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Grundig Satellit 650 and Tecsun S 2000


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pjh 12:23pm on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 
very good radio Your a fool if you pay over 400.00 for a used one. They sell all day on ebay between 325 and 400 dollars. Best on the market I have had several sw receivers over the years - currently have a Sony ICF-SW2010, Sony ICF-SW77.
chrissyPu 9:37pm on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
great product and service! Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium Shortwave Radio I was amazed by the product and the service. My only complaint: My wife Likes the buttons I bought this radio for my wife when we moved. I figured she could tune into her favorite stations and it works.

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Two new titles from Universal Radio!
King of the Satellits - Six Five O The Grundig Satellit 650 By Thomas Baier. Here is the book Satellit 650 owners have been waiting for. Clearly the famous Satellit 650, was the "king" of the Grundig Satellit line. Author Thomas Baier, draws from his sources in Germany to report all about this famous world band receiver. Over 100 pictures are featured in this 80 page book. Learn about variants, production numbers, disassembly, adjustments, bulb replacement and much more. The Owner's Manual and circuit schematic are also fully reproduced. This is a must have reference for anyone lucky enough to own a Satellit 650. 80 Pages 8 x 11 inch. First Edition - Second Printing. 2007 Order #0650. $22.95
Listening to Longwave The World Below 500 KiloHertz By Kevin Carey. Listening to Longwave is your introduction to the fascinating "basement band" of the radio spectrum. Key features of this book include: Who is on the air when and where to listen. Receivers, converters and antennas for effective longwave reception. Longwave listening tips. Monitor the sounds of nature: Whistlers, Tweeks, Dawn Chorus and other radio atmospherics. Longwave navigation beacons, time stations, broadcasters, time stations and NAVTEX weather broadcasts. License free experimenter's band. Universal Radio pages. Order #0024. $6.95
The Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio is the most exciting radio development this decade. This revolutionary radio lets you listen to over 3500 Internet radio stations from around the globe with no signal problems, no pops and crackles, no international content boundaries. And if your favorite Internet radio stations are not listed, you can easily add them using the Add a Station Tool. Best of all, you'll pay no subscription fees! There are thousands of Internet radio stations broadcasting all over the globe, and the AE Wi-Fi Radio is one of the first radios that can access all of these stations from anywhere you have a wireless broadband Internet connection. Right now, over 2,700 stations are on the AE Wi-Fi Radios broadcast list (and the number of stations is growing every week). Most of these stations broadcast at or near CD-quality, and many stations even broadcast at 192K which is better than CD quality and a huge step up from any satellite radio. The AE Wi-Fi Internet Radio is the only stand-alone system we've ever found that works right out of the box. This means no software to load, no complex set-up operations, and no need to be a computer expert. In fact you can tune in Internet radio without even turning on your computer (but does require you be within the range of a Wi-Fi signal). Simply plug the radio into an AC power outlet located within range of your wireless Internet signal and then press the power button to turn it on. The AE Wi-Fi Internet Radio automatically uploads available stations and lists them alphabetically by country and category. All you have to do is select a station and press play. The controls are simple to use. The AE Wi-Fi Radio can even tune in to MP3, Real Media, and other WMA compatible audio files saved on your computer's hard drive and it's all wireless! The Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio takes the complexity out of Internet radio, and makes it convenient and easy to access programs through a traditional table-top-style radio-like interface. And best of all, there are no subscription fees! WI-FI


The Grundig G1100B is the perfect travel companion, keeping you in touch with both local and international news where ever you go. This compact radio receives AM, FM and ten shortwave bands. Shortwave coverage is: 3990-4440, 4680-5260, 59206610, 7015-7730, 9160-10130, 11590-12500, 13530-14200, 15060-16000, 17380-18200 and 21560-22140 kHz. The G1100 is easy to use with an analog tuning knob on the right side of the radio. It features a digital display, lock function, radio or buzzer alarm, 24 hour clock, sleep function and stereo headphone jack. Comes with a protective pouch, two AA cells, stereo ear buds and wrist strap. Black rubberized case 5.12 x $ 3.15 x 1.15 inches 7 oz. Order #1100 49.95 The County Comm GP-4L is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, but can tune in the world. This amazing radio tunes AM, FM and has two shortwave bands: 5.95-9.95 and 11.65-17.9 MHz. This radio also features a 12 hour format clock with timer function. The buttons to set the clock are on the rear panel. This radio requires 3 - 4.5 VDC or two AA cells (not supplied). The GP-4L comes with earbuds. This latest L model has a built in bright LED. This inexpensive, yet capable radio is just right for your emergency kit or on-the-go listening. Has an aluminum face plate. 2.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches. (The Grundig PPI0440 AC adapter is optional order #2419 $14.95) $ GP-4L Order #0247 21.95

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