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raygr 2:50pm on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
I had one of the original Nintendo DS games. This new design is much more streamlined, however. Yeah, the new DSi is out, but heck, can it still play advance games? no. So DS lite is still it. Love it. Dell is great the Metallic Pink looks way better when its in your hand as opposed to online. Super easy to use and rechargable. Just overall fun "toy none
kergadic 9:52am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
A waste of money!! I bought mine to occupy my...  compact/nice design The games that are for the ds are terrible ds original-sucked : good lighting options,better touchscreen,more options,more portable.
BuZ 11:00am on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
I LOVE IT This system is awesome. It plays all the GameBoy Advance games, as well as the DS games. Can network, etc. My daughters LOVE it.
tdporter 5:52am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
Product was purchased for grand daughter and she loves it. Easy To Set Up","Excellent Gameplay","Fun For All Ages","Great Graphics".
lop 7:51pm on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 
Can use both Gameboy and DS game chips! It is for kids. Easy To Set Up","Excellent Gameplay","Fun For All Ages","Great Graphics".
moire 2:56am on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
The Nintendo DS Lite is the advanced version of the original Nintendo DS. You can play Game Bow Advanced games on it. In April this year i was lucky enough ( ha! ) to travel via terminal 5.
Biggy2468 11:58pm on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
ds original-sucked : good lighting options,better touchscreen,more options,more portable. quite old now, pretty rubbish games, younger people find it hard to read the things on screen.

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Where its at.
Michael bell Interview Activision PREVIEW MTMTE Profile MTMTE Profile 2010: Part 1 BOTCON CUSTOM CLASS THE COMING STORM: part 1 The BACK COVER.
Happy Valentines Day! Winter is in full swing all across the country and I hope that the cold weather will make you want to join us for some warm weather fun at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel for BotCon 2010, June 24-27! You can make your hotel arrangements online from the link at Dont delay, as we will fill up! Registration forms and details should be available sometime in February. It will be a terrific time in sunny Florida! Keep watching for the most up-to-date information including previews of the convention set. We are currently working on an online registration system, but we dont think it will be finished before the BotCon information is ready to be released. We will keep you posted on this one. In case you missed the announcement in the last club magazine, you probably noticed that there was no Master Collector with this issue. After 17 years of publishing, we decided to migrate our ads to an online auction and ad site (Master Collector Auctions eXtreme). This will take the place of your monthly ads as you now have unlimited free auctions and online ads as long as you are a member of the Transformers Collectors Club! This will be a great new venue to trade with other club members. You will continue to receive your club magazine every other month, and now each issue will come in an envelope. Hopefully, that will help with the Post Offices delivery. In case you have not seen it online, our next Club exclusive figure is Cyclonus! He should ship sometime in the late spring/early summer. Check out for images and details.! Thanks for your support. til all are one! Brian

On the Cover.

The War For Cybertron will begin in 2010! On the cover, a look at the new Bumblebee toy featured in the all-new video game from Activision. Check out page 4 for more information!

From the Editors Desk.

To kick off our 6th year, we have pulled out all the stops for you! We have new features, a new comic story line and a look at the new video game (with toys to support it)! So, check it out and post your comments in the Club Magazine forum at A quick editorial correction despite what was listed on the instructions and the title on last issues profile, our 5-year combiners official name is Nexus Prime. This name only recently became available and since he is one of the Original 13, we were thrilled to re-name him Nexus Prime. I hope that clears everything up. Thats all for now! Take care, Pete

Making it Happen.

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Sound the Bell!
f you head on over to and do a search for Michael Bell, you will find a treasure trove of TV and voice credits from across the spectrum, drama to comedy, with roles including everything from a Fireman to a Captain of the Guard. When it comes to voice acting, Mr. Bell has run the gamut once again, playing some of the most iconic comic book heroes and villains in animated form. He has been the voice of The Riddler on Challenge of the Superfriends, Lex Luthor on Superman, Dr. Bruce Banner on The Incredible Hulk, and Duke from G.I. Joe, just to name a few! And while the kids from the 90s recognize his voice as Tommys uncle Drew Pickles from Rugrats, the kids from the 80s will most certainly remember him as the staunch and reliable Prowl from the original Transformers cartoon. Mr. Bell recently took some time to sit down with us to talk about his days working on the original Transformers cartoon. Transformers Collectors Club: Going back to where it all started, when you first heard about a cartoon where everyday vehicles turned into giant alien robots, what was your initial reaction? Micheal Bell: After creating voices for toast, butter, fish, ants, little girls and dandruff, doing the voice of a giant robot, especially the calm and dependable Prowl, was a vacation. However, Swoop was a challenge. How does one get the gravelly voice without spending time in the hospital after 8 hours of throaty threats and yelling? TCC: What is your fondest memory from that recording booth? Did any shenanigans go on behind the mic? MB: Shenanigans is a word that cannot describe the intricacies of 10 egos happily crammed into a booth about the size of a NY apartmernt for 8 hours. If it happened today, I am sure there would be some romantic liaisons and a few murders. I wish I had recordings of all the stuff that didnt make it to tape. There was nothing other than some grumbling about the hours and the occasional slap in the face, bloody nose and stomping. and that was just the girls. TCC: Was there any particular inspiration behind the voices you chose to use for the original Transformers cartoon? Anyone you tried imitating? MB: Actors are either taught or instinctively use whatever is available to them to create characters, whether on or off screen. You watch and listen carefully to those around you family, friends, politicians, screen and TV personalities and imitate them. You then work to get inside the skin of that character so you are not just doing a voice but one that is actually couched in reality. As to inspiration, if the character is large, then you go for a deeper, more powerful sound (as much as your pipes will allow). For a small or skinny character, I go high pitched or whiny. Those are the most immediate responses to size. You flesh out the character from there. As I recall, I tried to fashion Prowl after all the movie heroes that enthralled me as a kid. They were heroes that didnt have to raise their voices to let you know they could handle the problem and would always come back after being thumped and/or jumped. I am not a big fan of Clint Eastwood but his movie persona was

- A TCC Interview

like what I thought Prowl should be. I also was thinking of Robert Mitchum, or Bogie, both of whom I am sure most of you sadly dont remember. TCC: Transformers fans know your voice well as Sideswipe and Prowl. Were there any other characters on the show that you thought, Oh, now HE would be fun to voice!? MB: None that I can think of. Of course I would love to have had Peter or Franks bellowing pipes so I could have played a really large imposing baddie, but I was given physical beauty and great abs instead. TCC: Many voice actors mention that they miss working in a group setting, having the opportunity to play off each other. Is that something you miss and what else do you miss from the 80s style of voice performing? MB: That was an era I am thrilled to have been a part of. Working together like actors did on early radio with an ensemble cast offered a high like no other in the world for actors. It aint like that today. Theres no time, no time. everyones busy. gotta do it and get out so the actor waiting in the lobby can get on mic. TCC: Given the chance, which of the original Transformers voice actors would you like to work with again? MB: I think Frank. He is so funny and original. I am a fan of all the actors on the show, but Frank made me laugh. Sure, now Greg will call me at 4 in the morning and breathe heavy because I didnt pick him. TCC: Whats going on for Michael Bell nowadays? What can we expect to hear from you next? MB: I am currently directing (which is more than I could have hope for at this stage of my career) Irredeemable, a graphic motion comic from the famous Boom Comics comic book about a hero gone rogue. Chris Folino, the creator of Sparks (another motion comic I directed for him and William Katt), is producing. Chris is the creator and director of the film Gamers, about men in their 30s caught up in playing the longest fantasy board game ever. If you havent seen it, I can send you a copy or you can purchase it from BUYGAMERS.COM. It is truly hysterical. I have been casting really good actors for the roles in both Sparks and Irredeemable, many of them from Transformers and G.I. Joe. if they are available. I should let Michael Bay know I need them for MY stuff and to stop using them for HIS movies. (laughs) As the episodes develop and the concept of downloading motion comics to iTunes, iPhone and iTouch catches on (hear that my ever vigilant fans?), then I will be able to hire more and more of the actors from those classic animated shows. Then they will be able to afford their suites at the Motion Picture (Rest) Home. A huge thank you to Michael Bell for taking the time to talk with us!

Page 4

he truck tears down the road; the street lights illuminating the curves of the unearthly fenders. Suddenly, seemingly without provocation, the truck shifts violently. Parts tear themselves loose, twisting and turning as the truck becomes airborne. Now, with nothing beneath the trucks tires but air, a new warrior is realized. Optimus Prime. The robot of red and blue grabs for two streaks of flame; missiles fired by an unseen enemy are knocked from their lethal course. As he lands, the armored machine removes something from his back its long, almost staff like. However, with a flick of a switch, energy roars to the head of the staff and the reality of the weapons viciousness is revealed. It is an ax, tremendous and terrible. Optimus Prime lunges forward and, with one graceful swing bisects the coming foe, who falls to the ground in a spray of now useless electricity

nection to, the challenge is how to re-spin some core ideas without violating the guardrails of the Transformers universe. I cant wait until the fans get to play, because I believe we have crafted a story which is brand new and yet familiar at the same time. Was it difficult? Are you kidding me? It was a dream come true. TCC: In the past, Transformers have seen many different backgrounds for the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Can you discuss what makes this new story unique? MT: I have read, watched and played some great stories, but I always wanted to do my version of Optimus and Megatron. Their conflict is ageless, real and I wanted a piece of that! For Megatron, we really explored WHY he does the things that he does. He is the hero of the story - or at least that is what he would tell you and his motivations are grounded in what he thinks is right. Optimus and his story could not be more different. Every Autobot mission is about hope and finding that hope in some very dark days. Optimus is that hope personified, even though he doesnt want the responsibility. The Autobot story is really Optimus story of how he grows and becomes the leader he was meant to be. TCC: The fictional Transformers Wars have apparently been going on for as long as 4 to 65 million years. During what part of this time frame is this game set? Will we be thrown right into the middle of the fight, or can we expect to see the rise of the Decepticons, or maybe even something even earlier than Autobot and Decepticon? MT: There was such a long and brutal history on Cybertron that we didnt think we could do millions of years of history justice, so we boiled it down to what I believed was the most interesting part. We focued on the final events of the Civil War where Megatron is poised to gain everything he ever wanted and an untested robot named Optimus rises to lead the Autobots. TCC: What characters will fans recognize in the video game? Will there be any familiar or perhaps unfamiliar names and faces?
Most of you reading this article have probably already seen the trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron, but just what else does the game have to offer? The Transformers Collectors Club Magazine has had a chance to talk with Matt Tieger, Game Director at High Moon Studios about this upcoming video game, and just why Transformers fans should be excited about it! Transformers Collectors Club: We have heard that Transformers: War for Cybertron will set up the background for a certain G1 Transformers Universe. How difficult was it to design a video game around 25 years of Transformers history? Matt Tieger: When working on a property with such a rich history, and one that I have a strong nostalgic con-

Page 5

MT: When we first started this project, we sat down with Hasbro and looked over the list of the most popular Transformers characters that became the core of our cast. However, this is a game and we needed some lesser known characters to fill in some gameplay roles. Although he isnt a super popular Transformers character, I have always liked Warpath. He blasted his way into our game, as much because he was a fun character as he was a tank and I wanted an Autobot tank. TCC: Previous video games have struggled to combine the ability to transform with engaging levels. You seem to have found a happy medium, however. What has Activision/High Moon learned about gameplay and Transformers after the first two movie games? MT: I can definitively say that there are no real parallel gameplay patterns to Transformers. Players can become their vehicle form whenever they want and cross huge distances easily. That in itself is challenging, but when you multiply that by the vehicle types, the design challenge is staggering. Instead of looking at that as a weakness, we embrace it as a core strength. The only answer I can give as to how we do it is playtesting, playtesting, playtesting. Our entire team is composed of rabid gamers and they play the game everyday, mercilessly. TCC: Since game play no doubt involves destroying enemies, but it also cannot affect future story lines in the upcoming cartoon, does this mean that we will see more cannon fodder drones? Or will there be new characters just for the video game? MT: The Civil War was on a grand scale, with an entire planet at war. As such, both sides had many different types of troops. No matter who you play you will fight against a variety of enemy types, some of which are named characters. If those characters die or escape to fight another day. well, you will just have to play the game to find out. TCC: It seems that providing exclusive play and/or characters to the various platforms has become an industry standard. What kind of exclusive content can we expect for Transformers: War for Cybertron? MT: We do have a lot of characters in our game, but we have not yet decided if there will be exclusive content on particular platforms. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future! TCC: How closely has Hasbro worked with Activision/High Moon to establish the look, feel and history of the new story line? Have they helped with any of the character models outside of those present in the cartoon?
MT: We have worked side-by-side with Hasbro on this one, I am pleased to say. The fusion of our creative intellect, love of Transformers and gamer attitude are what makes this project so very special. TCC: Since the new cartoon and toy line are the inspiration for the video game, will we see any galleries/concept art of either as Easter eggs or unlockables? Transformers fans love their Easter eggs! MT: We redesigned everything from the ground up (story, character designs, environments, etc) and then worked closely with Hasbro to shape those initial designs into the characters and world that you see in the game. I am very proud to say that many of our designs were accepted outright by Hasbro. TCC: Will we be seeing any video game exclusive characters on the toy shelves like we did with characters from the game based on the 2007 Transformers movie? MT: We talk with Hasbro constantly and there are a lot of cool things were doing with them that were just not ready to talk about yet, but I can say that there is a Bumblebee figure which the Collector's Club is getting a first look at in this issue. so stay tuned! TCC: Lastly, there have been rumors that Activision is aiming towards making Transformers an annual release. Is this something that you are looking at making a reality? MT: The fans are going to love this game. I will be the first one up at Activision HQ screaming to make another one!

War of Cybertron Bumblebee toy in vehicle mode

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Beauty is fleeting. especially when Im around.
Runabout tries to pass himself off as a suave connoisseur of fine things. Its not a facade he can really maintain for long, less because of his generally low intelligence, and more because his interest in beautiful objects starts and ends with blow them up. A good-looking sports car will instantly turn his head, and quickly draw his fire. His drive to seem sophisticated is in direct conflict with his urge to always be active and his love of explosions, and the former is losing. Hes not interested in the Decepticons plans for conquest; hes just with them because of the greater opportunities for his kind of fun. Hes always on the move, looking to create a bigger fireball, a larger bomb crater, and generally cram every microsecond with action. Now partnered with the hyperactive Runamuck, Runabout has never had more fun in his life. Hes only marginally smarter than his partner, but he has better self control, giving the pairing just enough focus to present a real danger to most robots they gang up on. For his part, Runamuck doesnt really understand why Runabout is so fascinated with blowing up pretty things, but doesnt mind because explosions are cool, and there are always some of those around when the Battlechargers are in town.


The experimental Battlecharger frame gives Runabout an almost instantaneous vehicle-to-robot transformation, capable of making the shift in 0.4 seconds. He can convert back to vehicle mode in 0.7 seconds, enabling him to change between forms rapidly. The wheels on his feet allow him to maintain an incredibly high movement speed in robot mode, zipping along at 110 mph, boosting to 185 mph in ALTERNATE MODE / / vehicle mode. He uses a high energy particle beam rifle that can easily punch holes through Autobot armor, though he hits more targets through blind luck than actual skill.


Runabouts aversion to boredom borders on the psychotic, leading him to be easily distracted. Hell often take stupid risks just because it seems more interesting than whatever hes currently doing. His transformation mechanisms are very delicate, and even light damage can result in misalignments that can lock him into a single mode.


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Revenge is a dish best served often.
A tyrannical bully, Jetstorm demands nothing less than absolute control over every situation. He is loathed by his fellow soldiers, mistrusted by the Decepticon leadership, and feared by all who fall under his command. He seeks disproportionately harsh revenge against anyone who dares question his orders. These traits would have sealed his fate ages ago if not for his raw talent as a strategic coordinator. Jetstorms successful military strategy helped liberate the Decepticon leadership from exile on the planet Char, and secured a number of strategic outposts beyond the reach of the Autobots and their allies. This, combined with his unwillingness to strike at Decepticon high commanders, kept him functional. In recent years, Jetstorm has been deployed less frequently on the ground. Rumor has it that the Decepticon spy network has him stationed on the outskirts of New Iacon, planning heists instead of battles, though what they intend to steal is anyones guess.

Jetstorms primary weapon is his aquarifle. This weapon draws moisture from the atmosphere and contaminates the liquid with radioactive isotopes, producing a scalding blast that is toxic to organic or machine life. His ultimate weapon, however, is his position. As a troop coordinator, Jetstorm can send Decepticons that cross him on the most dangerous or unpleasant missions available. As such, despite the contempt his fellows carry for him, he is well protected and obeyed by the Decepticon rank-and-file.
As long as Jetstorm is functional, no Decepticon outside the leadership ranks dares cross him. He cannot, however, count on any Decepticon to save his life if his deactivation appears certain. Nearly every known Decepticon hates him, and if his power were to wane he would not be long for this universe. Jetstorms sociopathic nature prevents him from understanding the emotions of other beings. Any emotion beyond fear, hate or humiliation is foreign to him and he reacts to all acts of charity or compassion with paranoia and psychotic mistrust.



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ith all the BotCon 2010 announcements on the horizon, we will be taking a look back at some of the events that have been a part of BotCon over the last 5 years. This issue: the Customization Class hosted by Shawn Tessman. This event has become a staple of BotCon. On the Wednesday and Thursday before the the convention begins, class pre-registrants get a shot at creating there own unique Transformers figure, actually building it from unpainted, unassembled factory parts. Participants go through all the steps of painting and assembling the toy. Shawn Tessman gives each class member direction and ideas on how to create a great customized Transformer! With help from Transfans Stogie, Stay Puft and Rayvn, this class is always a blast for fans of all ages! Here is a complete look at the finished BotCon Custom Class toys from past years.



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to be continued.
Produced by Fun Pub Comics exclusively for the Hasbro Transformers Collectors Club.

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The Back Cover.


Each month, we will be highlighting fan art as part of our back page feature. So, if you want YOUR art to be seen by all of your fellow club members, please submit your entries as 300 dpi JPEGs to: If you need to mail your entry, please email Pete for mailing instructions.
Dinobot II versus Depth Charge by Jeffrey Witty

.see you in 60!



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