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Lavasciuga Aqualtis AQGMD 149: centrifuga finale a 1400 giri


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ratlung 6:20pm on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 
Fairly quiet. Dryer works well None so far Its very easy to use fairley quiet lots of programmes that I would use hugely dissappointing for so many reasons I had a bog standard zannussi before ...
sgtdawg 3:04am on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 
Brilliant Machine - I spent a lot of time researching the purchase and I am gald I did as this machine is excellent. Very quiet. Quick cycles. it looks good very quiet big drum none

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New washing machine

Understand the future
The Aqualtis project is inspired by a vision: a vision to create a washing machine that will meet and even anticipate the needs & demands of our customers. Responding to detailed research undertaken for this purpose, a profile of the ideal washing machine has been created: ergonomically designed to be more comfortable to use, with more simple program settings, more load flexibility, environmentally friendly with improved water and power consumption, while also caring for the most delicate of fabrics. Ariston has given shape to an innovative washing machine, both in aesthetics and in performance.
A design that mirrors a new and refined style.
DESIGN: The unmistakable yet functional design from Makio Hasuike, expresses an innovative and original style for Aqualtis, in comparison to any other washing machine. Its soft rounded lines reflect its innovative styling and adds value to any home.


Better Ergonomics
In every detail, Aqualtis offers maximum comfort and extreme ease of use. Characterised by its extra large opening, which opens to the inclined drum, with a wider diameter and higher placement than a standard washing machine making loading & unloading a much easier task.
Book opening door - Extra large loading porthole - Inclined drum
Loading and unloading has never been so easy: Aqualtis makes your posture while loading and unloading natural and comfortable, thanks to the door which opens completely like a book; to the drum access porthole with a 35cm diameter and the drum with an inclination of 8 degrees. Extraordinary ease of access adding to better visibility.

A safer dispenser

Being located inside the door, the dispenser ensures higher safety, being out of the reach of children.
A more intuitive programming
The display, being integrated into the door, has a new and easier interaction logic. Working from left to right, for a more methodical selection process of the options. An in-depth study, which involved 1 million people around Europe, allowed us to define the interface types that better respond to the demands of every segment of our consumers. The (LCD) Liquid Crystal Display offers suggestions on the selection of the washing cycle and extra information on the cycles themselves, making programming easier and storing up to 4 personalised programs that can be recalled with a single button. It has never been so easy! The Digital display ensures all the functionality of high technology, but with ease of use. The LED display has the style of a traditional interface, with the functionality of a higher specification model.


Great demands, great answers
Aqualtis rises above every expectation. Even with standard dimensions it has a loading capacity 50% higher than other washing machines (up to 8.5 kg) and a super efficient 5 star water rating *.
* AQXXD 149H Model as shown.

Duvet cycle

You dont need to take your feather duvets, eiderdowns, quilts or padded anoraks to the Dry Cleaners any longer: Aqualtis has a specific program for duvets. Thanks to this wash cycle, the garments are treated with the necessary care and with the right amount of water, for a deep clean and care for the fabric and quilting.

Bed & Bath cycle

A single load is enough to wash all bedding and towels for an entire family, saving time and power. For example, to wash 1 set of bedding and 4 towels with Aqualtis, you need just a single washing cycle; whereas with a traditional washing machine, you need 2 washing cycles.

Mini Load

Aqualtis adapts itself with extreme flexibility to every demand: with the Mini Load option for everyday washing, it is possible to get great results for small loads too, saving up to 25% water and 40% power.

Shirts cycle

The program created specifically for shirts allows you to wash them with extreme care and with the guarantee of easier ironing. Thanks to a specific rotation of the drum and the correct amount of water, it eliminates the risk of creases, respecting colours and fabric.
Perfect even during the night
Thanks to the new Super Silent system, characterised by the threephase brushless motor, a suspension system capable of absorbing any vibration and by noise-absorbing panels, Aqualtis is the quietest washing machine on the market.

Delay Timer

It is possible to program your machine to start anytime throughout the day or night, when electricity costs less.

Woolmark Platinum Care

Aqualtis has been given the prestigious award, Woolmark Platinum Care from The Woolmark Company, which certifies the washing of every wool item in washing machines, even those with the hand wash only label. With the Wool program you can have the peace of mind of washing the most precious items without any risk of felting, plus the guarantee of an excellent washing performance.

A+ Class

Aqualtis is respectful and sensitive to the environment in which we live. In fact, not only is its standard of energy efficiency class A+, but it has also the ECO system which, thanks to a luminous LED, indicates when washing personalisation can save at least 10% more power compared to the selected cycle.

Super Wash

Super Wash is the ideal solution to tackle particularly tough stains. Through an electronic control module, Aqualtis, thanks to the Dynamic Wash System, is capable of detecting with precision the quality and type of laundry, determining the right balance of water, temperature and number of revolutions of the drum, to give you an incredible result.

Easy Iron

With the special Easy Iron option, Aqualtis is capable of choosing the best washing and spin conditions for a specific fabric. If the laundry is not unloaded immediately, the drum spins slowly and at regular intervals until it is turned off. This reduces to a minimum the formation of creases to facilitate and speed up any following ironing process.

Child Lock

Safety goes a step further with Aqualtis; a separate button that locks off the controls of the machine so accidental changes cannot be made, especially important when children are around.

The Aqualtis Range

Aqualtis offers a complete range, created to answer any kind of demand from the discerning consumer.


Key features:
8.5 kg wash capacity 1400 rpm maximum spin speed Super silent tri-phase motor LCD graphic display 11 wash programs:
Cottons, Coloureds, Delicates, Fast wash, Cottons with pre-wash, Synthetics, Shirts, Silk, Wool, Duvets, Bed & bath
4 memory programs 4 program options
Super wash, Reduced crease, Extra rinse, Mini load

5 partial programs

Rinse & spin, Spin only & drain
Delay timer 0-24 hrs Child lock for controls Wash phase indicator Storage drawer 5 star water rating


8.0 kg wash capacity 1200 rpm maximum spin speed Super silent tri-phase motor Digital display 11 wash programs:

4 program options

Delay timer 0-24 hrs Child lock for controls Wash phase indicator 4.5 star water rating


8.0 kg wash capacity 1000 rpm maximum spin speed Super silent tri-phase motor LED display interface 11 wash programs:
Delay timer 3/6/9 hrs Child lock for controls Wash phase indicator 4 star water rating


7 kg wash capacity.rpm maximum spin speed LED display interface 11 wash programs:
Whites, Coloureds, Delicates, Fast wash, Cottons with pre-wash, Whites 90oC, Synthetics, Shirts, Silk, Wool, Duvets
Bleach Option, Reduced crease, Extra rinse, Rapid wash
Child lock for controls Wash phase indicator 4 star water rating


Model Description
Main Features Dimensions & Design Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Cabinet colour Door colour Structure Drum volumes (litres) Drum material Tub material Performances Maximum spin speed (rpm) Maximum load capacity (kg) Automatic consumption regulation Control Panel On/Off/Reset button Program selection Temperature regulation Spin speed regulation Start/Pause button Wash phase indicator Special Equipment Comfort Book opening of door Porthole 35cm Tilted drum Integrated laundry drawer Super silent technology Super noise insulation Instant door opening Quick guide User Interface Interactive Liquid Crystal Display Maximum load recommendation Extra information on cycles/options Selected cycle visualisation Time to end indication Time to start indication Eco feedback Special Cycles Bed & Bath Duvets Woolmark Platinum Care Shirts Silk Mix 30oC Special Options Stored favourite programs Delay Timer (hours) Super Wash Easy Iron Mini Load Extra Rinse Safety Anti-overflow Door opening electronic control Selectable child lock Energy Label Water rating Water consumption Energy rating Energy consumption per year (kWh) Load capacity (kg) 5 Star 61 2.5 Star 594 8.5 4.5 Star Star 4 Star Star 4 Star Star l l l l l l l l l l l l l 0-24 l l l l 0-24 l l l l 3/6/9 l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l On display On display l On display On display l l On display On display l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l On display On display On display l On display l l On display On display l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 1400 8.5 l l l l 62 Stainless steel Poliplex 62 Stainless steel Poliplex 62 Stainless steel Poliplex 52 Stainless steel Poliplex 105 59.5 64.5 Polar white Silver 85 59.5 64.5 Polar white Silver 85 59.5 64.5 Polar white Silver 85 59.Polar white Ice


All Ariston products carry a "Total Peace of Mind" 2 year warranty.
ARISIT PTY LIMITED (Australia) ABN 40-44 Mark Anthony Drive Dandenong South VIC 3175 Phone: Sales: 219 - Service: 589 Fax: Sales & Service (03) Email: ARISIT PTY LIMITED (New Zealand) 1A Howe Street Newton, Auckland 1145 PO Box 68-140 Newton, Auckland 1145 Phone: (09) - Fax: (09) Email:

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