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Icom HS-51Icom America Icom HS-51 Headset w/built-in PTT, vox, T.O.T Operation

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mamu 5:56pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
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Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

June 2010


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For Anyone Interested in Amateur Radio
Club Call: WUJ BAARC REPEATERS 53.110 MHz- 123.0 Hz 147.225 MHz + 145.130 MHz Echo Link Node number 233515 443.925 MHz + 110.9 Hz Packet: 145.670 MHz MNBRD, BRDBBS 144.390 WUJ-5 APRS Crosslake 147.030 MHz+ OFFICERS President: Charles Lane Editor: Steven Mott Secretary: Ron Finger W5CCL
Alan Cibuzar, of AW Research, making his presentation at the Annual Dinner Meeting held at the Nisswa Legion. Members reported that he entertained and informed the members and guests of the BAARC. Alan is also licensed as KDCJL and a member of the BAARC. His topic Remote Sensing of Polluted Aquatic Environments was well received and timely in light of global pollution issues. As a lifelong resident of the area, Alan knows our waters professionally. Our thanks to him for being a part of this annual event. Also, we thank Jim WJDS for the NIsswa Legion Club arrangements and John WWY, for acquiring Alan for us. Thanks to Charles W5CCL for this photo. See page 2 for recap of program (from Ron KGOP). Pix by W5CCL + WWY on page 4 covering this event.
Vice President + WWW KCYTE KGOP
Treasurer: Doug Bergsnev KDERE Director-At-Large: Roger Williams WWUG Trustee + BAARCer Editor: Fritz Bertelt WKO
Mtg Minutesetc. Club FD News KLFV Dinner-Mtg Pix Mineland Cleanup Day + DX WZPE Fundraiser 2
Events Calendar June 24, (Thurs) Board, Membership Mtg, Auction/Fundraiser. Program: Ron Finger KGOP will be giving a presentation and demo on
3 JUNE 19, (Sat) Breakfast at 9 at the Northwind Grille 4 5
Military Communication Shelters. Interesting how he got hiswill have his unit in the parking lot. See page 6 for info on silent auction. Auction INFO-KLFV 6 Come early6:30to examine equipment to be sold for/by the BAARC
NCRM-SK Final Comments Sunday Night Net 7 8
June 26-27-Annual ARRL FIELD DAYSame PlaceDetails on Page 3. July 3, (Sat) Breakfast at 9 at the Northwind Grille July 17, (Sat) Breakfast at 9 at the Northwind Grille

Our Hamfest July 24

August 2003


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Thursday, May 27, 2010 7:00 PM - BAARC Membership Meeting Minutes

Nisswa Legion Hall

Following the dinner portion of the Annual BAARC Spring Banquet, Club President Charles W5CCL opened the brief Membership Meeting at 7:00 PM with thirty-six Hams and guests in attendance. A motion to accept the published minutes for April was approved by voice vote. The Treasurers Report was then presented by Doug KDERE, and approved following a voice vote. No other business was conducted, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:10PM.
Awards Presentation: Al WRC presented plaques and certificates to two long-serving Club Officers. Darrell ABVP was honored for his years of service as Club Secretary. John W3MQD was honored for his many years of service as Club Treasurer. Johns wife, Violet received a special certificate and a Club membership badge for her 40 plus years at Johns side during countless Club meetings and events.
Charles W5CCL surprised Al with a special award for his many years of service to the Club and community, both as an officer, and as a tireless worker, teacher, and Elmer. This special Meritorious Service Award was initiated and written by John WWY, with the full support of the Board and Club members. Als wife Shirley KDCW provided John with many of the details of Als efforts over the years.
Guest Speaker Presentation: Alan Cibuzar, KDCJL held the groups rapt attention with his very informative, and interesting presentation on the data collection, analysis, and related technology in Remote Sensing of Polluted Aquatic Environments. His company, AW Research, serves clients from around the world, but is based right here with offices at the Brainerd Airport site. Alan closed his presentation by recounting some incidents involving various unexplained phenomena including a military C-130 flight that found itself emerging from a dark squall line having been remarkably transported some 500 miles in 15 minutes! In the audience was the pilot of that flight to add credibility and details to that strange event. The entire incident was supported by ground radar data.
Respectfully submitted by Ron KGOP, Secretary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hams,Friends,YLsHam Radio brings them all together.

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Mission Statement: The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club is comprised of about 85
licensed Amateur Radio Operators who meet monthly to exchange ideas, improve radio skills, organize activities that are of service to the area, promote development of Amateur Radio, and join together in the mutual interest of Ham Radio. In addition, the Club endorses and honors the Radio Amateurs Code : The radio amateur is considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced, and patriotic. The BAARCer newsletter is provided to club members for information and entertainment as a non-profit service. The material is supplied "as is" and without warranty. Permission is granted to copy and distribute any information published here provided the source is credited. Because space is limited in the BAARCer newsletter, you will often find more photos and more details for club news stories on the BAARC website at:

Field Day 2010Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Cuyuna Overlook
Talk-In Frequency: 147.225 Repeater
Friday, June 25th Late Afternoon Deliver Communications Trailer to FD Site Camping available at FD Site Friday & Saturday Night Porta Potty delivered Friday afternoon Saturday, June 26th Morning 8:00 am Breakfast Downtown Crosby North Country Caf. Monitor 147.225 for talk-in. 9:00 am Set-up communication trailer, install antennas and check out radios & support equipment. 1:00 pm Field Day Operations starting time. 5:30 pm Supper meal in Ironton or bring food to eat at Field Day Site. Monitor 147.225 to confirm location. 7:00 pm Camp Fire (DNR Approved Wood Required) and snacks at FD site. BAARC Field Operations from Saturday June 26th 1:00 pm thru Sunday June 27th 12:00 Noon Sunday, June 27th 12:00 Noon Teardown of Antennas and Equipment. Geocaching - Bring your GPS and go hunting in the Park for a Geocache. You just might find something very interesting. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Note: Bring a 2M H/T or have your Mobile on to keep in touch with all that is going on and to stay informed of any activity changes that might occur during the BAARC 2009 Field Day Exercise. Directions: Hwy 210 from Ironton take County Rd 30 North for 5 blocks and turn left at the Cuyuna Country State
Recreation Sign and follow the paved road to the Hunnington Lake Boat Landing. You are now on a dirt road and continue straight past the Boat Landing and take the first left and go up the hill. At the end of this road you will be at the Field Day Site. You can also follow the Field Day signs or go the ARRL Web site to the Field Day Locator and type in WUJ and a map will come up. Website is:
Information and write-up here provided by Lyle KLFV, FD chairperson.

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Annual Dinner Meeting Pictures of those being honored and others of members and guests having a good time. Various Photos courtesy of WWY and W5CCL.
Congrats to Al and others here.

John W3MQD and Vi

Darrell ABVP

Joe NUME and friends.

YLs in Deep Chat.
Pres. Charles W5CCL and Al WRC

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24th Annual Mineland Clean-Up: Photo provided by KLFV; Text by KGOP.
AgainourgroupofBAARCVolunteersparticipatedonWed.,May5.HeresaphotoLyletookofourcleanupcrewat theOverlook.SteveWTNTwasalsothere,butondutyatphototime.Noexcitingfindsthisyearthough!Everyone wasstakingoutaclaimforFieldDayrealestate.(TerryKIFWsaidmyspotwasjustovertheedge!)Thankstothe BAARCVolunteerCrewfordoingthisenvironmentaljobagain. StandingLR:DaveKCTGT,RonKGOP,CharlesW5CCL,KathyKD5EGN,TerryKIFW,LyleKLFV,SkeeWDCY,and GaryKPOW.KneelingLR:JulieSmith(DavesdaughterandDustinsKDLEVsXYL)andtheirsonOliveronherknee. NexttothemisZhiyingJia(Joyce),anexchangestudentfromChinastayingwiththeFourniers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DX and the Paper Chase

If theres one highlight for the month of May, let it be the long overdue recognition of Al WRC for the thousands of hours hes dedicated to the BAARC and to the hobby in general. A lot of what Al has done and continues to do is the helping hand he lends to those of us who can no longer climb our towers. A lot of his help goes way beyond the call along with the fact hes always there when you need him. Congratulations, Al, on your recognition. I wish there was something nice I could relate to you readers relative to band conditions and DX for the moth of May, but the best I can do is tell you that DX was nothing to brag about. The DXpedition to Palestine is in its 3RD day with hardly a peep heard from E4X at this station. Theyll continue to be QRV for another week as the sunspot numbers continue to climb and the SFI riseshope rings eternal. I (finally) received a QSL card from Sudan (ST) after dumping many a green stamp into an infamous black hole never to be seen again. Never give up! There is not much to tell other than sit down in front of your radio and call CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your calldont disappoint him or her. So long from Huntersville, 73 and good DX from Bob
Editors Note: Bob got this column out in time for the June BAARCer even though he had to deal with a blood clot in his leg and also a pulmonary embolism. We are glad he is out of the hospital, and he says that he is doing well while recuperating at homeready to work some more DX!!!!! (Of course, keep Bob in your prayers as we continue to wish him well.)

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AUCTION LIST of Ham Radio Equipment Donated by George Swanson, KCBH:
Kenwood TS-450S HF Transceiver Kenwood AT-250 Yaesu FT-707 HF Transceiver Yaesu FV-707 DM Digital Ext VFO Yaesu FP-707 Power Supply Speaker Icom IC-3210A Dual Band FM Xcvr Icom IC-24AT dual band H/T Repairable Icom HM-54 H/T Mic MFJ-945E Mobile Antenna Tuner Monarch Power/SWR Meter Santec Wattmeter W200 MFJ-247 HF Antenna Analyzer MFJ-941C Versa Antenna Tuner II Heil Headset w/boom mic HC5 Prp5 Clear Speech Noise Filter AM-Com Inc Astron RS 12M Power Supply DSP 9 Plus time wave signal processor RF Concepts 2M RFC 2-417 Garmin 45XL GPS GPS Mag Mount Ant MFJ-1272 BYH for K-HF Mic/Tnc Switch MFJ-1272 BYV for KV Mic/Tnc Switch Tiny Track 3 APRS Modem Master Charger IIA Base & AC Adapter Hustler 2M Mag Mount Antenna Mag Mount Antenna Base Plate w/hitch mount Icom HS-51 Speaker Mic Headset 2M Beam Antenna 440 Beam Antenna Misc Bag Heat Shrink Tubing Code Oscillator Home Brew & j-38 cw key Pryme Ear Mic Radio Shack Frequency Counter 22-305
Comet CH 75 Dual Band H/T Rubber Duck Ant Brown Bros Iambic Keyer RL Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter Antenna Insulators Bag of 10 Motorola SWR Power Meter MFJ-1118 Hi Current DC Outlet Strip Icom BC-72 Desktop Charger Stranded Copper Antenna Wire 150 ft RG8 Coax jumper w/PLft
AEA IDR 96 Data Radio 440 Mhz Ham Stick 9110 Ham Stick 9112 Ham Stick 9115
RG 58/U w/PLft RG 8 w/PLft RG 8 w/PLft
Ham Stick 9115 Ham Stick 9117 Ham Stick 9120 Ham Stick 9175 Ham Stick 9175 Ham Stick 9140 Hustler Mast & Mobile Resonators Telex Omni DXBand Vertical Antenna Telex Explorer 14 Beam NIB Telex Explorer 40M Add-On Kit QK-710 NIB Universal 9-40 Aluminum Tower New High Quality 9 ft Mast NIB
Auction will take place on June 24th starting Auction will take place on June 24th starting at 6:30. Only members who have paid their at 6:30. Only members who have paid their dues ae dues and are in good standing are eligible. So, pay up and help with this fundraiser for the Club. Bring cash/checkbook. Some really good equipment will be available. Our thanks to Lyle KLFV for picking up the gear, storing it, sorting it, listing it and providing information about it. Come early for the inspection and to place your bid/s. Regular shortened meeting and program by KGOP will also take place.
This list may not be complete.
our of the Lakes Bicycle Ride on Saturday, June 7, 2008
passed away: Curt Mott, NCRM, 78, died Friday, May 14. Our sincerest condolences and prayers go out to Steve KCYTE and the other Mott family members. Curt was a really nice guy and a valued member of our Club. When he was able, he participated by manning the doors at our Hamfests and even operating at FD and other events. Needless to say, we will miss him. Please keep the family in prayer. Many of you know he was a Marine and served our country during the Korean War. Afterwards he worked as a sprinkler fitter installing fire protection systems. He had been coming to his lake cabin near Aitkin for years. Then upon retiring he lived there permanently. He was involved with many area civic organizations-one being our Brainerd Area amateur Radio Club. Needless to say, he enjoyed ham radio and was proud when his son Steve (KCYTE) joined him in the hobby and together participated in Club events. The photo shows him ( with his prized cane) in our communications trailer during one of the many events. Curt is survived by 4 children, several grandchildren and and other family members. The funeral was held at Rossburg on 5-20-10 where. Club members and Military Honor Guards recognized his service to our country and to the community. *******************

Curt Mott, NCRM-SK: We are saddened to report that one of our senior members has

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Steve responded for the entire Mott family to our card and thanked us for our support in Curts final daysalso for all the good years his dad had in the BAARC. He really enjoyed being a member and all of you had a hand in that over the many years. He will be missed at Field Day, the bike tours, the dog-sled races and the annual ice fishing events.
Students from the Trinity Christian School at Wanniassa in the Australian Capital Territory made history on May 29 with the first Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact to be held in Canberra The Atlantic hurricane season could be the busiest since 2005, when Katrina and Rita caused massive destruction along the same part of the Gulf Coast now struggling with the largest offshore oil spill in US history, Last month, New Zealands Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) -- that countrys equivalent of the FCC -- charged and fined Alan Potter, ZL3II, of Christchurch, for transmitting outside the terms and conditions of the General User Radio License for Amateur Radiotransmitting 3100 watts. * Lonnie L. Keeney, KB9RFO, of Greencastle, Indiana, filed a Petition for Reconsideration in March 2010, asking that the FCC re-evaluate the revocation of his Amateur Radio license. Keeney in 2002 was convicted of child molestation, a Class C felony. However, the FCC upheld its decision to revoke the license.

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06/06/10 06/13/10 06/20/19 06/27/10
The BAARC VE Team came together to serve 5. Two upgraded to Extra, and one earned his Technician-Class License. One of the new Extras, from Hibbing, had a perfect score. Congratulations to all. The examiners were Al WRC, Charles W5CCL, John WWY, and Fritz WKO. An earlier 07/04/10 Jim WJDS 07/11/10 Joe KBVYJ test session followed the class conducted by Al and John. 07/18/10 David KCTGT That class and test session produced a string of new hams and 07/25/10 Doug KDERE upgrades also. ########################################## Looking for NCS: WKO is looking for August and Cant make the schedule? Find a September net control volunteers. Fritz appreciates the substitute operator. BAARC Sunday regulars who come forward to do this. Send him an e-mail Night Net Control Coordinator is Fritz WKO. To volunteer: w0ko at and dont be afraid to try it-well all help out if you get stuck. If for some reason the NCS does not show up, please jump into that place. ****************************************************** Solar Update from ARRL 6-3-10.Tad "Fear no more the heat

BAARC, Inc. Ham Radio at its best in the Lakes Area Affiliated with the ARRL Find us on the Web:

Bob Marcia Becky Jeff

Make-Up VE Test Session on 5-19-10 a Success:
o' the Sun," Cook, K7RA, reports: Sunspot group 1072 -- reported in last week's bulletin -- was visible for nine days, until May 28. When it disappeared on May 29, three new groups appeared: 1073, 1074 and 1075. On May 29-31, the sunspot number was 43, 40 and 39, but geomagnetic indices were high as well, with the planetary A index at 33 on May 29 and the planetary K index up to 5. On the same day, the college A index (Alaska) was 53, with the college K index as high as 7.
Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club c/o M. Fritz Bertelt WKO 16167 Ahrens Hill Road Brainerd, MN 56401
Address Correction Requested

FIrst Class Mail

United We Stand



Navplotter 100 MRP-F450 C 3402 EW1266F U7-132 DCR-SR40 CMT-CPX1 Crossroads LMV1630ST Primavera ETS 12434 EX-F1 Cooker F2100 WL-500GP V2 VP-4300 HT-KP30 R3 OP LTV-20V4 Iridium 9505 VP-D975WI Couleur Bleu 514 W WD-1074FHB Profi XR-2000 CDR560-00S Notebook PC 84 D CT-14S10KE EOS-3 5008MG 124 FX HS200G DWL-G122 HT-TX25 AVR-4802 VP-D530I DGX-205-DGX-203-psr-295-psr-293 Husqvarna 235 CDX-MP30X BBA 2450 AL2223WD TH-37PX80B N3701 MT263 WD7122CZC FX-880 SDR-SW20 Scanner B-SP2D SEA1000 Cuarzo Slide 200 KDL-40W5720 Versa TXI 1000 Adsl NV-VZ15 Server RS-BX606 AN400 DVP3020K 55 1200MU UN46B8000XF Homeportal NSX-R20 Optoma H31 Bearpaw-2400TA-PRO C565BEE P2270 Asus P320 BH-214 22LG300C WX-C60MD 01V96 P1253 ALL-IN-ONE May CRY Makita 4329 XE-A130 Fulcrum SLV-D990PB WM1255A BES-1850 Peugeot LXR Review Es-E28 DV989AVI-G Motorola I265 DEH-1100MPB DCR-DVD92 Funtrek 130 IC-F4S PV-DC252D DSC-T90 P Headphones S705 Nokia 3109 KV-28FX20E TZR250 Keyrig 49 TF-3239DL


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