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Daiyam 10:33pm on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 
OMG! I LUV IT . MY SON AND I BOTH ARE ADHD AND I ALSO HAVE VISUAL PROBLEMS. I used to have maps scattered across the front seat of my vehicle while traveling. I always liked to know my approximate position. Now.
v_davydoff 12:36am on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
there is not one thing i can say that is wrong Acquires Satellites Quickly","Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read","Easy To Set Up","Large Screen". Liked it so much I bought another for my daughter. Free map update","Handsfree calling Locks up periodically
schwarzer_peter 6:16am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
It is hard to believe that the potential of t...  The Bluetooth hands-free phone control, wide screen, traffic info receiver. Avoid this product! I even exchanged the firs...  There are no pros for this unit The unti locks up at random, is slow on the maps.
alchemyx 1:58am on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 
works great, does the job works just fine, easy to set up and start using, comes ready to go. great gps for the price I was hesitant to order a GPS refurbished, but I did not want to spend a lot of money on it since they update so often.
lopi 12:08am on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 
Ordering, receiving and using this GPS was smooth as silk. My wife, the primary user for this unit. PC Connection sent my tracking number a few days after placing order. The merchandise was brand new and packaging was great.
sk8free 4:56pm on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
Get more easily search for a specific location or address in the palm of your hand with Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS navigator which has incredible resources...
sparky64 5:10pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
I very like this product, because, I have very dificult to memorize the places, this product is very necessery for me. The Garmin International introduced the nuvi 26W5T.
hugobs 3:09pm on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 
Its one of excellent product .. it works as it described in the product detail. Acquires Satellites Quickly","Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read".

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S/MP Series

FS/2 MP 2500 FS/GS

MP 2500

product specifications

Environmental Standards:
Die cast magnesium alloy case with integral back-strap Impact modified plastic case with integral back-strap 9.3 x 5 x 1.7 (2.8 at handgrip) (236 mm x 128 mm x 43 mm (71 mm at handgrip)) 9.5 x 5.2 x 1.7 (2.9 at handgrip) (242 mm x 132 mm x 44 mm (74 mm at handgrip)) Designed to IEC68 EN60068 MIL STD 810E BS2011 standards
24.7 oz. (700 g) including batteries 26.5 oz. (750 g) including batteries 30.0 oz. (850 g) including batteries

Operating Temperature: -

-22 F to +140 F (-30 C to +60 C )

Storage Temperature:

-22 F to +158 F (-30 C to +70 C )


Waterproof IP65 Waterproof against accidental immersion IP67


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): Electrostatic Discharge (ESD):
48 in. (1.2 meters) onto concrete 6.5 ft. (2 meters) onto concrete Certified to EN55022 EN50082-1&-2 BS6527 FCC rules 47 CFR part 15
Certified to IEC801-2 EN50082-1&-2
Mandatory Conformance: option option option

CE marked FCC CSA



240 x 64 pixel full graphics LCD (8 lines x 40 chars) Integral backlight 56 key tactile action with separate alpha and numeric keypads All keys software programmable Flat surface membrane keyboard (standard or fluorescent)


MS-DOS version 3.3 MS-DOS version 6.MHz Intel 386EX 16 MHz Intel 386EX 8 MHz Intel 386EX 8 MHz NEC V25+

option -


Mass storage:

Data Retention: -
1 or 2 MB low power SRAM 2 MB low power DRAM 8 MB non-volatile solid state flashdisk 16 MB non-volatile solid state flashdisk (larger capacities available) Automatic with back-up battery

Calendar/Clock Accuracy:

+/- 2 seconds per day
option option option option option option -
Parallel Comms: Infrared: PC Card:
1 x RS232/V24 port via DB9 connector COMx RS232/V24 ports via DB9 connectors COM1 & COMx RS232/V24 ports via 12 way circular connectors COM1 & COMx RS232/V24 port via single DB25 connector COM1 & COMx RS232/V24 port via DB9 connector COM2 Bi-directional enhanced via DB25 connector Industry standard IrDA interface Internal Type II slot release 2.1 compliant

option option option -

Rack Interface: Batteries:
Comms and charging compatibility 3 x AA alkaline NiCAD rechargeable pack NiMH rechargeable pack

option option

Itronix manufactured peripheral, accessory, service and customization options are offered across the range of FS and MP Series handheld computers, together with authorized products from Itronix Partners.
Printer: Charger: Carry Case:
Welch Allyn 6180 Intelligent Wand Welch Allyn IT3800 CCD Scanner Welch Allyn 3800 CCD Scanner PSC Powerscan Laser Scanner ONeil Microflash (IrDA) Printer Husky FS Series In-vehicle Charger Husky FS Series Carry Case
option option option option option option option

= standard

In our constant effort to improve products and systems, Itronix Corporation reserves the right to change or modify features and specifications without notice. The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners: Itronix, Intel. 2000 Itronix Corporation V.1US 7/00 5K
Handheld Systems, Inc. 4300 N.E. Fremont, Suite 250 Portland, OR 97213 Tel: 503 - Fax: 503 - Email:

Authorized Dealers

w i re l e s s m o b i l e c o m p u t i n g

Wand: Scanner:


Serial Comms:


Operating System:

for your enterprise


Itronix handheld computers:


Nearly two decades of geotechnical field performance and an unequalled record of partnership with the worlds leading surveying firms, has resulted in a range of computers perfected for the surveying and digital mapping environment. A choice of FS and MP technologies offers diverse capabilities, from simple data-logging to advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) communications and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

for Demanding, rugged field computing environments

asset management

Monitoring the condition, location and quantity of resources is critical service and profitability. Manual data-logging enables the widespread adoption of just-in-time stock management. For instance, tracking the distribution of new vehicles lets automotive manufacturers accurately monitor damage in transit and track delivery schedules. Itronix handheld computers are bar code and tag reading compatible, ensuring information continuity between remote field workers and the home office.

the Itronix choice

field service
The mobile telecommunication service industry relies on a work management system handled by over 20,000 Husky FS/2 and FS 3 handheld computers: the largest field service handheld network in the world. In consumer oriented field service applications, Itronix delivers competitive advantage in repair/ maintenance applications where increased speed of response and quality of first time repair translates into increased customer loyalty. An external modem or an internal wireless PC card modem enables field workers
Itronix field proven Husky FS and MP series of handheld computers bring the
Waterproof. Withstands repeated 4 ft. drops onto concrete. Conforms to MIL STD specifications.
worlds most reliable rugged information systems to the palm of your hand. With
the broadest choice of handheld technologies, Husky FS and MP 2500 computers
Full EMC & ESD certified
have been individually engineered and specified to guarantee secure mobile computing
Handles temperature extremes from 22 F to +158 F
in harsh and high-risk environments.
Industry standard Microsoft MS DOS compatible

the Itronix solution

The Husky FS/MP Series meets industry demands for the highest levels of flexibility
Long battery life for all day mobile computing power
and responsiveness. Itronix handheld computer systems are used in six major industries
in more than 300 business sectors worldwide. When delivery of mobile data is critical
Emergency memory restoration for information recovery in case of accident
to your enterprises success, the choice is clear. The choice is Itronix.


Parking control officials who need to gather field data rely upon the Husky FS series for accurate data collection. Itronix offers a complete choice of handheld solutions, from simple keyboard registration of parking violations to infrared ticketing and wireless parking meter management.

meter reading

Itronix is considered the industry standard computing solution for meter reading. With over 18 years as the leading supplier of IT solutions to the Utilities industry, Itronix rugged handheld computers are ideal for water, gas and electrical meter reading. Itronix leads the way with next generation radio-card based remote data gathering. Itronix systems are used by more than 1600 Utilities in 65 countries worldwide, reading over 300 million meters.

to transmit secure data to the back-office in real-time.


From quality control to process monitoring, Itronix handhelds manage the movement of information across the manufacturing environment. Increased efficiency and productivity are matched by improvements in capacity and regulation of processes and materials.


Read ALL this leaflet before using your FS3. It contains essential information about getting started, and setting up.
CAUTION - battery types: it is very important to
set up the FS3 correctly for the battery type you are using. Refer to the section THE BATTERY inside this leaflet. HUSKY battery types supplied with your FS3 can be as follows: l NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) rechargeable battery pack, colour coded black. l NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) high capacity rechargeable battery pack, colour coded green. Note: only use the NiMH Battery pack in FS3 units fitted with BIOS version 1.071 (or higher). Rechargeable batteries should be charged before use - refer to the section THE BATTERY inside this leaflet. l For light duty applications, the FS3 can be supplied with non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are not suited for use with peripheral loads, or low temperature operation DO NOT charge non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries. In case of doubt, please contact your system provider.


User Leaflet


The HUSKY FS3 hand-held computer is rugged and waterproof. To help ensure trouble-free operation, we recommend that you: Check how to use your application before beginning work. Avoid subjecting your FS3 to: unnecessary temperature extremes - bright sunlight in a vehicle, for example prolonged immersion in water physical mistreatment The FS3 leaves the factory without the battery fitted. You must fit the battery pack and charge it before use; refer to SETTING UP for instructions. 2a 4

Esc F1 F2 F3 F4



Note: Keyboard and connector layouts vary on certain models. 1 PORT 1 CONNECTOR: main serial port. 2 PORT 2 CONNECTOR: parallel port or second serial port. 2a On some models a single connector is provided, combining PORT 1 and PORT 2 (serial ports). Some models have special connectors. In this case, separate instructions may be issued with the unit. 3 CONTACTS: on the rear of the unit - connect to the HUSKY FS Communications & Charging Rack (FS CCR), if this interface option is fitted. 4 FUNCTION KEYS: press to use application functions. 5 POWER KEY: press to turn on or off. 6 HANDSTRAP: on the rear of the unit, this helps you hold the FS3 securely. 7 DEL/NO KEY: press to delete entries or answer No to a question. 8 ENTER/YES KEY: press to complete typing, type a carriage return, or answer Yes to a question. 9 SHIFT KEYS (S): hold either down to type the characters (or functions) shown above the keys. 10 BACKLIGHT KEY: press to illuminate the screen in low light. You may need to press L at the same time (depending how your FS3 is set up). 11 TYPING KEYS: type letters, or symbols and functions when used with S (SHIFT). 12 BACKSPACE KEY: press to erase typing. 13 INFRARED PORT: infrared (IR) port option, for IR and IrDA communications. 14 BATTERY CAP: remove to change the battery pack (HUSKY battery stick). 15 PORT 3: for connecting the FS3 AC Adaptor. 16 SPACE KEY: types a space (blank) character. 17 CURSOR KEYS: to move the cursor. Also, use SHIFT G and SHIFT H to adjust screen contrast. 18 NUMERIC KEYPAD: type numbers. 19 ESCAPE KEY: usually used to cancel a function. 20 LCD SCREEN: displays prompts and messages, and information as you type.


The FS3 leaves the factory without the battery fitted. To get a new FS3 started for the first time you must carry out the following steps: 1. Fit the HUSKY rechargeable battery pack (see under Replacing the Battery later in this leaflet). The HUSKY NiCd battery is colour coded black. The HUSKY NiMH battery is colour coded green. Caution: For non-rechargeable alkaline batteries the procedure is different - as shown by the notes in italics below. 2. Connect the FS3 AC Adaptor, or place the FS3 on the HUSKY FS Communications & Charging Rack (see Charging the Battery). Note: If non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are fitted, skip step 2. 3. Reset the FS3: Press and hold down both S (SHIFT) keys. At the same time, hold down the P (POWER) key. Hold all three keys down for at least 5 seconds. Release the keys. 4. Starting MS-DOS: After a brief delay the FS3 will start; either displaying the HUSKY FS3 Welcome screen, or the DOS prompt, C:\>. (Or, if it displays the message Time and Date reset, press any key to continue). If you are at the Welcome screen, press any key to start MS-DOS, finally displaying the DOS prompt, C:\>. In case of difficulty, repeat from step 3 above, being sure to hold the three keys down firmly for at least 5 seconds. 5. Set the time and date: Type UTIL and press E This will display the FS3 Utility menu with the Set Time option selected. Press E to choose this option. Use G and H to adjust the 'hours'. Now use I and J keys to select 'minutes', and use G and H to adjust.

You can use the same method to adjust 'seconds' if you wish. Press E to update the FS3 clock and return to the Utility menu. Press J to select the Set Date option and press E. Set the date by using I and J to select each parameter, and G and H to adjust its value, as you did for the time. Press E to update the FS3 calendar and return to the FS3 Utility menu. 6. Set up the rechargeable battery type: Note: If non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are fitted, skip step 6 by pressing C to return to the DOS prompt. Press J until Non-volatile Configuration is selected. Press E. Press J until SPM Battery type is selected. Press G or H to select either Nicad or NiMH rechargeable battery type. Press E, and press E again. The FS3 will reset. Follow the instructions in step 4 above, but then continue at step 7. 7. Set up the Power Management mode: to Standard (SPM), Advanced (APM), or Fast (FPM). Hold down the L (BACKLIGHT/PAW) key and press H. This will display an information screen which includes a menu of options. Use J to select Power, and press E. The FS3 is normally supplied with SPM selected (standard power management). If this is acceptable, confirm that SPM is displayed, and skip to step 8 below. If you wish to change the charging mode, press G to select APM (or H for FPM). Press E to go to the Power Parameters menu. Use H to adjust Power remaining to 0% (skip this step if you selected FPM). Use J to select the Battery chargeable option, then press H to select Yes. Note: If non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are fitted, you must select No.
Press J to select Battery capacity. Use G or H to adjust the value to 1600 mAh for a NiCd battery, or 2100 mAh for a NiMH battery. Use J to select Charging Authorisation, and H to select Level 4 in APM (or Level 3 in FPM). Note: If non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are fitted, you must select Level 1. 8. Accept the settings by pressing E. Press C to return to the DOS prompt. 9. Charge the battery: press P to turn off the FS3 and leave it connected to the FS3 AC Adaptor or Rack to charge for at least 8 hours (APM or FPM) or overnight (SPM). Note: If non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are fitted, you must skip step 9. The FS3 is now ready for use. Note: After an application has been loaded into FS3, access to SETTING UP functions may be different. Refer to instructions provided with your application.


Note: Your application's user instructions may supplement the following information.

Turning on and off

Press P to turn on, or off. To conserve power, the FS3 turns off automatically if you have not pressed any keys for a short while.

Screen contrast

Adjust the screen contrast for optimum readability, especially at temperature extremes. Hold down either S (SHIFT) key and press G to increase contrast or H to decrease contrast.

Screen backlight

In low ambient light, press L to turn the backlight on. To turn it off, press L again. You may need to press L at the same time (depending how your FS3 is set up). The backlight turns off automatically after a short time, to conserve power.

Data entry

To type numbers or letters, press the appropriate keys. To type a space, press the ! (SPACE) key. To delete characters you've just typed, press the B (BACKSPACE) key. To select the characters or functions shown above the keys, hold down either S (SHIFT) key and then press the appropriate key.

Moving the cursor

Software applications will normally allow you to move the cursor a character or line at a time, using the arrow keys: I, J, G and H. To move the cursor up or down several lines, use Q and R.

Resetting the FS3

Caution: Resetting the FS3 may lose your recent
data entries. You should not need to reset the FS3 in normal operation - use this procedure in emergency only. Report the problem to your system provider.
If the FS3 locks up or fails to operate, you MAY need to reset it as follows: Refer to the previous section SETTING UP. Carry out step 3, Reset the FS3 and step 4, Starting MS-DOS. If this fails, try another charged battery pack (see Replacing the Battery). If this does not help, contact your system provider for assistance.


Your system provider may have already loaded the application software before issuing the FS3 to you. Software is normally loaded onto an FS3 by downloading files from a PC. To do this you need: 1. A suitable cable to connect between the PC and the FS3. HUSKY approved cables are available via your system provider. 2. A file transfer program. The HUSKY file transfer utility, HCOM, is provided for the FS3. For further details, please consult your system provider or the FS3 System Developer's Guide (or instructions provided with the application software).


The FS3 is designed for use with a rechargeable battery pack. Use the HUSKY FS3 battery pack only. Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are not generally recommended for use with the FS3, except for light duty applications with no peripheral loads. Alkaline batteries are not suited to low temperature operation. With a full charge, the FS3 battery is designed to last more than a working shift. However, if power does run low, a warning BATTERY LEVEL LOW will be displayed. (After a further period of use, your FS3 will turn itself off and will not turn on again.) You should do one of the following: Return the FS3 to your base or office Or recharge the battery (see Charging the battery) Or fit a fully charged battery pack (see Replacing the battery) Or in an emergency only, fit three new AA size alkaline batteries as a temporary measure.

Charging the battery

Charging is recommended before each working shift. You will need an FS3 AC Adaptor. CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECHARGE NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. DAMAGE TO THE FS3 WILL RESULT. Make sure a HUSKY FS3 rechargeable battery pack is fitted to your FS3, and oriented correctly. Use only the FS3 AC Adaptor. Refer to the AC POWER ADAPTOR section for full precautions before use. Turn off the FS3. Plug the AC adaptor into the AC supply. Connect the AC adaptor to Port 3. Turn on the AC supply. The FS3 should display Charging in progress. Leave the unit to recharge, for example overnight or until it displays Charging complete. Turn off or disconnect from the AC supply.
Alternatively, if your system includes the HUSKY FS Communications & Charging Rack, you can recharge a unit by placing it on the Rack.
Replacing the battery Turn off the FS3. Remove the battery cap by using a suitable coin. Do not allow rain or moisture into the battery
compartment. Tilt the unit to slide out the battery pack. Slide the replacement HUSKY FS3 battery pack into the battery compartment, positive end first. Refit the battery cap. Seat it with finger pressure first and make sure that it has engaged the screw threads before tightening it with a suitable coin. Turn on the FS3 and check operation. If you can't turn on, you may need to reset the FS3 as described in the CONTROLS section. After changing the battery, you MUST ensure that the battery type, capacity and power management are correctly set. (Refer to your application's user instructions.)

CAUTION: Alkaline batteries are not generally recommended for use with the FS3 and should only be fitted in an emergency, as a temporary measure, or for light duty applications. If you fit them, warn anyone you give the unit to non-rechargeable batteries must NOT be recharged. Always use batteries of the same type and charge state don't mix fresh batteries with used batteries, or rechargeable batteries with non-rechargeable ones. Observe the instructions printed on the battery. Replace only with batteries approved by your FS3 supplier. DO NOT FIT LITHIUM BATTERIES. ATTENTION: Dispose of or recycle used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions, or local waste management regulations. Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries must be recycled, or disposed of properly. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. CAUTION: BATTERY CHEMICAL LEAKAGE IS CORROSIVE. In the unlikely event of battery leakage, do not touch. In case of accidental contact, flush immediately with running water.


If the screen gets dirty or smeared, clean it with a clean cloth. If the FS3 gets very dirty, it should be cleaned: Make sure that the battery cap is tight. If you have dropped the FS3, check that the case and seals are intact. Gently rinse the unit under clean running water (no more than hand hot, 40C). Do not immerse the unit unnecessarily, or use a high pressure jet. To remove stubborn deposits, use a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent. TREAT THE KEYBOARD GENTLY. Blow any water out of the connectors, then leave it to drain and air dry. DO NOT EXPOSE THE UNIT TO TEMPERATURES ABOVE 55C. Polish the screen with a clean cloth. CAUTION: Do not use organic solvents or harsh detergents, as they may damage the casing.


CAUTION: Connect only approved cables and peripherals to your FS3. To connect a suitable peripheral to the FS3: Turn off the FS3 (and peripheral, if appropriate). If fitted, remove the protective cap from the appropriate connector.
Fit the peripheral to the connector. Use connector locking mechanisms where fitted. Turn on the FS3 (and peripheral, if appropriate).
To use the Infrared (IR) communications option (if fitted), the FS3 IR port must be pointing at the peripheral's IR port and be no more than 1m away. If you have difficulties, try again at a closer range. To disconnect a peripheral: Turn off the FS3 (and peripheral, if appropriate). Disconnect the peripheral from the connector. If provided with a protective cap, fit it to the connector.


If you have problems with the FS3, TELL YOUR SYSTEM PROVIDER, but here are a few checks: If the unit will not turn on, check the battery pack orientation and try another charged battery pack. If you cannot read the display, try adjusting the screen contrast (see CONTROLS). If you drop the unit and it stops working, try turning off and on, and check the battery pack. Your application may provide a RESET facility, or you may be able to reset the unit as described in the CONTROLS section. CAUTION: There are no user serviceable parts inside the FS3, and high voltages can be present. Do not attempt to open.


The FS3 (or the FS Communications & Charging Rack) is normally supplied with a HUSKY AC Power Adaptor (power supply). CAUTION: Read and understand the following instructions before using the ac power adaptor.
Hazardous voltages inside, no user serviceable parts inside, do not attempt to open. Indoor use only. Avoid liquid spillage, do not connect if suspected damp. Ensure ventilation is not restricted. Use only the FS (or FS CCR) AC Adaptor. This special adaptor should never be replaced by an alternative unapproved model, as this could be hazardous or damage may result. Inspect adaptor before connecting, do not use if there are signs of damage or deterioration. Ensure rechargeable batteries are fitted and they are orientated correctly. Ensure that connectors are firmly mated. Avoid mechanical strain to cables or connectors. Switch on or connect mains (line) supply only after making all connections. Switch off or disconnect mains (line) supply before disconnecting. In the event of overloading due to a fault, the adaptor is designed to be fail safe and may stop functioning. Do not attempt to employ the FS3 (or FS CCR) AC Adaptor for alternative purposes. Avoid use in dusty or contaminated environments.
Electromagnetic Compatibility
CAUTION ! Approved accessories only may be used with this equipment. In general all cables must be high quality, shielded, correctly terminated and normally restricted to 2 metres length. HUSKY AC adaptors employ special provisions to avoid radio interference and should not be altered or substituted. Unapproved modifications or operations conflicting with these instructions for use, may void approvals by the authorities to operate the equipment. Europe This product complies with the European EMC Directive 89/336. USA Radio interference, FCC Statement NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.



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