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Games PS2 Radiata-storiesRadiata Stories [PlayStation 2 Game]

Developed by tri-Ace - Square Enix (2005) - Third-Person 3D RPG - Rated Teen

Radiata Stories is a traditionally styled Japanese console RPG, featuring endearing young heroes who face epic challenges in a fantasy realm. The game's lighthearted story follows two main characters, Jack and Ridley, who had longed all their lives to become knights and protect the kingdom of Radiata with heroism and pride. Now that they have finally earned their knighthood, however, they find themselves facing the most terrible war the land has ever known, and they must wonder if there migh... Read more

Platform: PlayStation 2
Developer: tri-Ace
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: September 6, 2005
Controls: Joystick/Gamepad
UPC: 662248905099
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A Radiata Stories& 39; Tribute to SO3


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Dave Smith 12:01pm on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 
Awesome game "First time ordering... I was a little nervous, but the item arrived super-fast, was in EXCELLENT condition.
Peter Zhang 8:00pm on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
a little corny but good gaming experience I may stop playing this jumpy game! Worth what I paid for though.

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About the Game Einjerhars
Einjerhars are the chosen souls of fallen mortals to fight alongside with the gods. Recruiting these would-be heroes for the impending battle is your main goal. Each of the characters you will be getting have their own stories; which are not related to the main plot. For some, these can be considered as sidequests. But in the game, it is a requirement. You can send up to two Einjerhars each chapter. You need to make sure that they have the necessary hero value and other skills/ traits as well. In this guide you will find Freyas requirements each chapter. Hero value and Traits Hero value determines an Einjerhars character. Most of them start with negative values, which can be increased by leveling them up (+2 Hero Value/ Level). Aside from that, players can also increase their Einjerhars hero value by allotting Capacity Points (CP) to positive traits of the character.
TIP: Characters with too many negative traits and very low Hero Value? No worries, equip them with an accessory called Amber of Happiness. This is available in the very start of the game and can be equipped in any of the last three POS equipment slots. Now, try putting CP on those negative traits, watch their Hero Value skyrocket!
Freya sometimes requires traits that are not listed in the Traits menu of the character. Some of these are being a Negotiator, Can Swim, Brave. In these cases, you need to equip the character youll send with specific accessories that will give them those abilities. In this case, a Negotiator needs to have Angels Lips equipped, Shell of Laliu will enable a character to swim and to be Brave, the Flame Bandanna is needed. If you want to conserve much valued CP, you just buy tomes when Freya requires a character with Demon/ Monster/ Undead Knowledge. These traits can be acquired by leveling them as skills.
Training Einherjars As mentioned in the topic above, characters gain +2 hero value for each level up they get. So five levels (+10 Hero Value) is really a great help if you want to meet the required hero value without maximizing/ investing CP to the characters traits. In normal mode, the characters levels are fixed when you get them. This means their CP is at full when you get them (999 pts), most of it are excised/ wasted. In hard mode however, all characters starts at level 1, which means you can maximize their growth. There are two important accessories you should consider when leveling up your characters are the Emerald Necklace (+100 CP after level up) and the Bracelet of Zoe (+300HP after level up). These two are invaluable. Both of these can be acquired as early as Chapter 2 or 3. Acquired event experiences when exploring dungeons and opening artifacts are stored in what the game calls an EXP Orb. This option can be accessed from the Party menu. Collected event experiences here can be distributed to your low level characters.

TIP: Transmute Golden Eggs or the Holy Grail (!) to a Bracelet of Zoe. Note that equipping two BoZs will not increase the HP by 600 after leveling up.

Converting to MP

When short in MP and you still need to buy something important, you can convert some items in your inventory to MP. Note that artifacts have the highest converted cost.
Walkthrough Chapter 0 - Artolian Mountain Ruins
1. Eye of Heaven 2. Iron-Barred Key 3. Vegetable Seed, Book of Everlasting Life 4. Vegetable Seed 5. Angel Curio, Savory, Quartz Gem, Nightshade 6. Element Scepter 7. Foxglove, Fire Lance 8. Treasure Search*, Angel Curio 9. Lapis Lazuli P = Pillar B = Boss This dungeon is pretty much your starting point. The dungeon is straight forward. Freya will be with you in the duration of this dungeon. Attack the pillar to obtain 500 even experience.
The item of interest here is the Treasure Search. By normal means you wont be able to reach the other side easily. You just need to position the chest here and put some crystals in it to extend your footholds. Remember that the chest has an explosive trap.
Just continue along the path and save before the boss battle. Freya will not join you in this battle; instead, she will lend you the Reiter Pallasch sword. This sword will enable Valkyrie to attack three times. It is just enough for you to complete a combo.
BOSS: Elder Vampire Dragon Servant x2 Exp: 1000

HP: 4800 HP: 500/ each

Strategy: At the start of the battle, all of your party members will have one CT each, which means you wont be able to perform any special attacks for the first turn. Also, the Dragon Servants in the front can guard combos, so break their guards by attacking all at the same time or wait for Jelandas magic attack to hit before performing a combo. Since Valkyrie can attack thrice, time your attacks so that it will all hit and you reach 100% in your combo gauge. Dont use it on the Dragon Servants though. Save it for the Elder Vampire. Once you defeated all the Dragon Servants, take your chance to pour all your special attacks to the main enemy. This guy should be down in no time. Artifacts: Jeweled Blade Grimrist = 100 Event Exp Sealed Box = 100 Event Exp Obtain 3000 exp after opening all artifacts.

Guess what, this is where the most important items in this dungeon are located. If you have the treasure search, it is impossible to miss these items. If you dont have one, then search behind the large intestine-like thingy. The two chests containing the Flame Jewel and the Mage Slayer should be there. To exit, just stand over the middle, gray lets just call it, an intestine. You will be back in the same room you started. Move to the right, past the closing tooth-like barrier. To get past easily, just jump on it and keep on holding the button forward. You will be damaged, yes, but it is the fastest way than just timing your jump. From here on, it should be straightforward and probably, the most challenging part of the dungeon apart from the boss battle.
Grab the items in #7 as shown in the map. Now continue to the room with item #8, avoiding those mouths in the floors and stairs. In that room, you need to jump over those organic pillars. Remember that you need to step on them only once as you jump! Any split second delay will send you falling down those mouths. You will be taken again to the room where the Flame Jewel and Mage Slayer are found. To avoid backtracking a distance, jump to the rightmost intestine. Youll exit 2 screens from that room. This may several tries if youre bad at timing your jumps (like me, heh) If you managed to get past, proceed to the next room.
Find the Iron Golem mini-boss guarding a lesser valued Lightning Bolt. This is a good way to vent the frustration you had earlier. This boss is not that hard but does contain a good amount of exp so this is worth the trouble. Make your way to the second giant heart. Attack it to keep the blood flowing again to those veins. Obtain 12000 event exp. Continue forth, defeating enemies along the way and grabbing those items. Save, heal and make sure everybody is in good shape. When ready, go to the next room and enter a boss fight.
Hel Servant (x2) Weakness: None Exp: 14000/ each

HP: 22000/ each

Strategy: This pair is already hard as they are. The only way to defeat them is to kill them both at the same time. If you did not, one will revive the other with FULL HP. You wouldnt want that to happen since 1) they have pretty high endurance and damage resistance; 2) their attacks are really damaging; 3) you wouldnt like your ass to be kicked by some floating eyeballs with overgrown worms (yeah, I know theyre snakes) Alright, concentrate on one of them first. Watch out when youre performing your special attacks. Do not overdo it. The lower their HP gets, the better. Do this on both of them. Now once youve damaged them both and you think you can defeat all at the same time, dont perform combination attacks. If you have some attack crystals (Holy Gem, Shadow Gem, etc) have all your warriors use them while your mage casts a magic targeting all units. Hopefully, if you estimated it right, the two of them should go down. It doesnt matter whether one of them dies first. What matters is that you kill them both before they get their turn. Artifacts:

Consumed: 12/28 Towns/ Characters: 1. Visit Flenceburg, recruit Mystina (-1 period, -15 Seal Rating) 2. Visit Flenceburg, after recruiting Mystina, obtain Infinity Rod inside Mystinas Room (-1) 3. Visit Gerabellum, recruit Lucian (-1 period, -20 Seal Rating)** 4. Visit Arkdain Ruins, recruit Grey (-2)*** Consumed: 17/28 Dungeons: 1. Enter Arkdain Ruins (-2) 2. Enter Citadel of Flames (-2) 3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2) Consumed: 23/28 **After getting Lucian, I suggest you train him by clearing a dungeon or two using him. You may send him to Valhalla for this chapter since he perfectly fits the requirements. Remember that it is required to send Lucian to get the good ending! At this point as well, your Seal Value should be dwindling at around 2-6. Since our target is to maintain 38 Seal Value below to trigger the events for Ending A, it is now safe to send one hero up to Valhalla during chapters 5 and 6 (+24 Seal, +12 for each character sent). If you messed up earlier, you may skip sending someone for one chapter but that will be costly, in terms of the supposedly good rewards youll never get, low evaluation and low MP. ***You can recruit Grey even if you havent cleared the ruins yet.


1. Raptors Claw 2. Sap Power 3. Nightshade 4. Resist Magic, Eye of Heaven 5. Stun Check 6. Resist Damage, Ether Scepter, Lapis Lazuli 7. Quartz Gem, Sap Power, Savory 8. Vegetable Seed, Darkness Arrow, Estoc 9. Daemon Slayer (!!), Combo Jewel* 10. Sap Guard, Beast Slayer (!!) 11. Mighty Check (after the bossfight, behind Lyserias crystal) 12. Stun Magic 13. Ranseur 14. Ether Scepter, Sap Guard 15. Dark (can be transmuted to Reverie when Creation Jewel is equipped) *Hidden
This dungeon is pretty small. Most of the chests here are trapped with enemies. Fortunately, they are just there to annoy and delay you from the main goal. Well basically, thats to reach the boss.
There are no puzzles in the dungeon, but to get to the bosses, you need to have at least good dexterity when jumping to places. This part of the dungeon is a bit tricky; you may need to use all techniques you know and improvise. All items are already labeled in the map above so I wont be discussing all ways to get there. The bossfight lies on the room to the right. Be sure to grab the items to the left first. Some of those hidden items are located way up; you may need to climb your way up using your crystals. When ready, save, prep and head to the right path. After a short conversation, you will face
Reaver Lord (x3) Weakness: None Exp: 14000 exp

HP: 16000/ each

Strategy: Their attacks are damaging but they are not that hard to take down. Just use your characters special attacks; Holy attacks such as Mystic Cross/ Celestial Star work best against these enemies. Artifacts: Star Guard - 2600 exp Holy Wand Adventia 2600 exp Robe of Brytain - 2600 exp

In addition, you should see a short scene with Lucian in Valhalla. If you got these scenes, then it is GUARANTEED that you will get the sequences for Ending A. You can relax now and play the game normally. You can also send two sorceresses in this chapter.
Odin will also give you a hint about a legendary and powerful sorceress named Lyseria. You will need to recruit her in this chapter.

Chapter 7

Periods: 28 Dungeons: 2 Characters: 2 TASKS: 1. Spiritual Concentration 2. Spiritual Concentration 3. Spiritual Concentration 4. Spiritual Concentration Consumed: 08/28 Towns/ Characters: 1. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Suo (-1) 2. Visit Arkdain Ruins, recruit Lyseria (-2)** Consumed: 11/28 Dungeons: 1. Enter Forest of Spirits (-2)*** 2. Enter Tombs of Amenti (-2) 3. Enter Cave of Oblivion (-2) Consumed: 15-19/28 **You will need to fight Lyseria in order you recruit her. Dont worry, she is not that strong. If you still dont know, she is the lady inside the large crystal in the boss area of Arkdain Ruins. She is a high-level sorceress, perfectly fit for Freyas request. However, I opt to keep her in my party instead. You can get here before clearing any dungeons. Locate Locate Locate Locate Suo/ Hai-Lan (-2) Forest of Spirits (-2) Cave of Oblivion (-2) Tombs of Amenti (-2)
***You will need to enter the Forest again after repairing the Flame Gem if you wish to battle the real boss. You wont be able to complete the map on your first visit.


1. Eye of Heaven 2. Wassail-Rapier (guarded by Mandragoras) 3. Sacred Javelin 4. Dampen Magic 5. Golden Egg, Lapis Lazuli, Invoke Feather 6. Lucerne Hammer 7. Sap Power, Golden Egg 8. Timer Ring, Dampen Magic, Golden Egg, Reflect Sorcery 9. Mystic Cross 10. Heal, Sylphan Robe (!!) Once you get in the Forest, you can either continue along the main path and proceed with the mission or stray around and look for the items. In any case, proceed to the leftmost part of the map. An Elf is waiting for you there. You will learn that you need to collect four materials to complete the Gem. It is also recommended to use Firebased attacks. Most enemies here are weak to fire. Charm Feather Golden Candlestick Polar Drops Silver Thread Cockatrice Giant Ape - Giant Spider
For each of the materials you obtain, you will get 1600 event exp each. Here are the basic stats of the three mini-bosses you need to face. They are not that hard really but for your info, I will include that as well. Cockatrice HP: 50000 / Weak vs. Fire/ 35000 exp Sivapheticus HP: 42000/ Weak vs. Ice/ 35000 exp Venomous Spider HP: 30000 / Weak vs. Holy/ 350 exp On your first visit, there is no major boss here. Note that some of the items indicated on the map are hidden well from view, located in top of the branches. Be careful also of enemies falling from trees.

1. From the start of the dungeon, grab item #1. 2. In the next room, to reach item# 2 above the door, you need to run up the stairs, run back down and jump while shooting a crystal. You will need to create a shimmering foothold.
3. In the next room tall room, make your way to the upper left. Beware of the firejet traps. When you reach the top left door, defeat the Dullahan for some good exp boost. Obtain the Base Metal behind that enemy. TIP: Useless as it may look, Base Metals can be transmuted normally into Ebony Powders. Now equip the Creation Jewel and transmute those Ebony Powders into Material Potions. Material Potions add 100 DME to any character PERMANENTLY. 4. Jump down and make your way to the location of the Blue Jewel. Be careful of the traps along the way. Grab the jewel and you will obtain 60000 event exp. Now the door will close on you. To open it, you need to put some weight on the pedestal where you took the jewel. To make your life easier, create a full crystal and slash it. The shards will provide enough weight to keep the door open for you. Exit, jump down and go to the right.
5. Run past those fiery urns. Find item # 6 past the 3rd urn to the right. 6. Jump down, go left until you reach the save point. Save. 7. Jump to the top right room. Smash the floating stone heads beard and chin. Slide underneath it and get item #7 in the far right end of the room.
8. Backtrack down, take the bottom left door. Two spikes will approach you. Attack the lower one with your sword to stop it. Jump over it and take item #8. 9. Now head back, and take the bottom right path and fall down to the bottom of this large room. Enter the doors to the rear. 10. Continue to the right. You will see another chest above the door. Grab it to obtain another Unicorns Horn. Immediately create a second one. TIP: You might consider using two mages in your party. One great magic is good for eliminating most enemy parties. How about casting two? Just make sure that the mage youll put it front has maxed out Defend, Avoid, Resist Damage, Hear Noise, Survival and Fight. Also make sure that she has the strongest armor set you can get at this point of the game. Note: Mages in front will be most likely targeted by enemies. You may also want to change their reaction skill to a defensive one such as Adept Illusion or Dancing Swords. 11. Continue following the path. Grab item #10 along the way. Take the path up front, then go up, take the top left door. 12. In the next room, jump down to the lower left door. You should be in the other side of the large rooms, with a chest on the floating platform. Get it to obtain item #11. Now you can just jump down to the bottom of the large room and backtrack your way to the tall room. 13. Instead of going up front, you need to jump to the upper left room. 14. In this room with falling spikes, find item #12 behind the broken pillar to the right. Continue running to the left. 15. Reach the top left platform. Continue, grab item #13 along the way. Defeat the Dullahan blocking the path as well. Make your way to the large chamber where the red jewel is.


1. Eye of Heaven 8. Magic Blade Cromrea 11. Flame Jewel (!!!) 13. Eternal Fault 14. Foul Slayer (!) 21. Wand of Apocalypse (!!) You would need to use some basic math to get through this area. I will try to make it clear so that you wont get lost. Again, enemies here are weak to Holy attacks.
The number on the display indicates the floor where you are going to be transported. The sphere beside it is the controller. Each panel has two destinations or numbers. When there are two panels, just add the numbers on the displays, unless there are some indicators. Remember also that if you entered the room that you dont want by accident, you cant enter the portal again to go back where you came from. The floor that you will be transported depends on the number on the display.
In this example, your destination will be floor 16 and so on. With that said, I will give you the exact orders of the floors you will visit to get all the items and find your way to the boss. Note that the enemies here are powerful but they pack a lot of experience so, it is worth defeating them when you find them. The save point is located on floor 17. The boss is located inside floor 25.
8* - 21* - 13* - 12 14* - 11* - 17 25
Once you reach the 25th floor, you will enter a boss battle.
BOSS: Dark Lord HP:210000 Weakness: Holy Exp: 45000 Demon Vallan (x2) HP: 70000 Weakness: Holy Exp: 10500
Strategy: The Dark Lord is on the rear and wont attack unless you defeat the two demons in front. Just dont hesitate the cast your great magics to defeat these enemies fast. The main boss is not that hard. Yes, he may have damaging attacks but not enough to give you a hard time. With Wand of the Apocalypse in your hand, your Celestial Star will deal more damage than usual.
Artifacts: Shadzard Secrets of Zolon Unicorns Horn
- 4100 exp 4100 exp - 4100 exp
Obtain 500000 event exp after opening all artifacts. You can get the Shadzard and the Unicorns Horn but stay away from that Secrets of Zolon. It is plain trash. CH8: CELESTIAL CASTLE
Sorry folks, but I accidentally deleted my only map screenshot of the Celestial Castle. I will try to lead you to the items and give you directions in old fashioned style. As you start in this dungeon, enter to the right. There will be stairs leading down and some stairs leading up. The rooms upstairs are a deadend; the correct path is downstairs. Also, in those rooms you can find Ghoul Powder and Eye of Heaven. When ready, go downstairs and defeat the Forager guarding the path.

Now that all the dungeons are cleared, you can do whatever you want. You may wish to revisit dungeons again such as Arianrod to earn some extra experience. NOTE: If you have taken the path to Ending A, then you should have Weeping Lily Meadow as one of your dungeons. Leave at least a free period to visit the meadows. Remember also that once you enter, you wont be able to come out again so make sure you did everything you want first before entering this area. If you consumed all your periods then you will automatically start in Ending Bs Joutenheim Palace.

ENDING A: Asgard Hill

As you enter the Meadows, the scenes before the final stage will take place. I will place some of the screenshots during this transition. If you dont really care, then skip this part. I have dedicated one entire page of this faq for these.
Now with the walkthrough. In those scenes above, you will need to battle Lenneths elder sister, Hrist along with Bhrams , Lezard, Mystina and Arngrim. Her stats are as follows: BOSS: Hrist Weakness: Exp: 700 HP: 12000 None
The battle is easy so you dont have to worry. Just read/watch through all the scenes and you will find yourself in Asgard Hill. I will just list the boss stats and strategies here since Asgard Hill is really a one path dungeon. Enemies here respawn if you leave the screen, making it possible to train your characters if you are having problems defeating the bosses, especially Bloodbane. Alright before you start, check out your skills. You will rely mostly in surviving the attacks of the bosses no matter how leveled up your characters are, their attacks will even exceed your max HP even at full health. If you still havent figured out yet, the most important skill every character must have is GUTS and AUTO-ITEM. Setting up Auto-Item with 100% of Union Plume will increase your chance of survival against the attacks of the enemies, especially those Great Magicks. You can put in other items but instead of reviving your characters, they may just heal themselves, wasting the precious turn.

Start the battle by casting Guard Reinforce or other buffs. If you want, you can start with the offensive as well. Valkyrie will deal most of the damage here, so if possible, try to activate her special attack on LV3 or 4. Probably, his most damaging attacks will be Extension Force and Carnage Anthem. Dragon Orb is cool but it is less damaging compared to those two. Try to down him first, then attack for him to drop those valuable CT orbs. The more CT orbs he drops, the more frequent you can use your special attacks. Again, dont bother healing your characters if his attacks can take them out in one shot. You will just be wasting your turn. If you characters are strong enough to survive most of his attacks, including his great Magicks, then by all means, heal frequently. Loki also has some basic spells which can be blocked by Reflect Sorcery. This is optional though. Concentration for your mages will help a lot here. After you defeat him, the ending scenes will now initiate. I had hoped for a longer, much better one but unfortunately, a generic ending is what we get. For your pleasure, I will be including some screenshots for the ending.
Congratulations for finishing HARD MODE!
Again, I dont have a map for Joutenheim Palace and I need to guide you guys again through words. Dont worry; there are just some simple puzzles in this place. Just note that probably, the main annoyances here are those disappearing platforms. You need to move quickly to successfully move into places.
All your Einherjars can be selected in your party now. If you had been following the events for ending A but for some reason you ended up in Ending B, you will notice that Lucian is not there. (He was killed by Loki, remember?) Also, like Asgard Hill, enemies here respawn after leaving the screen/room.
Save your game, take the first door leading to the rear. Find a chest containing Mental Reaction. Enter the next room to find Freeze Check and Foxglove. Now continue to the 2nd screen from your position, find a Foxglove and Eye of Heaven. After getting those, head to the left, past the narrow bridge. You will then reach a room with three fires and an empty torch in the bottom floor. Grab the Red Fire and put it on the empty torch. Now grab the Blue Flame and combine it with the Red Flame. You will get the Daisy Fire and 120000 event exp. Back track to the entrance. (this will melt down the blocking ice in the path that leads to Bloodbane)

When ready, continue forth and save. Make sure that you make some final checks before continuing. When youre all set, continue to the right, to Surts Throne Room.
BOSS: Surt HP: 300000 Weakness: None Exp: 210000 Vanir (x2) HP: 22000 Weakness: None Exp:4200
Strategy: Surt has some damaging attacks but compared to Loki, this guy is childs play. His great magic, Ifrit Caress is not even that threatening. Just use the same tactics you have used against Bloodbane and you should be fine. Get rid of those Vanir first. Note that most of the time, he will be attacking one target at a time. Also, unlike the battle with Loki, you wont have the Full Nibelgen ability so you will really need to rely on all your characters efforts, especially your mages. Having two mages in this battle will make it easier only if you had trained them before this battle. After the battle, a dull ending will be presented by Freya and the credits will start rolling.

Seraphic Gate

The Seraphic Gate is an optional dungeon that can be accessed from the main menu. This is unlocked as soon as you reach the last save point in the game, whether it is in Asgard Hill (Ending A) or in Joutenheim Palace (Ending B). This dungeon has no connection whatsoever from the main game scenario, so whatever you obtain here will not be carried over to the main game when you start or use it against Loki or Surt.
Though you can also access this dungeon when playing Normal Mode, you can only have limited access to the area since you need Flame Jewels to open key areas. These are only acquired in Hard Mode, in which the locations are already mentioned in this guide. Also note that the strongest equipment that you have in the main game and you may be proud of are nothing compared to the ones offered here. I have recreated the map since it is composed of four areas and it will be confusing to just edit the map as I did to the other dungeons. To make you lives easier, I suggest equipping the Dimension Slip when you collect items, or just take them off when you are targeting an enemy. Enemies here respawn after you leave the screen and you will have all your Einherjars in you side here.
Spell Reinforce, Golden Egg Golden Egg Fire Lance Mighty Check, Gem of Creation Golden Egg Might Reinforce Razor Shaft(!!)*, Eternal Garb (!!)**
S: Save Point/ Starting Point ! : Flame Jewel door R1: Portal to the Red Area *This is the most powerful bow in the game, which enables Valkyrie to use her Full Nibelgen ability. **The Eternal Garb is the strongest armor in the game. After getting the items, head to R1.
Golden Egg Poison Blow, Eternal Garb (!!), Golden Egg Sap Guard, Fire Storm, Golden Egg Golden Egg, Eternal Garb (!!) Soul Sword Kusanagi**, Mystic Sage*** Frigid Damsel, Mighty Check, Golden Egg (X2) Scout Orb

1. Dainslef(!!), Ether Laser (!!) 2. Wand of Exchange, Quartz Gem 3. Golden Egg, Lapis Lazuli Note that all the previous bosses you have fought will be normal enemies here. If you want, you can also stay a bit and collect voice data from them. Remember that all their attributes/weakness is still the same. Same goes with Carnage Beast <Fenrir> that is still weak against Fire/Death weapons such as Infernas. Also, be careful since they are a lot more powerful than they originally were.
You can also fight Hrist here. Not technically her but the voice data are all the same. Note that she can also use her full Nibelgen ability like Valkyrie.
And guess what its Loki! (This is for those who followed the path to Ending B)
Well enough of that. I was only giving you a little ice breaker before the final (hardest) battle. If you havent yet, I suggest going all the way back and save. It never hurts making sure youre safe. Before you face Iseria Queen: - Get Dainslef and Ether Laser - Have a lot of Union Plumes - Set Guts and Auto-Item (100% Union Plume ONLY) - Set Splash or Reverie (Reverie is more powerful than Splash but double may vanish after an effect, compared to Splash which is always active) - Get your strongest party. Here, your level doesnt matter. Well, it actually does since it determines the minimum damage you can deal. But this is actually an endurance battle. Full details of the battles will be discussed below. Get ready

Defeat Iseria Queen

Iseria Queen Weakness: Exp:

HP: 2300000 None 700000

Strategy: Let me just make it clear. What you are seeing is not 230 thousand. It is 2.3 Million. Yes. That much. So if you have faced Loki or Surt and it took you a while to defeat them, imagine facing her. Dont worry, you should have a few good weapons in your sleeve. Now with Iseria Queens attacks. For the first part of the battle, she will cast ordinary spells and normal attacks. But they are damaging as hell which can take out your characters in one hit. Also note that after every 4th turn, she will use COSMIC SPEAR. This is the great magic for Dark Savior. Expect whooping 5-digit damage for your characters.

When that happens, at least one of your characters should use GUTS. In this point, if your characters Guts level is maxed, they will use it 65%-75% at a time. After the great magic, she can resume with her normal attack pattern.
In some occasions, she also uses Extension Force which deals 5-digit damage to all party members as well. If one character is left, dont hesitate to use Union Plume to revive him/her even if Auto-Item is already initiated.
Just remember to link your special attacks and time your combos well. If you are using Freya, then remember what I mentioned earlier. Again, the 3rd or 4th Special Attack deals the most damage. Once you drain her HP down to half, she will then change form. This is will further increase her stats. She will also use her unstoppable special attack, called Empress Massacre. If Gabriel Celeste was able to use this against you, then you should know how much damage this attack deals. TT
The same pattern applies. Just attack whenever you have the chance. If you can also down her and attack her while on the ground, do so. This will ensure that she will drop a lot of CT orbs that can help you getting your turns to perform special attacks much faster. Speed is the key here. You will need to survive 4-6 Cosmic Spears and over a million worth of damage before you can defeat her. Should you agree that in these battles, healing is not important? ;)
In the first time you beat her, you will get the strongest accessory in the game, TriEmblem. You will also gain 1.5 Mil event exp. Now you can head back to the save point and save. TRIVIA: The Tri-Emblem is most powerful accessory in Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PS. It is acquired after defeating Gabriel Celeste. Gabriel Celeste and Iseria Queen are all secret bosses in other Square Enix games such as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Radiata Stories. Also, Lenneth is a secret recruitable character in the PS2 game, Radiata Stories. Now, you need to defeat her nine more times to obtain the most powerful sword in the game. Expect to gain 3-4 levels after each fight. You just need to reload after saving and the dungeon will reset again. Remember that facing Iseria Queen also means facing Gabriel. But dont worry, as you progress, Gabriel will slowly look like a poor past time and Iseria Queen is not that hard anymore. After defeating her you will get the Book of Riddles. These are stupid, worthless manifestos from we-dont-know-who. Well, they are just riddles anyway. Aside from the large exp after the battle, opening the chest will give you 1.5 Mil Event experience as well. After reading Book of Riddles #8, it will tell you to defeat Iseria Queen again one more time. Now you will get this after the battle


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Radiata Stories is a traditionally styled Japanese console RPG, featuring endearing young heroes who face epic challenges in a fantasy realm. The game's lighthearted story follows two main characters, Jack and Ridley, who had longed all their lives to become knights and protect the kingdom of Radiata with heroism and pride. Now that they have finally earned their knighthood, however, they find themselves facing the most terrible war the land has ever known, and they must wonder if there might be another way to resolve this conflict that suddenly threatens the entire world. The design of Radiata Stories focuses on placing the player in a living, responsive world, where each of the more than 175 non-player characters lives a unique life, following a natural daily routine and offering a distinct perspective when players by stop for a conversation. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide



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