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GP PowerBank Premium Chargers Take Battery Charging to New Horizons
Cool-looking, feature-packed chargers ready to stun tech-savvy users
Add another member to your lineup of high-tech gadgets as GP Batteries International Limited launches the GP PowerBank Premium Chargers, a new series of high-performance, feature-packed chargers ready to stun tech fans with an exciting blend of stylish design and outstanding capabilities. The new chargers will also open up a new world of smarter and more user-friendly battery charging.
As we see the rocketing popularity of power-hungry electronic devices, such as MP3 players and digital cameras, a powerful charger is no doubt a must-have item for every household to keep up with the fast-evolving high-tech world, but young tech-savvy users want it more. They would like a cool-looking, best-of-breed charger that can sit alongside with their tasteful high-tech gadgets. GP PowerBank Premium Chargers are exactly what they are looking for.
GP PowerBank V800C and V600D - Chic Chargers with Industry-leading Features As two revolutionary members of the GP PowerBank Premium Chargers series, GP PowerBank V800C and V600D are highlighted with their sleek and streamlined design unavailable on other chargers. The black and white colors also make them chic gadgets no less attractive than other cutting-edge devices.
The front panel of GP PowerBank V800C and V600D features a user-friendly standby button, a new standard-setting feature which allows users to control when to begin or terminate the charging process after plugging the charger into the power source, eliminating the safety
concerns of consumers in putting the charger for family use.
GP PowerBank V800C is equipped with 3-color LED lights for easy checking of the charging status, while GP PowerBank V600D has a stylish LCD display panel to indicate the charging progress with easily recognizable battery icons. These innovative displays not only bring extra convenience, but also add to the glamour of the chargers. In addition, GP PowerBank V800C is characterized by its unique digital clock function, which turns the charger into a multi-purpose desktop tool.
Thanks to the GP patented smart recharge technology, GP PowerBank V800C takes only 15 minutes to fully recharge 2 pieces of batteries, while GP PowerBank V600D finishes recharging 2 pieces of batteries in 1 hour, ensuring that the high-draining devices can be empowered readily. With 4 independent charging channels, GP PowerBank V800C and V600D recharges 1 to 4 pieces of GP AA /AAA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries in any combination.
GP PowerBank H650C and H500 - Slim and Handy Chargers with Powerful Functions GP PowerBank H650C and H500, another two chargers of the Premium Chargers series, feature a slim and handy design, ideal for users who look for a compact charger with outstanding functionalities.
GP PowerBank H650C and H500 recharge 1 to 4 pieces of GP AA /AAA NiMH batteries in any combination, and the charging time is just 1 hour and 2 hours respectively. 3-color LED lights are in place on both chargers for a quick check of the charging status. GP PowerBank H650C is also installed with a digital clock, while GP PowerBank H500 is equipped with a specially
designed battery eject button, which enables the batteries to pop out and be collected easily for enhanced user-friendliness.
Supported by extensive consumer research, the development of the GP PowerBank Premium Chargers demonstrates vividly our commitment to addressing customer demand with best-in-class chargers, said Josephine Ng, Assistant Marketing Director of GP Batteries. With superior functions and designs unmatched by other chargers, the GP PowerBank Premium Chargers are poised to capture the heart of tech-savvy consumers who set very stringent standard for high-tech gadgets. We are confident that the GP PowerBank Premium Chargers will become a necessity for consumers to keep abreast with the portable electronic world.
The GP PowerBank Premium Chargers will be available from August 2006, in a complete package with 4 pieces of GP 2700 NiMH rechargeable batteries. The suggested retail prices are as follows:
GP PowerBank V800C GP PowerBank V600D GP PowerBank H650C GP PowerBank H500


About GP Batteries GP Batteries International Limited is principally engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of batteries and battery related products. The company is the worlds top ten battery manufacturer and the no.1 battery manufacturer in Asia outside Japan.

As a member of Gold Peak Group in Hong Kong, GP Batteries has rapidly expanded to become one of the worlds major suppliers of primary and rechargeable batteries. GP Batteries Group supplies an extensive range of battery products to electronic manufacturers, leading battery companies as well as consumer retail markets under its own GP brand name. GP Batteries major production facilities are located in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, supported by marketing and trading offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. GP Batteries Group currently employs over 12,000 people and occupies a total floor area of over 240,000 square meters. ###


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Charger Features

Corded-type charger with AC100-240V adaptor Charge 1 to 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries Equipped with 4 individual charging channels Termination methods: - Individual minus delta voltage (-dV) - Individual temperature sensor - Individual safety timer Over-temperature protection Primary and damaged batteries detection Easy check LCD display Safety guaranteed

Instruction Manual

Read the instruction manual thoroughly before use. Keep the manual for future reference. Charging Instructions

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Charging Time*
Type Size Battery 2700 series 2500 series 2300 series 2100 series 1000 series 950 series 850 mAh 750 mAh Charging Time (mins) 1-2 pcs ~75 ~70 ~65 ~60 ~60 ~55 ~50 ~45 3-4 pcs ~160 ~150 ~135 ~125


Input Voltage AC100-240V Output Voltage 12V Charging Current (mA) AA AAA 1-2 pcs 3-4 pcs 1100 Trickle Charge Current (mA) AA 160 AAA 60
1. Charge 1 to 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries in any combination. Each charging slot can only charge 1 battery (either AA or AAA). 2. Connect GP AC 1A adaptor to the charger and plug it into the power source (Fig.1). OR connect GP DC 12V car adaptor to the charger and plug it into the cigarette lighter jack. DC car adaptor is only included in select models. 3. Eject the battery door by pressing the door button. Insert AA or AAA NiMH batteries into the charging slots according to the polarity indications (+/-). Different contact plates for AA and AAA NiMH batteries are set in the outer and inner part of the charging slots respectively. (Fig.2) When inserting AAA batteries into the charging slots, slant the batteries to ensure smooth contact with the plates. (Fig.3) 4. Press on the Standby Switch. Green Power LED will light up. (Fig.4) 5. Battery Icon and Charging Icon will pulse slowly when charging is in process. The charging status will be indicated on the battery icons in the LCD panel. 6. If alkaline, carbon zinc, lithium, rechargeable alkaline or damaged batteries are mistakenly inserted into the charging slots, the corresponding Battery Icon and the Warning Icon will blink fastly and the charger will stop charging. All other Battery Icons will turn off. 7. Make use of the Battery Location Dot to identify the charging slots represented by the battery icons on the main screen, which are correlated with the icons on the silkscreen on the battery compartment. (Fig.5) 8. If the charger does not work properly, all Battery Icons and the Charging Icon will turn off. The Warning Icon and Power LED will blink. The charger will stop charging. 9. Battery Icon will be solid on when battery is fully charged and in trickle charge mode. The Check Mark Icon will be on when all batteries are fully charged. The LCD backlight will turn off after 5 mins. 10. When charging is complete, take out the batteries for use and leave the charger on desk by simply pressing off the Standby Switch.
LCD Display (Refer to Fig. 5)
Condition Adaptor connected Standby switch pressed on GP NiMH battery inserted in charger and charging in progress Wrong / damaged battery inserted Full charge or trickle charge All batteries fully charged Indication Green power LED on Battery icon and charging icon slow pulsing. Battery icon and warning icon fast blinking Battery icon solid on Check mark icon on
For best performance and optimal safety, charge GP NiMH batteries with GP PowerBank V600D. Attention
1. For brand new batteries, 2 to 3 cycles of charging and usage are required to optimize the batteries' performance. If batteries have been stored for more than one week, always recharge them before use. 2. It is normal for batteries to become hot during charging and they will gradually cool down to room temperature after being fully charged. 3. For best result, use GP PowerBank V600D at room temperature with good ventilation. 4. Charging time may vary based on different battery capacities. (Refer to the Charging Time Table) 5. Remove batteries from an electrical device if it will not be used for a long time. 6. If the performance of the batteries decreases substantially, it is time to replace the batteries.
Charging Icon Check Mark Icon Warning Icon

Status Indicator

Battery Icon

Fig. 5

Battery Location Dot


1. Charge GP Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries only. 2. Do not charge other types of batteries, such as alkaline, carbon zinc, lithium, rechargeable alkaline or any other unspecified batteries, as they may leak or burst, causing personal injury and damage. 3. Never use an extension cord or any attachment not recommended by GP, as this may lead to a risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury. 4. Unplug the charger from the outlet before attempting to clean. 5. Do not short circuit batteries. 6. Do not wet, incinerate or disassemble the charger and batteries. 7. For indoor and dry location use only. Do not expose the charger to rain, snow or extreme conditions.



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