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Yakota 7:14pm on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
Dublain 8:45pm on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 
After breaking my Nikon Coolpix camera several months ago, I finally saw a good deal on a few different digital cameras. After reading some reviews. UPDATE: I just wanted to post an update here since I have used the camera quite often now. We took a trip up to the NC Arboretum near Asheville.
fastbikeboy 2:58pm on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
This camera was great for the money its very useful and takes great pics it has a blink detector and has great battery life!
morchat 7:08am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
I buy these cameras for my workplace. I have had no complaints from the users of these cameras. Great, but cannot transfer photos with usb connection Easy to use","Great Zoom
Brix 9:46am on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 
This is a nifty little camera and was a good deal for the price (about $108.00 plus tax). sleek lightweight sturdy flash is easily covered with finger if not careful

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esides woodworking, all of us share another favorite pastime:
eating. No wonder, then, that a kitchen serves as the most important room in the house. Whether youre an accomplished gourmet or the eat-andrun type, you want a space that offers lots of storage, makes meal preparation easier, and just plain looks great. Fortunately, no other room in your home will benefit more from a woodworkers touch. Whether you want to upgrade the cabinets, install new coun-


one step at a time
planning pointers and product guide shop-tested cabinetmaking techniques building your own countertops installation techniques and tips achieving an integrated appliance look DA-00057

remake your

tertops, add more lighting, or just spruce things up with new window trim, floor covering, or a tiled backsplash, weve got you covered. And well help you adapt these improvements to your spaces.


This display cabinet makes a perfect place for your glassware or collectibles. To build one just like it, or a modified version for other rooms in your home, see page 72.


Make the most of corner space by installing a blind corner shelf set for base cabinets by Rev-A-Shelf. (Find the manufacturers phone number and Web Site on page 49).


You can save a bundle by building your own high quality cabinets. Learn how on page 50. Behind these arched doors are square carcases for ease of construction.


Trim complete with a faux transom makes squarish windows seem taller. To find out how to do the same in your home, see page 78.
just look at these features


Yes, there is a dishwasher hiding behind this wood panel (see the inset photo). To check how easy it is to blend a dishwasher into your cabinetry, go to page 64.


New countertops instantly update and beautify any kitcheneven if you do nothing else. Get the lowdown on building and installing countertops on page 68.


Pull-out trays mounted in base cabinets make it easy to access large items. Build and install them much as you would a drawer, according to the instructions on page 58.

WOOD magazine

June 2001


A slideout vent hood, like this GE model JV394SBB, is barely noticeable. For more info, contact the manufacturer at the phone number and Web address on page 49.


A classy hand-molded tile backsplash for the countertops and range is easy to install yourself. See for complete instructions.


In only 18" of wall space, you can store plenty. Just install a pull-out pantry, such as this 8"-wide model from Rev-A-Shelf. The outside of the pantry has 4"-deep shelves covered by doors.


Add wood panels to your refrigerator to make it match your cabinetry. Many reasonably priced refrigerators today come with trim kits that make this easy to do. See page 65.
Do as much, or as little, as you like. High-end looks and storage aplenty fall within your abilities and pocketbook well show you how.


When you have little space for a microwave oven or wine bottles, store both in above-counter cubbyholes. A GE Spacemaker II takes only a 2325321112" space.


To keep recyclables out of view, add a four-bin, slide-out wastebasket system, such as this one from Feeny Manufacturing. For a source, see page 49.


Build a beautiful room divider anywhere in your home. We show you how in the November issue of WOOD magazine. So stay tuned for this great project.

This view shows how dramatically the room divider provides separation, yet openness, between the kitchen and the dining room. Low-voltage lighting under the upper cabinets and in the toekicks adds nighttime flair (inset photo).
To show you the improvements outlined in this article, plus a few more, we performed all of them on the dated galley kitchen shown in the photos at right. After the dust settled, we doubled the kitchens storage, multiplied its convenience features, and as far as eye appeal goes, well, you be the judge. Accomplishing those goals was nice, but not enough. We also wanted to redo the kitchen on a budget that most of us can afford. So, we installed reasonably priced appliances, plastic-laminate countertops, and a do-it-yourself vinyltile floor. We think our final product compares favorably to any high-budget designer kitchen. Yes, we did get slightly extravagant by using cherry for the cabinetry, but youll have to cut us some slack for that. We just love cherry. If you like oak or another less-expensive wood, go that route and save yourself a bundle. Whether you plan a complete overhaul or some touching up, youll find what you need to know on the pages that follow, as well as on our Internet site (see full details at right). And, if you also require a little motivation to get started, remember this: Well bet that your spouse will look more favorably on your next tool purchase if you can prove that you need it to improve your kitchen!


Two south-facing windows provide ample light to the kitchen, so we removed the far window in the photo above to gain extra cabinet space. The nonload-bearing wall and open doorway in the photo right was replaced by the room divider.
Learn more at
Although your woodworking skills will take you a long way in any kitchen remodeling, you will need to deal with some materials other than wood if you plan to do all of the work yourself. To give you a hand, weve developed a number of seminars that show you how we tackled these aspects of our kitchen remodeling: Enlarging a brick window opening. Installing an aluminum-clad casement window. Applying ceramic tiles above a countertop and range. Laying down a vinyl tile floor. Stippling and stenciling as ways of decorating walls with paint.

A few planning pointers

Were woodworkers, not kitchen designers, so we asked Ann Patterson, a certified kitchen planner in Eastsound, Washington, to help us. Here are some of Anns best pearls of kitchen-design wisdom: Before you make any big changes, look at your homes architecture. The kitchen should blend with the rest of your homes interior. In the case of our Handcrafted Home kitchen, the arches above the range and room divider match other arches in the home. Never forget that function comes first in a kitchen, so work out your traffic pattern early in the planning process. Our new kitchen floor plan below incorporates a work triangle connecting the sink, stove, and refrigerator for convenience. In the tight quarters of such a galley kitchen, a side-by-side refrigerator works best because its doors dont entirely block the walkway. If you just cant make everything fit into your floor plan, its best to plan for expansion now.


A guide to the products in this kitchen


GE Profile Performance 23.7-cubic foot, CustomStyle, side-by-side refrigerator, model TPX24BPDBB; GE Profile 30" drop-in electric range, model JDP40BBBB; GE Profile 30" slide-out hood, model JV394SBB; GE Profile Spacemaker II.9-cubic foot microwave oven, model JEM31GA; GE SmartWater dual-stage drinking-water filter, model GXSV10C; GE continuous-feed disposer, model GFC800Y. General Electric 800/626-2000 Domco 800/227-4662


Inserta hinges and Tandem concealed drawer slides. Blum 800/438-6788
Custom-made by Art Glass Creations. For full-size patterns, send $5 and a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope to Art Glass Creations, 10417 Hickman Road, Urbandale, IA 50322. Call 515/2763026.

Various models available, differing in size and features. Rev-A-Shelf 800/626-1126


Ambiance low-voltage disk, recessed, and linear lighting systems. Sea Gull Lighting 800/347-5483
Sink Refrigerator Dishwasher


Handmold Leaf Deco in pewter and sandalwood colors. Seneca Tiles 800/426-4335


Various models available differing in size and number of baskets. Feeny Manufacturing 800/899-6535
Before you visit with an appliance salesperson, determine your refrigeration and cooking needs. As Ann told us, Too many people buy appliances before they plan the kitchen. They often end up with appliances that are too large and expensive. Then, they have to cut back on cabinets and countertops. If the primary users of your kitchen are over 6' tall, it may make sense to install extra-high base cabinets that put your countertops at 38" or 39", but think long and hard before you do this. Appliances, such as dishwashers, are designed around standard kitchen dimensions, such as 36"-high countertops. It pays to consider how long you will be in the homethe next owners, or your children or grandchildren, may not benefit from extra-high counters. For detailed information on kitchen planning, go to Youll even find an interactive feature that allows you to design your kitchen online.
Graphite grafix, matte finish, no. 515-58. Formica Corporation 800/367-6422


Marsala self-rimming black sink no. K-5922-2-7; Avatar single-control polishedchrome kitchen faucet no. K-6354-CP. Kohler 800/456-4537


Model D1796FI. Asko 800/367-2444


6"-diameter cherry Hollowood BrandNew 800/964-8251

Pulls, item BP-1950-NBZ; Handles, item BP-1590-FB. Amerock 800/435-6959


Architect Series casement windows. Pella 888/547-3552


Nafco Luxury Vinyl 1212" tile in slate (MD-983) and brown slate (MD-783).


Water Filter Comparisons

Brand Model # Retail Price Q Rep Price Cartridge Cost & Capacity Per Gallon Cost of Use Removes Chlorine Removes Lead Removes Cysts Removes THMs Removes VOCs Annual Cost* Lifetime Warranty

Q Counter QW1003

Aqua-Pure DWS1000 $349.95 $79.Gal. 13 Per Gal. Yes 97% Yes 95% Yes >99% Yes 92% Yes 92% $130.00 NO
Brita PitcherFilter $24.95 $7.Gal. 25 Per Gal. Yes >75% Yes 93% NO NO NO $250.00 NO
Culligan SY-2300 $159.99 $50.Gal. 10 Per Gal. Yes 97% Yes 95% Yes 99% Yes 95% Yes 95% $100.00 NO
GE Smart GXSV10C $139.99 $60.Gal. 11 Per Gal. Yes 97% Yes 98% Yes > 99% Yes 95% Yes 99% $110.00 NO
Kenmore PUR Deluxe 38465 Plus FM-300 $149.99 $49.Gal. 9.8 Per Gal. Yes 99% Yes 92% NO Yes 99% Yes 95% $98.00 NO $49.95 $20.Gal. 20 Per Gal. Yes 98% Yes 96% Yes >99% NO NO $200.00 NO
$179.50 $139.50 $59.Gal. 12 Per Gal. Yes >99% Yes >99% Yes >99% Yes >99% Yes > 99% $120.00 YES
* Filter costs for standard use of 1000 Gal. per year With Q4Life
Qs dual filter system uses a combination of carbon filtration, ionexchange and sub-micron filtration to produce truly healthy, great tasting water, conveniently from your kitchen top.
The A Cartridge filters out chlorine and turbidity, the two most concentrated and competitive contaminants in tap water. This allows the following stages in cartridge B to focus on the more difficult contaminants like lead, VOCs, THMs and synthetic chemicals.
The B Cartridge is where the final stages of filtration take place.
Lead is reduced by a complex ion-exchange process that replaces harmful lead ions with healthful potassium ions. Next is the most challenging stage, the absorption of synthetic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and industrial solvents. The B cartridge is a 0.5 micron absolute filter that is effective for the removal of chlorine resistant organisms and cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
Filter cartridges last for 500 gallons and should be replaced every 6 months. Item #QW1003-Q4L Cost $59.95



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