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pipo 11:32pm on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
This is a great product for the price. This is a great product for the price. hamilton beach food procerssor The wrong shredder blade came with the new unit and it took many calls and many weeks for the company to finally send t...
cbert71 2:30pm on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 
Looked at different brands, but this was the best priced product for the size. I use it mostly for pureeing veggies so far. I love the Big Mouth. I use it often to make veggie burgers and grate vegetables. Its a great price.
ravdav 9:42am on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 
Great Product This machine is great...handles everything from chopping nuts to cooked chicken to boiled eggs and grating cabbage or cheese.

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Neighbourhood Organization

Home Phone




Secondary Contacts

Last Updated
Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners Inc.
Loreen Jerome Director and Membership Secretary


1063 King St. West, Suite 221, Hamilton, ON L8S 4S3
The AWWCA board of directors holds its monthly meetings at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month.
Janet Woodward Director and Newsletter Co-ordinator


Allison Park Community Association Ancaster Community Council Beasley Neighbours Group Berrisfield Community Council Bonnington, Buchanan, Mohawk, Southam Neighbourhood Association
Chris Ecklund Ron Bulmer Chair Isabel Sardella c/o Beasley Community Centre Chris Lee Colleen Wicken Chair 905-546-4042 905-385-5491 47 Oakley Court, Ancaster, ON L9G 1T7 27 Elgin Street, Hamiton, ON L8R 3RMohawk Road E., P.O. Box 79527, Hamilton, ON L8E 5AWest 3rd Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 3K1
Gail Fisher (disabled email for summer of 09) Lou Franco - Treasurer 905 383-7133 Fax 905-383-7133 (Note: must call first to activate fax) Judy Kloosterman James Nicholson-Vice President (contact info is the same) Regular Monthly Meetings, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
08-Jun-10 09-Aug-10 13-Aug-09 29-Jun-10



Buchanan Park Sports Council
Tom McDade President Terry Bourque Theresa Nicholson President Lorna Moreau

114 Delmar Dr., Hamilton, ON L9C 1J9
elections are held in April every year Monthly Meetings


CATCH Planning Team - Quigley Road Central Neighbourhood Association
905-560-6575 905-525-9631

Coming soon.

350 Quigley Road, unit Napier, Hamilton, ON, L8R 1S1
29-Jun-10 29-Jun-10 28-Jul-10

The Soot Group

Corktown Neighbourhood Association
Joel McCormick President Dwayne Brown / Sandy Penner Co-Chairs Walter Sguazzin President Russ Powers Chair Sarah Matthews President Mike and Phylis Tafford Alena Miller (Ores) Janice Brown Membership Coordinator Brad Gautreau Chair David Angles Chairperson Ken Armes President Randy Chapple President Karen Marcoux 905-575-1985 Jim Howlett President Gerry Polmanter Mary Lou Reiman Cindy Wilson Chair Pat Reid / Linda Mulhall Co-Chairs 905-547-0623
Peggy Freeman


Crown Point Community Planning Team

905-545-7334 49 Grosvenor Avenue South, Hamilton, ON L8M 3K8 332 Bay Street South, Hamilton, ON L8P 3JAssisi St., Hamilton, ON L8W 0AUpper Gage Ave, Hamilton, ON L8W 1E7
4 Roman Novak 905-545-6916


Delta West Community Association Dundas Community Council Durand Neighbourhood Association Eastmount Community Council Eleanor Community Council
905-545-9221 905-546-3190 905-570-0609 905-387-3516 905-387-5417

14-Jun-10 03-Jun-09

Janice Brown Dave Rogers Phone: 905-546-2424 ext 1560
08-Jun-10 13-Aug-09 13-Aug-09
Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods of Ontario

186 1/2 Duke Street, Hamilton ON L8P 1Y2


Friends of the Eramosa Karst (FOTEK)

2-558 Upper Gage Ave., Hamilton, ON L8V 4J6


The Friends of Gage Park

186 St. Clair Blvd. L8M 2P1
Group Established 1992 Michelle Febers H:905-387-3725 C:905-531-3393 Youth, Ladies and Baseball programs. Pumpkinfest and Winterfest activities. Ed Nowlan, Chair 905-549-4130,; Deborah Levo, Secretary/Treasurer 905-544-1422


Gilkson Park Community Associations


111 Cranbrook Drive, Hamilton, ON L9C 4S5


Gourley Park Community Association


Hamilton Beach Community Council

267 Beach Boulevard, Hamilton, ON, L8H 6VUpper Horning Road, Hamilton ON L9C 7R3


Keith Renewal Committee Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association Landsdale Area Neighbourhood Association (LANA) McQuesten Community Planning Team
905-529-4073 905-308-9678
Linda Mulhall 905-547-9685 Derek Hrynyshym
09-Jun-10 08-Jun-10 13-Aug-09 03-Jun-09
91 Ray Street South, Hamilton, ON L8P 3VKing William St, Hamilton, ON L8L 1RHayes, Hamilton, ON L8H 1M2
North Central Community Council North End Neighbours Pleasant View Rate Payers Association Red Hill Valley Neighbourhoods Association Riverdale Community Planning Team Riverdale Remedies (neighbourhood association)
Gerry Polmanter Chair Sheri Selway Don Charlong Julie Brezden Chair Cindy Book Planning Team Chair Evelyn Book Chair Don MacVicar Chair Mills Gary President Anthony Cupido Aileen Kowalik 905-529-3669 905-560-9969
749 Upper Horning Road, Hamilton ON L9C 7R3
09-Jun-10 13-Aug-09 13-Aug-09 14-Jun-10 Evelyn Book co-chair 289-389-5270 23-Jun-10 09-Jun-10

90 Best Ave., Dundas, ON L9H 5WGlencastle Dr., Hamilton, ON L8K 5Z7
Robert Land Community Association


The Eva Rothwell Resource Centre Robert Land 460 Wentworth St N., Hamilton, ON L8L 5W8
Bethany Jones Jeff Korz


Rosedale Community Council Scenic Woods Neighbouhood Association South Centre Community Council 223 Lavender Dr, Ancaster, ON L9K 1CCumberland Ave Hamilton, ON L8M 1Y6 PO Box 68053 Blakely RPO, Hamilton, ON L8M 3M3
13-Aug-09 03-Jun-09 19-Jul-10
South Stipeley Neighbourhood Association Spring Valley Community Association Stinson Community Association c/o Central Memorial Rec Centre Strathcona Community Council Templemead Community Council Ward 8 Community Advisory Council Other Related Community Groups

Michael Hooper President

02-Jul-10 30-Jun-10

Brian Goodman President Dawn Graham President Brian Gordon Korin Morrison Chair Name Home Phone 905-526-7364 Email
93 West Ave, Hamilton, ON L8N 1SNew Street, Hamilton, ON L8P 4J4

AGM held in October 2010

30-Jun-10 08-Jun-10 13-Aug-09 03-Jun-09 Comments Secondary Contacts Last Updated
Bay Area Restoration Council
Jim Hudson, Executive Director


LSB-B130F, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
BARC is the community voice for the restoration and protection of the Hamilton Harbour Watershed CITY
Lainie Tessier, Communications & Administration Manager;


Citizens At City Hall (CATCH)
Don McLean Organizer David Beland Chairperson Burke Austin President Lynda Lukasik Graham Flint Chairman Andy Fevez Chair Karen Logan Communications Coordinator Sandra Stephenson Chair Werner Plessl Executive Director


Citizens for Citizens Ward Three Neighbourhoods Community Action for Parkdale East, Hamilton East Community Reuse Association Environment Hamilton Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE) Glanbrook Conservation Committee Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association Hamilton Community Foundation Hamilton Waterfront Trust Hamiltonians for Progressive Development Hamilton Wentworth Council of Home & School Associations Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) Community Action Program for Children

182 St. Clair Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8M 2P1

Group Established 1992


703 Burgess Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 6JWilson Street, Suite 8, Hamilton ON L8R 1C5 PO Box 15 RR1, Freelton, ON L0R 1KTrinity Church Road, Hamilton, ON P.O. Box 35545, Hamilton, ON L8H 7SKing Street West, Suite 700, Hamilton, ON L8P 4VDiscovery Drive, Hamilton, ON L8L 8K4 P.O. Box 57231 Jackson Station 2 King Street West, Hamilton, ON L8P 2X1


905-549-0900 905-659-5417 905-679-6668 905-561-4432

15-Jun-09 14-Jun-10

Tom Kott Vice Chair
CITY Mary Ann Cuthbert (office) 905-523-4498 ext. 21 CITY 08-Jun-10 13-Aug-09

905-523-4498 ext.22
Sandra Binns President Judith Bishop Trustee Ward 1 and 2 , Past Chair Alison Miller Community Outreach/ Volunteer Coordinator Alex Moroz Chair 905-512-5713

100 Main St. W. Hamilton, ON L8N 3L1


150 Violet Drive, Hamilton ON L8E 6B4 Cathy Wever Elementary School 160 Wentworth Street North L8L 5V7
5 Alex Moroz


Wever Community Hub




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