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bukkake777 1:21pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
PROS: OS, look, Awesomeness ITs great, and the idea is well along with the OS its a Mac downsized. its size is a bit big Bought the 16G WiFi for my wife. She enjoys playing games, surfing the web, reading books, reading email and catching up on her Soaps at
hashar 3:09am on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 
Does this device have any real flaws? Lets address some real shortcomings of the iPad. you will love the 9 inches screen. You will enjoy the touchscreen experience with iPad Fast, Lightweight, Compact
r_pradeep2001 4:05am on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 
Awesome game player, and has replaced my laptop but I do not have to need for business and so I do not know about how those work. Great for traveling,...

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Finding Aid Report

Josh Brandt Video Game Collection


This collection contains over 100 PC games ranging from 1983 to 2002. The games have been kept in good condition and most are contained in the original box or case. The PC games span all genres and are playable on Macintosh, Windows, or both. There are also guides for some of the games, and game-related T-shirts. The collection was donated by Josh Brandt, a former WPI student. Container List Container


Tass Times in Tonestown
Activision game in original box, 3 1/2" disk
Box Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Curse of the Azure Bonds
5 1/4" discs, form IBM PC, in orginal box
Box Life & Death: You are the Surgeon
3 1/2" disk and related idtems, for IBM PC, in original box

Box Spaceward Ho!

1/2" disks, for Apple Macintosh, in original box
Box Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Heads or Tails of It
Infocom, 3 1/2" discs, for Macintosh in original box
Box Wizardry - Bane of the Cosmic Force
1/4" discs, for IBM, in original box
Box Star Wars X Wing Space Combat Simulator
1/2: disks for IBM, in original box
Box Journey - The Quest Begins
1/2" discs, for Macintosh, in original box

Box Exodus Ultima 3

1/2: disc, for Macintosh, in orginal box

Box Run for the Money

Business Games Series, 1/1: disc, for Macintosh, in original plastic case
Box 1 GameBoy Games: Super Mario Land, Tetris, Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins, Metroid
These four Game Boy games have been kept preserved in plastic cases
Box 1 Random 5 1/4" Discs
F-19 Stealth fighter; Last Half of Darkness; Hugo's House of Horrors; Warlords Demo; Mean 18 Golf; Wizard Tank War; Collage; Citydesk; Crime Lab; Dracula in London

Page 1

Box 1 Box 2 1989
75 of: 3 1/2" discs, loose or in file box SIM CITY
2 3-1/2" discs, for Macintosh, in original box

Box SIM CITY 3000

for Macintosh, box and book only (no disks)


for Macintosh, 2 3-1/2" disks, book, in original box


for Windows 95 or 98, box only (no discs)
Box SIM CITY 2000 User's Manual

User's Manual only

Box 3 in Three
for Macintosh, manual in box; no disc

Box Might 1 and Magic 2

for Macintosh, 2 manuals, no disks
Box Taskmaker Storm Impact
for Macintosh, 2 disks & manual, in envelope
Box Douglas Adams Starship Titanic
3 CD's, manual, in original box

Box MYTH The Total Codex

3 CSs in original box
Box MYTH The Fallen Lords
CD plus manual in original box


2 CD's for Macintosh


3 CD's - Marathon, Marathon Infinity, Marathon Trilogy Box Set, plus SInfinity manual
Box 3 Box 2000 Pathways into Darkness CD Unreal Series
2 different CDs' Toatlly Unreal - 4 CDs; Unreal Mission Pack 1 - 1CD

Box The Space Bar

Box Headcandy, Kaleidoscope of Light and Sound

CD in original box

Box Puppet Motel
Laurie Anderson, CD in original box

Page 2

Quake Series
for Marcintosh, Quake Mission Pack No. 1, Quake Mission Pack No. 2, Q!Zone for Quake, Instruction Manual for Q!Zone and Malice, Quake Stuff (all CDs)

Box MDK Quickstart Guide

3 CDs, MDK2 (1CD)
Box Of Light and Darkness - The Prophecy

Box Under a Killing Moon

4 CD's

Box Wing Commander 3

for Macintosh - Discs 1-4; Super Wing commander for Macintosh - 1CD

Box Medal of Honor Allied Assault
1 CD; Medadl of Honor Spearhead Expansion Pack 1 CD (both for Mac)
Box XPLORA 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World

Box Astronomica

for Macintosh 1 CD
Box 3D Ultra: The Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions

Box MacPack Sneak Attack

Discs 1-3: Descent, Daryl F. Gates Police Quest, A-10 Attack!

Box Interstate '76

1CD and Nitro Pack 1CD

Box Battle Girl




Box Iron Helix

Box Heretic 2
Box Sid Meter's Civilization 2

MacSoft - 1CD

Page 3

Final Doom

for the Mac 1 CD
Box THIEF 2 The Metal Age
box only (no CD), THIEF Gold - box unopened


for Macintosh, 5 CD's, plus Official Guide and Poster

Box The 7th Guest

PC CD ROM 2 CDs, plus instructional manual


for Macintosh


case only
Box Afterlife: The Last Word in SIMS
Box Connections - It's a Mind Game

Box Food Chain

Box Peter Pan

for Macintosh, 1 CD

Box The Jungle Book
Box Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack

Activity Pack

Box John Romer's Daikatana

Box Shockwave Assault

Box 4 Ambrosia Software Inc.

Box 4 U-Boat

Box Themepark

Box Spectre

Page 4

Future Cop L.A.P.D.

Box Spaceship Warlock

Mac CD

Box PGA Tour 3

Macintosh 1 CD

Box Wolfpack
Box 4 1996-2002 Mac Addict Discs
1-3, 5-11, 13-32, 34-41, 44-51, 68-70, 73-75

Box MacAdvocate II Discs

7 MacAdvocate Discs

Box 4 Demo CD's

6 discs
Box Virtual Developer Central

Macintosh 1 disk

Box 4 Mac Games

1 disc, labeled by Josh

Box Star Wars Jedi Knight - Dark Forces
1 disc, Mysteries of Sith 1 disc

Box Quake III Arean

in silver metal box

Box X Wing Star Wars

collectors CD-rom, enhanced Mac version in box
Box Star Wars X-Wing vs. the Fighter

Windows 95 CD-rom in box

Box Neuromancer
5 1/4" discs for Commodore 64, Commodore 128, 1988 in box

Box Thief GOLD

in box
Box 1985 Hacker - Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual for Hack
Box 1990 Where in time is Carmen SanDiego?
"Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego?" Detectives Manual

Box Thief - Key Card

A keyboard guid to the PC game Thief.

Page 5

Box 5 Box 5

1994 1996

X-Wing: Starfighter Reference Card Top 10 Mac Pack II

PC CD Reference Card

Box 1995 Monster 3D Starter Packs

includes 2 CDs

Box Sid Meier's Civilization II
Box 1998 Of Light and Darkness
Guide (book of the Damned) and card

Box 1999 Nocturne

Players Guide
Box Tribes Warrior Guides
Tribes - Warrior Guides; Tribes 2 - Guide and Quick Reference Card

Box Starsiege

Pilot Guide, Compendium, and Key Card

Box Black and White

windows 95/98/2000/ME Install Guide and Players Guide
Key Card and Auto Vigilante Compendium
Box Star Wars Jedi Knight
Dark Forces 2: Instructional Manual and Mysteries of the Sith: Instructional Manual

Box MDK 2

Box Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
Box Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Game Manual

Box System Shock 2

Box Shogo

Hint Guide

Box Final Doom for Mac


Box Unreal

Page 6
Journal of Siernan/Heretic II
Box 6 Box Journal of Dr. Fluke Hawkins and Max! Deus Ex
Players Guide and Midnight Sun evidence sheet

Box 1994 Epic Megagames

Newsletter, related materials
Box 1996 Bungie Publications
Bungievision newsletter, Marathon Scrapbook

Box 1996 HEXEN

Pecial Features and Troubleshooting Guide
Box 1998 Interplay Production
References and Troubleshooting guide
Box Videogame related material
Poster, calendar, decals, mouse pad, etc.
Box 1995 Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus

Box 7 T-Shirts

Video game t-shirts for: Thief II, Bungie, Marthon, Marathon 2, MYTH The Fallen Lord, Oni

Page 7



PVR-8000T SF-150T Ixus 95IS 300SI AG-7350E CU-AV200 EFW 6325 CDE3040 R-872M CDM8940 Dimension 2200 Plug-IN TC600 Mazda6 E 150P Asus W7 AK691 L-308 DR-BT100CX YST-SW150 Using IKE 25 EV Satellite 1620 S PT-LB80NTU KX-TG1100JT WF-S5207PP PV505 NV-VS70EN RM4401LM PC2550 XL-UH2000H Pundit-PH3 RM-V211T Jensen UV9 Diagram 395 Alert 2 800SI Workstation DS-61 Lrtn18320WW TW100-BRF114 World Travelmate 4320 PM-16 Missions QC5000 Motorola I836 Moto Z6W Review 52SZ8D SP-43T7HP Pclk-MD1 Sedan 2003 Husaberg-2004 CM148 Classsic Acerpower SP XR-C5200R CCD-TRV98 Dvdr3390 P-660HW-D T51K2P SCH-C225 KDC-W6531 HDP 170 DPL913VD-jpeg 19AV616DG DX626 EP-760 CDX-636 3100MFP S Sagem D30V KV-21DS1 UC8T2 IC7-MAX3 KX-TS108 KX-TA624 CA-126 Urc-5650 Yashica LM 19317 MRV-F345 UN40C6400RF Extreme 08 NMC 2001 Bonneville 1993 U4000 VC-5915V 2 0 1 1 NWZ-B142F S-DV232 Caplio G3 Compass DD-20 Forerunner 301 EW1262W Software 2700N DVP-NS575P


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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