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chane 11:17pm on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 
Wonderful blue tooth headphones for the price. Great sound quality, keeps sound out and very comfortable Last only about one year if used every day
johnnydee 2:33am on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
This tablet is fantastic! I had a Bamboo and the Intous4 blows it away! This tablet is fantastic! I had a Bamboo and the Intous4 blows it away! I normally use a headphones when I want watch movies because I hate disturbing others when watching movies late night. So.
Tani 6:16am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
"very nice and responsive, only downfalls are small screen for the price... these tablet pads seem to be a little pricy for what they are i think...
navara 4:47am on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
I love the pen pad the size takes abit of getting used as I used the extra large size at work for several years but the medium is the perfect size for...
kakingz 1:37pm on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
This device its about....10=15% better in feel than a tablet. It will not solve your inability to make quality marks. I have worked on wacom tablets for 10+ years, worked in design for 13+, doing autonmotive and toy design. This is my first Wacom. It is much nicer than my off-market tablet, and rightfully so, but I suppose I expected more luxury out of the price.
AlekseyT 8:42am on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 
I am a college student that is heavily into graphic and web design. This is my first pen tablet and I am positive I have made the right decision!
tuha 7:22am on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
Good deal for the price. The sound is alright, a little better than I expected. Makes fine adjustments a snap. Upgraded from years of mousework and finally see what the big deal was! Good Control","Natural Feel
krs2 5:51pm on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
As posted in the weakness column they should change this stand a little so you can tilt this all the way up to 90 degrees so you can use it as a regul... As far as drawing digitally goes, this is by far the best thing out there. When compared to the 6x8 wacom tablet. Absolutely brilliant. I am using the display under MacOSX. Setting it up was a breeze - plug it in and install the drivers.
Corwyn 6:38pm on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
Amazing Simply put, this tablet is amazing. I went from using the Intuos2 to this tablet and I was blown away. Wacom Rocks I have had Wacom tablets for years. This product is great. The drivers are always the easiest to install. Intuos 2 pen The pen works fine. The only complaint I have is that the nib sometimes is too short.

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I C O M CS-207

p Before using the program, make a backup copy of the original disk. Operate the program using the # ba ckup and keep the original in a safe p/ace. A
This cloning program is designed to perform data
setting and cloning for the dual band transceiver IC-207H.
To use this program, the following hardware and software are required: l IBM PC/AT or PS/2 compatible computer with an RS-232C serial port l MS-DOS, PC-DOS or IBM DOS ver. 5.02 or higher. OPC-646 CLONING CABLE
cloning operations are performed from computers keyboard including power ON only connect to a DC power supply is needed r the transceiver. IC-207H


DB9 female plug (incl. level converter circuit) \ Personal computer
-646 Cloning cable be purchased separately)
n Installation and initial setup
Connect the transceiver and PC as above then connect a DC power supply to the the transceiver.

n Starting the program

To start the program after installation, operate as follows at the DOS prompt: @) Change to the installed directory.
To install the CS-207 cloning software to ICOM\CS207 directory of drive C while the program disk is in drive A, type as follows at the DOS prompt: A:\INSTALL A: C:\ICOM\CS207 [Enter]
C:\ICOM\CS207 in case of the example at left.
@ Type as follows to start:
T Program drive 7 Target drive/directory
CS207 [Enter] (at the installed directory)
A target directory is created if it does not already exist; CS-207 cannot be installed to the root directory. After the installation is finished, the CS-207 initial setup screen appears and the transceiver model is checked. Proceed as follows: 0 Select the connected RS-232C (COMlKOM2) port with the [ t]/[ $1 and [Enter] keys. @ Input your call sign then push [Enter].
@ After the initial setup, CS-207 is automatically

0 @ @ @

Operating from a floppy disk
Insert the backup disk into the floppy disk drive. Select the floppy disk drive as the current drive. Select the CS207 directory. Type CS207, then push [Enter] to start.
NEVER remove the program disk from the floppy disk drive while the program is running. NEVER set the floppy disk as write-protected. Cloning will take 20 sec. or more when operating from a
This program can be operated from a floppy disk.
launched. Set or modify the data as desired.
See the back page for operation.

1 floppy disk.

@>fie the File sub menu to save the data or to exit the program.
Portions of this software are copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation. MS-DOS is a Microsoft trademark. -. - -.~ ,. I,, m-,.-F m-.- - - - - -


Push [Alt] or [Esc] to select the TOP menu.
The TOP menu lightens, ; screens and operations can be selected from the TOP menu. Push [Fl] to call up the help message.
To select a SUB menu, push the highlighted key; or select with the [d]/[c] keys then push [Enter] or [ 4 1.
The screen darkens when the TOP

menu is selected.

File Load Save Delete DOS Preset Exit
Screen Memory CH VFO DTMF Autodial Common ,
Clone Read (- TR Write -) TR Information

Print Current All

Setup Display Type Wallpaper RS-232C Call Sign

SUB MENU Load Save

DESCRIPTION Loads data from a saved file. Saves data to a desired file. File extension (.ICF) is added automatically. Deletes a file. Allows you to use a DOS command. To return to the previous screen, type EXIT then push [Enter]. Loads a preset file. Moves the cursor to the first memory channel for input in the V or U memory channel screen. Quits and exits the program, then returns to the DOS prompt.
SUB MENU Read (- TR Write -) TR 0 Information Current -g
DESCRIPTION Reads clone data from a connected transceiver. Sends clone data to a connected transceiver. Shows the connected transceiver model and clone comment. Prints out currently displayed screen data. Prints out all set data. Selects the display type from color l/2 and monochrome. Customized colors can be used. Selects the wallpaper. This can be previewed before selection, Selects one of the computers RS232C ports for cloning connection. Enters your call sign.

Delete g DOS



Sets the operating frequency, duplex setting, etc. for call, memory and scan edge channels. Sets the operating frequency, duplex setting, etc. for VFO. Sets the DTMF codes, DTMF transmission speed, etc. Sets commonly used data, such as set mode settings, initial set mode settings, cloning comments, etc.

Display Type

3 Wallpaper z

RS- 232C


Call Sian

C ommon - _

Ic.nm Inr


IC-207H Specifications This information is taken directly off of the ICOM IC-207H brochure.
General Frequency coverage (Unit: MHz) o o o VHF: Tx: 144-148 Rx: 118-174 *1 UHF: Rx/Tx: 440-450 *1 Guaranteed 144-148
Mode: FM, AM* (* U.S.A. version, RX only; 118-136 MHz; not guaranteed.) Number of memory channels: 182 (150 reg., 2 call, 10 scan edges and 20 scratch pads) Antenna connector :SOI-239 (50 ohms) Power Supply requirement : 13.8 V DC +/ -15% Useable temperature range : -10C to +60C; +14F to +140F Frequency stability: +/ -10 ppm Tuning step increments: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 kHz Current drain (at 13.8 V DC) o o o Receive squelched 0.8 A max. audio output 1.0 A Transmit at high power VHF 12A UHF 11A
Dimensions (projections not included): o o 140(W) x 40(H) x 185.4(D) mm 5 1/2(W) x 1 9/16(H) x 7 5/16(D) in
Weight: Approx. 1.17 kg; 2.6lb.
Transmitter Output power: o o VHF 50 W, 20 W, 10 W, 5 W selectable UHF 35 W, 20 W, 10 W, 5 W selectable
Modulation system : variable reactance frequency modulation Max. frequency deviation : +-5.0 kHz Spurious emissions : Less than -60 dB Microphone connector : 8-pin modular jack (600 ohms)
Receiver Receive system: Double conversion superheterodyne Intermediate frequencies: 1st 46.05 MHz, 2nd 450 kHz Sensitivity: Less than 0.18 micro V for 12dB SINAD Squelch Sensitivity: 0.13 micro V (at threshold) Selectivity : o o More than 12kHz/ -6 dB Less than 30 kHz/ -60dB
Spurious rejection ratio: More than 60 dB Audio output (at 13.8 V DC): More than 2.0 W at 10% distortion with an 8ohm load Ext. speaker connector: 2-conductor 3.5(d) mm (1/8")/ 8 ohms
Supplied accessories: Hand microphone Mobile mounting bracket kit DC power cable Spare fuse
Options SEPARATION ACCESSORIES OPC-600/601 SEPARATION CABLE For operation with the front panel detached. OPC-600: 3.5m (11.5ft); OPC-601: 7.0m (23.0 ft) MB-58 REMOTE CONTROLLER BRACKET Mounts the remote controller in a
convenient location for operation with the front panel detached. MB-65 REMOTE CONTROLLER BRACKET Mounts the remote controller with the MB-58. Adjustable angle and direction for optimum positioning. OPC-346/OPC-347 DC POWER CABLE Has a 20 A capacity and a length of 3/7 m (9.8/23ft). OPC-440/647 MIC EXTENSION CABLE OPC-440: 5.0m (16.4ft); OPC-647: 2.5m (8.2ft) OPC-441 SPEAKER EXTENSION CABLE 5.0m (16.4ft)
WIRELESS REMOTE ACCESSORIES HM-90 WIRELESS MICROPHONE Infrared, full remote control microphone. Wired remote control is also possible. EX-1759 INFRARED RECEIVER Used to receive control signals from the HM-90 BC-96 MICROPHONE HOLDER Holds the HM-90 in a convenient place and supplies power to the charging circuit of the HM-90. CP-13/L CIGARETTE LIGHTER CABLE WITH NOISE FILTER OPC-288/L CD POWER CABLE Supply power to the BC-96 for charging the NiCd batteries inside the HM-90. EX-1513 INFRARED SUB RECEIVER Used with the EX-1759 to extend the controllable area.
OTHER ACCESSORIES CS-207 CLONING SOFTWARE + OPC-646 CLONING CABLE For quick and easy programming of memories, etc. HAND MICROPHONES HM-77(w/DTMF memory)HM-78, HM-79(w/tone call)HM-95(w/DTMF)HM-96, HM-97(w/tone call) andHM-98 (remote control) HS-62FLEXIBLE MOBILE MICROPHONE + HS-15SB SWITCHBOX +OPC589ADAPTER CABLE For all-around mobile operation. MB-17A MOBILE MOUNTING BRACKET SP-10/SP-12 EXTERNAL SPEAKERS



130 2 32PW9523-32 P2450H VL-AX1 Router Spectrum DSP-AX630SE MH-685HD DMR-XP11 LMV1680ST Stylus-550WP Hdplus Router AR6L 85 SR-8855 SL-PJ28A Spectramagic NX P5925 SDV2710 27 L-308S HP Mini 5155AA N-series-T1module G31M3 Drivers MC 401 Rino 120 Software Seville 1996 40991 Speed WXI377 SB300 VDR-D220EP Special Mcd700 Classic Vectis S-1 MFT1553 Powermate 600 FS-3820N RXV 450 Review Magic Fire-18M Nokia 7210 TH-42PZ80E GT-S3100 WX-S2200 ICN 700 HX2000 XV-88 81290 PA2100 Scanjet 5590 36RF82S GV-650 GX-646 VGN-T350P YP-U3AB Excalibur LBP2900 C 303 KF320 20PF7835 Stratocaster EVO T20 CDX-757MX Thinkpad R52 Dvdr3400 KH 1106 DSC-T300 PC22224 MZ-R5ST NBG-318S EWT10410W CS440XD Bissell 3750 SHR-4160P TC2100 Ericsson T65 Magic FAX2210L KDL-40HX701 Extreme BIW103W Hd 5850 Travelmate-3200 Trim 900 Aero 2180 42LG51RC RZ1710 Presario 2500 Powershot S500 Nokia 6810 TK-270G C1220 GT6 0C GNX3000 WD-80130NP Phone


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