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Gogsy 7:22pm on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
Deserves at least 6 stars. After 30000 km only 1 fault ( 1 broken headligt bulp ) The Hyundai i30 diesel has a superb common rail diesel motor, delivers consumption of 4.5 litres mixed driving along open roads and motorway. I have owned the Hyundai i30 from October 2007 and thoroughly enjoy driving it. Good suspension, easy to maneuver, direction, acceleration, breaks, respond very easy.

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Crash Test Results

New Car Safety HYUNDAI i30cw (LHD)
WITH SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAGS 2009 on Front+side+head airbags* Occupant Protection
Occupant Protection Score 32.54 out of 37 * Safety equipment, as tested, not standard on all variants Variant tested: GLS 5dr hatch Eng: 1.6 Kerb weight: 1290 kg Category: CAR - SMALL Vehicles built: 2007 Tested by Euro NCAP Important note: The left-hand-drive European hatch was tested by Euro NCAP. Australasian specifications may vary and therefore models sold in Australasia might provide different levels of protection to those described on this page. Hyundai provided evidence to ANCAP that this wagon variant of the i30 can be expected to provide comparable protection to the hatch tested by Euro NCAP. Model History and Safety Features The Hyundai i30cw was introduced in Australia during 2009. Dual front airbags, antilock brakes (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are standard on all variants. Side airbags and curtains are standard on the SLX and optional on the SX variants. Intelligent seat belt reminders are fitted to both front seats. The front seat belt buckles are mounted on the seats and the upper anchorages are adjustable. These features improve the fit of the seat belt. Pretensioners are fitted to the front seat belts to reduce slack in the event of a crash. A three point seat belt is fitted to the centre rear seat. This provides better protection than a two point (lap) seat belt.

April 2007

PO Box 1555 Canberra ACT Australia 2601


Offset crash test at 64km/h (hatch)
Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head/neck 4 pts, chest 3.04 pts, upper legs 2.17 pts, lower legs 3.76 pts. The passenger compartment held its shape well in the offset crash test. The clutch pedal moved 97mm rearward and 25mm upwards. The steering wheel hub moved 1mm forward, 13mm downward and 4mm sideways. The front ("A") pillar moved 16 mm rearwards. All doors remained closed during the crash. High effort was required to open the drivers door after the crash. The airbag cushioned the head of the driver and contact was stable. The side curtain also deployed. Dash components were a potential source of injury for the driver and passenger knees. The passenger's head was cushioned by the airbag.
Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head 4 pts, chest 4 pts, abdomen 3.57 pts, pelvis 4 pts. The vehicle was eligible for an optional pole impact test, since it had head-protecting side airbags. The manufacturer decided to go ahead with the pole test and the vehicle earned a further two points.
Protection for the head of a struck child was predominantly fair. However, protection of adults' heads was poor, as was the protection offered by the front edge of the bonnet.


Child head impacts Adult head impacts Upper leg impacts Lower leg impacts Total (out of 36)
8.73 Zero Zero 4.84 13.57
The i30 scored 12.97 out of 16 in the offset crash test. The passenger compartment held its shape well. Protection from serious leg injury was marginal for the driver. The vehicle scored 15.57 out of 16 in the side impact crash test. There was a slight risk of serious abdomen injury for the driver. A further two points were earned in the optional pole test. This 5-star rating only applies where side curtains are fitted. Without these the i30cw is a 4-star rating.

Tested by Euro NCAP v4.1

May 2009
PO Box 4041 Manuka ACT Australia 2603 i30cw09.doc

Issued 7/5/09
TECHNICAL DATA - HYUNDAI i30cw with curtains - 2009 on


Body region
Offset Crash Test at 64km/h (v4.1) Driver Passenger 156 33.0 0.40 1.12 7.9
Head HIC Acceleration (g for 3ms) Neck - Shear (kN) Tension (kN) Extension (Nm) Chest Accln (g for 3ms) Compression (mm) Viscous criterion (m/s) Abdomen - Force (kN) Pelvis Force (kN) Upper legs Force (kN) Knee displ (mm) Lower legs Force (kN) Index (Upper/Low)

Side Impact Crash Test at 50km/h (v4.1) Driver 36.4 30.7 0.43 0.79 24.1

28.75 0.12

Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right

19.44 0.06

19.88 0.13 1.160 1.010
1.86 1.89 0.10 7.87 0.69 1.27 0.17 /0.16 0.36 /0.19
2.85 0.21 0.00 0.40 2.36 1.61 0.41 /0.23 0.39/0.3

Bonus points (maximum 5)

Pole Test: 2 Seat belt reminders: 2 (see table below for details)
Modifiers - deductions from offset test scores
Head Chest Upper leg Variable contact` Lower leg Foot score Chest No deduction No deduction 1 pt deduction Drv L & R 1 pt deduction Pass L & R No deduction Score 4 points No deduction
Modifiers - deductions from side impact test scores Safety features
These specifications are subject to change. Please check with manufacturer for the latest specifications. Driver airbag Passenger front airbag Side airbags, front seats - chest protection Side airbags. front seats - head protection Side airbags. rear seats - head protection Driver knee airbag Seat belt pretensioners front/rear outboard S S O O O X S/X Antilock (ABS) brakes / Electronic brake distribution/Brake Assist Electronic stability control (ESC, VSC, DSC, ESP, VSA) 3 point centre rear seat belt Active head restraints - front seats Intelligent seat belt reminder - driver Intelligent seat belt reminder - front passenger Rear seat belt status indicator S/S/X S S S S S X*
* The vehicle rated by Euro NCAP had a rear seat belt status indicator. This is not available on the Australian model. Key: = Fitted to vehicle that was crash tested (where not standard) S = standard on all variants O = optional on base variant. May be standard on higher variants V= not available on base variant but standard or optional on higher variants X = not available on any variant



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