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Games PC Pirates Of The CaribbeanPirates of the Caribbean [PC Game]

Developed by Akella - Bethesda Softworks (2003) - Strategy RPG - Rated Teen

Blending role-playing elements with the strategy of ship-to-ship combat, Pirates of the Caribbean offers players a chance to set sail on the high seas as a treasure-hunting pirate. The player's career is not locked into one path, however. Players can work for a European power to lead a squadron, or forgo the pillage and plundering altogether for merchant sailing. Those with a taste for blood and vengeance can become a bounty hunter, or the true freedom of a pirate's life can be enjoyed w... Read more

Platform: PC
Developer: Akella
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: July 1, 2003
Controls: Keyboard, Mouse
UPC: 093155118201
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agpinheiro 8:48pm on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 
Yarr Maties!!! Treasure be in ya sights! I remember 3 or 4 years ago I walked into a Mediaworld in Terni and saw this game on the shelf. How can you all say that! Great game, once the controls were mastered. Extremely open-ended with a LOT of gameplay.

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Pirates of the Caribbean (PC, 2004)
Publisher: Disney. Developers: Bethesda, Akella WALKTHROUGH (tutorial and first act only) for the game with the fan-made Pirates Ahoy! Build 14 patch, 2009.
This is an introductory walkthrough for the main quest, and assumes you have applied the Build 14
fan patch that fixes most of the bugs/ problems with this old game. Follow the instructions carefully. Players just starting out with the game are strongly advised to follow the main quest first. Its a tricky game to get the hang of, and familiarisation is best done via trying out the main quest. Changing the keyboard controls while you are in the game breaks the game, even with the patch and mods applied. Dont tinker with the controls once youve set them up and started a new game!

Main Quest

First, select the main quest in the games interface. This is the Nathanial Hawk quest, and you are the Captain of the ship named 'Victory'. You can change the name and ship name now, if you wish.


He wakes up in his cabin and realises that his ship has only just managed to escape from last nights storm last night. His first mate Malcolm Hatcher comes in and tells him what he has to do for today. Do not skip the tutorial, tedious though it is. It will give you a lot of the basics. First you have to go
over to the largest chest in the room, open it (press ENTER while standing near it), and take out a sword, a pistol, and a small telescope.
Talk to your first mate again. Now he will tell you to equip the items (put them on). This needs to be done in the following order: sword, pistol, telescope. Do this and talk to him again. Now he will give you 12 cutlasses (!) and ask you to put them in the crews magic weapons locker. Although this is the smallest chest in the room (see below), it can apparently take many weapons!
The crew will grab weapons from this bottomless chest if the ship is boarded. Now your first mate will go outside onto the deck and invite you to follow. Go through the door after him. He will meet you on the deck and invite you to practice. He wont talk to you again until you have drawn your sword (E), practices lunging and slashing with it (space bar), shot your pistol (while sword is drawn, press Q) and done some fancy footwork (Z). He will then talk to you again and offer a real practice fight with him. This is a good time to get familiar with some of the other controls. ================================ On land (third/first person): ================================
E = Draw/Sheath sword Ctrl = Block Space = Attack/Accept/Activate Q = Fire pistol/musket Z = Dodge
Left mouse = Move forward Right mouse = Move back X axis Mouse = Left/Right player view y axis mouse = Up/Down player view Shift (hold) = Run A = Sidestep left D = Sidestep right TAB = Switch between third/first person view Enter = Open quick command menu P = Pause R = Speed up/slow down 1x/3x G = Speed up/Slow down 10x/30x F3 = Loot corpse K = Always run on/off L = Run 1 = Equip Regular Blade

2 = Equip Regular Gun 3 = Equip Cobblestone 4 = Equip Sandbag 5 = Equip Etherbottle 6 = Equip Thief's Knife 7 = Equip Poisoned Throwingknife 8 = Equip Stinkpot 9 = Equip Grenade 0 = Equip Your Trusty Fists
F1 = Main menu F2 = Character screen ESC = Cancel MenuF11 = Re-initialise F12 = Execute console
If he is happy that you can defend yourself, he will suggest that you and he need to leave for the port of Speightown on Barbados. You are anchored in the bay right now. He leaves over the side of the ship. Note the exact place he left the ship from. Go and stand by it, and you see that it acts like a door. Open it, and you will take a row-boat to the port.
Before you leave Speightown (above) you have to do the following, in this order:
Buy a new spy glass from a vendor at the harbour wall Sell the cargo at the store, so that you can get enough money to repair your ship and hire a full crew Go to tavern and hire a full crew Then go to the shipyard and repair the ship (this will take three days)
Malcolm your first mate knows the way, and guides you expertly around the town. You need to do things in exactly the order he suggests. After you finish repairing the ship, he should mention the 'Loan Shark office' where you can loan money. This in the centre of the town, near the Store. He will also mention what sells for low prices on the island, and what has high prices elsewhere. Write these items down somewhere they wont show up in your quest diary. These goods are randomised for each player at the start of a new game. Hope you dont have to sail too far to sell your cargo! You should go to the Loan Shark and get 3,000 gold. Then go to the Store and buy the items Malcolm told you about. Also buy about 6 x food and 6 x rum at the Store, otherwise your crew may mutiny on the voyage! Remember also to leave at try to always leave at least 2,000 gold for paying crew wages and sundry unforeseen expenses.
There is a dungeon in the basement of the house in front of the shipyard. But the skeleton pirates inside the dungeon are too hard for you to fight at present. Also try to avoid falling into a sewer near the main gates, as some outcast scum lurk down there in the dark, and youre not yet ready to tackle men as nasty as that. If you have trouble with the local militia stopping you leave Speightown, drop into a house half way between the Store and the Ship Yard, where a helpful local will help you bribe the militia with 100 gold. Malcolm will say farewell to you now hes an old man and has decided to retire in the town. You may be able to hire a local man in the town as a new First Mate. Hell probably bump into you or you might try the Tavern. The local wenches can supply local gossip, some of it useful. Wandering monks also offer mysterious lucky charms. Beware pickpockets after you leave the Loan Shark. Now is a good time to look at the map and work out how far it is to the island where you can sell your goods at high prices.

Note the compass direction. Planning a voyage carefully can help prevent shipwrecks and mutinies.
After youve finished in Speightown, get back to your ship, and set sail. As you do so a cinematic cut-scene kicks in the dastardly French attack the English colony of Speightown! Only the video will call it Oxbay, because the retail game used fictitious names for places. The Build 14 fan mod changes them all back to real Caribbean names, but one thing they couldnt fix was the video. Just remember - Speightown = Oxbay.
Thats you, that is the lone escapee of the cowardly French onslaught. And you will receive a new quest.
Inform the Governor of Port Royale on Jamaica about the French invasion!
Use the map to sail to Jamaica, unless youre especially intrepid and want to sail it in full real-time 3D (possible with the mod, and very thrilling - but save first!). Head North to Caraquao, then NW to Jamaica. Avoid storms on the map sail around them. You may want to visit your chosen trade island first, and drop off the cargo for a profit. Dont get tangled in any further trading though, just take on food and rum enough to get you to Jamaica to continue your main quest.
================================ Sailing (3D view/first person): ================================ W = Raise sails S = Lower sails A = Turn to port (left) D = Turn to starboard (right)
1 = Load canon balls 2 = Load grapeshot 3 = Load chainshot 4 = Load bombs (only with realistic cannons off)
V = Manual aim Space = Fire cannons C = Execute firedrill (when your ship is on fire) Enter = Quick command menu
Left mouse = Move forward (on deck) Right mouse = Move back (on deck) X axis Mouse = Left/Right player view y axis mouse = Up/Down player view
Ctrl (Hold/Release) = Zoom in/out with spyglass E = Zoom in on minimap F = Zoom out on minimap
TAB = Switch between third/first person view (not advisable)
R = Increase speed 1x/3x G = Increase speed 10x/30x
F1 = Main menu F2 = Character screen ESC = Cancel menu
================================ Sailing (navi map/third person): ================================
W = Move forward S = Move back A = Turn to port (left) D = Turn to starboard (right) X axis mouse = Left/Right camera orbit y axis mouse = Up/Down camera view

TAB (on/off) = Navimap range change + unlock on ship
Space = Enter 3D sailing mode Enter = Quick command menu
F1 = Main menu ESC = Cancel menu
If you try to enter the Governors residence at night, the guards stop you and ask you to come back in the morning. Sleep in the local tavern until dawn, for 5 gold. You may get a wench thrown in for the price!
When you enter the residence, you will first meet another sea captain. He just says goodbye and leaves, but he is obviously French! Tell the Governor about the attack. He will try to commandeer your ship to liberate Speightown, as he is now very short of good ships. Your task is now to sneak into the city of Speightown and sneak out as much as information about French troops and plans as you can. He will tell you that after you finish the task, he will (probably) reward you handsomely. So now you receive an updated quest.
If you need to stock up on food and rum for the voyage, visit the local Storekeeper who is directly opposite the Governors mansion (its easy to miss). If you need crew members, ask around town or at the tavern. There are various other side-quests and butch-fights to pick in the town, if you want to hang around and toughen up a little. You can also play dice and cards mini-games with locals in the tavern, to try to win money.
Spy on French-occupied Speightown
When you set sail again, you will notice that the French will now attack your ship just like pirates. Sail south to Green Rock Bay or Far Beach on the far side of Barbados. As long as you don't foolishly sail straight into Speightown port , you shouldnt be fighting with French battleships or getting blown to bits by the fort cannons.
Land on the beach at Green Rock Bay or Far Beach and trek through the Jungle to Speightown town. In the jungle you may encounter: 1) a gang of bloodthirsty cannibals, 2) hostile heavily-armed smugglers, 3) a troop of French militia who are exiting a cave complex. Or you may just see pretty butterflies and snakes. If you choose to enter the maze-like cave complex, there are plenty of fights to be picked with smugglers and bodies to be looted. But be sure youre up to it! Eventually you will find your way out. You may have to revisit your ship to recover, and then revisit the beach again and trek through the jungle. But the loot gained will have been worth it if you survived.
Arriving on the outskirts of the town, you may have to fight with two French guards at the rear entrance to town, if they stop you. When you are inside the town, head to the Tavern. When you talk to the British tavern keeper about the French, he will tell you that he is now sick of the French, who have been wenching and drinking the tavern dry without paying. Then you get an idea about how to get more information about French troops. There is a French officer who is drinking inside the tavern. The tavern keeper agrees to work with you for liberation of Speightown, for a small price. You approach the officer as if you want to be his first mate. And tavern keeper gives you as much rum and ale as you want enough to make the officer drunk. He tells you of a large and vital French munitions ship that everyone is waiting for. When it arrives, the entire island will be taken over (there is another town on the island, still free for now). When he is well drunk, he wants to take you outside the town to the Jungle, so as to visit some old woman with lovely daughters who lives on the outskirts. Once far enough away, you can ask for the full information you want from him. Because you threaten his life, the officer tells you everything. When you know, you can whether kill him or just let him go. If you fight and kill the nasty French sot, then two guards will spring from the undergrowth to his rescue. You must kill them too, because they overheard the secrets. Hope you bought along some of your crew to help!

The massive ammunition and arms ship is currently at Saint Pierre Harbour in neighbouring Martinique (sail due east) and is waiting to be escorted to Speightown so the French can wreak havoc on the island. You have two choices for your next strand of the main quest, which is only just beginning. You can go back to Jamaica to report the Governor (dull) - or sail east to Saint Pierre Harbour to investigate by yourself (exciting).
You return to the beach and set sail again. now you are on your own!

Enjoy the game!

There is a full Xbox walkthrough and a full PC walkthrough online. You can also get tips from searching the Pirates Ahoy! Fan message board.


1 June 2007

By: Alexandru Stanescu, Editor, Gaming Reviews (Consoles)
Pirates of the Caribbean Glitches and Secrets (PC)
Take over the four seas with this great RPG
Pirates of the Caribbean is a 2003 video game for Xbox and Windows, developed by Akella and published by Bethesda Softworks. A Sony PlayStation 2 version was also originally in development, but was later canceled. An unrelated game by the same name was also released for mobile phones, as it was a Game Boy Advance game. Pirates of the Caribbean is an action role-playing game in which the player, as Captain Nathaniel Hawk, goes on a series of quests for any of the countries that control the islands of the Caribbean in the 17th Century.The player can buy new ships, recruit a crew and hire officers who will follow Hawk on his quest and help him in battle. The game features gameplay that takes place both on land and at sea and allows the player to upgrade their character by earning skill points and gain new abilities. If you go to the door on the left side of the main building in the Chinese place you can get the Flying Dutchman as a small boat and use it as a weapon.GlitchesMoney back in hiringThis seems to work best with a high commerce rating.Go into any tavern and talk to the officer that offers to join your crew (if available). When he asks for payment, respond "Isn't that too much to ask?". He should lower his price. Continue to do this, until he goes into negative numbers. When you finally decide to hire him, a positive amount will be added to you stash.SecretsCheat: Get New ShipsBefore editing a game file always make a backup copy of that file. Go to the directory of the following file: "character_init" (Mostly it is in the following path: C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksPirates of the CaribbeanPROGRAMCharactersEnglish). It must be the one in "English" not in "Characters". Open the file, and go to the following line: "ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_LUGGER_ENGLAND;". Replace "LUGGER_ENGLAND"ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_LUGGER_ENGLAND with the following to get new ships. ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_BLACK_PEARL (the hull cannot be damaged) ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_FRIGATE_SAT ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_FEARLESS ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_FORT ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_MANOWAR_ENGLAND ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_BATTLESHIP_ENGLAND Escape Battles and StormsWhile the loading screen is up get prepared to press F3 as soon as the battle or storm loads up, press F3 and you will return to the sea. If you are a second too late, it will not work.Hyperspeed SailingI've found an easy way to speed up the boring sailing trips, especially between islands. Using a text editor open ''Interface.c'' in the game folder ''Pirates of the Caribbean/PROGRAM/INTERFACE/''. Search for the word ''arcade'' and you will find the following line at the end of the file: if(bArcadeMode) return 2.0; Change the number to the desired speed factor, e.g. ''6.0'' and save the file. In game press the time-scale key (''*'' on NumPad) and there you go, with 6 times the normal speed! Here's some neat gameplay footage from the first Pirates of the Caribbean games on the PC:
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Blending role-playing elements with the strategy of ship-to-ship combat, Pirates of the Caribbean offers players a chance to set sail on the high seas as a treasure-hunting pirate. The player's career is not locked into one path, however. Players can work for a European power to lead a squadron, or forgo the pillage and plundering altogether for merchant sailing. Those with a taste for blood and vengeance can become a bounty hunter, or the true freedom of a pirate's life can be enjoyed with no strings attached.



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