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Victa Sub 25A

Price/performance excellent
In terms of price/performance the Hecos Victa Sub 25A
The favourable test participant.
But: What the German traditional manufacturer, Heco, is offering here for only around 300 Euro is astonishing. Conguration The most eye-catching feature is the styling of this small bassist. The cabinet, which tapers towards the rear of the strutted MDF cabinet, gives the Victa 25A a very elegant appearance, which proves extremely benecial in its integration into the home. The cabinet houses the 200 Watt amplier unit, which brings the 250 millimetre long-stroke subwoofer driver unit to life. This in turn has it in itself, because the reinforced paper cone caters for a crisp bass presentation. The ow-optimised reex port at the rear of this chic subwoofer is likewise responsible for producing the proper impact in the home cinema. Sound Hecos elegant woofer gets right to the point in the lm U-571 in our large test cinema. The reproduction of the exploding depth charges, which are supposed to sink the opposing submarine, requires a lot from the Victa, but its limitations are only perceptible at a very high level. When playing music the 25A is likewise very impressive and it provides a convincing performance through a harmonious and clear bass rendition. Depending on the style of music and the volume it is also able to get to the point more aggressively. Labour The Heco Victa 25A shows what it can do even in the basic tone range. It is fully involved from 35 Hertz and maintains its high level up to the desired crossover frequency of 82 Hertz. Conclusion Despite its small cabinet volume Hecos test participant produces a quality of bass which makes it feel at home in both the home cinema and in stereo use. Even when it gets right to the point the Victa 25A is in its element, however the room shoulnt cover an area that is any larger than 30 square metres. This will really bring out the best of this beauty. In terms of price/performance Hecos Victa Sub 25A was way ahead of the eld, which, besides its very good sound performance, comes with elaborate workmanship and sensible features - and for 300 Euro. Logical consequence: the HOME CINEMA price tip.


TECHNISCHE DATEN Konfiguration: Bestckung: Ausgangsleistung RMS/Max.: Frequenzbereich: Trennfrequenz: Mae (BxHxT): Zubehr: Bassreflex, frontfire 250 mm Langhubchassis 100 / 200 Watt Hz Hz regelbar 320 x 425 x 405 mm Netzkabel
Dear Customer, Congratulations on your fine new loudspeakers and thank you very much for choosing HECO! You have made an excellent choice. The high-quality speakers produced by HECO are renowned all over the world. Please study the instructions and information below carefully before using your new loudspeakers.
THE ACTIVE SUBWOOFER HECO VICTA SUB 25A This subwoofer has been adapted to provide the best visual and acoustic match to the HECO Victa range of loudspeakers. However, it goes without saying that it may be combined with other loudspeakers. When connecting your loudspeaker, please make sure that everything has been switched off. Furthermore, make sure that all loudspeaker cables are connected to the proper poles, i.e. the positive pole for the output is connected to the positive pole for the input and the negative pole with the negative pole. Please also refer to your receiver's/amplifier's and loudspeakers' instructions.
POSITIONING The frequency range reproduced by the subwoofer cannot be pinpointed by the human ear. That's why positioning generally doesn't present any problems. However, it is preferable to place the speaker close to the front loudspeaker in front of the listening position. You should also make sure that the distance from the sides and from the rear to items and walls is at least 20 centimetres as otherwise bass reproduction may be impaired.
THE SUBWOOFER'S OPERATING ELEMENTS (FIG. 1) MAINS CONNECTION (1), MAINS-VOLTAGE SWITCH (2) The subwoofer is equipped with an integrated amplifier and needs to be connected to a mains outlet by means of the supplied mains cable. The voltage selector has been set at the factory to 230 V for operation in Europe. Warning: Connecting the subwoofer to a 230 V mains outlet while the voltage selector is set to 115 V will lead to immediate destruction of the amplifier!
POWER SWITCH (3), POWER LED (4) The subwoofer is switched off in position "Off" and on in position "On". The power LED is initially red (standby). When the subwoofer receives a signal from the receiver, it automatically switches from standby to normal, the LED then turns green. When signals to the subwoofer stop, it will automatically switch to standby after around 15 minutes. The power switch should be switched to "Off" if the machine is not used for longer periods of time.
AV INPUT (5) Connect your receiver's low-level subwoofer output (sub-pre-out) to the subwoofer's AV input (see Fig. 3). You will require a mono-cinch cable for this (not supplied).
HIGH-LEVEL INPUTS (6) For connection to the high-level (speaker) outputs of the receiver/amplifier, refer to Fig. 2.

LEVEL CONTROL (7) This control is used to set the bass volume according to your preferences. Proceed as follows:: 1. Set the bass control of your amplifier into its centre (linear) position. 2. Important: Set the level control to its left stop (lowest volume). 3. Now, play back some music and set the volume control of the amplifier to the desired level. 4. Set the subwoofer level control to the desired bass level.
CROSS-OVER FREQUENCY CONTROL (8) Used to set the upper limit of the subwoofer operating range. The cross-over frequency should be set to 100 to 150 Hz when the system is used in combination with shelf loudspeakers or 50 to 100 Hz when used with stand loudspeakers.
FUSE (9) Only use a fuse with the parameters indicated inside the triangle next to the fuse holder, on the rear of the amplifier.
IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Never subject the subwoofer to dripping or splashing water. Do not place any flower vases or other filled recipients on top of the subwoofer. The distance between the active subwoofer enclosure and the walls of the room or other objects (e. g. furniture, shelf units) may not be less than 5 cm on any side. The aluminium plate and cooling fins of the amplifier at the rear of the active subwoofer serve to cool the built-in amplifier; for this reason, they must also be at least 5 cm away from all objects and must not be covered (e.g. by a curtain). The bass reflex opening(s) on the active subwoofer must not be covered (e. g. by curtains, etc.) in order to guarantee adequate ventilation of the amplifier. Please do not place any items with naked flames (e.g. candles) on the active subwoofer.
SPECIFICATIONS Configuration: Fitted with Output power RMS/Max.: Frequency range: Cross-over frequency: Dimensions (WxHxD): Accessories: bass reflex, frontfire 25 cm long-stroke driver 100 / 200 watts Hz Hz, adjustable 320 x 425 x 405 mm mains cable
Trs cher client, Flicitations: vous venez d'acqurir un produit HECO et nous vous en remercions! Grce votre excellent choix, vous tes devenus le propritaire dun produit de qualit de rputation mondiale. Lisez attentivement les instructions et respectez les consignes ci-jointes avant la mise en service de vos nouvelles enceintes.
LE SUBWOOFER ACTIF HECO VICTA SUB 25A Cet appareil est conu de manire optimale optiquement et acoustiquement pour la srie de haut-parleurs HECO Victa. Cependant, il peut aussi bien sr tre utilis en combinaison avec dautres haut-parleurs. Pendant le branchement de vos haut-parleurs, veillez au fait que tous les appareils soient teints. De plus, veillez au fait que tous les cbles des haut-parleurs soient polariss correctement, cest dire que le ple positif de chaque sortie soit reli avec le ple positif de chaque entre, et que le ple ngatif de chaque sortie soit reli avec le ple ngatif de chaque entre. Veuillez aussi suivre avec attention le mode demploi de votre rcepteur/amplificateur et des haut-parleurs.

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