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Area-51 Newsletter
Issue #1 January 10, 2010
Justin Petri Takes Fourth Place at Ft. Worth 5K Tournament!

By: Erin Giddings

The Much Anticipated Warmachine MKII Hits Store Shelves!
MKII Rulebooks released on the 6 with new faction th books and card sets coming on the 20 !
On Saturday, January 9 at the Ft. Worth Convention Center in downtown Ft. Worth, Area 51 regular Justin Petri overcame a field of 331 other Magic the Gathering players to take home fourth place in the Star City Games 5K Tournament. Justin usually plays Friday Night Magic here at Area 51 with his Friend Nicky Rucker however this Friday, to prepare for the big Saturday tournament he chose to head home early and get some sleep. It seemed like a poor decision at first but in the end passing up the extra play test time worked out in his favor. Everyone here at Area 51 would like to congratulate Justin on his big money placing at the 5K. Thanks for showing DFW that Area 51 produces quality Magic players that also have class and sportsmanship!
Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles
Last Wednesday marked a huge day for Privateer Press fanatics with the release of the much anticipated Mark II rules set for the popular Warmachine table-top miniature game. The rules were in Beta test for almost six months before finally being released in an official rulebook form. Players have been impatient for the book as this marks the first rule revision for the game in almost seven years! More releases are scheduled to coincide with the new rules including the all new plastic multi-jack kits that release in January and February, and the faction books which are also new to the Iron Kingdom Universe and will release throughout the coming months. New sculpts for popular casters have already been released and never before seen models are also making their way down the production line for release soon. If you havent already bought your copy of the new rules stop by Area 51 today and pick it up. Softcover versions of the book retail at $29.99, an unbelievable low price in the world of gaming books! Hardcover is available but only in limited quantities.
Full Coverage of the Event

Justin Petri takes 4 at local 5K event! Warmachine MKII Releases Upcoming Releases Events Calendar
MKII Resurgence Tournament
Area 51 will host the MKII Resurgence Tournament on th Saturday, January 30. The point values will be 25, 35, 50 as per the Privateers suggestion. Press Ganger Nathan will be running the event for the store however if you have questions feel free to email us or you can check the event rules at

Newsletter 1

continued from page 1
Upcoming New Releases @ Area 51
Here is a list of products releasing soon. If you are interested in any items you see here please let the staff at Area 51 know so that we can ensure that product is available at time of release.
RELEASE DATE 01/20 Privateer Press PIP31062 Cygnar Ironclad/Defender/Cyclon $34.99 -Heavy WarjackPIP32061 Menoth Crusader/Templar/Vanquis $34.99 -Heavy Warjack-
RELEASE DATE 01/11 Alderac Ent. AEG5011 AEG5012 AEG5010-1 Reaper Minis RPR50130 RPR50131 RPR60009 RPR60010 Gray Aliens Andromedan Vizer PF: Seoni, Iconic Sorceress PF: Xaresha, Lamia $5.99 $5.99 $5.49 $7.99 Infinite City Thunderstone $34.95 $39.99

PIP32065 PIP32069

Menoth Feora Priestess o/t Flame $11.99 Menoth Warcaster High Reclaimer $14.99
Tomb: Cryptmaster Dice $9.95
PIP33063 Khador Deci/Destroy/Jugg/Maraud $34.99 -Heavy WarjackPIP34066 -HelljackPIP91046 PIP91047 PIP91048 PIP91049 Cryx Corrupter/Reaper/Slayer Cygnar MkII Deck Menoth MkII Deck Khador MkII Deck Cryx MkII Deck Mercenary MkII Deck $34.99
$18.99 $18.99 $18.99 $18.99 $18.99
RELEASE DATE 01/12 Wizards of the Coast WOC19984 WOC25135 WOC25359 Alara Block Prem. Foil Pak $11.99


RELEASE DATE 02/5 MTG: Worldwake Booster Packs MTG: Worldwake Intro Packs MTG: Worldwake Fat Packs RECENTLY RELEASED $3.99 $12.29 $34.99
Path of the Planeswalker GN $14.95 Heroscape D&D $29.99
RELEASE DATE 01/13 Paizo Publishing PZO9028 PZO9408 PF #28: The Infernal Syndrome $19.66 PF: Dwarves of Golarion $10.99
PIP 31071 PIP 33065 PIP 33072
Warmachine CG Commd Adept Nemo Warmachine KD Kommandant Irusk Warmachine KD Butcher of Khardov Warmachine CX Pirate Queen Skarre Warmachine Ret HG Halberdier O/S Warmachine Ret HG Rifleman O/S Warmachine Template Set Hordes Template Set No Quarter Magazine #28
RELEASE DATE 01/19 Alderac Ent. AEG15200 AEG15211 L5R CCG: Harbinger Deck $12.99
PIP 34068 PIP 35029 PIP 35030 PIP 91034 PIP 91035 PIP NQ28
L5R CCG: Harbinger Booster $3.69

Newsletter 2

There is a full list available of the weekly events held at Area 51 on our website: Here is a calendar of Special Events going on at Area 51 for January and February 2010:
Firestorm Armada Back In Stock at Area 51!


Jan 16 Saturday 11:00am Uncharted Seas Tournament 750pts. Competition Fleet Comp. Rules. Guaranteed $100 A51 Gift Certificate for 1st Place! ($10 Entry Fee) Jan 23 Saturday 10:30am Warhammer 40K Tournament $10 Entry Fee, 400pts following normal Combat Patrol Rules. See Area 51 Forums for Details. Jan 24 Sunday 12:00pm Fields of Glory Open Game (Hosted by Ben Toon and Jeff Key) Jan 30 Saturday 11:00am Warmachine MKII Resurgence Tournament 25pts, 35pts, 50pts ($10 Entry) Details can be found on the Privateer Press website under Organized Play or in store upon request. Hordes factions may play, however only the tournament champion coin is available to win. Jan 31 Sunday 11:00am Magic the Gathering: WorldWake Pre-release Sealed Format ($25 Entry Fee) **64 Players Max** Feb 5 Friday 7:00pm Magic the Gathering: Worldwake Launch Party Booster Draft Format ($15 Entry Fee) **64 Players Max** Feb 13 Saturday 11:00am Uncharted Seas Tournament 750pts. Competition Fleet Comp. Rules ($10 Entry Fee) Feb 14 Sunday 1:00pm Anima Tactics Tournament 300pts (New Rules in Effect) Feb 20 Saturday 10:00am Painting Contest (Entries Due by 5:00pm) ($5 Entry or Free with Model Purchase) 11:00am Warmachine MKII Tournament 35pts ($10 Entry)
Its been a long wait, but the much anticipated restock of the space combat miniature game Firestorm Armada has arrived. Fleet Boxes and a limited supply of rule books are now on the shelf! Also, along with Firestorm, the Uncharted Seas fantasy naval combat game is also back in stock. Both games are produced by the small European company Spartan Games, and the high demand for product has caused numerous delays in getting restocks previously. Now that the holidays are over however and shipping schedules are back to normal, Area 51 is doing everything it can to ensure product is readily available.

Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles 130 N. Main Street Grapevine, TX 76051 Phone: (817) 416-2595 Email: Join us on the web at:
Check out our Forums to talk strategy about your favorite game or whats going on at Area 51!

Newsletter 3

Newsletter 4


Area-51 Newsletter

Issue #4 February 27, 2011
Area 51 Now Selling MtG Legacy Single Cards
Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles
Warhammer Fantasy Indy Trader Tournament
After popular demand, Area 51 will now be selling Magic the Gathering Vintage, Legacy and Extended single cards in store. This includes a large selection Dual Lands and a majority of popular favorites. In addition, Area 51 is also now buying collections of Magic the Gathering Cards. Have that old box sitting in your closet collecting dust? Come in and turn that space waster into cash or store credit!
Warhammer Fantasy invades Area 51 as the store gets th ready to host the Bloodbath at Area 51 on March 5. The tournament adds a new dynamic to the competitive miniature tournament by having players compete in three rounds of 1v1 followed by a 3v3 final battle for the top three invaders and top three defenders. The way it works is that players will be divided into two groups randomly, Defenders & Invaders. Players will play in three rounds each with a unique scenario. Once completed, the top three invaders will team up to take on the top three defenders in a final battle to determine winners. Prizes will go to best armies on both the invading and defending side as well as giveaways throughout the day and prizes for all players reaching the final battle. Area 51 will also be giving away a FREE Bloodbath at Area 51 T-shirt to every person who plays in the event! The store will also be offering a 25% discount to anyone who pre-orders the new Orc Army Book when they sign up for the event! Tournament lists are due by th close on Monday, February 28 to, so dont delay! Call the store and register today.

Area 51 Grand Prix Trial

Coming up on Sunday, March 13 Area 51 will be hosting a Grand Prix Trial tournament at 11:00am. The event will award the winner of the tournament early round byes in the Grand Prix Tournament coming to Dallas in April! You can expect the competition to be at a premium and the prizes to be worth your attendance. For more information visit the Area 51 Event Calendar on


Area 51 Now Selling MtG Legacy Singles Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Mar. 5th New Releases Area 51 Special Events Quick News
Win 100 Reaper Paints at Area 51!
Starting March 1 through May 7 come into Area 51 and buy your raffle ticket for a chance at 100 Reaper paints of your choice! Tickets are $20 each and the th drawing will be held on May 7 at 6:00pm. See store for more details!

Newsletter 1

Upcoming & New Releases
Here is a list of products recently released or releasing soon. If you are interested in any items you see here please let the staff at Area 51 know so that we can ensure that product is available at time of release.


Want to know whos who of gaming at Area 51? Well here is the list of recent event winners for tournaments and leagues held at Area 51!

New Products & Coming Soon
WIZARDS OF THE COAST Mirrodin Besieged Event Decks: Mirr: $25 Phx: $30 *Now Available* Duel Deck: Knights vs. Dragons (TBD) D&D Board Game: Wrath of Ashardalon $64.99 GAMES WORKSHOP Fantasy: Orcs Army Book 37.25MSRP Fantasy: Savage Orcs Box 29.00MSRP Fantasy: Savage Orc Boar Boyz 24.75MSRP Fantasy: Orc Arachnarok Spider 57.75MSRP *All GW Minis are 25% OFF MSRP at Area51* FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Mansions of Madness $79.99 Rogue Trader Core Rulebook $69.95 Anima Tactics: Raziel Nk-X $29.95 Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear $79.99 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Omens of Ruin $14.95 -----HOT or LIMITED Item---------Pre-Order Now-----

Anima Tactics

Tournament 1/29 (8 players) 1st: John Blankenship

Magic the Gathering

FNM Top 8 2/25 (34 players) Tye Randall Alex Huebner Connor Cole Carl Hendrix Sean Horne Randy Glenn Reid Appleby J.D. Sholar FNM Top 8 2/18 (38 players) Christian Flodstrom-Sconce Matt Long Nick Skrobe James Teeple Alex Andrup Luke Klopchic Justin Petri Donnie Rose

Warmachine / Hordes

Tournament - 2/15 (12 players) 1st: James Russell 2nd: Michael Pierce

Newsletter 2

There is a full list available of the weekly events held at Area 51 on our website: Here is a calendar of Special Events going on at Area 51 for March and April 2011:
Mondays 7:00pm Texas Holdem: Tournament Style $5.00 Entry Fee, Casual play for prizes Tuesdays 6:00pm - Warmachine Open Play 7:00pm MtG EDH League Wednesdays New Comic Day 6:00pm - Board Game Night - Bring one or play one of ours for FREE. Fun for the whole family! Thursdays 6:00pm - Magic the Gathering Booster Draft $15 Entry, Continuous Single Elimination Pods. Last pod begins at 9:00pm Fridays 6:00pm - Warhammer 40K Open Play 7:00pm - Friday Night Magic Tournament- Standard Constructed, $5 Entry Fee Saturdays 11:00am - Dungeons & Dragons RPGA Session 1 (Yahoo Groups: Area51RPGA) 4:30pm - Dungeons & Dragons RPGA Session 2 (Yahoo Groups: Area51RPGA) Sundays 12:00pm - Flames of War Hosted by Jeff Key (1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays Only)


Mar 5 Saturday 9:00am Registration: Bloodbath at Area 51 Tournament 2500pts Warhammer Fantasy Tournament 10:00am Round 1 Begins Mar 13 Sunday 11:00am MtG Grand Prix Trial Standard Constructed Format, $10 Entry Fee *Winner gets byes in Grand Prix Dallas* Mar 26 Saturday 5:00pm Anima Tactics Tournament 300pts w/+30pts for Advantage Cards, $5.00 Entry April 16 Saturday 12:00pm Flames of War: Regional Qualifier 1750pt Late War Tournament Lists due to by 4/9/11 $20 Entry Fee Over $200 awarded in Prizes April 23 Saturday 11:00am Star City Games Qualifier Winner gets $250 Travel Voucher & Qs for SCG Invitational Prizes to Top 8 May 7 Saturday 10:00am Free Comic Book Day Free comics to kids, Charity raffles, Storewide Sales FREE Donuts and Coffee starting at 10:00am
Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles 130 N. Main Street Grapevine, TX 76051 Phone: (817) 416-2595 Email: Join us on the web at:
Check out our Forums to talk strategy about your favorite game or whats going on at Area 51!

Newsletter 3

The Quick of Things
Flames of War: Vietnam is Coming!
Battlefront has announced that the Vietnam FoW range is now going to be their official second theater. Releasing later this year will be the first full installment with the Tropic Lightning book that will encompass both the new units and rules for the Vietnam theatre as well as all previously published scenarios and rules.
MtG Star City Games Invitational Qualifier
On April 23rd, Area 51 will host a Invitational Qualifier tournament where the winner gets qualified for a spot in the SCG Invitational tournament in Indianapolis later in the summer. The winner will also get a $250 Travel Voucher good towards his travel to the SCG event. Prizes will be awarded to the top 8 players and the higher the attendance the more prizes that will be handed out. For more information visit or
Helldorado Comes to Area 51!
Helldorado comes to Area 51! The new and exciting miniature game from Cypher Studios is in full swing here at the store. The entire line is fully stocked including the starters for each faction and all the additional blisters of minis. The game caters to fans of the smaller skirmish style miniature games but has several distinct differences to that of its parent game Anima Tactics. The miniatures look amazing (as usual with C. Studios.) Look for in store demos to begin in early March and leagues to start in April.

Games Workshop Product Discounts
As most people have noticed, Area 51 no longer stocks a full line of all GW ranges. Instead, we will now only carry the basic GW ranges and move to a special order only on Expanded and Direct GW products. The positive side of this? Now and going forward all GW miniatures will be 25% OFF. If thats not enough, all GW miniatures that have not yet released can be pre-ordered up to a week before release at 30% OFF! This move has been made to better serve our customers while helping to expand our other lines of miniatures.
Free Comic Book Day is Fast Approaching!
Dont forget that Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day at Area 51! Gamers have something to look forward to as well with sales on favorite gaming items and raffles for awesome prizes! If thats not enough, enjoy free donuts and coffee from open to noon! The festivities start at 11am and run until 6pm!
Warhammer 40K League Starting in April!
The new Warhammer 40K league is starting at Area 51 and would love to have you join! Visit the Area 51 web forums at for details and the upcoming Warhammer 40K league details.
Dystopian Wars Is Coming!
Dystopian Wars has been selling very well since we received it in stock here at Area 51. Because of this, we have a reasonably large restock order delivering soon. In addition we will be running demos and open gaming (run by Bri Praslika) starting in mid March.

Newsletter 4

Here is a small write-up that was turned into us by Mike Stover about his most recent game of the Area 51 T.A.K.S Flames of War League which is heading into its final month of play in March. Look for season 2 to start up in May!
Introduction: The Indian and German Rifle Companies looked across the sands at each other both waiting for the other to attack. Finally the young British officer assigned recently to the Indian Company, blew his whistle and exclaimed, "It's all on us laddies. We 'ave got to get that bloody village secure for Monty's boys." Michael E. Stover - Game 4: Stephen Wilcox Both sides had defensive forces so the attack by the Indians was overly challenging. The AT guns were useless. The 25lb guns were ineffective having succumb to the German air superiority. The Carrier Platoons dashed past the dug in German infantry after a failed assault making for the German artillery. Unfortunately they failed morale after being direct fired upon. Both Infantry platoons were cut down trying to get to the German lines. The Valentines made their appearance behind the village objective as the Panzers turned to aid the infantry moving from their defensive positions to the village once the threat had been quelled in their sector leaving the mortars to keep the Indian mortars and AT guns pinned. The Valentines pressed the assault and moved to the objective. After Panzer fire destroyed one and bailed one, the German infantry had moved into assault range. The final Indian platoon arrived to take positions in the village around the objective. All German fire concentrated on the Valentine and infantry. The Panzerfaust command team took out the last Valentine before failing morale for below half strength. The final Indian stand was assaulted off the objective with the bailed Valentine captured in the followup assault. The Indian force with no teams within 16" of the objective, withdrew its remaining forces to regroup for their next engagement. 5-2 in favor of the Germans. Bring on the night fight! -Mike S.-



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