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JimOCR 4:28pm on Friday, October 15th, 2010 
Good dot pitch, good resolution, nice on screen display over priced, nothing really special about it

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0.24 mm dot pitch for excellent graphics Full scan screen that gives an edge-to-edge image Flatron, anti-reflective and antistatic screen coating
On/Off switch Image adjustment controls to operate on-screen display menus

Status indicator

P700 HP D8906A, 17-inch Color Monitor 16-inch Viewable Image User's Guide


The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard. This document contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett-Packard Company. HP France 38053 Grenoble Cedex 9 France 2000 Hewlett-Packard Company

Englishlish 1

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Important Safety Instructions
Important Safety Instructions


For your safety always connect equipment to a grounded wall outlet. Always use a power cord with a properly grounded plug, such as the one provided with the equipment, or one in compliance with your national safety standards. This equipment can be disconnected from the power by removing the power cord from the power outlet. This means the equipment must be located close to an easily accessible power outlet. To avoid electrical shock, do not open the monitor's cover. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Only qualified service personnel should service these parts. Make sure your PC is powered off before connecting or disconnecting a display peripheral.

Working in Comfort

Thank you for selecting HP monitor equipment. To optimize your comfort and productivity, it's important that you set up your work area correctly and use your HP equipment properly. With that in mind, we have developed some setup and use recommendations for you to follow based on established ergonomic principles. You can consult the online version of Working in Comfort preloaded on the hard disk of HP computers, or visit HP's Working in Comfort web site at:


The monitor is quite heavy (the weight is shown in the technical specifications). We recommend you ask the assistance of a second person when lifting or moving it. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, situated within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" which may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock.
The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

How To Install The Drivers
Windows 95 or Windows 98 Operating Systems:
In order to take advantage of the Plug & Play functionality of your Windows 95/98 operating system, HP Monitors come with a driver that lets you gain full optimization of your monitor. To install this driver follow these steps:
Click the 'Start' button. Select 'Settings' and then Click 'Control Panel'. Double-click the 'Display' icon and select the 'Settings' tab. Select the 'Advanced Properties' tab. Select the 'Monitor' tab and then click the 'Change' button in order to select the model of HP Monitor you are using. Click the 'Have Disk.' button. Click the 'Browse.' button. Find and select the 'HPMON_XX.INF' file on your CD ROM under the '\Driver' directory. Press the 'OK' button and select your monitor type in the 'Models' box.
Your operating system and your HP Monitor are now set up to work in optimum conditions. If your Windows 95/98 version is different or you need more detailed installation information, please refer to Windows 95/98 user's manual. HP regularly updates the HPMON_XX.INF driver each time a new monitor is released. To download the latest up-to-date version, visit our HP Monitors Support web site at:

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HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Using Your Monitor

Using Your Monitor

The illustration below shows the location of the function keys which operate the monitor.

Power Indicator


Power Button

Use this button to turn the monitor on or off.
The power indicator is green when the monitor operates normally. If the monitor is in DPM (Energy Saving) mode (standby / suspend / power off), the indicator color changes to amber.

Menu Button

Use the Menu button to enter or exit the on screen display menu.

Control Buttons

Use these buttons to choose or adjust the required features from the on screen display menu.

Enter Button.

Use this button to enter a selection in the on screen display menu. NOTE If the power management function of your computer is working properly, you do not need to switch the monitor off or on. This occurs automatically.

6 EnglishEnglish

Menu - Control and Adjustment
Making adjustments to the image size, position and operating parameters of the monitor are quick and easy with the Menu facility. A quick example is given below to familiarize you with the use of the controls.

Allow the monitor to stabilize for at least 30 minutes before making image adjustment. To make adjustments using the Menu facility, follow these steps.
Press the Menu Button, the menu appears.
To access a function, (size, shape, color etc) press or Buttons. When the icon you want becomes highlighted press the Enter Button. 3 Use the or Buttons to adjust the item to the desired level. 4 Accept the changes by pressing the Enter Button. 5 Exit the Menu by pressing the Menu Button.

EnglishEnglish 7

Menu - Selection and Adjustment
The following section gives an overview of items within the Menu system. Listed below are the icons, icon names and icon descriptions which are shown in the Menu.


Icon Description Brightness
Used to adjust the brightness of the screen.


Adjust the display to the contrast desired.

8 EnglishEnglish

With the Color menu the user can adjust the tint of the screen.

6500K 9300K

Icon Name Preset

Icon Description

The user can choose between the two preset color temperatures. 6500K: Slightly reddish white. 9300K: Slightly bluish white. User can adjust the color temperature as desired. To customize your own color levels. To customize your own color levels. To customize your own color levels.

Temp Red Blue Green

EnglishEnglish 9


Allows you to adjust the viewable image from left to right/up to down.


Icon Description Vertical Position
To move picture image up and down.

Horizontal Size

To move picture image left and right.

10 EnglishEnglish

Lets you adjust the size of the viewable image.

SIZE 49 64

To adjust image width.

To adjust image height.

EnglishEnglish 11
Lets you adjust the shape of the viewable image. When adjusting these properties, set the picture width and height so that its edges are visible. Compare the edges of the picture to those of the bezel.
Icon Description Side Pincushion
To correct the bowing in and out of the image.

Side Pincushion balance

To correct the balance of both sides bowing.


To correct geometric distortion.


This control adjusts skewing of the screen image.

Top Corner

To correct the upper irregular distortion of the displayed image.

Bottom Corner

To correct the lower irregular distortion to the displayed image.
To correct image rotation.

12 EnglishEnglish

Lets you adjust various setup options.

Icon Name

Video Level
This item is used to select the monitors input signal level. The normal level used for most PCs is 0.7V. When the screen suddenly gets brightened or blurry, please select 1.0V and try again. To select the DDC function (ON/OFF). To choose the language in which the control names are displayed. To adjust the position of the Menu window on the screen.
DDC Language OSD Position

EnglishEnglish 13

Lets you adjust special options.

Degauss Recall Moire

To manually demagnetize the screen which may show some image or color incorrectly. If the monitor is operating in a factory preset mode, this control will reset the image size, position and shape to the factory preset values. This item allows you to reduce the moire (moire is caused by interference Horizontal Scan Line with the periodical dot screen). It is normally OFF (H:0/V:0). The moire adjustments may affect the focus of the screen. The screen image may shake slightly while the moire reduction function is on. Use to adjust the alignment of red and blue fields. Use to adjust the overall purity of the image if the color appears uneven.

Convergence Purity

14 EnglishEnglish

Minimizing Eye Strain

To avoid screen flicker and minimize eye strain, use the highest supported image refresh rate for the chosen resolution. It is recommended that you use a refresh rate of 85 Hz. The image refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image is refreshed.
Minimizing Energy Consumption
If your computer supports VESA monitor power management (available on many HP computers), you can minimize the power consumed by the monitor. There are two power saving modes: Suspend mode1 (uses less than 8W). In this mode, the monitor's front panel indicator light is amber. Active off mode2 (uses less than 3W). In this mode, the monitor's front panel indicator light is amber. To set these power saving modes, refer to the manual that came with your computer. If your screen is not displaying an image, check the front panel indicator light first as your monitor may be in a power saving mode.

Supported Video Modes

Your monitor comes with the standard modes shown in the table below. It also supports intermediate video modes. With the intermediate modes, the displayed image may need to be optimized using the buttons on the front panel. All modes are non-interlaced.

Factory Preset Modes:


640 x x x x x 1024

Refresh Rate/Hz
70 60, 75, 85 75, 85 75, 85 60, 75
Recommended Mode: 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz
Suspend mode is activated when vertical sync is cut by the video controller. Active off mode is activated when both vertical and horizontal sync are cut by the video controller.

EnglishEnglish 15

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Troubleshooting


Before calling Hewlett-Packard check the following items:
No picture and LED is off.
Check if monitor is switched ON. Check if power cord is properly connected. Check if electrical outlet is connected. Test if monitor works on another PC previously set to monitors supported resolution.
No picture and LED is on.
Check if monitor is not in power saving mode. Adjust contrast and brightness through Menu using the control buttons. Check if PC is switched on. Check if video cable has no bent pins.

Colors are not pure.

Degauss your monitor. Shut down your monitor and switch it on after 30 minutes.

Picture is not centered.

Adjust picture through Menu using the control buttons.

Picture is fuzzy.

Use the Recall function. Reduce contrast through Menu using the control buttons. Adjust moire reduction to zero.

16 EnglishEnglish

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Size Dot pitch Face Plate 17-inch, viewable image size 16-inch 0.24 mm wide anti-reflective anti static-coating Video Cable with 15-pin mini D-SUB Connector Horizontal Vertical @75Hz 1024 x 768@85Hz 30 minutes to reach optimum performance level <135 MHz 30 to 85kHz 50 to 160 Hz


Standard Size: 310(W) 230(H)mm Maximum Size: 325(W) 244(H)mm On 130W (max) Constant green LED Standby mode 8W (max) Constant amber LED Constant amber LED POWER MANAGEMENT Suspend mode 8W (max) Active Off 3W (max) Constant amber LED Off 3W (max) LED is Off 100-240Vn, 50/60Hz POWER SOURCE Current 2A 0 C to 40 C Temperature OPERATING Humidity 10% RH through 80% RH (without ENVIRONMENT condensation) Temperature -20 C to 60 C STORAGE Humidity 8% RH through 85% RH (without ENVIRONMENT condensation) CABINET DIMENSIONS 435(H) 415(W) 442(D) mm WEIGHT TILT/SWIVEL STAND 19 kg Tilt Angle Swivel Angle - 5 to +15 - 45 to+45

EnglishEnglish 17

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

Do not place anything on top of the monitor. Doing so may block the monitor vents and cause damage to the monitor due to overheating. Do not let liquid get on or into the monitor. To maximize screen life and prevent damage to the picture tube (such as burned phosphor due to leaving the same image on the screen for a long time), it is recommended that you: Use the monitor power management system (on HP computers) or a screen saver program. Avoid setting contrast and brightness to their maximum levels for prolonged periods. If you do not have a power management system or a screen saver program, switch the monitor off or reduce the brightness and contrast to minimum levels when the monitor is not in use. Your monitor has an anti-glare, anti-static screen coating. To prevent damage to the monitor screen's coating, use a regular household glass cleaner when cleaning the screen. To clean the screen:
Switch the monitor off and remove the power plug (pull the plug, not the cable). 2 Wet a soft cotton cloth with the cleaning solution and gently wipe the screen. Do not spray cleaner onto the screen because the cleaner may drip inside the monitor. 3 Dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Do not use cleaning solutions containing fluoride, acids, or alkalis.
Environmental Information
HP has a strong commitment toward the environment. Your HP monitor has been designed to respect the environment as much as possible. HP can also take back your old monitor for recycling when it reaches the end of its useful life. In fact, HP has a product take-back program in several countries. The collected equipment is sent to one of HP's recycling facilities in Europe or the USA. As many parts as possible are reused. The remainder is recycled. Special care is taken for batteries and other potentially toxic substances, which are reduced to non-harmful components through a special chemical process. If you require more details about HP's product take-back program, contact your dealer or your nearest HP Sales Office. The cathode ray tube used in this monitor does not contain cadmium. 18 EnglishEnglish
HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Hardware Warranty

Hardware Warranty

PART I - HP General Hardware Warranty



Warranty repair or replacement. Model

Warranty Period

3 years - unless original end-user customer has otherwise agreed to a shorter period of warranty at the time of purchase.

Service Provided

Rest of World: On-site service for first year and return to HP or repair-authorized service center for the following two years. US and Canada only: Return to HP or a repair-authorized service center for three years. Europe only: 3 Year Next Business Day On-site Exchange (swap-out). A

1 year

Japan: return to HP or a repairauthorized service center for one year.
Hewlett-Packard (HP) warrants this monitor hardware product, or accessory against defects in materials and workmanship for the applicable warranty period stated above, commencing from the date of delivery of the product to the end-user customer. HP does not warrant that the HP hardware will operate uninterrupted or error free.

EnglishEnglish 19

If, during the product warranty period, HP is unable, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace your product to the condition as warranted, you will be entitled to a refund (in the amount of the product purchase price) upon prompt return of the product to your authorized HP dealer or other HP designate. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon in writing with HP, all hardware components must be returned for refund with the entire system process unit. HP software is covered by the HP Software Product Limited Warranty located in your HP product manual. Unless otherwise stated, and to the extent permitted by local law, hardware products may contain remanufactured parts (equivalent to new in performance) or parts which may have been subject to prior incidental use. HP may repair or replace hardware products (i) with products which are equivalent in performance to the products being repaired or replaced but which may have been subject to prior use, or (ii) with products which may contain remanufactured parts equivalent to new in performance or parts which may have been subject to prior incidental use.
Proof of Purchase and Warranty Period
In order to receive service or support for your hardware product for the warranty period, proof of the original purchase date of the product may be required in order to establish the delivery date of your product. If the delivery date is not available, either the purchase date or the manufacturer's date (located on the product) becomes the beginning of the warranty period.

Limitation of Warranty

Warranty does not apply to defects resulting from: (a) improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration; (b) software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by HP; (c) unauthorized repair, maintenance, modification or misuse; (d) operation outside of the published operating specifications for the product; (e) improper site preparation or maintenance; or (f) such other exclusions as may be expressly set forth in this Warranty Statement. HP MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY, WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL, WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT. TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED BY APPLICABLE LOCAL LAW, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE.

Limitation of Liability and Remedies

20 EnglishEnglish

The foregoing limitation of liability shall not apply in the event that any HP product sold hereunder is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be defective and to have directly caused bodily injury, death, or property damage. To the extent allowed by applicable local law, HP's liability for property damage does not exceed the greater of $50,000 or the purchase price of the specific product that caused such damage.
PART II - Year 2000 Warranty
Subject to all of the terms and limitations of the HP Limited Warranty Statement provided with this HP Product, HP warrants that this HP Product will be able to accurately process date data (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing, and sequencing) from, into, and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and the years 1999 and 2000, including leap year calculations, when used in accordance with the Product documentation provided by HP (including any instructions for installing patches or upgrades), provided that all other products (e.g. hardware, software, firmware) used in combination with such HP Product(s) properly exchange date data with it. The duration of the Year 2000 warranty extends through January 31, 2001.

EnglishEnglish 21

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information

DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY according to ISO/IEC Guide 22 and EN 45014 Manufacturer's Name: Manufacturer's Address: Declares, that the products: Product Name: Model Number: HP France 5, Avenue Raymond Chanas - EYBENS 38053 GRENOBLE CEDEX 09 -FRANCE 17-inch Color Monitor D8906A* (the * can be any alphanumeric character).
Conform(s) to the following Product Specifications: -International: IEC 60950:1991 + A1 + A2 +A3 +A4 / GB4943-1995 SAFETY -Europe: EN 60950:1992 + A1 + A2 +A3 +A4+A11 ELECTRO MAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY -CISPR 22:1993+A1+A2 / EN 55022:1994 +A1+A2 Class B1) -EN 50082-1:1992 IEC 801-2:1991 / prEN 55024-2:1992 - 4kV CD, 8kV AD IEC 801-3:1984 - 3V/m IEC 801-4:1988 / prEN 55024-4:1993 - 1 kV Power Lines - IEC 61000-3-3:1994 / EN61000-3-3:1995 - GB9254-1998 - FCC Title 47 CFR, Part 15 class B1) - ICES-003, Issue 3 - VCCI-B - AS/NZ 3548:1995 Products bearing the CE marking(2) also comply with: IEC 61000-3-2:1995 Those products comply with requirements of the following Directives and carry the CE marking accordingly: EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, both amended by the Directive 93/68/EEC. 1) This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. 2) All products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) bear the CE Marking.

Grenoble, November 2000

Didier CABARET Quality Manager
For Compliance Information ONLY, contact: USA contact: Hewlett-Packard Company, Corporate Product Regulations Manager, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304. (Phone (650) 857-1501).

22 EnglishEnglish

HP 17 Color Monitor Users Guide Regulatory Information Notice for the USA: FCC Class B Statement Federal Communications Commission Radio Frequency Interference Statement Warning:
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the distance between the equipment and the receiver. Connect the equipment to an outlet on a different circuit to the one the receiver is connected to. Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.H Hewlett-Packard's FCC Compliance Tests were conducted using HP-supported peripheral devices and HP shielded cables, such as those you receive with your system. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

Notice for Canada

This Class "B" digital apparatus complies with all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations (ICES.003). Cet appareil numrique de la Classe B est conforme toutes les exigences du rglement sur le matriel brouilleur du Canada.

X-Ray Radiation Notice

When operating, this product emits x-rays; however, it is well shielded and meets the safety and health requirements of various countries, such as the Radiation Act of Germany and the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of the United States. Radiation emitted by this product is less than 0.1 mR/hr (1uSv/hr) at a distance of 10 centimeters from the surface of the cathode ray tube. The x-ray radiation primarily depends on the characteristics of the cathode ray tube and its associated low voltage and high voltage circuitry. Internal controls have been adjusted to ensure safe operation. Only qualified personnel should perform any internal adjustments as specified in the service manual for this product. Replace the cathode ray tube with an identical CRT only.

Safety Warning for USA

If the power cord is not supplied with your monitor, select the proper power cord according to your national electric specifications.
USA: use a UL listed SVT detachable power cord.

EnglishEnglish 23

Notice for Korea

Notice for Germany

Hinweis fr Deutschland: Geruschemission Lrmangabe nach Maschinenlrmverordnung - 3 GSGV (Deutschland) LpA < 70db am Arbeitsplattz normaler Betrieb nach EN27779: 11.92

Notice for Japan

24 EnglishEnglish

TCO 99

You have just purchased a TCO'99 approved and labelled product! Your choice has provided you with a product developed for professional use. Your purchase has also contributed to reducing the burden on the environment and also to the further development of environmentally adapted electronics products. Why do we have environmentally labelled computers? In many countries, environmental labelling has become an established method for encouraging the adaptation of goods and services to the environment. The main problem, as far as computers and other electronics equipment are concerned, is that environmentally harmful substances are used both in the products and during their manufacture. Since it is not so far possible to satisfactorily recycle the majority of electronics equipment, most of these potentially damaging substances sooner or later enter nature. There are also other characteristics of a computer, such as energy consumption levels, that are important from the viewpoints of both the work (internal) and natural (external) environments. Since all methods of electricity generation have a negative effect on the environment (e.g. acidic and climate-influencing emissions, radioactive waste), it is vital to save energy. Electronics equipment in offices is often left running continuously and thereby consumes a lot of energy. What does labelling involve? This product meets the requirements for the TCO'99 scheme which provides for international and environmental labelling of personal computers. The labelling scheme was developed as a joint effort by the TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), Svenska Naturskyddsforeningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) and Statens Energimyndighet (The Swedish National Energy Administration). Approval requirements cover a wide range of issues: environment, ergonomics, usability, emission of electric and magnetic fields, energy consumption and electrical and fire safety. The environmental demands impose restrictions on the presence and use of heavy metals, brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, CFCs (freons) and chlorinated solvents, among other things. The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturer is obliged to have an environmental policy which must be adhered to in each country where the company implements its operational policy. The energy requirements include a demand that the computer and/or display, after a certain period of inactivity, shall reduce its power consumption to a lower level in one or more stages. The length of time to reactivate the computer shall be reasonable for the user. Labelled products must meet strict environmental demands, for example, in respect of the reduction of electric and magnetic fields, physical and visual ergonomics and good usability.

EnglishEnglish 25

Below you will find a brief summary of the environmental requirements met by this product. The complete environmental criteria document may be ordered from: TCO Development SE-Stockholm, Sweden Fax: +07 Email (Internet): Current information regarding TCO'99 approved and labelled products may also be obtained via the Internet, using the address: Environmental requirements Flame retardants Flame retardants are present in printed circuit boards, cables, wires, casings and housings. Their purpose is to prevent, or at least to delay the spread of fire. Up to 30% of the plastic in a computer casing can consist of flame retardant substances. Most flame retardants contain bromine or chloride, and those flame retardants are chemically related to another group of environmental toxins, PCBs. Both the flame retardants containing bromine or chloride and the PCBs are suspected of giving rise to severe health effects, including reproductive damage in fish-eating birds and mammals, due to the bio-accumulative1 processes. Flame retardants have been found in human blood and researchers fear that disturbances in foetus development may occur. The relevant TCO'99 demand requires that plastic components weighing more than 25 grams must not contain flame retardants with organically bound bromine or chlorine. Flame retardants are allowed in the printed circuit boards since no substitutes are available. Cadmium2 Cadmium is present in rechargeable batteries and in the colour-generating layers of certain computer displays. Cadmium damages the nervous system and is toxic in high doses. The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that batteries, the colour-generating layers of display screens and the electrical or electronics components must not contain any cadmium. Mercury2 Mercury is sometimes found in batteries, relays and switches. It damages the nervous system and is toxic in high doses. The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that batteries may not contain any mercury. It also demands that mercury is not present in any of the electrical or electronics components associated with the labelled unit. CFCs (freons) The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that neither CFCs nor HCFCs may be used during the manufacture and assembly of the product. CFCs (freons) are sometimes used for washing printed circuit boards. CFCs break down ozone and thereby damage the ozone layer in the stratosphere, causing increased reception on earth of ultraviolet light with e.g. increased risks of skin cancer (malignant melanoma) as a consequence. Lead2 Lead can be found in picture tubes, display screens, solders and capacitors. Lead damages the nervous system and in higher doses, causes lead poisoning. The relevant TCO99 requirement permits the inclusion of lead since no replacement has yet been developed.

Bio-accumulative is defined as substances which accumulate within living organisms Lead, Cadmium and Mercury are heavy metals which are Bio-accumulative.

26 EnglishEnglish


CQPP-358 Monitors Chart.qxd

6/1/00 11:57 AM

Page 1
Compaq Monitors Family Chart

Compaq S510

The most affordable 15" color monitor meeting Compaq quality and reliability standards.
Picture Tube/ Viewable Part Number (diagonal)
168636-001 Opal 168636-002 Carbon 15" Flat Square CRT/(13.8")

Dot Pitch

.28 mm

Maximum Refresh Rate

1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz 800 x 600 @ 95 Hz 640 x 480 @ 120 Hz

Text Mode

UserProgrammable USB Hub Modes

8 Yes (optional)

Anti-Glare/ Anti-Static


Compliance/ Certifications
Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, FCC, UL Listing, ISO9241-3 VOT Guidelines

On-Screen Controls

Brightness, Contrast, Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, Moir Cancellation, Color Selection, Manual Degauss, Factory Reset

Language Selection

English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian

Horizontal Frequency

30 to 61 KHz

Vertical Frequency

50 to 120 Hz

Max. Pixel Clock Speed

80 MHz

Power Supply

90 to 265 VAC 47.563 Hz Auto-Sensing <75 Watts

Dimensions/ Weight

15.1" x 15.1" x 12.7"/ 24.2 lbs.
Intelligent Manageability1
AssetControl, Plug-and-Play

Limited Warranty2

1-year parts, 1-year on-site labor

Compaq S710

This 17" flat, square monitor simplifies the transition to larger screen sizes with strong front-of-screen performance at affordable prices.
152991-001 Opal 152991-002 Carbon 17" Flat Square CRT/(16")
.23 mm Horizontal/.28 mm Trio
1280 x 1024 @ 64 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 85 Hz 800 x 600 @ 109 Hz 640 x 480 @ 120 Hz

UserProgrammable Modes


Yes (optional)

Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, FCC, UL Listing, ISO9241-3VOT Guidelines
Brightness, Contrast, Sizing, Positioning, Pincushion, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, Moir Cancellation, Resolution, Manual Degauss, Color Selection, Recall, Frequency Display

30 to 70 KHz

50 to 160 Hz

107 MHz

90 to 265 VAC 5060 Hz Auto-Sensing <120 Watts
14.25" x 16.6" x 16.2"/ 34.6 lbs.
3-year parts, 1-year on-site labor, SBD Direct Replacement

Compaq S910

This 19" flat, square monitor eases the transition to larger screen sizes at affordable prices, while increasing customer satisfaction and lowering the overall cost of ownership.
138485-001 Opal 19" High-Contrast Flat Square CRT/(18")
.23 mm Horizontal/.26 mm Trio
1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 89 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 118 Hz 800 x 600 @ 152 Hz 640 x 480 @ 160 Hz


Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, TCO 99, FCC, UL Listing, ISO9241-3VOT Guidelines, CE Marking, GS Marking
Brightness, Contrast, Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, Moir Cancellation, Color Selection, Recall, Manual Degauss, Frequency Display

30 to 95 KHz

202.5 MHz
90 to 265 VAC 5060 Hz Auto-Sensing <130 Watts
19.7" x 17.7" x 17.7"/ 43.4 lbs.

Limited Warranty 2

6/1/00 11:58 AM

Page 2

Compaq V710
Redefining value with the latest display Flat-Faced CRT technology.
Picture Tube/ Viewable (diagonal)
17" High-Contrast Flat-Faceplate CRT/(16")

Part Number


.20.25 mm Horizontal

1600 x 1200 @ 67 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 80 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 105 Hz 800 x 600 @ 130 Hz 720 x 400 @ 160 Hz 640 x 480 @ 160 Hz
Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, TCO 99, FCC, UL Listing, ISO9241-3 VOT Guidelines, CE Marking, GS Marking

Digital Controls

Brightness, Contrast, Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Convergence, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Individual Color Control, Tilt, Serial Number, Moir Cancellation, Manual Degauss, Factory Reset
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese and Korean

30 to 85 KHz

175.5 MHz
3-year parts, 3-year labor, 3-year on-site labor, or NBD Direct Replacement
120 to 220 VAC 16.3" x 16.2" x 16.6"/ 35.6 lbs.

Compaq V1100

An affordable 21" (20"-viewable) monitor with robust features.
21" High-Contrast Flat Square Short-Neck CRT/(20.1")


.22 mm Horizontal/.26 mm Trio
1920 x 1440 @ 70 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 132 Hz 800 x 600 @ 160 Hz 640 x 480 @ 160 Hz
Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Brightness, Contrast, Pincushion, Trapezoid, Tilt, Serial Number, Parallelogram, Individual Color Control, Moir Cancellation, Zoom, Video Input Selection, Manual Degauss, Factory Reset, Language Selection
English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch

30 to 107 KHz

48 to 160 Hz

229.5 MHz

90 to 264 VAC
20.3" x 17.0" x19.7"/ 64.9 lbs.

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Compaq P700
Offers new FD Trinitron flat-screen technology that displays the most accurate and precise images available.
380207-001 17" FD Trinitron/(16")
.24 mm.25 mm Aperture Grille Pitch
1600 x 1200 @ 70 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 110 Hz 800 x 600 @ 120 Hz 640 x 480 @ 120 Hz
Contrast, Brightness, Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Convergence, Moir Cancellation, Color Temperature, Individual Color Control, Manual Degauss, Keystone Key Balance, Centering, Help Screen, Control Lock, 9 Languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish and Japanese
Max. Pixel Horizontal Vertical Clock Frequency Frequency Speed
30 to 92 KHz 50 to 120 Hz 189 MHz
Intelligent Limited Manageability1 Warranty2
90 to 264 VAC 16.8" x 16.7" x 15.9"/ AssetControl, 42.0 lbs. Plug-and-Play

Compaq P900

An affordable 19" color CRT monitor that promotes the transition to larger screen sizes.
386327-001 19" FD Trinitron/ (17.95")
1920 x 1440 @ 70 Hz 1600 x 1200 @ 85 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 100 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 120 Hz 800 x 600 @ 120 Hz
Contrast, Brightness, Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Convergence, Moir Cancellation, Individual Color Control, Manual Degauss, Keystone Key Balance, Centering, Help Screen, Control Lock, 9 Languages
30 to 107 KHz 50 to 120 Hz
261 MHz 90 to 264 VAC 18.2" x 17.7" x 18.7"/ AssetControl, 57.2 lbs. Plug-and-Play

Compaq P1100

The first 21" (19.8"-viewable) Trinitron monitor with high resolution, focus and color matching for exceptional performance.
325606-001 21" FDTrinitron/ (19.8")
.24 mm Aperture Grille Pitch
1920 x 1440 @ 75 Hz 1800 x 1440 @ 75 Hz 1600 x 1200 @ 95 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 110 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 140 Hz 800 x 600 @ 160 Hz

70 and 85 Hz

Vertical/Horizontal Size and Positioning, Trapezoid, Pincushion, Pincushion Balance, Moir Cancellation, Light Sensor (on/off), Degauss, Convergence, Power Saver, Control Lock, Keystone Key Balance, Centering, Language, Help Menu, Color Contrast

Analog Controls

Max. Pixel Language Horizontal Vertical Clock Selection Frequency Frequency Speed
30 to 121 KHz 50 to 160 Hz 297 MHz
Brightness, English, Contrast Spanish, French, German and Dutch
90 to 264 VAC 19.9" x 19.8" x 19.4"/ AssetControl, 70.4 lbs. Plug-and-Play

6/1/00 11:59 AM

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Compaq TFT5010

The digital true 15" flat-panel monitor offers enhanced performance and maximum flexibility for a variety of business environments.
104741-001 Opal 154486-001 Carbon

Wide 120

Max. Pixel Screen Language Horizontal Vertical Clock Power Brightness Selection Frequency Frequency Speed Supply
English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian 31.47 to 60 KHz 58 to 78.75 Hz 78.75 MHz 90 to 132/ 195 to 265 VAC 47.563 Hz Auto-Sensing <45 Watts


Flat Panel

True 15" TFT

Contrast Pixel Ratio Pitch

200:1.30 mm

1024 x 768 @ 60, 70, 75 Hz 800 x 600 @ 60, 70, 85 Hz 720 x 400 @ 70 Hz 640 x 480 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz
UserProgramText Mac Mode mable Anti-Glare/ Compliance/ Modes Mode 832x624 Anti-Static Certifications

720 x 74.5 Hz 400 @ 70 Hz 4 Yes/Yes Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, TCO 99, Microsoft PC 98, Y2K, UL Listing, ISO9241-3 VOT Guidelines, FCC
3-year backlight, 3-year parts, 3-year on-site labor or NBD Direct Replacement
Brightness, Contrast, Auto-Adjustment, 200 nits Positioning, Standard Color, Alternative Color, Custom Color, Clock Phase, Full Screen, Power Saver, Mode Display, Serial Number, Factory Reset
AssetControl, 15.7" x 8.6" x 15.4" Plug-and-Play with base; 12.5" x 3.1" x 15.4" without base/ 18.7 lbs. with base; 12.1 lbs. without base
Compaq TFT5000R 2U* Rack-mount Monitor
High-quality display in a compact form factor makes IT more efficient.
Part Number Contrast Ratio
English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian 31.47 to 60 KHz 58 to 85 Hz 78.75 MHz 90 to 132/ 195 to 265 VAC 47.563 Hz Auto-Sensing <45 Watts


Pixel Pitch

.30 mm

1024 x 768 @ 60, 70, 75 Hz 832 x 764 @ 75 Hz 800 x 600 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz 720 x 400 @ 70 Hz 640 x 480 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz 640 x 350 @ 70 Hz
UserProgramText Mac Mode mable Anti-Glare/ Compliance/ Mode 832 x 624 Modes Anti-Static Certifications On-Screen Controls
70 Hz 74.5 Hz 4 Yes/Yes Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, TCO 95, Microsoft PC 98, Y2K
120207-001 True Opal 15" TFT
Brightness, Contrast, Auto-Adjustment, 200 nits Positioning, Standard Color, Alternative Color, Custom Color, Clock Phase, Clock Phase Fine, Full Screen, Power Saver, Mode Display, Serial Number, Factory Reset
30.28" x 19.09" x 3.41"/ AssetControl, 48.5 lbs. Plug-and-Play (Panel, tray drawer and slide bracket)

*1U = 1.75"

Compaq TFT8020
The digital, flat-panel 18-inch active matrix display guarantees a flicker-free picture brighter, sharper and more vibrant than that of a CRT monitor.
326100-001 Opal 159244-001 Carbon

Wide 140

Max. Pixel Screen Language Horizontal Vertical Clock Brightness Selection Frequency Frequency Speed

English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian 31.47 to 80 KHz 58 to 85 Hz 135 MHz (analog mode) 108 MHz (digital mode)


Contrast Pixel Pitch Flat Panel Ratio
True 18.1" TFT 300:1.28 mm
1280 x 1024 @ 60, 75 Hz 1152 x 900 @ 66 Hz 1024 x 768 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz 800 x 600 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz 720 x 400 @ 70 Hz 640 x 480 @ 60, 75, 85 Hz

720 x 400 @ 70 Hz

UserMac Mode Program1152 x 870/ mable Anti-Glare/ Compliance/ Modes 832 x 624 Anti-Static Certifications
75 Hz/ 74.5 Hz 10 Yes/Yes Plug-and-Play, MPR-II, Energy Star, TCO 99, Y2K, UL Listing, ISO9241-3 VOT Guidelines, FCC
90 to 132/ 195 to 265 VAC 47.563 Hz Auto-Sensing <60 Watts
Brightness, Contrast, Auto200 nits Adjustment, Positioning, Standard Color, Alternative Color, Custom Color, Clock Phase, OSD Time Out, Full Screen, Power Saver, Mode Display, Serial Number, Factory Reset
16.5" x 9.7" x 16.5" AssetControl, with base; Plug-and-Play 13.8" x 3.0" x 16.5" without base/ 22.4 lbs. with base; 15.8 lbs. without base

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Financial Trader Bundle
This bundle offers renowned Compaq quality, high-end technology, performance for mission-critical business and the ability to look at a lot of information at one time. Included in the bundle, the TFT8020 18-inch active matrix display guarantees a flicker-free picture brighter, sharper and more vibrant than that of a CRT monitor. The high-performance Matrox G200 Quad graphics card works with the Compaq Professional Workstations AP550 to offer advanced architecture and power for technical and graphics-intensive applications. TFT8020 Flat Panel Monitor Matrox G200 Quad Graphics Card Professional Workstations AP550 with keyboard and mouse

Compaq iPAQ Bundle

Aligned for the future of Internet computing, this bundle offers simplified personal computing, deployment and distribution, as well as component stability. The carbon S710 17-inch monitor promotes the transition to larger screen sizes by providing affordable essential functionality. The uniquely designed iPAQ is ideal for corporate network environments and for employees who primarily use their PC for mainstream office productivity applications and corporate Internet/intranet access. For one-touch Internet access, the Internet Keyboard and mouse complete the iPAQ bundle. Carbon S710 monitor iPAQ desktop Internet Keyboard Carbon mouse

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Compaq monitors not only give you top performance and value, they include design features and support programs that contribute to your complete computing solution. From environmental compliance to peripheral connections, Compaq monitors give you peace of mind and ease of use.
Concealed Cable Management
Youll have more room on your desk with a Compaq monitor. Our unique cable management feature allows connections to plug into the back of the monitor vertically, from the bottom, rather than horizontally. The result? You can place your monitor flush against the wall, for more than two inches of additional desk space.
Universal Serial Bus (USB)-powered hubs let you plug USB peripheralssuch as a keyboard, mouse or scannerdirectly into the monitor, so the connections are easier to reach than those made at the computer. Up to 127 peripherals can be daisy-chained through one USB port.


The Compaq LiteSaver sleep mode timer in the on-screen controls extends backlight life. Simply set the timer to turn the monitor off after business hours and to come back on at any selected time.


Compaq large-screen monitors include Colorific Software. Colorific is for accurate, predictable color-matching on screen, in print and over the Internet.

TCO 99

Compaq monitors maintain stringent environmental standards which ensure reduced emissions, low power consumption and decreased response to electromagnetic fields and regulate manufacturing and recycling practices. In addition, all Compaq monitors support MPR-II, Energy Star and FCC Class-B certifications.
Three-Button On-Screen Display
Its easy to make custom adjustments to your Compaq monitors display. Each model features a convenient three-button panel on the front that provides analog control for contrast and brightness and on-screen adjustments for tilt, horizontal and vertical size/positioning, trapezoid, pincushion, parallelogram and other advanced screen settings.


Optional touchscreen technology makes Compaq monitors an ideal choice for kiosks, point-of-sale or other public installations and for business and professional sites where quick response, simplicity and ease of use are important.

Wide-Angle Viewing

The viewing angles of Compaq Flat Panel Monitors are 30 to 60 degrees greater than many other flat-panel displays. Several users can view data on-screen at the same time with no color degradation or loss of brightness.
Next-Business-Day Direct Replacement Program
If a Compaq monitor fails, we will deliver a replacement by the next business day with no charge to the usereffective for the standard parts Limited Warranty.2
For More Information: TOLL - FR EE PHON E : 1-800-345-1518

When used with Compaq Intelligent Manageability CPUs and appropriate network software. 2Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply. Next Business Day Direct Replacement Program not available on all Compaq monitors during standard parts Limited Warranty. Consult the Compaq Product Information Center at 1-800-345-1518 for details. Compaq and the Compaq logo are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Trinitron is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Colorific is a registered trademark of Sonnetech, Ltd. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Not responsible for typographical, editorial or pictorial errors. Products, specifications and technical information subject to change or cancellation without notice. 2000 Compaq Computer Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Printed on 10 percent post-consumer-waste, acid-free paper.

Doc. No. 12DX-0600A-XNEN



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