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Programmable Room Thermostat
Installation and User Guide


1.1 Description
The Honeywell CM507 is a programmable room thermostat designed to control your heating system efficiently. The following instructions explain how to install, program and use the CM507.


7-day heating program with factory default energy saving schedule Time-line display facilitating programming Subtle, unobtrusive styling matching variety of room decors
Display Adjustment buttons


Comfort temperature preset
Economy temperature preset

Program button

Mode selection / program exit

Installing the Batteries

: Comfort temperature indicator : Economy temperature indicator Appears when the set temperature is displayed Temperature
Time Day Manual mode Automatic mode Schedule
Use Alkaline batteries only! After the batteries are installed, the thermostat performs a series of tests for approximately 5 seconds. Once installed on the wall, the thermostat will display the ambient temperature. The time and day settings flash to indicate that they must be set (see section 4.1).

Heating is On

Low battery indicator
Completing the Installation


2.1 Baseplate Installation
NOTE: The installation must be performed by an electrician or a qualified installer.
Choose a location approximately 1.5 m above the floor and on an inside wall. Avoid draughty areas (top of staircase, air outlet, etc.), dead air spots (behind doors), direct sunlight or areas near concealed pipes or chimneys.

Basic Functions

3.1 Displaying the Temperature
The measured temperature is normally displayed. To view the set temperature, press once on either of the buttons. The set temperature is displayed for 5 seconds along with the icon. NOTE: Pressing either of the temperature. buttons more than once will change the set



3.2 3.3

Setting the Temperature
buttons until the desired temperature is displayed.

Energy-saving Schedule

Press one of the
Comfort and Economy Temperatures

temperature temperature

The thermostat has 2 preset temperature buttons: Comfort Economy
When the thermostat is placed in automatic mode, it switches between the comfort temperature and economy temperature according to the programmed schedule. You can set a different program for each day of the week. The preprogrammed schedule is as follows: comfort : 6:00 to 8:00 18:00 to 22:00 Economy : 8:00 to 18:00 22:00 to 6:00
To set the thermostat at the comfort temperature or economy temperature, press the corresponding preset button. The corresponding symbol will be displayed. The following table shows the use and the factory setting of each preset button.
Button Intended Use Comfort (when the occupant is awake and at home) Economy (when the occupant is absent or asleep) Default Setting 21C 17C

Monday to Friday

Comfort Saturday and Sunday


6:00 to 22:00

22:00 to 6:00

Modifying the Schedule
If not already done, set the comfort (see section 3.3) and economy temperatures Press Pgm. The program for Monday will appear and the first hour period (0:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.) is selected (flashes).

To modify the comfort

or economy

temperature: buttons.

Set the desired temperature using the
Press and hold the appropriate preset button until the corresponding symbol is displayed.

Control Mode

NOTE: Note: If you wish to use the same program every day, press Pgm for 3 seconds to select all the days of the week. Press or respectively. button to advance to the next or preceding hour period

3.4.1 Manual

Use this mode to set the temperature at a fixed value. To use this mode, press Mode to display and set the desired temperature using the buttons or the buttons.
Select the comfort or economy temperature by pressing on the corresponding button ( or ). Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each switch point. To modify the program for another day, press Pgm until the day is selected and repeat steps 3 to 5. Press Exit to exit the programming mode.

3.4.2 Automatic

Use this mode to set the temperature according to the energy-saving schedule (see section 4.2). To place in Automatic mode, press Mode to display. Temporary Override If you modify the temperature when the thermostat is in automatic mode, the new temperature will be used for the next 2 hours. Afterwards the thermostat will return to the automatic mode settings. The icon flashes during the override period.

Configuration Menu

To access the configuration menu, press the simultaneously for 3 seconds. and buttons and To go to the next parameter (menu item), briefly press the buttons simultaneously. To modify a parameter, press or. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if necessary. Press the and buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to exit the configuration menu. DISPLAY DESCRIPTION Time Display Pump Protection 1 Number of cycles per hour

Battery Indicator

An icon appears when the batteries need replacement. This icon will flash for 60 days, then the thermostat will cut power to the heating system. The icon disappears once the batteries are replaced. After replacing the batteries, readjust the time and day (see section 4.1).

DEFAULT 12 h Off 4

SELECTIONS 12 h or 24 h On or Off 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6


4.1 Setting the Time and Day
Press Clk for 3 seconds. The hour display flashes. Set the hour using Set the minutes using Set the day using. Press Clk. The minute display flashes. Press Clk. The day display flashes. Press Exit to exit the programming mode.
When pump protection is On, the thermostat will activate the heating system for 15 seconds if it has not been activated for the past 24 hours. The corresponding cycle lengths are: 2=30 min., 3=20 min., 4=15 min., 5=12 min., 6=10 min. Select the cycle according to the type of heating: Gas boiler <30k W - 10 minutes Oil boiler - 20 minutes



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