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requejo 12:38am on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
Dont bother I have had one for a month and as easy as it is to set up and use and looks the part.
kkosary 3:42am on Friday, June 11th, 2010 
Fantastic picture. Great tv very happy. HD tuner works well and is quick to change channels. Also has great sound for a plasma. Highly recomended.
gwrock 6:29am on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 
Dont bother I have had one for a month and as easy as it is to set up and use and looks the part.

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ISDB-T, the Digital Television for the Philippines

Presentation 6

"ISDB-T Receiver"
9th - 10th.December.2008 Manila, Philippines DiBEG JAPAN
Hirohiko SAKASHITA (Panasonic Corporation)
Digital broadcasting experts group


- Reception types of ISDB-T - Introduction of some Japanese ISDB-T receivers
Fixed receivers In-car receivers Portable receivers
- Shipments and diffusion prediction of ISDB-T receivers - Merits of One-Seg - Configuration of a basic receiver - Improvement of reception performance
Introduction of diversity system Experiments of One-Seg diversity reception
-Trends in Price of Japanese ISDB-T receivers
Reception Types of ISDB-T in Japan
One channel of ISDB-T is divided into 13 segments. One segment of them is used for mobile and handheld TVs.
Broadcaster Fixed reception

13 Segments

TV set, STB, Recorder

13 Segments(Full-Seg)

HDTV or multi-SDTV
1 Segment(One-Seg) Portable reception

Mobile reception

Cell Phone, Laptop PC, etc.
Navigation System, In-car TV

Fixed Receivers

VIERA TH-42PZ800 Panasonic


KRP-500A Pioneer




VIERA TH-20LX80 Panasonic
VIERA TH-15LD70 Panasonic





Fixed Receivers(Cont.)

HDD/DVD Recorder



DIGA DMR-XW120 Panasonic




DIGA DMR-BW930 Panasonic

Cable STB

TU-MHD600 Panasonic


TZ-DCH1820 Panasonic

Desktop PC
22 inch (1680x1050) 22 inch (1680x1050) 20.1 inch (1680x1050)


Prius One type W AW37W5U HITACHI
Notebook PC (medium-large size)

15.4 inch (1280x800)

17 inch (1440x900)

17 inch (1920x1200)

LaVie L LL970/HG NEC

Qosmio G40/95C TOSHIBA

In-car Receivers

Navigation System


Tuner separated model

Portable Navigation Device

One-Seg Only

Strada CN-HDS965TD Panasonic

All-in-one model

AVIC-VH099G Pioneer One-Seg Only

Full-Seg is Optional


In-Car TV


Portable Receivers

Cell Phone
W64T 23 models are available at the end of Sept, 2008
SO906i 31 models are available at the end of Sept, 2008
824T 12 models are available at the end of Sept, 2008
Portable Receivers(Cont.) One-Seg Only
DVD Player Laptop Adapters(USB, etc.)

DVD-LX87 Panasonic



Many products are on sale. BUFFALO, IO DATA, etc.

Audio Player


Portable TV

gigabeat V30E TOSHIBA

Papyrus PW-TC900 SHARP

Shipment Volume of ISDB-T Receivers
0 03/9 04/3 04/6 04/9 05/3 05/6 05/9 06/3 06/6 06/9 07/3 07/6 07/9 08/3 03/12 04/12 05/12 06/12 07/12 08/6 PC Cable STB STB Recorder LCD TV PDP TV CRT TV
Total until August, 2008 38,808 (thousand units) PC Cable STB STB Recorder LCD TV PDP TV CRT TV 1,196 5,6,851 20,453 3,194 722
Receivers only for One-Seg and in-car receivers are not included. Source: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA)
Shipment Volume of Cell-phone w. One-seg Rcv.
Cellphone w One-seg One-seg ratio 50
Total until July, 2008 39,712 (thousand units)
06 /06 /07 /////07 /08 ///6
Source: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA)
Diffusion Prediction of ISDB-T Receivers
The cumulative total of sales until 2011 will be 117 million units.
100 million units Year PC Cable STB Recorder STB TV Set
Receivers only for One-Seg and in-car receivers are not included. Source: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) Digital broadcasting experts group
Diffusion Prediction of One-Seg Cell Phones
A certain research institute has reported diffusion prediction of One-Seg cell phones. About 30% of cell phone users will have One-Seg cell phones in 2010.

40, 000 35, 000 30, 000 27, 610 t housand peopl e 25, 000 20, 000 15, 000 10, 000 7, 870 5, 2010 2, 940 18, 350 34, 800
Source: Yano Research Institute Ltd., Japan

Merits of One-Seg

High quality video & audio in a mobile environment
Robustness to noise and multipath
Stable reception in a mobile environment
Easy to put the function on portable terminals
One-seg receivers need lower cost, smaller devices, lower power consumption, and lower CPU power than Full-seg receivers.
Various portable terminals get possible to have TV function.
Tuner Modules for One-Seg
Maker Model/Type Announcement date Feature ALPS TDPJ Mar. 2006 ALPS TSL Nov. 2006 High durability for automobile environments 25.0x15.2x2. 1 MURATA SUMUDDJLS101 Sep. 2006 SHARP VA35JZJan. 2007 Low power consumptio n MITSUMI DVT7-J11D Feb. 2007 Panasonic CTMW02 Mar. 2007

Small size

Diversity reception


9.5x9.5x1. 7

8.7x9.6x1.5 5


8.9x8.9x1. 5

12.5x16.5x1.95 100(low power mode) /115(normal mode) single mode -109(single mode) /-112(diversity mode)
Power consumption (mW) Minimum input sensitivity (dBm,1segment bandwidth, QPSK1/2)


Improvement of One-Seg Cell Phones
Model Released date Size(mm) (when closed) Weight(g) (with battery) Display
International Roaming Continues Call time(min) Continuous watch time for One-Seg
P901iTV Mar. 2006 110x51x2.5inch QVGA (240x320) 3G 145 3h
P903iTV Feb. 2007 110x50x2.8inch Wide QVGA (240x400) 3G 195 7h
P906i June 2008 108x50x17.3.1inch Wide VGA (480x854) 3G / GSM 200 6h
Hardware Components of a Basic Receiver
Flows of signal and data AAC RF
TS OFDM Decoder MPEG2 IF Demodulator TS /Demux
H.264 Caption Data Carousel
Audio Decoder Video Decoder

Display Processing

System Bus Remote Controller Key Command

NVRAM (Flash mem)

RAM ROM (Font, etc.) (Main memory)
Communication I/F Phone Line, LAN, etc.
Between a Full-Seg receiver and a One-Seg receiver, the basic configurations are about the same, though there are some differences such as a tuner, video decoder, resolution of display and so on.
RF Radio Frequency IF : Intermediate Frequency TS : Transport Stream Demux : Demultiplexer NVRAM : Non-volatile RAM
Functional Block Diagram of the Front-end
Reed-Solomon Decoding Reed-Solomon Decoding Energy Dispersal Energy Dispersal Byte De-interleave Byte De-interleave Viterbi Decoding Viterbi Decoding TMCC Decoding TMCC Decoding Bit De-interleave Bit De-interleave Demapping Demapping Symbol Synchronization Symbol Synchronization Time De-interleave Time De-interleave Frequency De-interleave Frequency De-interleave Channel Estimation Channel Estimation and Equalization and Equalization FFT FFT A/D Conversion A/D Conversion IF Signal Frame Synchronization Frame Synchronization

Clock Regeneration Clock Regeneration
Down Conversion Down Conversion RF Signal
FFT : Fast Fourier Transform TMCC Transmission and Multiplexing Configuration Control
Functional Block Diagram of the Back-end

PSI/SI processing

Application Execution Engine MHP/ARIB-J
Not currently operated in Japan

Section filter

DSM-CC Data carousel processing
Presentation Engine (BML Browser)
Blending TS PID filter Caption Decoder PES processing PCR

Video Decoder


Audio Decoder

PID : Packet Identifier PES : Packetized Elementary Stream PCR : Program Clock Reference PSI/SI : Program Specific Information/Service Information DSM-CC : Digital Storage Media - Command and Control BML : Broadcast Markup Language
Functional Block Diagram of BML Browser
Event Manager / Total Management

Presentation Manager

Document Manager (DOM / CSS)

ECMAScript Interpreter

External Events

Still Image Decoder

XML Parser

CSS Parser

ECMAScript Compiler
Built-in Objects (Basic / Extended)

Browser Pseudo Objects

Content Manager (Broadcasting Content / Communication Content)
External Functions (Data Carousel, Communications, NVRAM, Key, Graphics, Fonts, Sound, etc.)
Basic Applications on ISDB-T Receivers
- Frequency scanning / Channel list - Channel selecting - Audio/Video playing back - EPG (Electronic Program Guide) - Closed Caption / Subtitle - Data Broadcasting (BML) - Interactive service etc.
Mobile Reception Environment
1. 2. 3. 4. Lower electric field strength because of low antenna height (Approx. 10dB down) Smaller antenna gain because of a nondirectional antenna (Approx. 10dB down) Greatly affected by multipath fading because of mobile reception Doppler shift because of high-speed movement
Directional antenna Ground height 10m

Building, etc.

Fixed reception
Reflected wave Direct wave
Nondirectional antenna Ground height 1.5m


Moving at high speed
Improvement of Reception Performance
Improvement of a reception sensitivity with a single antenna almost reaches the limit.
Diversity reception techniques are expected to improve total reception sensitivity. In fixed reception, diversity effect is 3dB at maximum. But in mobile reception, e.g. in-car TVs or cell phone TVs in a car or train, the effect reaches 6 - 8 dB.
Overview of Diversity System
Ripples are generated because of multipath reception.

Direct wave

Reflected wave Multipath

RF Tuner RF Tuner

Channel Estimation and Equalization Channel Estimation and Equalization

Selecting or Combining

2-Diversity System(4 Antennas and 2 Tuners)
Less complex than 4-tuner diversity system. Higher-sensitive than conventional 2 antenna-diversity system


RF Tuner RF Tuner FFT Channel Estimation and Equalization Combining FFT Channel Estimation and Equalization
4-Diversity System(4 Antennas and 4 Tuners)
4-diversity system improves the reception performance more than conventional 2-diversity system, though the process becomes more complex. RF Tuner RF Tuner RF Tuner RF Tuner FFT Channel Estimation and Equalization Channel Estimation and Equalization Channel Estimation and Equalization Channel Estimation and Equalization Combining
Experiments of One-Seg Diversity Reception
Experiment 1 : Field test A) The upper terminal is using single antenna reception system. B) The middle terminal is using diversity reception system of SANYO. C) The lower terminal is using diversity reception system of a certain company.
Experiment 2 : Laboratory test A) The left terminal is using diversity reception system of SANYO. B) The right terminal is using diversity reception system of a certain company.
Diversity Reception System for Cell Phones
Diversity systems are applicable to cell phones as well as in-car receivers. Now, only one product, P903iTV, is equipped with diversity system. It has two antennas for One-Seg, a whip antenna and an internal antenna.

Retractable Whip Antenna

Internal Antenna
Change in Price of Major Flat Panel Displays (FPD)
Launched digital terrestrial television

6,203 U.S.$

6,000 5,000
LCD 37-inch PDP 42-inch CRT 32-inch

5,743 U.S.$

Price (US$) 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,Dec. Mar. Sep. Mar. Sep. Mar. Sep.

1,565 U.S.$

1,113 U.S.$

Mar. Sep.

Price (U.S.$)
16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,0
Distribution of LCD Price
Sep 2007 Sep 2006 Sep 2005 Sep 2004

Prices are going down!

Varied LCD Digital Receivers
PHOTO TYPE ORION LD15V-TD1 (15-inch) Victor-JVC LT-20LC8-S (20-inch) TOSHIBA 37C3500 (37-inch) SHARP LC-46GX2W (46-inch) PRICE 44,850 JPY (388 U.S.$ ) 59,800 JPY (517 U.S.$ ) 135,800 JPY (1,175 U.S.$ ) 225,800 JPY (1,953 U.S.$ ) URL ts/index.html oduct/tv/lineup/c3500/c oncept.html aquos/lineup/gx2/index.html
Distribution of PDP Price




Varied PDP Digital Receivers
PHOTO TYPE HITACHI P37-H01 (37-inch) bydsign PH-5000DFK (50-inch) PRICE 123,900 JPY (1,072 U.S.$ ) URL /plasma/01/index.html
239,800 JPY (2,074 U.S.$ ) Form/Product/ProductD etail.aspx?shop=0&cat= 101&swrd=&pid=PH5000DFK&vid= /products/pz750/index.h tml
Panasonic TH-65PZ750SK (65-inch)
719,800 JPY (6,227 U.S.$ )
High-Performance Set Top Box
PHOTO TYPE Panasonic TU-MHD600 SONY VGF-DT1 SHARP TU-HD200 MASPRO DT400 PRICE 45,800 JPY (396 U.S.$ ) 42,987 JPY (372 U.S.$ ) 28,489 JPY (246 U.S.$ ) 27,842 JPY (241 U.S.$ ) URL product/ &hb=TU-MHD600 PD=26654 upport/manualdl.html p/new_prod/dt400/dt40 0.html
These products also correspond to BS and CS digital broadcasting services.

Low-Price Set Top Box

PHOTO TYPE AVOX YDIT-10 YAGI DTC10 MASPRO DT610 I-O DATA HVT-ST200 PRICE 15,213 JPY (132 U.S.$ ) 16,097 JPY (139 U.S.$ ) 17,444 JPY (151 U.S.$ ) 19,300 JPY (167 U.S.$ ) URL home/tuner/index.html p/products/dt610/tokut yo.html od/multimedia/tuner/20 06/hvt-st200/
Prediction of Analog TV Persisting in 2011

(unit thousand)


Digital TV

Analog TV


46,820 58,170 68,120 78,120 85,800




61050 49660
About 35 million analog TVs will be persisted in Japan by 2011, when transition of analog to digital broadcasting will be completed, especially in the field of public institution (e.g. schools, hospitals, and nursing homes etc.).


Since 2003 various ISDB-T products, fixed, in-car and portable receivers have been launched in Japan. Consumer adoption of ISDB-T receiver is growing at a rapid pace for 2011 when analogue TV broadcasting will end in Japan. About 30% of cell phone users will have One-Seg cell phones in 2010 in Japan. For mobile reception, diversity techniques are very effective to improve the reception performance.
Thank you for your attention.
Digital Broadcasting Expert Group mail:



AV600 KDC-W6041U 32AV565DG ICD-P110 Finepix E510 CX7310 SCH-W410 Imagemixer Nakamichi BX1 MRO-DV200 GV-D900 90070 Mcintosh C42 GT-S8003 M08 Makita 9032 Akai AX80 SA-35 DSC 400 Krups 580 SV1011 Windoo GA-945GCM-s2L Roland FR-3 Passat SW Telescope 73A Watch U600 DP330F RX-V2095RDS 1000 XP GR-DVP7 Navigon 4310 400G Wide Review X-500 FL504NN UN55C7000 EMP-1705 500 E LE40A456c2D 40R86WD Yamaha QY8 MX46U2VN YFM350X NN-C753 KX450F GPS-5V1 Processor TX-P42g20E P7200 Kardon A402 Photosmart M23 XRS9730 FOR AA Avic-X920BT GZ-MG130E MA 5100 Module Wpxh214 DMC-ZX1 GR-AX720 Machine 750 2P C3510 X5690 SP-Z570 DV-980H NW-E005F FS-6020 Kohler K341 CDA-7990J Scie DUO DTH620 Dimage 7HI Omron NT21 Projectors J150W Microwave CCD-TR940 Photosmart R818 TS1351 DJM-300S Chronograph 37EX220B4 302mkii KX-TG7120G 32PW8505 TX-32PX10F Mitsubishi SL2U MZ-B100 XD-702 DI-713P ZWX1605W KRF-A4020 MS-1942G KV-28LS35B CS 2137 PKG-850P SRS584DP B77 Mkii Finepix F610 IC-F4022S


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