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doak 10:41am on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 
Fast Track Pro has all the resources and mobility of the Fast Track USB recording and even more capacity.
bjharris 7:31pm on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
clarinet stand A well designed, well engineered product at a good price. Very stable, easy to fold and portable. Good quality but... For a cheap desk top/piano top mic stand, this is great. The quality of construction is very sturdy and solid. Had to return this product Firstly, you must have access to the internet to unlock this item and you have to be computer competant to install.
kaps 7:27am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
I received this multi-tool for free through a promotion, and I can say that it has exceeded my expectations for a free tool.
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Torq Conectiv with Vinyl I just got the Torq software with control vinyl and all i can say is WOW.
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Worked OK for me Installing to a Windows 7 (32 bit) PC - so I ignored the product CD and downloaded the beta Win 7 drivers.
alex80 7:07pm on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 
As soon as I recieved this, I simply loaded the drivers, plugged it in, and it worked PERFECTLY. Pretty durable, too...
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Set up is easy, be sure to check the m-audio website for the current drivers. IMPORTANT!

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Model Evaluation

Moto Guzzi Stelvio ABS

Is It The Perfect Answer

To BMWs R1200GS?

by Scott Rousseau

GUZZI FANS are nothing if not passionate. When recent word came down that parent company Piaggio had temporarily shuttered Guzzis historic Mandello del Lario factory and laid off some of its workforce while the factory underwent refurbishing, conspiracy theorists howled that this was the end for Italys oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer. Not only did the Guzzi faithful refuse to stand for any talk of the brands dismissal, they vehemently insisted that Guzzis continue to be produced only in Mandello del Lario! Passionate characters, indeed! Unfortunately, in the past, Guzzi fans have been a passionate minority, even among Italian motorcycle marques, as widepsread rumors of negative dealership experiences brought on by scarce parts supplies dissuaded potential Guzzi buyers. But since the companys purchase by Piaggio in 2004, redesigned products with dramatically improved quality control have been rumbling out of Guzzis factory doors. Looking toward the future, the company has confirmed that Guzzis will continue to be produced in the same factory they always have been, and with the appearance of the breathtaking Pierre Terblanchedesigned concept models unveiled at the recent EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show (see World Motorcycling, page 10), it appears as though Moto Guzzis best days are ahead of it. The 2010 Moto Guzzi Stelvio ABS only reinforces that belief. Introduced in 2008 as a replacement for Moto Guzzis Quota adventure motorcycle, the Stelvio is named after the legendary Stelvio Pass, a winding mountain road in the southeastern Alps that has drawn motorcyclists from around the world to experience its magical charms, the Stelvio ABS has been enhanced via minor revisions to increase its performance. Of course, the biggest news is that it now comes standard with ABS, which bumps its MSRP up $1000, from $14,990 to $15,990.
roadster and has since become the single biggest engineering blessing bestowed upon Moto Guzzi by Piaggio. However, for 2010, Moto Guzzi engineers have attempted to better tailor the Stelvios 4V engine by swapping camshafts with shorter duration than the Grisos and by fitting new injectors, revising the airbox design and re-mapping the ECU. Dimensionally, the Stelvios bottom end remains unchanged, with a 95.0 x 81.2mm bore and stroke yielding a displacement of 1151cc and a compression ratio of 11:1. The cam change definitely alters the character of the Stelvio 4V, especially when compared to the Griso 8V tested in our May 2009 issue (4V, 8Vits the same thing, and Moto Guzzi ought to choose one engine designation or the other and stick with it for consistencys sake). The Griso peaked at 94.75 hp, and the Stelvio makes nearly 10% less peak power, producing 88.35 hp @ 7000 rpm. However, it also makes nearly 10% more torque than the Griso74.18 lb.-ft. vs. the Grisos 71.3 lb.-ft.and that peak torque comes in 1000 rpm sooner. More torque at lower rpm manifests itself in a much smoother-running engine for the Stelvio than the Griso. Whereas the Griso had a canyon-deep torque dip that hurt its driveability between 3000 and 5000 rpm, the Stelvios tune-up fills the hole nicely. In fact, other than a slight increase in vibration as the tachometer sweeps through that part of the rev range, any lack of mid-range torque in the Stelvio is imperceptible. It certainly wasnt missed during our performance testing, where the 612.0-lb. Stelvio registered a 130.7 mph top speed and a best quarter-mile run of 11.94 sec. @ 111.20 mph, while going from 060 mph in just 3.91 sec. Those numbers are surprisingly close to the 11.80 @ 114.8 mph and 3.81-sec. 060 mph time posted by the BMW R1200GS tested in our September 2008 issue, especially when you consider that the Stelvio weighs 75+ lbs. more than the GS. Numbers aside, the Stelvio engine will charm you with its warm, friendly character. Whether on city streets, freeways or our favorite canyon roads, the Guzzi twin made us smile from earto-ear with its smooth and steady pull, mildly hot-rodded exhaust note and internal cadence that somehow feels more organic than mechanical. It is far from vibration-free, but what little shake does creep through is of such low frequency that it doesnt cause your hands to tingle. Throttle response is excellent in all conditions, suggesting that whatever changes Moto Guzzi made to the EFI and the ECU were spot-on, although here again wed bet that the revised camshafts are the greatest contributors to the Stelvios endearing personality. The Stelvio ABS is also well-mannered in the shifting department, thanks to its 6-speed transmission and twin-disc dry clutch. Shift action is slick and precise, clutch engagement is light and smooth, and the transmission ratios feel rangy but not overly tall. Our test bike motored along at a casual 3775 rpm at a true 65 mph while averaging a respectable 35.5 mpg.


The heartbeat of the Stelvio ABS continues to come from the smooth-running, solid-performing air/oil-cooled SOHC 4-valve 90 V-twin that first appeared in Moto Guzzis Griso naked sport


Chassis & Suspension
Unchanged since its introduction in 2008, the Stelvio ABS chassis is constructed from tubular steel and uses the engine as a stressed member. Its wheelbase is 61.4", and its 27 rake


and 5.00" are appropriate for a motorcycle with adventure touring intentions. The biggest complaint of most shaft-drive motorcycles is that the shaft system unsettles the rear suspension, commonly referred to as jacking when the pinion gear on the shaft climbs the ring gear during acceleration. Moto Guzzis CARC (Cardano Reattivo Compatto) compact reactive shaft drive combats this via a linkage system that cancels the torque forces placed on the Stelvios aluminum swingarm, and its so effective that you almost forget you are riding a shaft-drive motorcycle. The Stelvio also doesnt buck or pitch when the throttle is chopped, the CARC preserving the comfort of the ride. As one might expect from a motorcycle with such a long wheelbase, the Stelvio is rock stable in a straight line, but it is also more than willing to tackle twisty tarmac at higher speeds. Its steering is deliberate enough that you wont mistake the Stelvio for the Yamaha R1 tested elsewhere in this issue, but the Stelvio is willing to carve graceful turns. For such a heavy motorcycle, its agility is impressive, and its lean angle is decent. However, one of our more experienced testers was able to easily scrape the kick stand when hauling the Stelvio through lefthand turns. The Stelvios 50mm Marzocchi Magnum fork and Sachs shock have a lot to do with its cornering prowess as well as its comfort. The Marzocchis are adjustable for preload as well as compression and rebound damping. The left leg handles compression damping and the right handling rebound damping. Typical of Marzocchis, the screw-type adjusters do not use clickers to determine adjustment increments. As delivered, our fork and shock were too soft and tended to make the Guzzi feel overweight and heavy-steering. We found the stock setting to be two complete turns out from maximum compression damping and two turns out from maximum rebound damping. Turning both to one full turn out from maximum solved the problem with the front end, while a simple twist of the preload adjuster to dial-in the shock for test rider weight was enough to balance the suspension. Overall bump compliance is very good.
ol riding pants. And the ABS system is also quite competent. We appreciated its ability to activate smoothly without sending excessive feedback through the front brake lever. The rear brake, however, is typical of many systems weve experienced, offering a firm, resistant feel at the pedal, as if the brake isnt working at all, when the ABS is activated. All manufacturersnot just Moto Guzzineed to keep working to alleviate this type of negative feedback from their ABS. Like the BMW GS, the Stelvio rides on 2.50 x 19" and 5.50 x 17" spoked rims that are engineered for use with tubeless tires. However, the BMW design places the spokes in the rim shoulders while the Moto Guzzis innovative design keeps the spokes in the center of the rim by using sealed, solid nipples that can be adjusted the same way as any spoked wheel. We are also impressed with the Stelvios 110/80R19" front and 180/55R17" rear Pirelli Scorpion Sync radials, which offer an amazing degree of grip. They feel glued to the road. Interestingly, the Stelvio ABS was originally slated to be fitted with narrower wheels and tires as specd on the fully equipped Euro-only Stelvio STX, but Moto Guzzi USA personnel requested that the factory stay the course with the Stelvios original tire and wheel widths, a good choice since most Stelvios will spend most of their time on the street rather than in the dirt.

Controls & Ergonomics
A wide handlebar gives the Stelvio rider a lot of leverage when negotiating turns, although some of our testers thought that their rise is a bit too high and suggested that the bars would be more comfortable if they were rotated back in the triple clamps. The Stelvios seat offers plenty of padding and a contour that is wide in the rear but very narrow at the tank junction, enhancing leg room and rider maneuverability and making it easier for inseamchallenged riders to reach the ground. But while the Stelvios windshield does a decent job of protecting upper torso from wind and weather, and doesnt buffet the helmet at high speeds, its compact size combines with the wide handlebar to leave the riders arms exposed to the elements. Cold-day riding left us wishing for heated grips and/or handguards to deflect the wind. Moto Guzzi sells both items as accessories for the Stelvio. The Stelvio ABS shares the same easy-to-read instrumentation as its sister, the Griso 8V, with almost the same features, including an analog tachometer, digital speedometer with dual tripmeter function. Additionally, the trip computer offers lots of information to the rider, such as current and average fuel mileage, distance to empty, average speed, maximum speed and ambient temperature. All trip computer information is easily accessed via a toggle switch on the left handlebar cluster.
Brakes, Wheels & Tires
As much as we appreciated the performance of other components on the Stelvio, its Brembo brakes are among the best feeling and most powerful binders on any motorcycle todaysave, perhaps, the Ducati Streetfighter S, and it doesnt come with ABS. The Stelvios dual front 320mm semi-floating rotors and radial-mounted 4-piston calipers and 282mm rear disc with 2piston caliper were really able to pull the reins on the Stelvio during our braking drills. By deactivating the ABS, our testbike went from 600 mph in a relatively short 120.79', with fairly consistent stops in the 122123' rangeimpressive for such a heavy motorcycle. Activating the ABS option only added less than 10' to the total stopping distance. Our best ABS stop was 129.79'. But quite frankly, the feel of the Brembos is as impressive as their power. Feedback is excellent, allowing the rider to dial in exactly the amount of braking force dictated by the seat of the

Final Thoughts

While a certain Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer may still have the upper hand in the adventure bike category, the Moto Guzzi Stelvio ABS is proof that the Italians are gunning for top spot on the mantle. While more street- than dirt-oriented, the Stelvio is nonetheless a comfortable, excellent-performing motorcycle with a high degree of workmanship that happens to speak Italian rather than German. As alternatives go, you could not ask for much more.

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Left: The changes that Moto Guzzi made to the Stelvio 4V only enhance its character. They include revised camshafts, new fuel injectors and revised ECU mapping designed to enhance mid-range torque, albeit at the expense of peak horsepower. One ride was all it took for us to appreciate the change. Above Right: The CARC compact reactive shaft drive system does such a fine job of eliminating shaft drive jacking, it was easy to forget the Stelvio is a shafty. Right: The Stelvios LED rear taillight integrates the turn signals in a compact package. The taillights offer a unique look that could only come from Italy.
Above: The Stelvios seat is very well padded and features an extremely narrow profile at the seat/tank junction. The seat provides excellent legroom and, if necessary, makes it easy for the rider to stand up. Above Left: The Stelvios conventional-appearing spoked rims feature sealed nipples that allow the use of tubeless tires. Its Dual 320mm Brembo brakes offer excellent power and feel in or out of ABS mode. Left: The Stelvios tach and LCD screen are easy to read, and its trip computer offers a wealth of info. Right: The Stelvios 50mm Marzocchi fork features compression control in one leg, rebound in the other. Its windscreen should offer better wind protection, but the mirror-mounted turn signals are a nice touch.


Were I inclined to bestow names on inanimate objects, my name of choice for the Stelvio would be Porky as homage to its 600+ pounds of wet weight. This attribute is most noticeable when lifting the big Goose off the sidestand. Fortunately, the centerstand is designed and positioned in such a way that the bike pops up into its parked position with minimal effort. Although this weight would seem to preclude offroad adventuring on any surface more technical than hard packed dirt, the quick revving power of its big 1200 cc, V-twin motor easily overcomes its bulk as the throttle is twisted and acceleration rapidly increases. While engine vibration feels intrusive at first, this singular somewhat retro characteristic is overshadowed by the Stelvios thoroughly modern, easy shifting transmission, responsive handling manners and comfortable upright riding position. Traveling pleasure is enhanced by a seat that is wide enough to give adequate support to the riders derriere, but narrow enough in front to enable even the short legged among us to adequately reach the ground when at a stop. With a set of side cases and a tank bag, the Stelvio has the makings of a competent and personable sport touring mount that I could happily enjoy for thousands of miles. Gary Prickett Ive never been a fan of adventure bikes. My stance has always been if you want a real off-road adventure, get a real off-road motorcycle. Wrestling an overweight, hardbag-laden streetbike with knobbies through the dez seemed about as fun to me as trying to do the same with a Honda Gold Wing. However, Id almost consider taking the Moto Guzzi Stelvio in the dirt. Its really too pretty to get dirty, but its smooth, torquey engine, incredibly balanced chassis, excellent seat and, yes, even its ABS, had me believing that I could go just about anywhere on the planet aboard the Stelvio in perfect happiness. And therein lies the real beauty of the Stelvio: On the mean streets or in the outback, it fills you with a sense of adventure every time you ride it. Man, how cool is that? Scott Rousseau

2010 Moto Guzzi Stelvio ABS
ENGINE Type:.. Air/oil-cooled 90 V-twin Valvetrain:. SOHC, 4 valves per cyl., screw and locknut valve adjustment Displacement:.1151cc Bore/stroke:.95.0 x81.2mm Comp. ratio:..11.0:1 Fueling: EFI, (2) 50mm throttle bodies Exhaust:..2-into-1-into-2 Transmission:.6-speed Final drive:..shaft RPM @ 65 mph*/rev limiter:3775/8000

*actual, not indicated

PERFORMANCE Measured top speed.130.7 mph 01/4 mile.11.94 sec.@ 111.20 mph 060 mph..3.91 sec. 0100 mph.10.48 sec. 600 mph..120.79' Power to Weight Ratio.1:6.92 Speed @ 65 mph indicated.62.4 MC RATING SYSTEM
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase:..61.4" Rake/trail:.27.0/5.00" Ground clearance:..4.75" Seat height:..33.25" GVWR:..1046 lbs. Wet weight:.612.0 lbs. Carrying capacity:.434 lbs. SUSPENSION Front:.50mm male-slider telescopic forks, adj. preload, comp. and rebound damping, 6.7" travel Rear:.monoshock w/ progressive linkage, adj. preload and reb. damping, 6.1" travel BRAKES Front: Dual 320mm semi-floating discs w/ 4-piston Brembo radial-mount calipers Rear:. Single 282mm disc w/ Brembo 2-piston caliper TIRES & WHEELS Front:.110/80R19 Pirelli Scorpion Sync on 2.50" x 19" wheel Rear:..180/55R17 Pirelli Scorpion Sync on 5.50" x 17" wheel ELECTRICS Battery:..12V, 18Ah Ignition:.lnductive discharge, digitally controlled Alternator Output:.. 550W Headlight:..55/60W FUEL Tank capacity:.4.8 gal. Fuel grade:.Premium High/low/avg. mpg:.38.3/33.8/35.5


73.0" 58.0" 36.5"





63.5" 54.5"

A: nose to middle of pass. seat. B: nose to middle of rider seat. C: nose to center of grip D: nose to pass. footpeg. E: nose to rider footpeg F: ground to center of grip G: ground to top of rider footpeg H: ground to lowest point of rider seat. I: ground to top of pass. footpeg. J: ground to middle of pass. seat.
Middleweight Standard Engine Transmission Suspension Brakes Handling Ergonomics Riding Impression Instruments/Controls Attention to Detail Value OVERALL RATING


MISCELLANEOUS Instruments: Digital speedo w/ analog tach, odometer, 2 tripmeters, clock, ambient temp., average and instant mpg. trip time, fuel used, max. speed, avg. speed, battery voltage, shift light Indicators:.neutral, t/s, hi-beam, sidestand, low oil pressure, low fuel MSRP:..$15,990 Routine service interval:.6250 mi. Valve adj. interval:.6250 mi. Warranty:.2 years, unlimited miles Colors:..Matte Silver Low end Mid-range Top end



88.01 hp

74.17 lb.-ft.
We already approved of the Grisos 90 8V transverse V-twin, but the Stelvio 4Vs retuning takes it to a whole new level. The 4Vs meatier mid-range pull makes the engine feel even smoother without robbing it of any character.


TEST NOTES PICKS Detuned engine is even better than the Grisos Enjoyable handling for a 600+ lb. motorcycle Comfortable ergonomics for Iron Butt types PANS Windscreen should offer more wind protection Heated grips should be standard Moto Guzzi should do a better job of supporting its products
STANDARD MAINTENANCE Time Parts Labor Item Oil & Filter.0.5.$21.56+31.10 $40.00 Air Filter..1.0..$12.94..$80.00 Valve Adjust.1.5.$28.28.$120.00 Battery Access..0.5.MF.$40.00 Final Drive.0.5..$14.50..$40.00 R/R Rear Whl..0.3..$24.00 Change Plugs.0.2..$15.96..$16.00 Synch EFI.0.75..$20.00 Totals 5.25 $124.34 $380.00
* MCN has changed the estimated labor rate to $80 starting March 2007



The new Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V NTX represents a fusion between the Italian passion for motorcycle as an unparalleled expression of style, engineering excellence and riding pleasure, and an appetite for adventure - the irresistible yearning to discover distant, challenging places. This is not the first time that the name "NTX" has been used in the history of Moto Guzzi. In 1986, in the heyday of long distance African races such as the Paris-Dakar and the Rally of the Pharaohs, the Mandello del Lario based marque used this moniker to distinguish its extreme adventure models, bikes that earned such respect that they were produced for over a decade. Today, these three letters have been brought back to identify the most specialised and adventurous version of the Stelvio 1200 4V NTX, the bike that marked the return of Moto Guzzi to the maxi enduro segment. Around this modern and technologically advanced base, a new concept of a no limits motorcycle took shape, creating a bike that is powerful, muscular, robust and unstoppable. Bolstering this image is the robust armour encasing the forms of the Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V NTX, consisting of a sump guard, an engine guard and integrated hand shields to protect the rider and his steed from any obstacle on their way. Adding visual presence yet also sturdy and practical, the aluminium panniers and supplementary halogen headlamps complete the generous standard equipment of the new NTX, which may be even further enhanced with a comprehensive selection of optional accessories such as a GPS, heated hand grips and, for the more adventurous rider, a kit of enduro tyres with a rear 150/70 R17 tyre mounted on the standard 4.25 inch rim. Once in the saddle, the reality proves to be even better than you could have imagined, with the powerful Quattrovalvole engine delivering, in its latest incarnation, a maximum torque of 113 Nm at just 5800 rpm, marking a significant improvement over the 108 Nm at 6400 rpm of the previous version. These results were achieved by adopting new cam profiles and a revised air box, which make the Quattrovalvole engine even more responsive at low engine speeds while still producing practically the same maximum power. Completing this technological tour de force is a new ABS braking system, introduced on the Stelvio 1200 4V together with the more flexible engine. The NTX has been designed with the same innovative and modern criteria as its smaller sister, and this is evident in both the quality of the chassis componentry and in premium details such as the adjustable windscreen and saddle, and the ingenious glove-box compartment with remote release operable from the handlebar, which reveal the attention dedicated in the project to rider and passenger ergonomics.

STYLE: Solid elegance.

The style of the new 1200 4V NTX retains the personality and elegance of the original version, with additional metal guards protecting vital parts of the engine emphasising the image of a motorcycle conceived to withstand the most extreme conditions. Painted in a warm magnesium hue, the design of the lightweight fairing features many prismatic elements and concave surfaces which, in the zone linking the top fairing, with its adjustable windshield, to the narrow but capacious fuel tank, express the level of attention that has been dedicated to optimise the aerodynamics, creating downforce at the trail and directing cool air to the cylinders via lateral ducts. The peculiar blow moulding technology was used to produce the tank and helps to minimise dimensions and weight according to the (18-litre) capacity. Moreover, it includes a fantastic glove-box that can be unlocked from the handlebar and is atop the saddle, which, by covering the grooves, avoids direct contact with the rider's legs to ensure superior riding comfort. Once you are seated on the saddle, finely upholstered with non-slip material, it is quite noticeable there is more space for both rider and passenger's comfort. The rider saddle height can be adjusted to two positions, 820 mm or 840 mm from the ground, whereas the passenger, besides being seated on a thick and spacious seat, can count on a solid and comfortable handhold seat strap. Even more aggressive than the front end, the rear end look is dominated by the hi-tech aspect of the rear light with complex surface curve and LEDs, and by an important enhanced aluminium double tail silencer that evokes solidness and power.

COMFORT: Sensation of inner well-being.
Stelvio 1200 4V NTX is a tourer that can also be used off-road, and with excellent performance on asphalt. These characteristics emerge immediately once you are seated on the bike, where the perception of carefully-designed ergonomics can be felt straightaway: saddle, footrests and handlebar form a perfect triangle for all users. Moreover, for the perfectionists, there is still room for minor adjustments: windshield, saddle height (820 or 840 mm), handlebar inclination, levers, pedals, also for professionals, set screws to adjust hydraulic compression/rebound damping of suspension. In a few seconds, everything is at the right place to face any challenge, from city traffic to the most inaccessible off-road paths. In motion, reduced vibration and an efficient aerodynamic protection ensure riding comfort for rider and passenger as well, ideal to tackle long trips. Among the most appreciated features for everyday use, there is a glove-box on the right-side of the tank that can be unlocked from the handlebar and even, if your are wearing gloves. The instrument panel features complete and easily visible gauges- a white-background rpm indicator that incorporates efficient service warning lights, long-range lights (optional), and a dash display that provides plenty of information about the vehicle operation and diagnosis, a fuel level indicator, average and current consumption, average speed, trip time, maximum speed peak reached and, as heated handgrips may be fitted upon request, the heating level of handgrips can also be seen. The Stelvio 1200 4V NTX is a class leader, as a result of an elegant aesthetic appearance, and is also enhanced by features which, while fulfilling a stylistic function, set new parameters in terms of effectiveness and safety. Some examples are the headlight assemblies, highly reliable and effective, manufactured with technology derived from the automotive industry, fittings for the panniers are integrated to the passenger handgrips and the luggage racks, design elements expressing the versatility and calling for adventure and touring of the Stelvio 1200 4V NTX model.
CHASSIS Designed for non conventional paths.
You should not be mislead by its luxury off-road appearance: the Stelvio 1200 4V NTX features driving effectiveness superior to the average of many road motorcycles, since it is equipped for the unexpected and able to withstand any off-road driving strains. The secret is the new upper twin spar frame, made of high-strength steel, with 2.5mm thick directional tubes, where the engine is anchored through six connecting points, two more than in usual frames, which give high rigidity to the assembly at twisting moments. Chassis positions have been defined to facilitate handling, a headstock with a 27 inclination for a 125mm trail, improved by a 1535-mm wheelbase which guarantees impeccable steering precision. The suspension, piece of fine workmanship adjustable not only during preloading but also for the hydraulic response at compression and rebound damping, offers an immediate and clear response to handlebar pressures. The front end is controlled by a solid upside-down Marzocchi fork, with 50mm and 170mm travel stanchions, whereas at the rear, suspension kinematic mechanisms with progressive rising rate are moved by a Sachs unit that works on a 155mm stroke. The refinement of the suspension department guarantees a neutral setting at all times. When going out of a bend, and the action of the 105 horsepower generated by the new Quattrovalvole engine is requested, or when braking, under the quick deceleration generated by the three-disc Brembo braking system. And either for its effectiveness or its aesthetic value, there stands out a system consisting of radially-mounted calipers engaging onto a couple of fully drilled discs for better heat dissipation. Splendid spoke wheels assembled with Behr rims and Alpina spokes are ideal for Pirelli Scorpion tubeless tyres. The 19-inch front wheel is shod with a 110/80 tyre, while the rear is fitted with a 150/70 tyre. The wheel sizes have been chosen specifically to allow the use of enduro tyres. Even when considering chassis elements, where the overall assembly is what really counts, Stelvio 1200 4V NTX is not afraid of comparisons.

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION. New verve from the Quattrovalvole engine.
The Stelvio 1200 4V NTX is powered by the first evolution of the Quattrovalvole engine, which was presented in 2006 and is universally acknowledged as being the most advanced iteration yet of the legendary transverse 90 V-twin. For this new version of the engine, low and mid range responsiveness has been significantly improved to better suit the character of the Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V NTX as an all terrain machine. The engineers at the Mandello based marque optimised the camshaft profile, the air box and the exhaust (NO) to increase maximum torque from 108 Nm produced at 6400 rpm to 113 Nm available at just 5800 rpm. These results have been attained without compromising this powerplant's claim to fame as being the most powerful and fastest production engine ever built by Moto Guzzi. This highly sophisticated mechanical gem, which is unique in terms of both architecture and engineering clarity, is built using advanced componentry and technical solutions. These include the single overhead camshaft 'high-cam' valve timing driven by Morse chains with hydraulic tensioner skids, the forged pistons with 3 piston rings, cooled by oil jets in the crankcase, ultra-light valves with 5 mm stems and conical valve springs that eliminate resonance and power loss at high engine speeds. The engine is lubricated and cooled by two separate circuits, with two coaxial gear train driven pumps. In the coolant circuit, engine oil is fed via separate conduits in the head to reach the exhaust valve seats - where the highest temperatures are generated - and the heat is then dissipated by an oil radiator, which is located at the front of the engine for maximum exposure to the air flow. The lubrication circuit feeds all the vital organs of the engine, such as the crank and connecting rod bearings and the valve timing components. The heat generated by the impressive power produced by the engine is dissipated by cooling fins, with a modern design and tapered toward the front of the cylinders, while the valve covers - which proudly flaunt the Quattrovalvole moniker - feature floating mounting system to reduce mechanical noise. The Quattrovalvole engine introduces new Marelli IWP 189 fuel injectors installed on the intake ducts of the 50 mm diameter throttle bodies. The gearbox is a genuine six speed mechanical gem that excels for quietness, an easily selectable neutral position and precision, thanks also to the introduction of the quiet and smooth new single plate clutch. The new clutch differs from the previous version as it has less flywheel inertia and is more fade resistant and easier to use.

Aluminium panniers Aluminium sump guard. Steel engine guard. Integral hand guards. Additional headlamp Double high-/low-beam headlight assembly with convex surface lenses. Half-fairing with integrated air deflectors and turn indicators. Front mudguard with spoiler and integrated fork stanchions protection. Manually adjustable windshield. Blow-moulding process tank with integrated protective superstructure. Rider saddle adjustable to two positions with skidproof upholstery integrated to the tank. Passenger saddle with adapted seating and skidproof upholstery. Glove-box with unlocking control on the handlebar. Luggage supporting frame integrated, with passenger grab handles unit and luggage carrier. Tubular footrest supports. Full black Quattrovalvole powertrain. Aluminium hexagonally cross-sectioned silencer with Moto Guzzi customised double bottom.


-71200 cc Quattrovalvole 90 V-Twin in NTX STELVIO 2009 configuration New cam profile. New ignitioninjection mapping. New increased capacity airbox. Single overhead valve timing with valve bucket tappets. Reduced inertia single plate clutch. Cylinder head with independent cooling oil circuit. Silent Morse type chains for camshaft control. Hydraulic chain tensioners and tensioning pads. 50-mm throttle body. IWP 189 Marelli type injectors
Floating head covers to cushion noise. Transmission with compact reactive cardan shaft drive. 6-gear gearbox. Euro 3


Double cradle frame of high-resistant steel with 6 points for engine connection. Upside-down front fork with 50-mm stanchions, adjustable preloading and hydraulic damping with radially-mounted caliper. Shock absorber with preloading and rebound adjustment. Rear suspension with progressive articulation single arm. Front brakes, radially mounted with 4 opposed pistons and 320-mm discs. Rear 282-mm disc brake, floating caliper with two parallel pistons. Tubeless spoke wheels with aluminium Behr rim and Alpina spokes. Rear tyre Front tyre 150/70/17 Pirelli Scorpion. 110/80/19 Pirelli Scorpion.


Type Cooling Engine capacity Bore and stroke Compression ratio Timing system diagram (1-mm checking clearance) : : : : : : 90 V-twin engine, 4-stroke through air and oil and an independent cooling pump 1,151 cc 95 x 81.2 mm 11: 1 intake valve opening 12 BTDC intake valve closing 49 ABDC exhaust valve opening 55 BBDC exhaust valve closing 19 ATDC 77 kW (105CV) at 7,250 rpm above 113 Nm at 5,800 rpm Multipoint sequential electronic ignition, Magneti Marelli IAW5A phased, alfa-n system; two 50mm throttle bodies, Weber IWP 189 injectors, lambda probe. Electric NGK PMR8B (Long Life) stainless steel, 2-in-1 type, three-way catalytic converter with lambda probe Euro 3
Maximum power Maximum torque Fuel supply / Ignition
Starter Spark plugs Exhaust system Type approval

: : : :

Gearbox Gear ratio values : : : : : : : : : : 6-speed 1st 17/38 = 1 : 2.235 2nd 20/34 = 1 : 1.700 3rd 23/31 = 1 : 1.348 4th 26/29 = 1 : 1.115 5th 31/30 = 1 : 0.968 6th 29/25 = 1 : 0.862 with helical teeth, ratio 26/35 = 1: 1.346 Compact reactive cardan shaft drive system called CA.R.C.; double cardan joint and floating bevel gear seat, drive ratio 12/44 = 1: 3.666 single-disc with integrated anti-vibration buffer
Primary drive Final drive Clutch
Chassis Centre to centre distance Trail Headstock angle Steering angle Front suspension : : : : : : High yield strength tubular steel with integrated engine 1,535 mm 125 mm completely adjustable fork (spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping) with 50 mm diam. upside down stanchions and caliper mounting for radial brake calipers 170 mm single arm with progressive linkage, monoshock with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload adjuster knob 155 mm dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs, radial calipers with 4 horizontally opposed pistons 282 mm stainless steel fixed disc, floating caliper with 2 parallel pistons Tubeless with spokes 2.50 x 19 4.25 x 17 110/80 R19 150/70 R17
Front wheel travel Rear suspension Rear wheel travel Front brake Rear brake Wheels Front wheel rim Rear wheel rim Front tyre Rear tyre

: : : : : : : : : :

System voltage Battery Alternator : : : 12 V 12V - 18 Ah 12 V - 550 W
Length Width Height Saddle height Minimum ground clearance Kerb weight. Fuel tank capacity Reserve : : : : : : : : 2250 mm 1025 mm 1475 mm (windshield high position) 840 mm 210 mm 251 Kg 18 litres 4.5 litres

- 10 -

ACCESSORIES. The importance of details.
With company, on long motorway stretches, in winter or on the mountains, in streets or offroad, there is always the right solution to have enhanced safety, greater load capacity or an additional elegant touch.

CA.R.C Protection kit.

The protection for the CA.R.C (Italian for compact reactive cardan shaft drive) is made in treated and painted steel to protect the transmission from potential accidental bumps.
Solutions for carrying luggage.

Tank bag kit

The tank bag kit consists of a dedicated tank cover with frame fasteners and a specially shaped tank bag. The bag features a quick release system allowing it to be easily removed or lifted from the tank for refuelling and boasts a map holder and 2 side pockets. A practical pouch purchased separately - may be fitted onto the tank cover instead for the saddle bag.

Tank pouch

Practical pouch for mounting onto saddle cover included with saddle bag. Useful for carrying small items instead of the full sized bag.
Solutions to enhance comfort and riding safety.
Navigator installation kit
The special mounting for the Tomtom Rider2 navigator is milled from a solid aluminium billet and comes complete with specific screws for installation. The motorcycle electrical system is already pre-installed with a special power supply connector.
Electronic antitheft system
It is supplied with double engine lock and 3-axis inertial sensor, with double variable code radio control, fully resin coated and self-powered. The system is quickly and easily installed on a mounting already included on the motorbike.

- 11 -

Handgrip heating kit:

Cold weather is not going to prevent owners from wanting to ride the STELVIO 1200 4V NTX. The handgrip heating kit allows to choose between 3 different levels of temperature by simply pressing a button. Information about the on/off condition and selected temperature are shown on the display.


For those who not only ride, but also live the Stelvio, clothing is available to ensure maximum comfort and protection in all riding situations.

Stelvio Riding Suit

Jacket and trouser set in Cordura developed in conjunction with Dainese. Waterproof lining in D-Dry and detachable thermal lining. Composite shoulder, elbow, knee and shin armour, ice steel coloured leather inserts and pocket for back armour. Adjustable collar, waist and cuffs, Moto Guzzi logo in metal and stitching on back and thigh. Available in men's and women's versions from sizes 40 to 58.

- 12 -



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