontai Zenso-Tai Senpu-Zenku Koshu Koso Taiho-Getsuga Renkan-Sohi Kosotai


Low Throw combo

^f+p>Hf+p>Cf+p %f+p h(f+p
Low throw Hf+p Throw combo,


With opponent in air
When crash knee hits opponent
f+p>f+p With opponent on ground Hf+p

f+p While running f+p

Rolande, a woman thief of the Silk Road, died saying, "The man I love is the strongest man in the world." In order to justify his lovers last words, Leon entered the last DOA, only to be defeated. With memories of Rolande still haunting him, Leon declares, "I shall win this time," pledging his all upon the grave of a woman whose body lies buried beneath the desert floor.
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Italian Male March 14, age: 42 B 6'4", 282 lbs B53" W47" H48" Russian Martial Arts Mercenary Pizza Gardening Attacks Storm Hammer Rush Tomahawk Smash Giant Uppercut Pierce Fist Shoulder Tackle Solid Cannon Giant Uppercut Knee Lift Scimitar Lock Heel Trap Heel Hammer Flame Hammer Arm Grenade Reverse Double Hammer Body Sobat Turn Low Javelin Throws Mount Punch Shoulder Breaker Desert Arm Bar Crazy Crash Catapult Throw


This professional assassin acquired his commando-style martial arts in the military. Donovan, who once requested the task of assassinating Fame Douglas, sent a sniper to dispose of Bayman, but Bayman easily quashed this feeble attempt on his life. In retaliation against his former client, Bayman decides hell show up at DOA.
Nationality: Russian Male October 10, age: 31 B 6'0", 231 lbs B47" W36" H37" Russian Martial Arts Assassin Beef Stew Chess Attacks Tomahawk Elbow Smash Uppercut Break Shot Sidewinder Fire Bullet Charging Bolt Blast Low Javelin Flame Stinger Side Edge Trass Spike Shoulder Cannonball Shot Combo Heel Hammer Storm Blast Trass Charging Tiger Turn Blade Throws S.T.F. Jail Lock Knee Quebradora Congiro Crazy Crash Ground Submission

With opponent on ground

ppAp ppk Cppp Gpp )p &p ^p Ek EEkk kk Hp+k Ep+k Ap+kp f+k Hf+k
Dp Cpp &k f+k Ap+k Ipp ApHk Ekp p+kpk GGp Ep+k pkk ppApk ppHpp ^p

GGf+p>p Ef+p


Low throw combo

GGf+p>Hf+p EEf+p %f+p


With opponent in air f+p
Hf+p>Hf+p>HHf+p Hf+p

Jann Lee

Jann Lee, the fighter without a cause, still walks a lonely path. Though the reputation of Jann Lee - the Dragon, as he is called - is universal, his search for a stronger enemy never ends. His presence is still prominent in DOA, and his battle cry can still be heard.


Leifang is known to many as the young genius of T'ai Chi Quan. Ever since Jann Lee saved her from a gang of thugs, she has entered DOA to test her skills against his. Jann Lee has demonstrated his superior skills in the last two tournaments, but Leifang wont let that stop her. "This time. This time, I am going to beat him!"

pppp ppApp Cpp Epp EEpk &p While crouching )p ppHkk kkk &k Dkk EEk EkAk Gkp p+k Af+k
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Likes:
Chinese Male November 27, age: 20 AB 5'8", 165 lbs B39" W31" H36" Jeet Kune Do Bouncer Hamburger Watching action movies
Attacks Dragon Cannon Dragon Fist Upper Blow Body Uppercut Flash Spin Kick Dragon Blow Dragon Knuckle Dragon Storm Triple High Dragon Kick Double Upper Kick Dragon Step Middle Snap Spike Kick Dragon Strike Dragon Elbow Dragon Flare Throws Dragon Gunner The Way of the Dragon Bulldoging Head Lock Front Face Lock
Nationality: Gender: Birthday: Blood Type: Height/Weight: Body size: Fighting style: Occupation: Likes: Hobbies:
Chinese Female April 23, age: 19 B 54, 110 lbs B34" W22" H34" Tai Chi Quan College Student Chinese Dessert Aroma therapy
Attacks Renkan-Sho-Kinda Renkan-Soan Choshitsu-Hoshin-Geki Joho-Shichi-Sei Hoto-Shu Shichi-Sun-Ko Sofu-Kanji Senkyu-Ren-Tai Sanren-Kyaku Bun-Kyaku Tessa Hoko-Kisan Hakkaku-Kyoshu To-To-Ho Haisetsu-Ko Senpu-Kyaku Throws Roshitsu-Yoho Takuchu-Ken-ko Rinei-Hisui Toitsu-Kon
ppp ppEpp Epkp Ipp ^p )p (p Akkk Dkkk EEk HHk Ep+k Ap+k Ip+k Hp+k f+k

Ef+p ^f+p


Low throw Hf+p

&f+p>Af+p>)f+p ^f+p


Possessed of all the characteristics required of an assassin, this cold-blooded woman has undergone the ultimate adaptation - excelling in the art of She Quan, which she employs to the fullest. Christie has been hired by Donovan, leader of DOATEC's anti-Douglas faction, and enters DOA in order to keep an eye on Helena.


Helena is the illegitimate daughter of the coupling between Fame Douglas, leader of DOATEC, and his mistress. Whether she likes it or not, she is dragged into the intertwined conspiracies within the huge DOATEC organization as the only living relative of Douglas. Captured at last by the anti-Douglas faction of DOATEC, Donovan challenges her to win in the DOA tournament. If she really wants the truth, she has no choice but to fight.

Attacks Renjin-Ryugaku-Sen Renjin-Koeiso Fuzan-Ryubu Jirai-Enjin Rasen-Urajin Sajin-Shu Soten-Kyaku Ryugaku-Sen Eiko-Fujin-Sai Genmu-So Sho-Ayane Back-Facing Attacks Rashin-Eiko-Sai Kaza-Matsuri Ei-Getsurin Koku-So Throws Kiri-Madoi Ryugaku-Ko Tsurara-Otoshi Yami-Garasu Setsuna-Otoshi
pppk ppEpp Gpp GGpk Apk ipk Ck f+k p+kpk &k Af+k

ppAppBk Ck Bk f+k

Ef+p Af+p EEf+p Low throw Hf+p

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With your back facing opponent

Low throw

Ef+p Hf+p
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PRIMA Official Game Guide


The Drunken Master was first introduced in Dead or Alive 3, and while he was fun to play, his abilities werent enough to keep up during high-level play. Now Brad Wong is back with new attacks and a shot at giving the top tier characters a run for their money. Brad Wong players must rely on his erratic movements and solid mix-ups to gain the upper hand in combat.

Unique Attacks

Name Tenshin-Chu Ren-Dokki Ren-Senpu Tessa Getsuga-Rencho Katsumen-Tai Senshin-Getsuga Soko-Chogeki Ren-Chowan Kyuho-Toda Kyuho-Toda Suiho-Chogeki Yakuza-Ren-Koshu Keppo-Sokuto Ren-Sokuto Notation , , , , , , ,D+ ,X+ ,

Character Bio

Brads journey to find the illusive liquor Genra came to an end, but not in the form of a drinkrather it was a confrontation with a monster, instead. He followed his Masters wishes and searched for three years. Three years is such a long time, and to have it turn out to be for nothing! Now, with nothing to lose, Brad continues to wander. If he roams enough, certainly he will run into someone to fight.
D+ D+ C+ c+ c+ W+ E+ Z+ Z+

,D+ , , , Hold

Character Profile
Fighting Style: Zui Ba Xian Quan Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Birthday: September 10 Age: 30 Blood Type: O Height/Weight: 182 cm/76 kg or 60/168 lbs Body Size: B115 cm, W80 cm, H91 cm or B45, W31, H36 Occupation: Unemployed Favorite Foods: Drinking Hobbies: Game of Go, Chinese Fiddle
Koso Senshin-Choto Honshin-Jokaku-Zengeki Sokusen-Getsuga Renken-Kosotai Senpu, Zenku Zenteki, Senpu-Kyaku Zenteki, Ren-Chowan

D,D+ X,C,D+ X,Z,A+ W,W+

, or ,X+ , ,D+ , ,
D+ C+ C+ W+ Q+ X+ X+ Z+ Z+

Character Rating

Offense: 7 Defense: 7 Evasion: 9 Ground Game: 9 Wall Game: 5 Learning Curve: 10 Overall: 7
Hisui-Senkyaku Taishin-Zenku-Hontetsu Tantai, Shoshi-Suiteki Tantai, Senpu Zenso-Tai Renkan-Bokko Sentai-Zachi Toshin-Dantai

, , , ,x+ , , ,X+

D,D+ A,A+
Name Kocho-Soteki, Bokko Ren-Jikusenho Sohaku Taiho-Getsuga Koyo-Getsuga Renkan-Tenchi-Sotai Renso-Sokusen-Getsuga Renso-Tenchi-Sotai Senko-Renkan Zenku-Hontetsu Hoho-Sohi Chiso-Tensen-Shu Kosotai Gyoin-Dantai Tenshin-Hiinshu Kushu-Hon Taishin-Hon Nehan-Tenshin


Dokuritsu-Ho Stance Transitions
,X+ , Ren-Dokuritsu , ,W , , ,a ,a Name Dokuritsu-Ho Notation

While rising

Character Guide Character Guide

+ + + + +

, Soko-Chogeki Ren-Dokuki-Kyaku

D+ C+ W+ E+

, Hisui-Senkyaku , , , ,X+ + + + + , ,W or , , , ,X+ ,X+ Niki-Kyaku

D+ W+ X+ Z+ A+ A+ E+ Q+

Dokuritsu-Ho Stance Attacks

Name Notation

Dokuritsu-Yoho Gyoin-Todan Gyoin-Dashu

When knocked down

Gyoin-Tai Gyoin-Kikyaku Gyoin-Kasso-Teppo Gyoin-Kasso-Tai Gyoin-Chowan Gyoin-Ren-Pusanda Soteki Stand
Kasenko Stance Transitions
Name Kasenko, Chuda Kasenko, Taiho-Chuda Notation

D+ a+ X+

+ + + , , , , Infinitely

A,D+ D,A+

Dokuhai-Kaito Gyoin-Ransen
Back-Turned Transitions Kasenko Stance Attacks
Name Kasenko, Ren-Chuda Kasenko, Taiho-Ren-Chuda Kasenko, Sohaku Kasenko, Shoshi-Suiteki Kasenko, Senpu-Kyaku Kasenko, Konsen-Tai Notation Name Haisei Hekika-Kuhon Katsumen-Tai Ren-Koshu Gyoin-Chowan Keppo-Honshin-Dantai Notation

Next to wall , ,a , , ,

, , , ,X+

D+ A+ z+
Back-Turned Transitions (Continued)
Name Ren-Honshin-Dantai Ren-Koshutai Ren-Kohontai Kocho-Soteki, Kohon Koshu Notation Name , , , , , Kozento Kokoto Ren-Toshin Ren-Senpu Tessa

Lying Stance Transitions

+ + ,A+ ,D+ ,x+ , ,x ,x ,x ,x

Z+ C,C+

Kasenko, Senpu-Kyaku Renken-Kosotai Zenteki, Senpu-Kyaku Tantai, Senpu
During Kasenko , ,X+ ,D+ , , ,x+ + + + , , ,X+ + ,x , ,X+ ,x ,

C+ X+ x+ Z+

Konsen-Tai Zenso-Tai Renkan-Tenchi-Sotai

,x ,X+ ,x ,x

Back-Turned Attacks
Name Koshu-Getsuga Renkan-Yogeki Renkan-Kaso Rengeki, Honshin-Dantai Getsuga, Koshutai Rensen-Sogeki Haisei-Sochisen Haisei-Honshin-Dantai Kotaihon Kosenhon Zenkon-Hon Kokon, Uron Kokon, Bokko Kohontai Shoshi-Suiteki Haisei-Sohaku Tohon-Kishin Suiho-Unshin-Haiho Juji-Senraku Notation , , , , , ,
Renso-Tenchi-Sotai Senko-Renkan Kosotai

,D+ ,D+ ,X+

, Soteki ,X+ During Dokuritsu-Ho + , ,x
A+ X+ x+ D+ D+ D+ D+ D+ E+

Lying Stance Attacks

,a ,d+ ,c+ Name Zenten Shinzen-Ten-I Koten Shinko-Ten-I + , Oten Fukushin-Getsuga , + Fukushin-Haitai Notation

D c A z W or X

Legs facing foe Legs facing foe Legs facing foe

To a crouching foe

Name Fukushin-Jikuten-Shu Fukushin-Bokko Rigyo, Zenku Konsentai Fukushin-Kensen
Notation Legs facing foe Legs facing foe Legs facing foe Legs facing foe + + Suida-Rakuten pause + Suihai-Kairetsu Name Suirin-Haikai


Notation +
When foes back is to a slope +
When foes back is to a slope with a cliff + +
Legs facing foe crouching


Tetsu-Kairi Senhen-Nyudo Senshi
To crouching foes back, with legs facing foe

Next to wall

Fukushin-Kida Uron-Kochu Fukushin-Sosen Fukushin-Tessen
Head facing foe Kazan-Rakuro Head facing foe Tenshin-Soko Head facing foe Head facing foe Next to wall
, Kan-Shori or So-Kokukyu To foes back To foes back

A+ X+ C+

Kokon-Soteki Rigyoen Kinkosen Suiboku-Kosentai Fukushin-Chosen
,x Hashitsu-Gyosen To crouching foe To crouching foe + Ran-Saiwa + Kan-Shoshi To crouching foes back
Head facing foe Head facing foe Head facing foe Head facing foe
Head facing foe crouching

Best Moves

TENSHIN-HIINSHUOne of Brad Wongs best techniques is his ability to evade attacks with his erratic movement and stances. His Tenshin-Hiinshu ducks under all high attacks and throws from the moment Brad goes into the animation. After the evasion, you can mix up several different attacks, including Gyoin-Chowan and Gyoin-Dantai, which can also lead into other attacks since many of Brads techniques transition from one to another quite well.
SOKUTO ATTACKSThese are more of Brads evasive attacks. The Keppo-Sokuto and Ren-Sokuto ducks under all high attacks and throws and leaves Brad Wong in one of several stances, depending on how you execute the attack. Using the RenSokuto, if you stop after the first or second attack, youll end up in Brads backturned stance. If you use Keppo-Sokuto, youll end up in Brads neutral stance. If you use the Keppo-Honshin-Dantai or Ren-Houshin-Dantai, youll roll backward and end up in Brads back-turned stance. The evasiveness of this string and the numerous options it provides make it one of his best techniques.
REN-KOHONTAIThis is yet another evasive attack for Brad Wong. Ren-Kohontai ducks under all high attacks and throws. Brad can stop the string at any point and transition into attacks at various heights, effectively confusing his opponent. It also has the ability to leave Brad in his lying stance by pressing x after any of the attacks in the string. Brads many options off this attack make it a very useful technique.
LYING STANCEBrad is one of the few characters in Dead or Alive 4 with multiple attack stances. His lying stance allows him to evade all high attacks and throws, while giving him access to several solid attacks such as the Fukushin-Haitai, Zenkon-Soteki, or Konsentai throw. He can also sidestep to either direction (or in this case, side-roll) with Oten, or roll forward and backward with Shinzen-Ten-i or Shinko-Ten-i. Just be careful while in the lying stance because Brad can be hit with mid and low attacks even though hes lying on the ground.

BACK-TURNED STANCEIf you havent figured it out by now, well repeat it: Brad Wong is all about evasion and confusing his foes. His back-turned stance is just another tool that allows him to accomplish this strategy. Brad has many attacks that can transition right into his backturned stance such as Gyoin-Chowan, or you can access the stance without executing any. Other characters that have a back-turned attacks with the standard command of A,A+ stance have a somewhat limited arsenal of attacks while in the stance, but Brads backturned stance is almost as potent as his neutral stance, thanks to attacks such as the Haisei-Sochisen and Renkan-Kaso.

Best Juggles

From lying stance D+ From lying stance D+ ,C,C+ ,C+ ,X+

Offensive Strategies

C,C+ D+

,A+ ,D+

First attack must connect on counter or hi counter. First attack must connect on hi counter.
Brad Wongs offense and defense are virtually the same. Brads main offensive tool is his ability to confuse opponents. Even when youre playing against another experienced Brad Wong player, it can be difficult to determine exactly what your opponent will do next. While this makes Brad Wong a formidable opponent, it also means that Brad is very difficult to learn. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn all the ins and outs of Brad Wong, but once you have mastered him, he is one of the most confusing characters in the game. On offense, Brad Wong players should use attacks that transition from one stance to another to keep their opponents guessing. The first attacks out of Brads GyoinChowan and Gyoin-Dantai are great tools to evade high attacks and throws: Attack with Gyoin-Chowan so your opponent cant duck under the second hit. It will put Brad in his back-turned stance.
Once you are in the back-turned stance, use Brads various strings, as well as his Suiho-Unshin-Haiho throw, to keep your opponent on their toes. The Haisei-Honshin-Dantai, Rengeki, Honshin-Dantai, Renkan-Yogeki, and Renkan-Kaso are great attacks from the back-turned stance that confuse your opponent and allow you to free cancel at any time to transition into a throw. This also prevents your opponent from countering you if they do figure out whats coming next. Brad also excels in his lying stance. Several attacks transition into his Lying stance, such as the RenToshin, Tessa, or Kasenko, Konsen-Tai. Once in lying stance, make sure youre either moving or attacking. Do not simply lie in the stance because Brad cant block while hes lying down. Mix up Brads Konsentai throw, Fukushin-Getsuga, Zenkon-Soteki, FukushinBokko and other moves that transition into other stances. When at a distance, use his Oten, ShinzenTen-I, and Shinko-Ten-I to confuse your opponent and ensure that they dont know whats coming next.

Online Strategies

The main issue with online play and Brad Wong is timing. Due to the latency present during online play, Brad Wong players no longer have any room for delay when they transition from one stance to another. Make sure youre executing an attack from your stance of choice as soon as you enter the stance. If theres any delay, youll easily be knocked out of the stance by your opponent. To help get in and out of stances faster, input the command for the attack youre trying to execute immediately after you input the command for the stance. This makes the attack execute as soon as Brad enters the stance, leaving no room for error.

Wall Strategies

Brad Wong and the wall do not go hand in hand. Brads erratic movements make it difficult to dish out damage in a timely manner during a wall stun. Youll even have difficulty getting your opponent to the wall from a distance. Many of Brads attacks long-range attacks such as the Senshin-Choto leave him in a bad position to capitalize on wall damage. Your best bet is to wait until youre close to the wall, then use your choice of attacks to knock your opponent into the wall. The Senpu, Zenku works well for this task. After you put your opponent into a wall stun, youll be fairly limited with your attacks. You can use Brads jabs and Ren-Chowan to keep the stun going, then slam your opponent into the wall with Kyuho-Toda.

Defensive Strategies

Theres not much to Brad Wongs defense. He has one philosophy: evade, evade, evade. Many of Brads attacks evade all high attacks and throws. His GyoinChowan and Ren-Sokuto evade highs from his neutral and Z+ evade from backstance, while his X+ turned stance. In addition, his lying stance evade all high attacks and throws instantly. Using high attacks and throws against a skilled Brad Wong player is not an easy task. However, beyond his ability to duck under high attacks, Brad Wong doesnt have much else to rely on when hes on the defensive. From a distance, his erratic movement can help to confuse opponents. Continually transitioning from his neutral stance to back-turned to the lying stance, and rolling around while in his lying stance can bait your opponent into whiffing an attack, but its risky business to say the least. Brad Wong players need to be patient and focus on evading high attacks, while countering mid and low attacks. This should make opponents hesitant to attack.


Bass was arguably the top character in Dead or Alive 3 with his Ground Throw and Buffalo Rage. The gameplay system in Dead or Alive 4 has slightly changed how he must be played, but hes still a contender for the top spot. Bass is not an easy character to play, though; he has a very steep learning curve. An effective Bass player must be extremely patient because Bass is generally slower than the other characters and has to rely more on interrupts and his ground game than anything else.
Name Combo Gong Combo Hammer Combo High Kick Combo Triple Hit Combo Kick Rush Wild Swing Combo Stomp Kick Elbow Rush Elbow Gong Elbow Hammer Elbow Stomp Combo Stun Gun Chop Hell Smasher One Hand Hammer Mongolian Head Butt Mongolian Head Butt Throat Strike Notation , , , , , , ,X+ , , , , , , , , , , , , , + , ,X+
D+ D+ E+ E+ E+ e+ A+ A+ W+ Q+ Q+ X+ Z+ Z+ c+
Pro wrestling is the kind of thing that you can stake your entire life on and still not completely masterthat is what he taught his daughter. Yeah, but look at Tina now. First its modeling, then acting; whats with all this flashy crap? Ill have to take her on again in the DOA tournament and teach her once and for all the true worth of wrestling! However, Bass had no idea that his precious Tina had already set her sights on a new conquest.

, Hold

Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling Nationality: American Gender: Male Birthday: July 4 Age: 46 Blood Type: O Height/Weight: 196 cm/157 kg or 65/346 lbs Body Size: B143 cm, W135 cm, H136 cm or B56, W53, H54 Occupation: Pro Wrestler Favorite Foods: Sauted Chicken Hobbies: Motorcycle Trips, Training Tina
Power Gong Gong Hell Combo The Muscle Man Smash Gong Buffalo Rage Rolling Hell Smasher Diving Hammer Diving Hammer

, , , +

D,D+ C,C+ X,C,D+ A,D+ A,D+ Hold X,Z,A+

While running ,

Offense: 9 Defense: 7 Evasion: 7 Ground Game: 10 Wall Game: 9 Learning Curve: 10 Overall: 9
Rolling Axe Flying Body Press Knee Hammer Knee Destroyer Jumping Knee High Stomp Kick

D+ F+ W+ E+

Name Bass Punch Kick Rush Rising Palm Brawler Kick Hell Stab Mad Lariat Muscle Elbow Bear Crash Linebacker Linebacker Flying Cross Chop Buffalo Train Bass Special Drop Kick Front Roll Kick Sumo Stomp Sumo Stomp Low Drop Kick Turning Middle Kick Turning Lariat Turning Muscle Elbow Rising Low Drop Kick

C+ C+ Z+

Name Bass Tornado Flying Body Scissors Dynamite Lariat
Atomic Hammer Crash Next to wall + + + + + + , Freaky Bomb Kitchen Push Away Super Freak Dancing Freak , Oklahoma Stampede Manhattan Driver

+ + , ,X+

+ + + ,

D+ A+ C+ Z+

X,C,D+ X,Z,A+ W+


Z+ Hold D,D+ X+ X+


A,Z,X,C,D+ Hold

for one second

until throw executes

+ T.F.B.B.

Next to wall, while rising


A+ Hold X+
In area with ceiling, while rising

D,A+ Q+

+ Bear Hug

+ , + or

To foe behind To foe behind To foe behind

Bear Wall

While getting up
Spin Around Dangerous Back Drop
Name Bass Slammer Canyon Dunk Notation + When foes back is to a slope T.F.B.D. +
To foe behind To foe behind
Locomotion Back Drop Next to wall, behind foe Argentine Back Breaker To foes back Reverse Power Bomb To foes back To foes back + Push Aside Behind foe, with back to foe To crouching foe To crouching foe To crouching foe

A+ A,D+

When foes back is to a slope with a cliff + + Face Crusher


One Leg Standing Head Butt Wild Bill Head Butt Push Away Get Behind F5 Bear Press

Next to a wall

Bass Bomb Spiral Bomb Double Arm Driver Calf Branding

X+ C,C+ C+

A+ A+ A+

,D+ ,A+ ,C,C+

To crouching foes back

Throws (Continued)

Name Running Next Breaker Drop Running Face Buster Tandem Dive While running behind foe Near a cliff + + Notation While running +
Name Barrel Throw Catching Hammer Throw Ground Throw
Notation To foe in the air + + + , +
To foe in the air X,C,D+ To foe on ground
BUFFALO RAGEAny Bass player who doesnt use the Buffalo Rage as their primary offensive attack is not using the big guy correctly. In previous Dead or Alive titles, the Buffalo Rage could be punished when blocked, but because of its ability to duck under all high attacks and throws, and launch an opponent for a juggle followed by a Ground Throw, it quickly became the wrestlers best attack. In this game, not only has Tecmo retained the Buffalo Rages evasive properties and the devastating follow-ups, but they have now added a second part to the attack that guard breaks when blocked, giving Bass frame advantage. When the Buffalo Rage is used to interrupt attack strings, Bass is a very difficult character to fight against.

GROUND THROWTheres not much to say here other than abuse, abuse, abuse. When your opponent has been slammed to the ground by the Knee Hammer or a similar attack, the Ground Throw lifts your foe off the ground while completely interrupting any attempt at a rising kick. From here, Bass pushes the opponent away, giving him a large frame advantage and the ability to attack with just about anything. Your best bet in this situation is generally Buffalo Rage, an offensive hold, or your throw of choice.
KNEE HAMMERThis is one of Basss primary attacks for two reasons. The attack can be used after a Buffalo Rage or just about any other launcher to slam the opponent back to the ground for a possible Ground Throw. When not used in a juggle, the second attack in this string can be delayed, or not used at all to keep your opponent guessing. You can free cancel after the first attack, then go right into a throw or Power Gong. If your opponent catches on and starts interrupting after your free cancel, simply use the second part of the attack, which cant be interrupted.
POWER GONGBass may be one of the largest characters in Dead or Alive 4 in terms of physical size, but that doesnt prevent several of his attacks from being fairly evasive. His Power Gong is one of these attacks; it ducks under all high attacks and throws. The second hit of the string grounds the opponent, leaving the foe open to a possible Ground Throw. If the second hit becomes predictable and starts to get countered, you can use one of Basss many throws, which can dish out a great deal of Z+ damage when used against a counterhold. This should make your opponents hesitant to counter the second attack. ONE LEG STANDING HEAD BUTTWhile not the most damaging throw, the One Leg Standing Head Butt gives Bass a good amount of frame advantage when it hits. Follow it up with a mix-up between the Power Gong, Buffalo Rage, and another One Leg Standing Head Buttyour opponent will be forced to play a guessing game. Your primary focus with this throw should be to keep your opponent on the defensive, leaving them open to move throws and letting you attack at will.

C,C+ W+ki,D+ A,D+

First attack must connect on counter or hi counter.
One of the best characters in the game, Bass can be played two very different ways. The first way uses an aggressive strategy that focuses on offensive holds, the One Leg Standing Head Butt, and the Power Gong to interrupt and ground the opponent. Once your opponent has been grounded, use the Ground Throw to give Bass the advantage and force the opponent to guess whats coming next. The Ground Throw doesnt always connect on a grounded opponent, but if you play smart and interrupt your opponents attacks youll connect on a counter and hi counter, making the Ground Throw virtually guaranteed. Also, keep in mind that the Ground Throw goes right through rising kicks when an opponent is on the ground, so dont be afraid to apply pressure and go for the Ground Throw especially when you ground an opponent with a hi counter attack.

The second way Bass can be played is by using a patient attack strategy. Using this method of attack, Bass players must wait for an opening to use the Buffalo Rage. An opening can be found when an opponent uses high attacks or whiffs an attack. Stay back and let your foe come to you, using the Buffalo Rage as a keep-away tool until you can find an opening to juggle and ground your opponent for a Ground Throw. This is the most effective way to play Bass, but also the most difficult. It takes a considerable amount of time and patience. No matter how you wish to play Bass, one thing remains constanthis entire offensive game plan revolves around the Buffalo Rage and the Ground Throw. Using these tools effectively is the only way Bass can win in high-level play, and is what makes Bass one of the best characters in the game.
Bass is one of the slower characters in Dead or Alive 4, so defense is very important for him. He doesnt have any sabaki attacks (attacks that auto-parry), or any special parries or counterholds like some of the other characters. Because of this, his defensive options are somewhat limited, but that doesnt mean he lacks a solid defense. His defensive strategies revolve mainly around his ability to interrupt attacks from a distance with the Buffalo Rage and go under high attacks and throws with the Power Gong. Youll also need to focus on mixing in his plentiful offensive holds.
First and foremost, Bass players should play the spacing game when theyre on defense. Some fighting game fans refer to this as turtling: its basically the art of waiting for your opponent to make the first move. Bass is a big guy and wont beat out many attacks, especially from the faster characters. However, with a properly timed Buffalo Rage or Power Gong, Bass can interrupt high punches, kicks, and throws and go right back on the offensive. To do this, he needs some room to work, since both of these attacks have a relatively slow start-up time. If youre fighting against an aggressive opponent that wont let you stay back and patiently wait for an opening, you can use Basss offensive holds to break down your opponents attack and give Bass some room to breathe. Since Bass is a grappler, he has more offensive holds than most of the other characters. It wont make much of a difference which offensive holds you use, since the primary reason to use them is to interrupt your opponents attacks and get yourself back on the offensive.
When played online, Bass has many more opportunities to use the Ground Throw because the small latency in every online match makes it more difficult for opponents to tech roll off the ground and avoid the Ground Throw. Bass also can rely on his multi-throws a lot more online than offline. This is because its much harder for your opponent to successfully escape a multi-throw, as the timing is much stricter when playing online. Basss throw game becomes more prominent in online play. Its much harder for opponents to react to his throws. A very useful technique in online play is , , followed immediately by your choice of throws. If you mix this up with the Combo Gong, your opponents wont have time to duck under or interrupt the throw.

Just about any attack Bass successfully lands from a relatively close distance can knock his opponent into a wall. Bass is a powerful character, so you wont need to worry about using a set number of attacks to take advantage of the wall. After you knock your opponent into the wall, mix up his Combo Stomp Kick and Knee Hammer while using a Wild Bull Head Butt throw from time to time, in case your opponent tries to counter off a wall bounce.


Technical specifications

Full description

Since the initial arcade and PlayStation releases in 1996, Tecmo's Dead or Alive has developed into one of the three or four most important 3D fighting series in gaming. Exclusive to the Xbox at the time of its release, this third game in the series is designed to maintain and build upon that prominence. Familiar characters return and new fighters are introduced, all in unprecedented detail. The true-3D maneuvering and multi-level stages have been retained and enhanced to offer a familiar feel in fresh environments. Even the pretty female combatants (in a selection of skimpy battle outfits) return, punctuating the hardcore melee with brief moments of innocuous titillation.



DVR120 Prodigy 830 Trio XS-L121p5W Krossfire T100 ECO Nizo 6080 MS-7104 Samsung E250 TE 610 Fisio 825 Yamaha EX7 Plantronics MX10 SUB 10 SGH-U708 DLA-SX21 RT-212 XAV-60 Dslr-A500L Zigzag Optio T30 Robin R650 Review AL-350 FX160 152E N Server Triplex PC3701 Compact Graissage LE32A466c2M Prime Dimage X21 SB908WL FH-P5000MP 42PFP5532D-12 42PG3000 Dreamweaver Alpine 3539 Vikings JOG-2001 255 1 EWT13620W Majesty-2006 HD 2828 Rescue Nokia 5630 130-2 KAC-625 NW-E003F 7210 SAS System Servers Ultra BSS611 Discovery 650E AK77400GN Ix Lite EB-W7 KV-S4085CW 32LG40-UG Kawai MP8 Triax C5 Edition 30519 PV Hd 3400 Canon HV10 Muvo V200 XJ600S-2000 I Dvdr5570H-31 ESF6243W H650C 47LH9000 RSG5pupn Campeon 35-50 CD1401B 53 SD205 ST100SLP Gigaset S685 ER-508 BED Twin Es30 TX8201 LQ-1600K Iconnect Cyclad Dvdr7310H 58 KM800 HX270S CDX-V3800 MP490 Supersport 800 X5250 Gigaset A160 Sp5 II Schtb10EG ZWG5125 CD1401B-24


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