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Alistair7 11:30pm on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
the Metallic Pink looks way better when its in your hand as opposed to online. Super easy to use and rechargable. Just overall fun "toy none
seb31400 9:57am on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
ds original-sucked : good lighting options,better touchscreen,more options,more portable. ds original-sucked : good lighting options,better touchscreen,more options,more portable.
stb 1:23pm on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
The Nintendo DS is a small portable gaming console similar to Game Boy Advance. In April this year i was lucky enough ( ha! ) to travel via terminal 5.
bill 10:11pm on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 
Great Company The company is very trustworthy. They sent my product out right away. I LOVE IT This system is awesome. It plays all the GameBoy Advance games, as well as the DS games. Can network, etc. My daughters LOVE it.
garphield 10:36am on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 
Great product. Yeah, the new DSi is out, but heck, can it still play advance games? no. So DS lite is still it. Love it. Dell is great
joe89 12:41am on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 
Product was purchased for grand daughter and she loves it. Easy To Set Up","Excellent Gameplay","Fun For All Ages","Great Graphics".
shiv 7:54am on Monday, March 15th, 2010 
A waste of money!! I bought mine to occupy my...  compact/nice design The games that are for the ds are terrible quite old now, pretty rubbish games, younger people find it hard to read the things on screen.

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worst, but he wasnt as worried as many who complained vociferously on Internet websites dedicated to lambasting the filmmakers. He was less concerned about which robots would be showcased and didnt care overmuch aboutthespecificvehiclesortheirpaintjobs;hejusthopedthebigscreenversion wouldnotlosetheheartofthecomicandthetoyline,andwonderedhowinthe worldaliveactionmoviewouldbeabletomakethoseamazingtransformations sofeasibleintheworldofanimation. MychildhoodwasYogiBearandtheTransformersshows,describes LaBeouf.IwaseightyearsoldandIwouldplaythetapesoverandoveragain.
His favorite Transformer was always Bumblebee, with Decepticon Frenzy running a close second. When asked about the controversy over changing one or two of the vehicle models and updating some of the design aspectsoftherobotsandtheircharacters,LaBeoufisphilosophical.Youhaveto keepupwiththetimes,youhavetoupdate,hesays.Youcantkeepthestory inthe80s.Itmightworkfor25hardcorefans,butfortherestoftheworld,you cant portray Megatron as a handgun. Cinematically speaking, you need to amplify the danger. Megatron is now an alien jet the likes of which youve neverseenbefore. Theres no American mythology, he goes on to explain. Theres no folklore,andforsome,noreligion.Alotofpeopleinmygenerationdidnteven read Catcher in the Rye. But most of them know about Barbie, Lego, Tony HawkandtheTransformers;itspopculture.Thescarythingaboutjumping intopopcultureisyoudontwanttosellout.ButonceImetwithMike,Isaw thatwewerentgoingtomakeafilmaboutsomeguyintightsandacape.Itwas moreamovieaboutthefactthatwe,ashumans,dontknoweverything;theidea thatmachinescan,inacertainrespect,overpowerhumans.
Duringproduction,LaBeoufbecameclosetoveteranactorJonVoightwho gave him a book abut the theater. In Greek, the word theater means the seeing place, LaBeouf explains. People used to come to the theater to see something they werent experiencing in life; to see exaggerations on social situations, on mechanical possibilities, on the human condition. But every exaggerationbeginsintruth,whichiswhatMichaelandItalkedabout. When the two first sat down together, they discussed Sam Witwickys comingofagestoryandthedilemmashemustfacewhenfindinghimselfatthe center ofa waroftwoworlds.Itwasnever adiscussion oftechnology, says LaBeouf, or Lets talk about the robots. The first thing we talked about was howtomakeSamsstoryreal.Howdowemakethecharactershonest?Howdo we make the relationships work so that the audience can follow the story? Because if you dont give a crap about the characters, even the animated ones, yourenotgoingtowatchthemovie. Samisjustanormalkid,saysBay.Ididntwanthimtobethestudor the geek, just a normal Joe. Hes the type of guy who finds his edge through humor.Hesalittleawkward,butyouimmediatelylikehim. Andlikeeveryguy,hesconsumedwithgettinghisfirstcar,saysBay. When I wasgrowing upIhad to save for my car fund and when I built it up enoughmyDadwasgoingtomatchit,justlikeSam.IgotaVWSciroccoandI had it painted at this place called Keystone Body Shop in Santa Monica, which coincidentallyisthesamebuilding,theexactspaceinfact,wheretheeditbaysin myofficenowsit.How bizarreis that? Irememberwalkinginwithmy $900. Pickingupthatcarwasthemostimportantmoment,justlikepickingoutthecar forSam. At the car dealership he gravitates to the Camaro, he continues, becauseitsgottheslickwheelsandaracingstripeanditlookssemicool,but

wedogiveawinktotheVWwhenBernieMactriestosellhimthebug.Butyou knowimmediatelytheresaconnectionbetweenSamandthatCamaro. Sam becomes a messenger for the robots, LaBeouf says. He referees the entire situation between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Hes the human anchor for the movie so that you can have this outlandish plot of two kidsinhighschoolwithnospecialskills,nocape,nobiggun,whogettheupper handoverevilrobots,thegovernment,hackers,everyone. Robotsaside,Samisverysheltered,saysLaBeouf,hehasntseenmuch of the world, so hes searching for an adventure. Of course, in his mind adventure comes in the form of a girl named Mikaela, but he finds out soon enough that his adventure is more than finding a girlfriend. When hes first approached by Optimus, its not something hes ready for, but through the courseofthefilmhebecomesaman.Samstartsasakidwithnoresponsibilities andbigdreams,buthisfocuschanges.Hisfriendshipwiththisgirlgrowsfrom a shallow infatuation to a very intimate relationship and he finds a best friend andaguardianintheserobots. Di Bonaventura who knew LaBeouf from working with him on Constantine, believes the actors likeability quotient is enormous and allows audiencestorootforhimwhichisessentialtothestorysprogression. TheresnoquestionthathavinggrownupinthemoviebusinessShiahas learned how to make a character his own, he says, how to interpret the characters choices and how to create the characters inner world. For his age, Shiaisbeyondsophisticated. Shiasquiteasensation,Voightagrees.Hestherealthing.


Constantlyteasedaboutherlastnameandthestylewithwhichshewears the mantle, Megan Fox is undeniably an allaround good sport. In her first leadingroleinamajormotionpicture,Foxwasthrustintothelimelightofabig actionmoviehelmedbynoneotherthanthewildestactiondirectorever,Michael Bay. Given that Michaels name was attached to the script and that it was plannedasasummerrelease,Iknewthemoviewasgoingtobehuge,shesays, I just had no idea how much of a part I was going to play in relation to the wholethingorwhatIwasinfor,shesayswithawink. Bay, along with his Platinum Dunes producing partners Andrew Form andBradFuller,hadoriginallyauditionedMeganFoxfortheirremakeofThe AmityvilleHorror(directedbyAndrewDouglas).WhenshereturnedtoBays offices two years later to audition for the role of Mikaela, he saw something beyondherobviousbeautythatcomplementedthecharacter. Even though Megans relatively new to movies, shes incredibly poised and confident, and its not phony, says Bay. I also liked that no one really knewabouther,whichcanbescarywhenyouthinkaboutgivingsuchabigpart tosomeoneuntested,butthepairingwithShiareallyworked.Theyhadagreat energy. Michael Bay is kind of infamous, laughs Fox. But the more you are around him, the more obvious it becomes that he has this offbeat sense of humor. If he yells, its more about entertaining himself and ribbing you. Hes notascaryguy,hesfunny. Michaels a frat boy, says her costar LaBeouf, and if youre going to havearelationshipwithMike,youcannotbethesentimentalactor.Youcannot befearful.Youhavetoholdyourownandbetoughifyouregoingtoplaywith

WhenaskedifheisfamiliarwithTransformersactionfigures,Anthony Andersonwillimmediatelybreakinto song,Transformers,morethanmeets theeye,Transformers,robotsindisguise! I can sing more of the song, Anderson says proudly, I actually owned OptimusPrimeandMegatron.Igrewupwatchingthecartoon,thatsmyera. WhenIheardtherewasapossibilityofplayingacharacterinthefilm,Iwasjust excitedatthechancetomeetMichaelandStevenSpielberg. Andersonispassingon thelore ofTransformers,teachinghischildren abouthisbelovedchildhoodpastime.Afterbringinghisyoungsontotheset,he
had a difficult time keeping his sons focus on school rather than on accompanyinghimtoworkeachday. ThefirstdayIwalkedontotheMegatronset,Ihadmysonwithme, remembersAnderson.Hisjawdropped. The artdepartmentdid anamazing jobbringingthiscreaturetolife,anditwasonlyhalfbuilt.Ireallyhavetotipmy hattothem. A chameleon, Anderson has the ability to perform in classical theatre as wellasurbandrama,butisbestknownforhiscomedicroles,atalentheusesto great degree as Glen, a smart but surreptitious hacker who is a close friend of computeranalystandgovernmentconsultant,MaggieMadsen. LorenzodiBonaventura,whohasworkedpreviouslywithAnderson,isa big fan. People dont understand how much he brings to the party, di Bonaventurasays.Hisadlibsaresmartandcleverandcompletelyunexpected; hesaveryinstinctualcomedian.Buthesalsounderestimatedwhenitcomesto hisseriousroles.AnthonywassocompellinginHustleandFlow;Ihopemore peoplerecognizehowtalentedheis. DiBonaventuralovestheideaofgoingagainsttypeincastingAnderson asthecomputerwhizkid.Everypreconceptionyouhaveaboutthecharacteris thrownoutthewindowwhenyoumeetGlenathisgrandmothershouse.Hes olderthanyouthinktheaverageteenagehackermightbe.Heslessnerdy.And hesthetotaloppositeofthehotguyyouimagineasMaggiesfriend.Hesjusta studyincontrasts.Anthonyisabsolutelyfresh. Andersondescribeshischaracterasacomputergeniusgeeknerdwhois accidentally pulled into the governments search for whatever is devouring all theirsecretsystemfilesanddocuments.
Maggie, my partner in crime, brings in Glen to help her decipher an electronic computer language that the Decepticons are speaking; she needs help,soshecomestothesmartguy,hesayscoyly. Glens nervous at first, explains Anderson, because hes got a little addiction problem with hacking into highly classified systems like the Pentagons,whichhesdonemorethanafewtimes.Hecanthelphimself,hes drawntoit;helovestheexcitement.Hesjustneverbeencaughtbefore.Butthis time,hereallydoesntwanttobeinthemixwithangryalienrobots. Despite his initial reluctance, Glen cannot help but be spellbound as he begins tapping into the aliens communications, breaking their code. Glen knows their innermost secrets, the actor says, but its frightening and disturbing.Imean,itsDefcon38.Talkaboutheightenedsecuritylevels;were atfuchsia,man! Andersons favorite Transformer is Megatron. I like the bad guys now,hesays.GrowingupIlikedOptimusPrimeandanotheronethatwasa biggunwithascopeonit.Iplayedwiththatguyuntilhebroke.

world in which 30foot tall metal people begin destroying cities where the militarywouldntbecomeinvolvedprettyquickly.


I never imagined myself in an action film of this magnitude, says LaBeouf.NotthatImgivingmyselfkudos,but90percentoftheactorsIknow couldnothavedonewhatMeganandIdidinthisfilm.Imeanthereareaction starswhowouldnthavebeenasdumb,helaughs,hangingofftheroofofa15 story building from a single wire with nothing below but the asphalt alley. It wasinsane! Bays excitement and enthusiasm for monstrously large stunts seems to infect the entire cast every time. Sooner or later, on every film, actors find themselves agreeing to participate in acrobatics and physical feats they would nevernormallyenvisionthemselvesattempting. Even60somethingJonVoightlovedwhathecallsthephysicalityofhis role.Similartotherestofthecast,Voighthitthegroundrunningwhenneedbe and literally hit the floor as well. In one scene when his character is seriously injured,Voightshockedthecrewwhenhethrewhimselftothecementfloorof thesoundstageasthoughhedactuallybeenshotbyastraybullet. Hekeptpacewithevery20yearoldonthemovie,saysMichaelBay. I think Jon was trying to sell it a little hard, says Anthony Anderson, makingusyoungerguyslookbad.MichaelwouldlookatTyreseandmeand say,Look,ifJoncanrundownthere,youcanrunthere!IdtellJon,Relax,you couldbreakahip,hejokes. Itslikeplayingwhenyoureakid,saysVoight.WhenIwasgrowing up,IlikedphysicalcomedyandImstillamazedwhenIseepeopledoanything
extraordinarily physical. But you get shot, you fall on the ground. The only shockingthingisthatImalittleoldtobeplayingatthiskindofstuff,butIreally likeit.Idheartheguyssay,Hey,didyouseethat?andIdtell them, Guys, Imnotgoneyet,Imstillinthegamehere.ImeanwerenotCirqueduSoleil. LaBeouf landed the role of Sam Witwicky while he was shooting DreamWorksDisturbia.Atthetime,heweighed130poundsbutdespitethe actionoftheblockbusterthriller,theyoungactorneededtostrengthenhisbody inpreparationforthisnextjob.Hebeganworkingoutfivedaysaweekforthree months and gained 25 pounds of solid muscle by the time he arrived on set in NewMexico.Hisfirstevening,LaBeoufspentthenightbeingchasedbyguard dogs around a dilapidated lumber mill. He quickly realized that his training, whichhadfocusedonbuildingbulkandmass,wasnotwhatheneeded.Hisrole requiredstaminaandspeed. It was all running. I should have been doing calisthenics. And theres thepaintolerance,helaughs.Thatsnotsomethingyoucantrainfor. Actress Megan Fox swears that she gained 10 pounds of solid muscle duringproductionfromalltherunningandstrengthtrainingtherolerequired, and she gives the camera crew special accolades for keeping up with the pace. They really deserve a lot of credit, Fox says, for being able to follow us the way they did. Theyd give us general directions where to run and wed head whereweweretold,butitsalmostimpossibletohitexactmarksonamovielike this. LaBeouf calls coproducer/stunt coordinator/second unit director Ken Batesasavior.HestheonlyreasonIamalive,LaBeoufjokes. Batesdisagrees.Shiawasveryfocused,hesays.Hesastrong,agile kid and hes smart. He pays attention and follows directions well, and he has

its day. A big part of what we had to think about was if these guys were real, then how would they move? What would they look like? Animation and physicsautomaticallycameintoit.ButMichaelBayisthetypeofguywhoalso wantstomakeitlookgoodatthesametime,whichIfullysubscribeto.Soifit doesnt look cool, and it doesnt look great in the shot, you have to do it differently.Youmightstartwithheavyrobots,butweveallseenheavyrobots thatsboring.Wewantedtomakesomethingthatwasmuchmoreelegant.That means youre not always gonna abide by what a big heavy object would do because we wanted to have fighters that could maneuver in ways no one had everseenbefore.ItsalotlikethewaywethinkofHongKongstylefilmmaking inwhichyouhavetheactorsmovingonwires. AnotherfunaspectofaMichaelBayfilmisblowingthingsup,takingthe littlehobbymodelingpiecesthatweresopainstakinglyassembledandscattering them across the board. Bay likes to do things down and dirty, so he has his legionsofpaintersandcompositorsgoinandputsomegrimeonafinishhere, some dust on a chassis there. Its called realism, and thats the way he likes it. ThejobofthedigitalcompositingsupervisorPatrickTubachwastooverseethe actuallayeringoftheshots.Westartedwithabackgroundplatethatwasshotin production.Andthenwetookcomputergeneratedelementsandaddedthemto the shot, says Tubach. But you have to make them look as if they were shot together, and thats where the compositor comes in. They make it look photographic. They take the computergenerated stuff and create the illusion that everything was shot on the same day at the same time. And that these robots, who arent even real, were actually there. Ultimately, the quality of the finalshotfallsonthecompositorandthecompositingsupervisor. Tryingtomakethingslookrealiswhatitcomesdownto,hecontinues. Andaddingthatstylizedlookthat,sometimes,thedirectorislookingfor.You
dontgetthatuntilyougetinthereandstartactuallyaddingsomeartistryontop ofeverythingthatwasshot. Tubachmentionsoneofhisfavoritescenestoillustratehispoint.Itsthe sequence in which Blackout, in the form of a Sikorsky MH53 Pave Low helicopter, lays waste to an Army base in the desert. Blackout arrives at the baseandthisisthefirsttimeweactuallyseehimincontactwithhumans.Hes kind of a oneman army taking out the entire base by himself, says Tubach. Andsoourinstructiononthisshotwasjustthathehasthisweapon,werenot exactlysurewhatitis,butitsareallydevastatingweapon. At first we thought that maybe it would be something like an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out electrical devices. But when you think aboutthatvisually,thatsnotthemostexcitingthingtolookat.Sowesaid,OK, howdowemakeitalittlemorealienandmakeitlookreallyexciting?Sowe startedthinkingaboutsomesortofplasmawavethatBlackouthas.Itsapretty devastatingweapon.Hejustfiresintothegroundandthethingmushroomsout around him. Visually we thought it looked very striking because it sort of vaporizeseverythinginitspath. After looking at atomic bomb footage, we noticed that a lot of dust streams away from the center of the impact and kind of keeps going. So we addedalotofthatintotheshots.Andtheneverythingthathehits,everything thatsinthesceneaheadoftime,endsupjustcrumbling.Allthatsleftarethe carcassesofthevehicles.Therestiskindofblownawayandhasalotofenergy. And thats one thing that, you know, Michael was excited about, that when Blackout lands and hits the ground its just complete devastation from that momenton. Bay and his compositing team were only just beginning to wreak havoc. Toachievethemayhemthatfollowed,theyplayedwiththetimingofthefootage

2006 Production begins on the live action feature film and the anticipation in thefancommunitybuildsexponentially. TheTRANSFORMERSCLASSICStoylineisreleasedbyHasbro,featuring a selection of favorite characters from Generation: 1 with new designs and re colorations. Characters in the line include MEGATRON, OPTIMUS PRIME, ASTROTRAINandBUMBLEBEE. The animated TRANSFORMERS movie (1986) is rereleased on a
2007 Hasbro unveils its new TRANSFORMERS toy line, based on the live actionmoviefromDreamWorksandParamountPictures,withthereleaseofall newactionfigures,gamesandroleplaytoys. TRANSFORMERStoysandmerchandisearesettogoonsaleJune2. Forthefirsttime ever, BotConwillbe held inProvidence,Rhode Island, nearHasbroshometown,onJune28throughJuly1.
July4,2007 TheTRANSFORMERSmovieisreleasedintheaters!!!
AUTOBOTS hold to the ideals of defending life and aspire to a peacefulexistence
OPTIMUS PRIMEis the leader of the AUTOBOTS. Voiced by Peter Cullen in both the original animated series and DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures TRANSFORMERS. Many years ago, the Matrix of Leadership a physical piece that Optimus wears inside his chest cavity, the MatrixofLeadershipisthecrowncarriedbyeachPrimechosehimtobe
thenextPrime,orleader.Hehumblyaccepted,whichchangedthecourseofhis life from simple working class bot on Cybertron to leader of the strongest benevolent force in the Universe, the Autobots. When leading his team into battle,OptimusPrimessignaturephraseisTransformandRollout!
BUMBLEBEE was one of the Autobots on the Ark when it crashed into Earth and was involved in many battles, and also served as a useful Autobotspy.InTRANSFORMERS,heisSamWitwickysfirstcar,aClassic Camaro.Bumblebeesfunctionisespionageandreconnaissancemissions.Heis thelittlebrotherintheAutobotfamily,actingasthescoutwhomakeshisway boldlyintodangerousmissions.
AUTOBOT JAZZ remains one of the bestloved characters from the original series. He lives by the rock n roll lifestyle credo of if you cant do something with style, its not worth doing at all. He is very cool, stylish, and competent. He is daring and clever. He has nearperfect recordable memory that makes him invaluable as a documenter of battles, equipped with a fusion enginethatallowshimtoreachsublightspeedsinvehiclemode. AutobotJazzwasamongtheAutobotswhofollowedOptimusPrimeon his mission to seek out new worlds aboard the Ark. They were attacked by Megatrons ship, the Nemesis and crash landed on Earth, where all on board werepreservedinemergencystasis.In1984,avolcaniceruptionawakenedthe Arks computer, Teletran1, and it repaired everyone on board. It reformatted AutobotJazzintheformofanautomobile. Selfpossessed,calm,andutterlycollected,AutobotJazzisheadofSpecial Operations, with his own dedicated roster of agents. He often gives the most dangerousassignmentstohimself.Itsnotamatterofegohejustreallyhas

the coolest head for the toughest missions. Autobot Jazzs ease extends to whatever environment he finds himself in, no matter how weird or wonderful. He effortlessly tunes in to the local culture, assimilating and improvising, and making creative command decisions, making him an indispensable righthand AutobottoOptimusPrime.
AUTOBOTRATCHETservesasthemedictohisAutobotbrethren.In TRANSFORMERS,however,hetakestheformofaHummerH2,modified intoanambulance.Heisahealer,butasoldiernonetheless.Hiscourageand loyaltyaredemonstratedtimeandagain.
IRONHIDEisatoughhombre,acowboywhoisallactionandhasbeen aroundtheuniverseafewtimes.OneofOptimusPrimesoldestfriends,heis probably the most battlescarred of his brethren. He is usually in charge of safekeeping anything or anyone of importance, and acts as Optimus Primes personalbodyguard.Hisfavoritesaying:Hightechcircuitryisnoreplacement forguts. Gruff,butkind,heshootsavarietyofliquidsfromsupercoolednitrogen tosuperheatedlead.Hehassonar,radar,radiowavedetector.Althoughhes theslowestAutobot,hisskinismadeofatrithylliumsteelalloyinjectedwith irradiated carbon fibers, giving him immunity to most forms of attack and makinghimtheleastvulnerableAutobot.
DECEPTICONS believe in total domination of the universe and the acquisitionofpowerandtheywillexploitanyoneandanythingthat stands
in their way. The Decepticons exhibit typical gang behavior, and each membersloyaltyistohimselffirst.
MEGATRON is the ruthless leader of the DECEPTICONS and the primary villain in the TRANSFORMERS saga. His vehicle a Jet, Tank or Blaster.MegatronisoneoftheTRANSFORMERSrobots,givinghimtheability tomodifyhisbodysstructureintootherobjects,theoriginalandmostcommon alternatemodebeingagun. HewastheswornopponentofOptimusPrime,leaderoftheAutobots, whenthecivilwareruptedagain. Eventually,thewardrainedCybertronofmostofitsenergy,necessitating that both factions seek out new worlds and new sources of power. Megatron andhiseliteforcespursuedtheAutobotscraft(theArk)intheirstarcruiserand attacked and boarded the craft, causing it to crash on prehistoric Earth, entombing all on the ship in emergency stasis as it crashed into a dormant volcano.

Other credits include I, Robot, with Will Smith, HBOs Project Greenlight, The Battle of Shaker Heights and the hit action film Charlies Angels II: Full Throttle. In 2003, LaBeouf made his big screen debut starring oppositeSigourneyWeaverandJonVoightinthefamilyfilmHoles,basedon LouisSacharspopularnovel. Ontelevision,LaBeoufgarneredmuchpraisefromcriticseverywherefor his portrayal of Louis Stevens on the Disney Channels original series Even Stevens. In 2003, he earned a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding PerformerinaChildrensSeriesforhisworkonthehighlyratedfamilyshow. ALosAngelesnative,LaBeoufattendedtheMagnetSchoolofPerforming Arts at USC and began his career trying his hand at standup comedy in local neighborhoodcoffeehouses.HestillresidesinCaliforniawithhisfamily. TYRESE GIBSON (Technical Sergeant Epps, U.S. Air Force) began his singing career in 1998 after signing a record deal with RCA Records and completinghisfirstselftitleddebutalbum,whichwasnominatedforaGrammy andfeaturedthesmashhitSweetLady.TheyoungmanfromWattswascited astheAmericanMusicAwardsFavoriteNewArtist.Hehassincebranchedout intoasuccessfulcareerasamalemodel,afterattractingtheinterestofdesigner Tommy Hilfiger, who made him the face of his clothing line, one of the most successfulcampaignsinfashionindustryhistory.Themodelingcareerlaunched him into the world of television, where his visibility skyrocketed when he appeared on MTV Jams, a series he went on to host and transform into the musicchannelshighestratedshowtothattime. Shortlythereafter,2000Watts,hissophomorealbum,wasreleased.The hit Just a Baby Boy, with Snoop Dogg featuring Mr. Tan, appeared on the soundtrack of writerdirector John Singletons Baby Boy, which featured
Gibsonsdebutstarringrole.GibsonearnedhissecondGrammynominationfor his third album, I Wanna Go There (which included the hit How U Gonna Act Like That), the first release on his second label with Clive Davis and J Records.ThevideoforHowYouGonnaActLikeThatis,tothisday,inheavy rotationnotonlyhereintheU.S.,butalsoinnumerouscountriesallaroundthe world. Gibson then took his brand name to the next level when he signed with GUESS and became the first and only AfricanAmerican male model to land a multimilliondollarcontract. AftertouringwithsuchtalentsasBrianMcKnightandcohostingthe9th Annual Soul Train Awards, Gibson continued his acting success with starring roles in such films as 2 Fast 2 Furious, directed by John Singleton and co starringPaulWalker,Ludacris,ColeHauserandEvaMendez.Hehadamusical presenceon that soundtrack with Pick Up the Phone, featuring Ludacris and R.Kelly.In2004,GibsonstarredinFlightofthePhoenix,alongwithDennis Quaid, Hugh Laurie and Giovanni Ribisi. In 2005, he teamed up again with Singleton for Paramounts gritty revenge drama Four Brothers, which co starred Mark Wahlberg and Andre 3000. That same year he starred in TouchstonePicturesAnnapoliswithJamesFrancoandDonnieWahlberg. Gibson simultaneously launched music and film projects in 2006. His companyHeadquarterEntertainmentisamultimediaempirefeaturingafilm& TV production company, a music studio, a recording label and a talent managementfirmAonestopshop,asGibsondescribesit.Leadingtheway for Headquarters musical vision is the hot and much buzzed about The Frontline BoyZ, a team of music producers handpicked by Gibson. He also starredintheUniversalFocusfilmWaistDeep,asleekurbanthrillerdirected byVondieCurtisHallandfeaturingMeaganGoode,LarenzTateandTheGame.

Weaving also has awealth of experienceonstage. In 2006, he appeared withBlanchettintheSydneyTheatreCompanysproductionofHeddaGabler attheBrooklynAcademyofMusic. HisotherfilmcreditsincludetheAustralianfeaturesRussianDoll,The Magic Pudding, Strange Planet, Babe: Pig in the City, True Love, Chaos, Babe, Exile, The Custodian, Frauds, Reckless Kelly and Almost (aka Wendy Cracked a Walnut). His most recent Australian feature, The Tenderhook, opposite Rose Byrne, is set for release in 2008. Weaving also lent his voice to The Girl Who Swallowed Bees as the films narratorandasNoahtheElderinHappyFeet. Born in Nigeria, Weaving was raised in England and Australia. He graduatedfromAustraliasNationalInstituteofDramaticArt.
MARK RYAN (Bumblebee) is a multitalented performer, combining his acting, singing, writing and action direction talents, and has enjoyed a successful and eclectic career for some 30 years, working in all aspects of film andtelevision. HedidseveralmajormusicalsinLondonsWestEnd,spending4yearsin Andrew Lloyd Webbers smash hit Evita originating the role of Magaldi and then playing Che under the direction of Broadway legend Hal Prince. He left EvitatoplayMacinthemovieTheFinalOptionfordirectorIanSharp. Ryan originated the role of Nasir for the cult British series Robin of Sherwoodandhasappearedindozensoffilmsandtelevisionseriesbothinthe U.S.andtheU.K. ThroughouthiscareerRyanhasmanagedtokeepagoodbalancebetween theater,filmandtelevisionengagements.In1986,hewoncriticalacclaimforhis portrayalofthetitleroleinthemusicalElmerGantryatLondonsGateTheatre
andfollowedthatwithanationaltourofthehitshowGuysandDolls,playing Sky Masterson. He returned to the West End to play Neville Landless in the Tony Awardwinning musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood and, the same year,recordedaduetwithsingingstarTomJonesonhisalbumMatador. Other TV appearances followed with roles in The Bill, Dempsey & Makepeace, William Tell, Peak Practice, Harry and Casualty. Other filmworkincludesTheCorsicanBrothersandThePhantomoftheOpera. In1993,hetouredEuropeandBritainplayingFigaroinTheMarriageof Figaro and Leporello in Don Giovanni, both for Music Theatre London and directed by Nick Broadhurst. He followed that successful run with a series of open air concert performances with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He is alsoanaccomplishedauthorandhaswrittenforDCComicsandHarperCollins, inadditiontowritingseveralscreenplays. In 2000, Ryan played every major theatre in the US with original Monty PythonmemberEricIdle,performingclassicBritishcomedyrolesatNewYorks famed Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl in Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python.TheteamlaterrecordedtheshowforTheComedyChannel. OtherappearancesincludeworkonFrazier,Conan,JAG,General Hospital, Alias, The Young and the Restless, Nuremberg, Passions, CharliesAngels,APieceofMyHeartandConvicted. In 2003, he concluded work as a sword master and fight director on the Jerry Bruckheimer Films production of King Arthur, directed by Antoine Fuqua. He has also appeared in such productions as The Prestige and The ThirstandrecentlycompletedplayingtheleadinSpecOps:Deltaportraying Col.AndersonSavage. He began working on TRANSFORMERS during filming as the onset voice of several different robots. This work continued throughout filming and

as part of the guiding force for X2: XMen United, which earned over $400 millionboxofficeworldwide.TheXMenfranchisehassincegoneontogross over$1billionaroundtheworld. Due to his reputation as the fans producer, DeSanto was approached by a group of firsttime filmmakers who were struggling to create a feature documentary chronicling the Lord of the Rings phenomenon. After seeing some footage and assessing potential for the film, DeSanto agreed to come aboard as executive producer and mentor, securing finishing funds for the project. The result was the awardwinning Ringers: Lord of the Fans, which waspromptlysnappedupbySonyforDVDreleaseinNovember2005andwasa surprisehit.ThedocumentarywasnominatedforaSaturnawardforBestDVD Releaseof2005. DeSanto is currently developing the bestselling video game property CityOfHeroesfortelevisionandfeatures.Knowingtheworldofsuperheroes verywell,hehaswrittenthebiblefortheHollywoodversionoftheproperty.He is also currently writing and producing an animated film version of the Teen Titans for DC Comics and Warner Bros. It will continue his reputation of bringing universes that he loves to life. But DeSanto is also making the move into creating a whole new universe for the world of pop culture with Dino Sapiens, which asks the question what if the dinosaurs didnt all die out? Whatifsomedinosaursnotonlysurvived.butevolved!?
DONMURPHY(Producer)wasbornonprobationonLongIsland,New York,andgrewupdreamingofmakingmovies.Afterreceivinghis Bachelors degreefromGeorgetownUniversitysMcDonoughSchoolofBusiness,hemoved to Los Angeles, where he received his MFA degree from the prestigious
UniversityofSouthernCaliforniasSchoolofCinemaTelevision.Thiswasalso thefirsttimehefiguredoutwhataproduceractuallywas. Withnoclearplan,Murphydecidedtotryproducing,andrightoutofthe gate ended up producing Natural Born Killers, based on a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Oliver Stone. That film attracted so much attentionitwaseventuallycanonizedinabestsellingbook,KillerInstinct.Since thenhehasfocusedonproducingfilmshewantstosee,betheyStephenKings AptPupil,directedbyBryanSinger,orAlanMooresFromHell,directedby theHughesBrothersandstarringJohnnyDepp. InadditiontoTRANSFORMERS,Murphycurrentlyhastwootherfilms ready for release: Shoot Em Up, written and directed by USC classmate Michael Davis, and While She Was Out, starring Kim Basinger. written and directedbySusanMontford.
IANBRYCE(Producer)wasaproduceronSamRaimismegablockbuster action adventure SpiderMan, starring Tobey Maguire as the webcasting superhero,whichwasthetopgrossingfilmdomesticallyof2002.Thefollowing year, he produced Antoine Fuquas drama Tears of the Sun, starring Bruce Willis,andin2005heproducedMichaelBaysTheIsland. Bryce had earlier won a Golden Globe Award and earned an Academy Award nomination for his work as a producer on Steven Spielbergs widely acclaimed World War II drama Saving Private Ryan. The movie won Best Picture honors from numerous critics organizations, including the New York, Los Angeles and Broadcast Film Critics associations. Bryce also shared a Producers Guild of America Award for the film. He went on to produce Cameron Crowes nostalgic comedydrama Almost Famous, which won a

SpielbergwonhisfirstDGAAwardforhisworkonTheColorPurple. HehasalsobeenhonoredwithAcademyAwardnominationsforBestDirector forMunich,E.T.TheExtraTerrestrial,RaidersoftheLostArkandClose Encounters of the Third Kind. Additionally, he earned DGA Award nominations for those films, as well as Empire of the Sun, Jaws and Amistad. With 10 in all, Spielberg has received more DGA Award nominations than any director in history, and, in 2000, he received the DGAs Lifetime Achievement Award. He is also the recipient of the Lifetime AchievementAwardfromtheAmericanFilmInstituteandtheprestigiousIrving G.ThalbergAwardfromtheAcademyofMotionPictureArtsandSciences. Spielberg is currently at work on the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones adventure which is starring Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf, and will be released in theaters worldwide May 22, 2008. In 2006, Spielbergproducedtwofilmswithdirector/producerClintEastwoodFlagsof Our Fathers, nominated for two Academy Awards, and its companion film, LettersFromIwoJima,whichwasnominatedforfourOscarsincludingBest Picture. In 2005, Spielberg directed two films War of the Worlds and MunichandwasaproduceronMemoirsofaGeisha.WaroftheWorlds starred Tom Cruise and was a contemporary retelling of H.G. Wells classis futuristic novel. Munich, a historical thriller set in the aftermath of the 1972 massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, earned five Academy AwardnominationsincludingBestPictureandBestDirectorforSpielberg.The Universal/DreamWorks coproduction starred Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, and GeoffreyRush.MemoirsofaGeisha,directedbyRobMarshallandbasedon the bestselling book by Arthur Golden won three Oscars for Best Cinematography, Art Direction and Costume Design. Spielbergs other recent films include The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks and Catherine ZetaJones,
and Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Spielbergalsowrote,directedandproducedA.I.,whichwasrealizedfromthe vision of the late Stanley Kubrick. In 2000, Spielberg won the Stanley Kubrick BrittaniaAwardforExcellenceinFilm,presentedbyBAFTALosAngeles. Born on December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Spielberg was raised in the suburbs of Haddonfield, New Jersey and Scottsdale, Arizona. He started making amateur films while still in his teens, later studying film at California StateUniversity,LongBeach.In1969,his22minuteshortAmblinwasshown attheAtlantaFilmFestival,whichledtohisbecomingtheyoungestdirectorever tobesignedtoalongtermdealwithamajorHollywoodstudio. Four years later, he directed the suspenseful telefilm Duel, which garnered both critical and audience attention. He made his feature film directorial debut on The Sugarland Express from a screenplay he cowrote. His other earlier film credits as director include Always, Hook, and the RaidersoftheLostArksequelsIndianaJonesandtheTempleofDoomand IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade. In 1984, Spielberg formed his own production company, Amblin Entertainment. Under the Amblin banner, he has served as producer or executive producer on more than a dozen films, including such successes as Gremlins, Goonies, Back to the Future I, II, and III, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, The Flintstones, Casper, Twister, The Mask of Zorro, Men in Black and Men in Black II.AmblinEntertainmentalsoproducesthehitseriesERwithWarnerBros. TV. Spielbergs other TV endeavors include executive producing with Tom Hanks the awardwinning miniseries Band of Brothers for HBO and DreamWorks Television. Based on the book of the same name by the late

PAULRUBELL,A.C.E.(Editor)lastworkedfordirectorMichaelBayand producerStevenSpielbergonthesciencefictionactionadventureTheIsland. He earned Academy Award nominations for his work on Michael MannsdramaticthrillerCollateral,aswellasforMannstruelifedramaThe Insider. He also received Eddie nominations from his peers at the American Cinema Editors Guild for his work on both films, along with a BAFTA nomination for Collateral. Most recently, he was the editor on Manns big screenversionofMiamiVice. Among his other film credits are the liveaction 2003 version of Peter Pan,TheLeagueofExtraordinaryGentlemen,S1m0ne,XXX,TheCell, Blade,TheStoneBoyandTheIslandofDr.Moreau.
For television, Rubell has edited a number of acclaimed longform projects.HewasnominatedforanEmmyAwardandreceivedanEddieAward for his work on the miniseries Andersonville, earned both Emmy and Eddie Award nominations for the ABC telefilm My Name is Bill W and gained an additionalEddienominationforHBOsTheBurningSeason.Hisothermade fortelevision movie editing includes David, The Jacksons: An American Dream,StaytheNight,FindingtheWayHome,Challenger,HomeFires Burning,EchoesintheDarknessandDressGray.
GLENSCANTLEBURY(Editor)lastworkedfordirectorMichaelBayon BadBoysII.Priortothat,hewasaneditoronTwofortheMoney,starring Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and Rene Russo; the 2003 remake of The TexasChainsawMassacrestarringJessicaBiel;LaraCroft:TombRaider,with AngelinaJolieinthetitlerole;JoyRide,starringPaulWalker,LeeleeSobieski and Steve Zahn; and The Generals Daughter, costarring John Travolta and MadeleineStowe. Scantlebury was born and raised in Annadale, Virginia, and attended VirginiaCommonwealthUniversity.Apioneerintheartofeditingfeaturefilms onvideo,in1987hecuttheTomWaitesconcertfilmBigTimeonvideo. He subsequently worked at Zoetrope Studios for five years where he editedTheSpiritof76.Duringthistimehewasalsoanadditionaleditoron The Godfather: Part IIIand was coeditor on Bram Stokers Dracula. He servedasafilmeditoronSimonWestsdebutfilm,ConAir,andworkedwith Michael Bays team on the hit film Armageddon, as well as providing additionaleditingonTheRock.
In addition to feature films, Scantlebury has edited numerous music videosanddocumentaries,includingNeilYoungsMuddyTracksandWerner HerzogsLittleDieterNeedstoFly. ScantleburyisalsoanindependentfilmmakerteamedwithhiswifeLucy Phillips.ThepairmadetheindependentfeaturesMyTinyUniverseandSteel America.TheyliveinSanFrancisco.
THOMAS A. MULDOON (Editor) has worked on numerous commercials, music videos and trailers for television and motion pictures. He madehisfeaturefilmeditingdebutonMichaelBaysArmageddonandwent ontoworkwithBayonBadBoysIIandTheIsland.Muldoonwasalsoan editor on Guy Ritchies Star and on Dominic Senas remake of the classic Gonein60Seconds. Hebeganhiscareerin1980asanassistanteditoratSanFranciscosVaritel Video, where he advanced to oversee all television series for the company and went on to spearhead their first shop in Los Angeles. In 1986, Muldoon left to embarkonafreelancecareerandfoundworkatallthetopproductionfacilities inHollywood,followedbyastinteditinganddirectingatABCinJapan. As the music industry grew, Muldoon turned his attention to music videos and worked for such highprofile artists as Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, HarryConnick,Jr.,MariahCareyandJonBonJovi. In 1992, he and three partners founded their own commercial post production editorial company, Superior Assembly Editing Company. The firm worked for the top advertising firms on awardwinning campaigns for such clients as CocaCola, Nike, Miller Brewing, Isuzu and many others, as well as editingmotionpicturetrailersandpromosforfilmandtelevision.Inlate1995, Muldoon, along with John Murray and Scott Carleton, formed Nomad Editing,

which remains one of the leading postproduction houses in the entertainment industry.
DEBORAH L. SCOTT (Costume Designer) was honored with an Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 1988 for her work on James Camerons recordbreaking blockbuster Titanic. She also received a prestigiousBAFTAAwardnominationforthefilm. Scott previously worked for director Michael Bay on The Island and Bad Boys II, and for producer Steven Spielberg on his sciencefiction thriller Minority Report. More recently, she designed the costumes for Reign Over Me, starring Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith, Seraphim Falls, with Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan, and Andy Garcias The Lost City. Scott is currently at work on the Warner Bros. comedy Get Smart, starringSteveCarellandAnneHathaway. Her other films include The Upside of Anger, The Patriot, Wild, Wild West, Heat, The Indian in the Cupboard, Legends of the Fall, Sliver, Jack the Bear, Hoffa, Defending Your Life and Back to the Future,amongothers.
STEVEJABLONSKY(Composer)wasfirstintroducedtomusicattheage of12whenhisgrandfatherboughthimaclarinetasabirthdaygift.Hequickly developed a passion for music, performing in several orchestras during his teenageyearsandgraduatingfromtheUniversityofCalifornia,Berkeley,witha degreeinmusicstudy. Hisinterestincomposingfilmmusicstartedearly,influencedinparticular by such composers as Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer. Jablonsky states,
Ive always been drawn to their music because of the amazing melodies they writeandthewaytheyusethosemelodiestotellastory. In 1996, Jablonskys talent was noticed quickly by prominent film composerHarryGregsonWilliams.WorkingwithGregsonWilliams,Jablonsky fostered and refined his skills as a film composer. As their relationship grew stronger, Jablonskys musical talent developed. He collaborated with Gregson Williams on numerous films, including dramatic scores for Smillas Sense of Snow,Deceiver,TheMagicofMarcianoand20thCenturyFoxshitteenage filmLightitUp.TheyalsoworkedonsuchactionfilmsasTheReplacement Killers, Michael Bays Armageddon and Tony Scotts Enemy of the State. In addition, Jablonsky scored several independent films including Border to BorderandSorrowsChild. Jablonskystalentcanalsobeseenincomedicandanimatedfilms.Hehas composed additional music for The Borrowers and DreamWorks acclaimed AntzandChickenRun,aswellasDisneysTheTiggerMovie. AsJablonskysmusicaltalentsgrewmorediverse,hemetnewchallenges whenaskedtoparticipateinthescoringofthepopularvideogameMetalGear Solid 2, as well as the acclaimed ESPN television series Sports Century: The CenturysGreatestAthletes. Jablonsky has collaborated with Zimmer on various projects, including Ridley Scotts Hannibal and Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimers blockbuster Pearl Harbor, in addition to his work on the DreamWorks animated theatrical release Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, as well as completing an original score for the Emmynominated HBO original film Live fromBaghdad,starringMichaelKeatonanddirectedbyMickJackson. In recent years, Jablonsky paired again with director Michael Bay, composing original music for DreamWorks film The Island, starring Ewan


1) As with all small batteries, the batteries used with this toy should be kept away from small children who still put things in their mouths. If they are swallowed, promptly see a doctor and, in the U.S., have the doctor phone (202) 625-3333 collect, or, in Canada, have the doctor call your provincial Poison Control Center. 2) Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly and follow the toy and battery manufacturers instructions. 3) Do not mix old and new batteries, alkaline, standard (carbonzinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.


1. Comme pour toutes piles de petite taille, garder celles utilises avec ce jouet hors de la porte des enfants qui portent encore des objets leur bouche. Si elles sont avales, se rendre sans tarder chez un mdecin et lui demander de contacter le centre antipoison de votre province. 2. Sassurer dinsrer correctement les piles et de suivre les indications des fabricants du jouet et des piles. 3. Ne pas utiliser de vieilles piles avec des piles neuves, des piles alcalines avec des piles standard au carbone-zinc ou des piles rechargeables au nickel-cadmium.


1. Al igual que con pilas pequeas, las pilas que se utilizan con este juguete deben mantenerse fuera del alcance de nios pequeos que an se lleven objetos a la boca. Si un nio se tragase una de las pilas, llvelo inmediatamente a un mdico y, para los residentes en EE.UU., pdale al doctor que haga una llamada por cobrar al (202) 625-3333. 2. Asegrese de que las pilas estn colocadas correctamente y de seguir las instrucciones de los fabricantes del juguete y de las pilas. 3. No combine pilas viejas con pilas nuevas, ni pilas alcalinas con pilas estndar (carbn y zinc) o con pilas recargables (nquel y cadmio).
Conserve esta informacin para futura referencia. Las pilas deben ser cambiadas por un adulto.


Please retain this information for future reference. Batteries should be replaced by an adult.
Conserver cette information pour rfrence ultrieure. Les piles doivent tre remplaces par un adulte.
1. Always follow the instructions carefully. Use only batteries specified and be sure to insert them correctly by matching the + and polarity markings. 2. Do not mix old batteries and new batteries, or standard (carbon-zinc) with alkaline batteries. 3. Remove exhausted or dead batteries from the product. 4. Remove batteries if product is not to be played with for a long time. 5. Do not short-circuit the supply terminals. 6. Should this product cause, or be affected by, local electrical interference, move it away from other electrical equipment. Reset (switching off and back on again or removing and re-inserting batteries) if necessary. 7. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Do not mix these with any other types of battery. Always remove from the product before recharging. Recharge batteries under adult supervision. DO NOT RECHARGE OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES. 8. As with all small items, these batteries should be kept away from children. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.



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