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Games PC Dark Reign 2Dark Reign 2 [PC Game]

Developed by Pandemic Studios - Activision (2000) - 3D Real-Time Strategy - Rated Teen

The battlefield of the future has arrived with Dark Reign 2, the sequel to 1997's sci-fi real-time strategy game. Taking place in the 26th century, the game follows the epic battle between the Jovian Detention Authority (JDA) and the Sprawlers. While the noble JDA police force seeks to quell the fires of anarchy on the once peaceful planet, the dastardly Sprawlers are resisting and mounting attacks of their own. Each playable faction possesses varying strengths and weaknesses in a campaign s... Read more

Platform: PC
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 2000
Controls: Joystick/Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
UPC: 047875105034
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The Saboteur PC 35 Act 2: Dark Reign


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Trex 2:38pm on Friday, October 29th, 2010 
A spunky-yet-honorable rebellion. In fact, Dark Reign 2 is a prequel to Dark Reign and each mission documents the foundation of the evil empire.
dwcrist 1:39am on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 
When I saw Dark Reign 2 in Wal-Mart, packaged with three other great games (HeavyGear II, Quake II, and Battlezone II) for just $10...
teensupermegirls 8:25am on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
great game i only bought this game because i loved the first one i expected the second one to be rubbish most follow ups to original games are rubbish... CANNOT BREAK AWAY I bought this primarily as a LAN game, but noooo... the single player is much more fun. Very Good, but not too Smart An old school RTS game, except transferred into 3D. All the elements are there.
scoazera 2:24am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
Adding it all up, Dark Reign 2 weighs in as a worthy successor to the original. First off this game looks absolutely amazing. It takes a step away from most strategy games in the fact that it is fully 3d.
porkape 1:31pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
Dark Reign 2 is a game that beats most other RTS games hands down. Dark Reign is a good game but i feel that many improvements could have been made. Everything about it is good but not exactly fantastic.

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Dark Reign 2 Windows Developed by: Pandemic ( Published by: Activision ( Reviewed by: Tim Maxwell Official Site: Genre: Strategy System Requirements: 233MHz Pentium II processor Windows 95/MB RAM 650 MB of free space DirectX 7.0a video and sound card 4X CD-ROM 16 Bit Windows compatible sound card DirectX 5.0 (included) or higher Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device Supports: N/A ESRB: Teen Overall Rating: 8 Graphics: 9/10 Sound: 9/10 Documentation: 9/10 Getting Started: 9/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Value: 8/10 The Good Press: Spectacular graphics; simple, yet intuitive interface; excellent musical score; engaging story. The Bad Press: Gameplay closely mimics that of just about every other RTS game youve ever played; some annoying AI quirks. Overview: Although not groundbreaking, superb ambience and a strong plot make Dark Reign 2 a must-have for RTS fans. Tips: If possible keep a couple of repair vehicles near your sentry guns protecting the base. That way, as they take damage, they are instantly repaired. Before launching a full-scale assault on an enemy base, its often wise to send out a single unit or two to see what youre up against. Dont get overzealous while building. Using too much power can slow down production.
Real-time strategy games really havent changed all that much since the initial popularity of Command & Conquer. Sure, technology has done wonders for graphics, sound and multiplayer capabilities, but the tried-and-true gameplay always remains essentially the same. So, how do you know which one is right for you in such a crowded and competitive genre? Well, if youre looking for awesome graphics and sound, an intuitive interface, and a gripping storyline, Activisions new Dark Reign 2 just might be the ticket. The story in Dark Reign 2 revolves around a struggling planet Earth. Years of war and carnage have substantially depleted the worlds resources, and the planet is now governed by an oppressive worldwide police force known as the Jovian Detention Authority. For a long period of time, the JDA was considered to be the superpower of the world, while the lowly Sprawlers were mired in personal conflict in the toxic regions of the world. An unexpected catastrophic event has changed all this, and the Sprawlers have united in an effort to overtake the JDA and ultimately, the world. Which side will reign supreme? The answer is up to you. Your first order of business in Dark Reign 2 is to choose which race youd like to control. You really cant go wrong either way, as both have the ability to build and manufacture some impressive vehicles and structures. Each of the twenty missions will require different building strategies and resource allocation. The storyline and objectives are laid out for you in the form of nice, between-level cutscenes. The campaigns are fairly standard for RTS games including such tasks as search-and-destroy, escorts, disabling a base, attempting alliance with an unknown
species, etc. As an added challenge, the missions take place in varying weather conditions, and at different times of day. This may sound like just a throw-in, but these factors play a great deal into your overall strategy. For example, your base may need solar power in order to function properly. If power is low and the sun has set, you may not have access to the vital overhead map or production may slow down. These little extras not only add to the realism of the gameplay, but are darn cool to look at as well. Dark Reign 2 has strayed from the norm in the RTS genre by introducing full 3D graphics and terrain. Gone are the days of tiny, pixilated vehicles and microscopic, indistinguishable troops parading around. Everything from immense structures like the Sprawler Juggernaut Factory to the miniscule JDA Guardian are presented with meticulous detail and are quite literally a joy to behold. Each individual unit is instantly identifiable and beautifully animated as well. The same can be said for the terrain, which again is not only breathtaking to look at, but makes you think at the same time. The maps range from sweeping, green meadows to dry, desolate wastelands and encompass just about everything in between. Enormous rolling hills are everywhere, as are deep valleys and bodies of water. Best of all, I didnt experience any slowdown on my P2-450/Voodoo3 combinationeven with all the details cranked up. If nothing else, Dark Reign 2 is worth the price of admission just for its visuals. The games audio is equally impressive. Music, which is usually more of an annoyance than anything in most RTSs, is very well done here and fits the mood of each mission perfectly. Most of the tracks are your standard rock/techno selections, but sound great and wont distract you as you play. The voiceovers for each of the structures and vehicles are excellent as well. Admittedly, I did grow tired of the same phrases over and over every time I ordered my troops to move, but this is a minor problem and can easily adjusted to suit your preferences. The construction rigs have perhaps the coolest voicessimilar to the battle droids in Star Wars: Episode 1. All explosion and gunfire sounds as it should as well, and a soothing female narrator chimes in frequently to let you know about events taking place. Fans of the Command & Conquer line of games will be quite familiar with the interface in Dark Reign 2. The screen is broken up into several areasincluding the terrain youre currently looking at, a small (perhaps a little too small) overhead map of the area, and other handy information such as status of construction projects, time of day, and available resources. Similar to just about every other RTS out there, the first thing to do in many missions is to create a base, build some collectors and a refinery, build a garage/barracks, and get some troops going. The interface is very simple to navigate, and allows quick access to your available units and makes programming them a breeze. I especially liked how easy it was to divide troops into teams and attack the enemy from different locations. Interface is of utmost importance in RTS games, and certainly doesnt disappoint in Dark Reign 2. I really dont have much to complain about with Dark Reign 2, but it should be noted that it does have a few minor problems. As mentioned, the overhead map is really small and doesnt really give you an accurate representation of the areas surrounding you. Furthermore, troops tend to get stuck in tight places and sometimes will ignore orders after a period of time. In fairness, these problems are typical in all RTS games, so Im willing to look past them. Dark Reign 2 is every bit as enjoyable and addicting as all of the other strategy games youve known and loved, but raises itself to a new level with incredible graphics, sound, and ambience. If youre a fan of real-time strategies, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. If youre not a fan, Dark Reign 2 will make you one. It certainly did me.


Metal Gear Solid Windows Developed by: Konami ( Published by: Microsoft ( Reviewed by: Tim Maxwell Official Site: Genre: Action System Requirements: 266 MHz Pentium II or equivalent processor 4 MB 3D Accelerator Card Microsoft Windows 95 or later Operating System 32 MB RAM 300 MB of hard disk space; additional 100 MB of space for swap file Quad speed or faster CD-ROM drive Super VGA 16-bit color monitor Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Gamepad recommended Supports: gamepad ESRB: Mature Overall Rating: 8 Graphics: 8/10 Sound: 8/10 Documentation: 7/10 Getting Started: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Value: 9/10 The Good Press: Most of the shortcomings that plagued the PlayStation version of MGS have been addressed; great storyline and movie-like flair; the inclusion of the VR Missions will keep you occupied for many months to come; Snake is the ultimate bad-ass. The Bad Press: Youll have the main game licked in under 10 hours and a good portion of that time is spent watching cut scenes or listening to dialogue. Overview: Finally, a console port worth purchasing. Tips: Try to avoid firefights in well-guarded areas. If youre noticed, an army of soldiers will be waiting. Whatever you do, dont dispose of the CD jewel case. You wont be able to complete the game without finding the clue on the back.
Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation went down in history as one of the best selling and most innovative games to ever be released on any platform. It introduced gamers to a more mature, movie-like gaming experience and emphasized stealth and cunning to the guns-a-blazing action that players had been accustomed to. However, despite the scores of accolades the game received, it certainly had its share of problems. Minor annoyances like the obnoxious save game feature and less than ideal camera angles tarnished an otherwise outstanding effort. Im happy to report that the PC re-release of MGS successfully addresses many of these shortcomings, and proves that a console to PC port can actually improve a game. For those of you who never had the privilege of playing the original MGS, the story revolves around Solid Snake, a world-renowned governmental operative whos been sent to a nuclear weapons disposal facility in Alaska to stop a terrorist heist. Snake is well known for his remarkable craftiness and ability to complete assignments against all odds. Armed only with a pair of binoculars, a genetic implant to prevent frostbite, and a smuggled pack of smokes (which, like so many of the obscure items youll discover, is vital to the completion of your mission), Snake must infiltrate the complex and foil the terrorists plans before they nuke the White House. This daunting task is made slightly easier thanks to a sophisticated radar and communications system. The radar is conveniently situated in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and alerts you to the locations of enemies, security cameras and important locations. The catch is, if youre discovered by a soldier or enter an area with an
abundance of electronic resonance, the radar wont work. Communication is handled through the codec, a small device thats planted into Snakes ear so he can be in constant contact with his friends back at the base. Whenever you run into trouble or have the desire to hear Mei Ling spout off an ancient Chinese proverb, simply enter the desired frequency and let the conversation begin. Perhaps the best aspect of MGS is the variety and inventiveness involved with the assorted objectives. No operation is ever the same, and youll find yourself in a major bind just about every time you turn around. How to get yourself out of these predicaments is what makes the game such a blast to play. To give you an idea of what Im talking about, imagine yourself standing before a room filled with toxic gas and an electrified floor. What do you do? Simple-run down stairs and get the remote-controlled missile launcher, return to the room, fire and guide the missile down a narrow hallway (avoiding motion-sensing machine gun turrets along the way), destroy the power generator, barge in and kill the unsuspecting guard, take the gas mask and continue. Easy, right? Lets just say that they didnt teach this stuff back at the academy. In terms of artificial intelligence and realism, MGS is a mixed bag. At times, enemy soldiers show remarkable intelligence, as theyll investigate footprints in the snow, or the splashing sound made as you tiptoe through a puddle. In contrast, theyll display complete ineptness if you stand outside their cone of visioneven if youre directly in front of them. Many of the tactics employed by Snake to avoid detection are fairly believable, although you cant help but chuckle when he whips a human-size cardboard box out of his pocket and hides inside it. Okay, so there are some lapses of realism, but they dont detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. Besides, if someone sent you unarmed into a nuclear weapons compound crawling with heavily armed terrorists and traps littered everywhere, youd take any advantage you could too, right? The biggest complaints that gamers had about the PSX version of MGS were the awkward camera angles (usually an overhead view that makes it difficult to see whats in front of you) and the stage-based save feature. These issues have been resolved on the PC version with the inclusion of a first-person mode and a save anywhere feature. It should also be noted that the PC version also includes the VR Missions add-on pack which was sold as a separate game for the PSX. Basically, the VR Mission pack is an extension of the training missions found in the original game. While not nearly as cool as playing the main game itself, the add-on (which boasts around 300 additional missions) is certainly a welcome inclusion. As an added bonus, all of the missions are available at the outset, so you wont have to spend hours trying to unlock them like you did in the past. While MGS certainly set new high-water marks for graphics on the PlayStation, many gamers (myself included) were clamoring to see the game in high-resolution mode. People who purchased the Bleem! Emulator got a taste of MGS in high-res, but unfortunately the game was virtually unplayable. Assuming you have a decently equipped PC, youll now be able to witness MGS in all its graphical splendor with virtually no slowdown. In terms of aural performance, the game remains identical to the PSX version. The musical score is excellent and the voice acting (although the characters tend to be a bit long-winded) is superb. Nuff said. Overall, Metal Gear Solid is perhaps the perfect example of how to port a console game to the PC. So many ports are rushed and usually dont take full advantage of a PCs superior power and ability. MGS for the PC is a rare exception to this rulethe problems were addressed, the graphics were improved, and additional gameplay modes were added. What more could you ask for?


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The battlefield of the future has arrived with Dark Reign 2, the sequel to 1997's sci-fi real-time strategy game. Taking place in the 26th century, the game follows the epic battle between the Jovian Detention Authority (JDA) and the Sprawlers. While the noble JDA police force seeks to quell the fires of anarchy on the once peaceful planet, the dastardly Sprawlers are resisting and mounting attacks of their own. Each playable faction possesses varying strengths and weaknesses in a campaign spanning 20 missions.



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