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Games PC Icewind Dale-heart Of WinterIcewind Dale Collection DVD ROM pc Games
Journey deep into the Spine of the World - a harsh and unforgiving environment teaming with merciless beasts and terrible dangers.

Brand: ATARI
Part Number: 6334
UPC: 0354643013706, 354643013706

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aths 2:41pm on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
"Yes, what IS it?" Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter takes place in a frosty climate.
duff 8:10pm on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
Not bad at all... Icewind Dale is a fun game, and I like the expansion quite a bit. True.

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Icewind Dale & Icewind Dale 2
A Rpg game(and its sequel) with a story set in the icy north of the forgotten realms, in the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale The games take your htrough many parts of the region to restore the balance of the world


Somewhat based on the Icewind Dale Trilogy novels, by R. A. Salvatore However the game takes place centuries before the novelstory The second game does refere to the first at times, however it is not neccecary to have played the first in order to understand and enjoy the second


Black Isle Studios


Interplay Entertainment


2000, June 20th 2001
First Release Expansions released: Heart of Winter & Trials of the Luremaster game+expansion budget package game+expansion budget package game+expansion+Other Games
2002 Icewind Dale: The Collection Icewind Dale: Complete Black Isle Compilation Release Icewind Dale Icewind Dale: The Ultimate Collection Black Isle Compilation - Part Two Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons Ataris Rollenspiele: Deluxe Edition
Both game+expansions Collectors Edition Both game+expansions 2006 game+expansion+Other Games game+expansion+Other Games
I do believe the game was a somewhat moderatesuccess, my impression being based on the fact that while people sometimes recognize the game it is not very much know to the general public The critics gotten were good for the most parts, though Icewind dale 2s graphics were not as impressive as some similar games released around the same time, despte this the overall rating was good
I personally love both games, after having first time played them on a computer which would crash every ten minutes. I own both games with their expansions. I like it that while the second part refers to the first at times it is still a game that can be played on its own without any knowledge of the previous games story while the game art is somewhat dated in our current time I still prefere these games over more current games as the gameplay is good, and does not suffer under the art The games are linear, which can be a bit boring, however there are many sideuests, and many paths you can take depending on the allignment or race of your own build party Another thing I like you can make your own team, you are not stuck with premade characters, though you can use some of you like, even the character images can be customized by uploading new pictures into the game
Septerra Core Origin Designer

Valkyrie Studios

Publisher Timeline

Monolith Productions

Not very well know, it never really reached the main public. However the true fans are still loyal, and with one of the programmers and the main artist still keeping contact with the fans you get a small but loving fanbase.
I personally like the game because of the story and the artwork, the artwork was wat made me deside to buy the game in the first place, all the back back in 2000, only a few months after its release. The story is steampunk, with some sci-fi and old babylonian mythology mixed in to create a world unlike others. The world is made up out of 7 layers, each with its own cultures and inhabitants The main objecttive is, of course, saving the world from destruction. The playable characters are predefined, all with their own history, which does reflect in their ways of communication and behavior towards others



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