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Games PC The Settlers - Heritage Of KingsThe Settlers: Heritage of Kings [PC Game]

Developed by Blue Byte GmbH - Ubisoft Entertainment (2005) - 3D Real-Time Strategy - Rated Teen

Like the earlier Settlers games, Heritage of Kings features a series of real-time management and battle scenarios tied together with a role-playing-style storyline. By directing both economic development and warfare in real-time, players develop the forces and influence they need to conquer their enemies. The fifth full release in the series, Heritage of Kings is designed with an even greater focus on storyline continuity, such that each new scenario has an obvious and important relevance to the... Read more

Platform: PC
Developer: Blue Byte GmbH
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Release Date: February 22, 2005
Controls: Keyboard, Mouse
UPC: 008888682011
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The Settlers Heritage of kings


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HillBilly 7:52am on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 
disappointing Its just like age of mythology but done badly. nothing like the originals. Wait until its a budget title before buying it
ValerieNyre 1:52pm on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 
Fair in my assessment of the game despite my own personal misgivings. Now before I start I must make clear that for what it is, it is a good game. The Settlers: Heritage Of Kings is the latest in a long line of Settlers games made exclusively for the PC.

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27 December 2007

By: Calin Ciabai, Games Editor
The Settlers: Heritage of Kings Cheats (PC)

All the map codes

The Settlers: Heritage of Kings (also known unofficially as The Settlers V) is the fifth installment of The Settlers series of real time strategy games on the PC. Heritage of Kings breaks off from the typical pattern that Settlers games have followed since they began, while the concept of the game remains, in essence, the same, a lot of the gameplay features have changed from those of The Settlers IV, now slightly resembling many of the gameplay aspects displayed in the game Cossacks: European Wars. Despite this, Heritage of Kings still maintains many of the characteristics of classic Settlers gameplay.The objective of the game remains the same as always, create a thriving settlement, while amassing an army and defeating rival nations. There are now, however, an extraordinarily large amount of features that can be used in-game. Settlers fans will no doubt recall the scarcity of resources in the previous games, in Heritage of Kings, the introduction of Refineries for the various resources was a welcome addition, as it enabled players to construct more buildings in less time. Another welcome change, was the addition of Upgrading Buildings, allowing different new things to be done in the game. (Wikipedia) CHEATSType one of the following codes on the map screen then press Enter to play the corresponding map.Codes To play the The Great River map, type ericisdead To play the Battle of Theley map, type drakeisahero To play the Trading Caravans map, type yukiisnice To play the Race against Time map, type aricanshoot To play the Money or Life map, type heliasiswise To play the Flee Or Fight map, type kalaisevil To play the Unknown Land map, type dariohasabird To play the Flooded Land map, type kerberosisgone Here is a movie that presents the intro and the end of this great game:
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Welcome to Catan: Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extension! Now youll face even more competition from your fellow princes as you struggle to dominate the island of Catan! Meanwhile, an even larger and more powerful horde of barbarians awaits the first sign of weakness from the islands feuding princes. Will you rally the defenders of Catan, seize the initiative in expanding and improving your land, and construct one of the three great metropolises of Catan? Or will you instead be brushed aside by your covetous neighbors while someone else seizes the glory of victory?


To use this Extension you need: The Settlers of Catan basic set (Settlers) The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension (Settlers 5-6) Catan: Cities and Knights (Cities & Knights) this Extension (C&K 5-6)
This Extension contains: 18 Commodity Cards: 6 coin cards 6 paper cards 6 cloth cards 2 Defender of Catan Victory Point Cards 2 development flip-charts playing pieces in 2 colors: 6 city walls (square wooden tokens) 12 knights (round wooden tokens) 1 sheet of knight labels Extension Rules Booklet
Before you begin your first game, remove the game pieces from the tile sheet. Then apply the adhesive labels to the knight tokens. Find instructions on using the labels in the Catan: Cities & Knights Almanac.


Except where noted below, the Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extension (C&K 5-6) uses all of the rules found in Cities & Knights. These additional rules include: rules for constructing the larger board; rules for the Special Building Phase; and rules about activating knights.

Assembling the Board

First, set up the frame, using all of the pieces from the Settlers basic set and Settlers 5-6exactly as outlined in Settlers 5-6. This will enlarge the Settlers frame so that it will hold a larger island. Second, place the Barbarian Tile with the movement squares for the Barbarian Ship next to the frame. Then, construct the island following all of the rules in Settlers 5-6. Third, distribute a set of pieces to each player, as described in Cities & Knights. Place the Robber in either desert, and place the barbarian raiding ship in the Barbarian Ship space on the barbarian tile.
The Special Building Phase
Each player turn in C&K 5-6 has an additional phase called the Special Building Phase. This phase is explained in full detail in the Settlers 5-6 rules. Briefly, the turn order now changes to the following sequence: You must roll all 3 dice. Resolve the event die results. Progress cards may be drawn if allowed by the white event die. All players produce the resources indicated by the red die and the yellow die.
You may do any or all of the following in any order: Trade resources and/or commodities with other players or with the bank. Build roads, settlements, cities, knights, city walls, and/or city improvements. Activate, promote and/or perform actions with your knights. Play any number of progress cards. Once you have finished your turn, pass the dice to the next player. The other players (in clockwise order from you) may build in the Special Building Phase. During the Special Building Phase, each other player who did not just finish taking his turn may build anything for which he has resources available in his hand. Other players may not, however: perform any actions with their knights; play any progress cards; or make any trades with other players and/or with the bank. Other players may: build roads, settlements, cities, knights, city walls, and/or city improvements; and activate and/or promote knights.
Note: The rules for Settlers 5-6 indicate that a player may purchase Development Cards during the Special Building Phase. Since the Development Cards are not used when playing Cities & Knights, this option is no longer available.

Activation of Knights

Normally, a knight may not perform any actions on the turn that it has been activated. However, a knight can be activated during the Special Building Phase. Since the Special Building Phase is the last part of a turn, the knight could then perform an action during its controlling players next turn.
Example: Annas turn ends, and there is a Special Building Phase. During this phase, each player, going clock-wise from Anna around the table, may build with the resources and commodities in his hand. Still during this phase, Leif spends a Grain resource to activate 1 of his knights. After the Special Building Phase, it becomes Leifs turn. After he rolls the dice and resolves the events and production for his turn, Leif may take an action with the knight that he activated during Annas turn. 3


Copyright 1997, 2000, 2006, 2007 Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games, Inc. Published under license from Catan GmbH ( Published in cooperation with Kosmos Verlag ( Catan, Catan: Cities & Knights, Catan: Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension, and The Settlers of Catan and all other product titles and marks listed herein are trademarks of Catan GmbH. All rights reserved.
Design: Klaus Teuber (
Development: TM-Spiele GmbH. Art: Volkan Baga, Harald Lieske, Stephen Graham Walsh, and Franz Vohwinkel. Graphic Design: Pete Fenlon, Matthew Schwabel, Jason O. Hawkins, and Jessica Ney-Grimm. Production: Pete Fenlon, Coleman Charlton. Translation: Guido Teuber and William Niebling. English Language Development: William Niebling, Guido Teuber, Coleman Charlton, Robert T. Carty Jr., Will Niebling, Alex Yeager, Larry Roznai, Nick Johnson, and Pete Fenlon.
Special Thanks: Arnd Beenen, Peter Bromley, Darwin Bromley, Ariel Butler, Keywood Cheeves, Emily Johnson, Olivia Johnston, Wolfgang Ldtke, Luc Mertens, Reiner Mller, Schar Niebling, David Platnick, Lou Rexing, Al Hassan Ibn Muhammad Al Wazzan (LSKC/212-55), Karl Roelofs, Bridget Roznai, Loren Roznai, Benny Teuber, Claudia Teuber, Liam Teuber, Leif Teuber, Tom Smith, Mike Strack, Karl Roelofs, H. Jean Vanaise, Trella Wilhite, Bill Wordelmann, Elaine Wordelmann, Ed Zavada, Gero Zahn, Alan Roireau, and the late Scott Anderson.



Technical specifications

Full description

Like the earlier Settlers games, Heritage of Kings features a series of real-time management and battle scenarios tied together with a role-playing-style storyline. By directing both economic development and warfare in real-time, players develop the forces and influence they need to conquer their enemies. The fifth full release in the series, Heritage of Kings is designed with an even greater focus on storyline continuity, such that each new scenario has an obvious and important relevance to the overall epic.



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