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HD Digital Recorder

iHDR-5050C Quick Start Guide
The default password is 0000.



1. Package Contents

Please check all package contents before using your product. Note: Package contents may vary according to area.
Quick Start Quick Start Quick Start Guide Guide Quick Start Guide Guide Quick Start Guide
User Manual User Manual User ManualUser Manual User Manual

Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Remote Control & Batteries


HDMI Cable

RF Cable

CD Manual

Quick Guide

2. Powering On
1. Connect the power cord of the product to a wall outlet. 2. Ensure the ON/OFF switch at the rear of the product is switched to ON. 3. Press the STANDBY button on the remote control or on the front of the product.
uRemote Control Batteries (AAA) 1. Press the hook upword and lift the battery cover off. 2. Insert the new batteries. Make sure the plus (+) ends meet the plus markings on the battery case. 3. Close the cover.


3. Inserting the Smartcard
1. Open the ap on the front panel of the product to expose the card slot. 2. Hold the Smartcard horizontally with the electronic chip (small square-shaped, gold in colour) facing downwards. 3. Insert the Smartcard into the slot.

No tic


4. Installation Wizard

The default password is 0000. 1. Language Select the appropriate language from the list.
2. Search Channel Enter Frequency/Network ID/ Symbol Rate and select Search to search channels.
3. Display Select the value for Screen Ratio, Display Format and Resolution.
4. HDD Partition View the HDD storage status and select Next.
5. Result After all setting is complete, you can Select Finish to complete the installation wizard.

view the result screen.

5. Navigation
1. 2. 3. 4. Select the item you want using the p/q/t/u buttons. Enter the values using the NUMERIC(0-9) button. Press the OK button to confirm your selection. Press the EXIT button to exit all On-Screen Display(OSD) screens. 5. Press the BACK button to return to the previous menu.

6. Service and Support

Information concerning troubleshooting, software upgrade and product support is provided in the following websites and call centers. Should your product require warranty service, please contact HUMAX to obtain the appropriate authorization. Nederland Tel: Fax: Opening Hours: Address: E-mail: Website: Language: 040-2306250 040-2306475 9:00-17:00 u. (ma-vr) Copaco Humax Wekkerstraat 25, 5652AN Eindhoven Postbus 7905, 5605SH Eindhoven Nederlands/English
Note: For hardware repair, please visit our website.

Digitale HDTV recorder

iHDR-5050C Quick Guide
Het standaardwachtwoord is 0000.
1. Inhoud van de verpakking
Controleer de inhoud van de verpakking voordat u het apparaat in gebruik neemt. Opmerking: De inhoud van de verpakking kan per gebied verschillen.
Quick Start Guide QuickQuick GuideGuide QuickStart Start Quick Start Guide Start Guide
User Manual User Manual User Manual User User Manual Manual


& Batterijen




Handleiding op cd-rom

Handleiding Aan de slag

2. Inschakelen
1. Sluit het netsnoer van uw Humax-ontvanger aan op het stopcontact. 2. Zorg dat de schakelaar ON/OFF op de achterzijde van het apparaat staat ingesteld op ON. 3. Schakel de ontvanger in door op STANDBY op de afstandsbediening of STANDBY op het voorpaneel van de ontvanger te drukken.
uBatterijen voor afstandsbediening (AAA) 1. Duw het haakje omhoog en verwijder de batterijklep. 2. Plaats de nieuwe batterijen. Zorg ervoor dat de pluspool (+) correspondeert met de plusmarkering op de batterijhouder. 3. Sluit de klep.

3. De smartcard plaatsen

1. Open de klep op het voorpaneel van de iHDR5050C om de kaartsleuf toegankelijk te maken. 2. Houd de smartcard horizontaal met de elektronische chip (klein, vierkant en goudkleurig) naar beneden gericht. 3. Plaats de smartcard in de sleuf.



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