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Icom IC-M604Icom IC-M604 22 VHF Radio with Hailer - Grey
The Icom M604 VHF marine radio transceiver is fully submersible at 1 m for up to 30 minutes and has excellent receiver specifications, allowing a weak signal a better chance of being heard when louder signals are around it. The powerful 5.0 W audio output from the front-facing speaker further increases the audibility and quality of received calls.

Brand: ICOM
Part Numbers: 28549, 3927672, CWR-28549, IC-M604 22, M604 22, WTE-ICOM60422
UPC: 731797000699
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DrTeeth 10:22am on Monday, October 4th, 2010 
I use this in my 1998 car with a tape deck to connect my ipod. I find the fm transmitters annoying, and unreliable. This is much simpler. It was fast fun and easy. Stuck the cassette in plug in my MP3 player and listen to good quality music with no static. Easy Setup","Good Quality".
galvan 2:48am on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 
The only issue that I have found is that the rubber ear buds can compress at times - I simply pull them back out, but it can be anoying at times.
ahoch 3:41am on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Not only do I like bacon, but I love the way it smells when it is cooking Inexpensive, but sound great The wire is a little thin. Not a big deal.
MaIron 4:45pm on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
Placement of the headset in the ear of the Creative EP630 with coverage from rubber provide a fantastic experience audio in MP3 format.
wisedriver 8:16am on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
Heralded by the headphone enthusiast community as the KSC75 of ear buds. Creative EP-830 Noise Isolating Earphones Very disappointed with these earphones, i bought them off the back of very good reviews i had read. Headphones Arrived quickly. Earphones work very well but no good if your lug holes are smaller than the average person.
TPP 9:41am on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
I must be a compulsive headphone buyer. I have a lot of headphones at home, most inexpensive and not all are being used.
tpitsupport 7:03am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
"This is my 3rd tape adapter for my iPod - first was Monster Cable, then Dynex (?) - which was the worst, and now this Sony one.
surya 3:20pm on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
Sound quality??? After reading other review I am extremely surprised at what I am listening to. Amazing Creative EP-630 In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones (Black) I got a pair of these when I ordered my XPS computer system back in 2008.

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Floatn flash, the smallest and lightest 5W VHF marine

Floatn flash*

With its innovative flashing red LED light, an overboard IC-M24 is easy to find, day or night. The light flashes even if the radio is turned off. * US patent pending.
Energy-saving 3.7V circuitry
The IC-M24 is powered by the 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-266, to reduce the volume and weight of the radio. A newly developed PA circuit provides 5W (approx.) RF output and 600mW (typ.) audio even at this low voltage, while saving battery consumption for 10 hours of operating time.*
* Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: standby=5:5:90. US patent pending.

1m depth for 30 minutes

Smallest and lightest in the world
As a 5W VHF marine transceiver, the ICM24 has the smallest and lightest body in the world.* * As of December, 2010, researched by Icom.

Other features

Large, easy-to-see LCD (3216 mm) Dual watch and Tri-watch functions Instant access to Ch 16 and Ch 9 Weather alert function (USA version only) AquaQuake draining function 2-step power saver Auto scan function Tag scan and favorite channel functions IPX7 submersible construction
(1m depth for 30 minutes)
Built-in regular charger circuitry
Recharge the IC-M24 by plugging the wall charger directly in to the radio. By eliminating exposed metal charging points, the ICM24 is even more protected from water damage.


Clear Voice Boost, and it floats

LOUD button

When you need an instant boost in the volume, a simple push of the LOUD button gives you full volume immediately.
6W RF output with low power consumption
Although the IC-M36 delivers a high 6W RF output and 700mW audio output, its current saving circuit offers a practical 8 hours* of operating time with the supplied 980mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack.
* Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: Stand-by=5:5:90
Noise cancelling microphone
The sub-microphone on the rear panel inverts phase and reduces ambient noise (particularly high-pitched noise) from the main microphone.
Automatic volume adjustment
When in an engine room or other high noise environment, the sub-microphone detects the ambient noise and the IC-M36 automatically increases the volume output to suit the surrounding environment.
Large buttons and slim dimensions
Thanks to the large, easy-to-operate buttons, the IC-M36 provides intuitive operation. A pinched-waist slender body makes it easy to hold and carry the radio, and is surprisingly compact for a floating radio.

And yes, it floats too!

Continuing the legacy of the IC-M34, the IC-M36 floats back up to the surface if dropped overboard.
Please note: The noise cancellation can produce little or no effect in some conditions depending on type of noise, or the position and distance between the noise source and the microphone, etc. The noise cancellation does not work when an optional external speaker-microphone is connected.
Dual watch and Tri-watch functions Instant access to Ch 16 and Ch 9 Weather alert function (USA version only) 4-step battery power indicator IPX7 submersible construction (1m depth for 30 minutes)
The original floating VHF radio!

Floating, submersible

If you drop the ICM34 into water, the radio comes up to the surface so that you can easily retrieve it. The rugged submersible ICM34 will keep on working even after it has been submerged.
* Equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth for 30 minutes)
Easy to use, easy to hold
9 large buttons on the front panel provide simple, straightforward operation. Weighing only 305g (10.8oz), and the IC-M34 has easy-to-hold rounded body.
Favorite channel function
The favorite channel function offers quick channel access to tagged channels by pushing the FAV button while ignoring untagged channels.
Dual watch and Tri-watch functions Instant access to Ch 16 and Ch 9 Weather alert function (USA version only) AquaQuake draining function 2-step power saver Auto scan function Optional speaker-microphone, HM-165, also floats, when connected to the radio
Easy to see LCD with large channel indication
The IC-M34 has an easy to see LCD (mm) with a clear 2-digit channel number indication. LCD and key backlighting is standard for night time operation.
Powerful, stylish, submersible plus more
Compact body, great form factor

Submersible PLUS (IPX8)

The IC-M72 offers Icoms best-ever protection against water intrusion. This radio has been tested to survive after being submersed in 1.5m (4.9ft) of water for 30 minutes.

GMDSS portable for survival craft
Meets strict environmental requirements for GMDSS
The IC-GM1600 meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration and drop resistant (from 1 m height) requirements. After passing those environmental tests, the IC-GM1600 retains 1m depth waterproof construction as specified by IMO resolution A.809(19) and other related regulations.
Wide viewing angle LCD display
A wide viewing angle, high intensity LCD offers extra clear, easy to read characters. The bright LED indicator on the top of the panel shows the operating condition clearly.
Easy to operate for all operators
Operation instructions are printed on the rear panel. All operations can be made with one hand.
Superior low temperature characteristic Lithium battery pack
For survival craft use, the optional BP-234 (non-rechargeable) 3300mAh lithium battery pack provides more than 8 hours* of operating time even at 20C.

* Tx:Rx:Stand-by=6:6:48.

Additional features
One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel Highly visible yellow colored body
Large keypad with positive button action
Large buttons and knobs provide tactile feedback for positive operation.

iC- gm1600

Image supplied by Riviera
Compact, easy-to-use and great value!
Superior receiver sensitivity, superior speaker audio
The IC-M412 has 0.22V (typical at 12dB SINAD) superior sensitivity for class-leading receiver performance. The front facing speaker offers 4.5W (typical) of loud, clear reception. on the IC-M412s display. When receiving position information from another vessel, the IC-M412 can transfer it to a navigational device via NMEA 0183 connectivity.
Available in black or super white.
IPX7 submersible protection
The IC-M412 can withstand submersion in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes (except cables). The supplied microphone also has submersible protection.
Convenient favorite channel function and TAG scanning function Transmitting power selection with microphone Low voltage indicator for low battery alert
AquaQuake draining function
If water is in the speaker grill and muffles the audio, Icoms unique AquaQuake draining function emits a buzzing sound which sheds water from the speaker, assuring you sharp, clear communications.

Built-in ITU Class D DSC

The built-in Class D DSC provides additional safety at sea. The built-in DSC watch function monitors Ch 70 (DSC channel) activity, even while you are receiving another channel. Distress, individual, group, all ships, position request/reply, polling request/reply and DSC test calls can be sent. DSC messages can be received and automatically stored in the message memory.

MA-500TR AIS transponder compatible
When connected to MA-500TR AIS transponder, you can make an individual DSC call without having to manually input a MMSI number.
Dual watch and Tri-watch functions Instant access to Ch. 16 and Ch. 9 Weather alert function (USA version only) Display and keypad backlighting
The AquaQuake draining function blows water away from the speaker. (Above photo is for illustrative purposes only.)

Common GPS/NAV interface

When connected to an external GPS receiver, current position and time are shown
Available in black or gray. Photo includes the optional COMMANDMICIII.
Feature rich with a user friendly focus!
IC-M504 has built-in class D DSC. DSC uses a unique ID (MMSI code) similar to a telephone number, allowing you to make contact with a specific boater or group of boaters in your area. In an emergency situation, a formatted distress call can be emitted at the touch of the Distress button.


The optional COMMANDMICI I provides I 2nd station capability to the IC-M504, convenient for use in the fly bridge or cabin. All functions of the M504, including DSC, distress call, fog horn, as well as normal transmission and reception are available from up to 18.3m (60ft) away.

Large, dot-matrix LCD

The IC-M504 has a capability of up to 168character full dot-matrix display that allows a variety of information such as GPS data and DSC emergency data etc. to be seen instantly and easily. With the backlit display, the large buttons and knobs, the IC-M504 is very easy to operate.
Position request and position report
Over the DSC, your own and other ships position data can be exchanged with the position request or position report functions. The received position information can be transferred to external navigation equipment with NMEA data format. In addition, the polling (request/reply) function checks whether a specific ship is in the communication range.
* External GPS receiver and navigation equipment which accepts NMEA0183 are required.

Submersible PLUS

The IC-M504 has superior water tight protection and extends the limit to 1.5m depth for 30 minutes, equivalent to IPX8 water proof protection standard.
Rear panel microphone version
The rear panel microphone version allows flexible installation in limited space.
NMEA Input/Output MA-500TR AIS Transponder compatible (Compatible new version required.) Dual watch and tri-watch functions for monitoring Ch.16 and/or Ch.9 Instant access to Ch. 16 and Ch. 9 Weather alert function (USA version only) Display and keypad backlighting Convenient TAG scanning function Superior receiver performance Big bass sound speaker Optional voice scrambler UT-112 Black or gray color versions

25W hailer/RX speaker and fog horn capability
When connected to a hailer horn, the ICM504 (or optional COMMANDMICI I) can I call another ship or person. The RX speaker function allows you to monitor the radio audio from the hailer. Four fog horn patterns are available for the automatic fog horn.


Available in black or gray.
The ultimate VHF! DSC, hailer 2nd/3rd station capability and more!
No matter what channel youre tuned to, a separate and independent receiver inside the IC-M604 continuously monitors Ch. 70.

Submersible construction

The IC-M604 has effective submersible waterproofing equivalent to IPX7*.
* Equivalent to IPX7. 1m depth for 30 minutes; except cables.
The large full dot-matrix display is designed for optimum readability in any lighting condition. With the extra large font, the channel number is maximized on the display and upper and lower case characters can be easily read.

RX speaker function

The RX speaker function, receiver-repeater allows you to monitor the received radio audio from a hailer horn on the deck or tower. You can also make an announcement on-board from the microphone.
Superior receiver performance
The IC-M604 has excellent receive specifications which allow a weak signal a better chance of being heard when louder signals are around it. The powerful audio output from the large front facing speaker further increases the audibility and quality of received calls.
Auto fog horn function with four selectable patterns Front and rear panel microphone connection MA-500TR AIS Transponder compatible (Compatible new version required.) Dual watch and tri-watch functions for monitoring Ch.16 and/or Ch.9 Instant access to Ch. 16 and Ch. 9 Weather alert function (U.S.A. version only) AquaQuake draining function Display and keypad backlighting 48 inch flush mount design Convenient favorite channel function and TAG scanning function Optional Voice Scrambler, UT-112 for private communication
Simultaneous connection of two COMMANDMICIIIs


(HM162B/SW) page for details.
30 Watt 2-way Hailer capability
When connected to a hailer horn, communication with other boats, deck hands or marina officials is easy. The built-in amplifier increases talk power to 30W making your message loud and clear.

NMEA input/output

When connected to a GPS receiver, the ICM604 indicates position data. NMEA output allows you to plot other ships position data on a PC or navigation equipment.
Full control 2nd/3rd station capability for IC-M604 or M504
Full control 2nd/3rd station capability for IC-M604 and M504
The COMMANDMICI I is full control reI mote control microphone for use with the radio from up to 18.3m (60ft) away. All functions of the radio, including distress call, DSC, fog horn, as well as transmission, reception and Intercom are available.
* IC-M504: 2nd station only. IC-M604: Two units available.
Multi-function rotary dial
The multi-function rotary dial gives you quick and easy access to many settings, including operating channel, AF volume, squelch, menu settings and more.

(1.5m depth for 30 min.)

The COMMANDMICI I is tightly proI tected from water intrusion. (1.5 m depth for
30 minutes, equivalent to IPX8)
Extra large 45mm (d) speaker for superior audio

hm- 162b/sw

DSC full control capability DSC Distress button on back of unit Full dot-matrix LCD 2.8W (typ.) external speaker terminal

2nd station capability*

The COMMANDMICI I provides 2nd station capability to talk and listen to other station(s), control most of the radio settings (not DSC) and use as an intercom between the radio and COMMANDMICI I.
* IC-M504: 2nd station only. IC-M604: Two units can be attached.
2nd/3rd station capability for IC-M604 or M504
Up to 60ft remote extension
The COMMANDMICI I comes with a 20ft (6.1m) extension cable and up to 2 optional extension cables, OPC-999 (20ft; 6.1m), can be attached for 60ft (18.3m) remote extension.
Public Address (hailer) and Rx speaker function
When transceiver is connected to a hailer horn, the public address (hailer) and Rx speaker functions are available. The RX speaker function, receiver-repeater allows you to monitor the received radio audio from a hailer horn on the deck or tower.
Submersible (1m depth for 30 min.)*
* Equivalent to IPX7. (Except cables.)

4-step LCD and keypad backlighting Slim dimensions (31.4mm depth)


Fully capable Class B AIS transponder for pleasure craft

Class B AIS transponder

The MA-500TR provides 2W output power and receives dual AIS channels simultaneously.
Large, full dot matrix display
The display visually shows real-time vessel traffic information. PC and other marine network equipment are not required (but can be connected).
Collision-risk management
The CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to CPA) functions alerts you with beep sound and display indication. The dangerous list provides a list of vessels within CPA (6NM) and TCPA (60 minutes) range.
Integration with Icom VHF radios
When connected to IC-M604, M504 or M412*, pushing the DSC button on the MA500TR allows you to make a DSC individual call to a selected vessel instantly.
* M604/M504: Compatible new version required.
IPX7 submersible construction (1m depth
for 30 minutes, except connectors)


GPS receiver comes with MA-500TR 3 lines of NMEA 0183 input/output External alarm connection to emit a collision alarm from external audio equipment on the deck or tower
Dual channel receive capability
The MXA-5000 receives Ch 87B (161.975 MHz) and Ch 88B (162.025MHz) simultaneously and allows you to monitor Class A and Class B AIS data.
Real-time vessel traffic information for collision-risk management

Dual mode data output

The MXA-5000 has two data outputs. One is RS-422 for connection with equipment such as marine radar or GPS chartplotter which accept the VDM sentence format. The second is RS-232C for PC connection*.
* AIS software is not supplied from Icom.
Built-in antenna splitter to share one antenna
The MXA-5000 has built-in antenna splitter to share a single antenna with a VHF radio*. When you transmit from the connected radio, the Tx signal bypasses the MXA-5000 to protect the internal circuit.
* Insertion loss : 3.5dB (approx.)

GPS data multiplex

When connected a GPS receiver to the MXA-5000, GPS position information such as RMC, GGA, GNS and GLL formats can be multiplexed with AIS data (VDM format).


Compact size
132(W)34(H)155(D)* mm dimensions.
* Mounting bracket is not included in the dimensions.
Photo shows the IC-M802 U.S.A. version.

The MR-1200 series has 3 versions depending on the scanner unit and output power.

Waypoint indication

When connected to a GPS or other navigation system and waypoint data is applied, the radar shows the bearing and distance to the waypoint on the display.
* External bearing and position data are required.
ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid)
The ATA function allows you to plot up to 10 targets and the radar continues to track the targets automatically. Used together with the CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and/or the TCPA (Time to CPA) alarm, reliable collision avoidance increases users safety at sea.

Alarm zone setting

The desired range and bearing can be set for the alarm zone. If other ships or islands come into the alarm zone, an audible alarm warns of a possible collision, even when the power save function turns the monitor off.
12.1-inch large TFT display
The radar echoes are displayed in clear images on the large 600800 dots display. The display offers wide viewing angle and high contrast, brightness which is easy-tosee even in direct sun light. The display unit has a slim depth (119.2mm) and light weight (4.3kg) for easy installation and is protected with IPX4 water resistance (except connectors).
Target identification number, bearing, distance readout, course (CSE), speed (SPD), CPA and TCPA appear in the information screen.
Automatic tuning calibration
The automatic tuning calibration function adjusts the initial matching between the scanner and the display unit and eliminates tuning errors caused with manual tuning.
MOB (Man OverBoard) function
If a crew member falls overboard, mark the MOB point on the screen. The MOB marker keeps the position on the display and shows the bearing, distance and estimated time to the MOB point with current speed.
* External bearing, speed and position data are required.
English and Korean indication for display 2 EBLs (Electronic Bearing Lines) and 2 VRMs (Variable Range Markers) Switchable pulse-width to detect a small target Head-up, North-up, Course-up, and True motion*
* External bearing, speed and position data are required, depending on display mode.


Not available in the USA.


BP-226 BP-224*2 (Ni-Cd) AA(LR6)5 cells AAA(LR03)5 cells 7.2V/750mAh
Water resistance, equivalent to IPX4


BP-225*2 (Ni-Cd) 7.2V/1100mAh BP-227 (Li-Ion) BP-227FM (Li-Ion) BP-234 BP-245N (Li-Ion)
7.4V/1850mAh (min.) 7.4V/1850mAh (min.) 9.0V/3300mAh 1950mAh (typ.) 1950mAh (typ.) (Lithium: nonrechargeable)


BP-252*3 (Li-Ion) 7.4V/1900mAh (min.) 7.4V/950mAh (min.) 2000mAh (typ.) 980mAh (typ.)
IC-M24 IC-M36 IC-M34 IC-M72 IC-M88 IC-GM1600
(For Intrinsically safe use) (For survival craft)

(On-board use only)

*1 The IC-M36 and M34 float when used with most common brand AAA batteries. Battery weight varies by manufacturer. Please check your IC-M36 or M34 for buoyancy in a shallow area first when using AAA batteries. *2 Charge with BC-119N, BC-158 or BC-121N. *3 Charge with BC-162 or BC-173.


BP-266 (Li-Ion) BC-119N 3.7V/1500mAh (min.) Rapid charger

1590mAh (typ.)

BC-152 BC-158 BC-162 Regular charger Regular charger Rapid charger

(For BP-224 or BP-225)

BC-166 BC-173 BC-121N Rapid charger Regular charger Regular charger

(Use with AD-123)

(Use with AD-114) (Use with AD-100) (Use with AD-109; On-board use only)
(Use with AD-114) (Use with AD-100)
(Use with AD-109; on-board use only)


BC-145S*4 16V/0.93A BC-147S*4 12V/200mA BC-157 12V/7A


BC-199S*4 AD-100 Regular charger


AD-109 AD-114 AD-123
(Use with BC-119N) (Use with BC-162) (Use with BC-162) (Use with BC-119N) (Use with BC-119N) (Use with BC-119N; On-board use only)
(Use with BC-173) (Use with BC-173) (Use with BC-166) (Use with BC-152) (Use with BC-158; On-board use only)

(Use with BC-119N)

(Use with BC-121N) (Use with BC-121N) (Use with BC-121N; On-board use only)
(Use with BC-119N/BC-121N) (Use with BC-119N/BC-121N) (Use with BC-119N/BC-121N; On-board use only)
*4 BC-145/BC-147/BC-199SA for 120V AC. SE for 230V AC. SV for 240V AC.

: Applicable

: Not applicable
Some options may not be available in some countries. Please ask your dealer for details.

CP-23L CP-24


OPC-515L OPC-656 HM-138


HM-165 HM-167 HM-168

(Use with BC-119N) (Use with BC-119N/BC-152) (Use with BC-119N/BC-158; On-board use only)

(Use with BC-121N)

(Use with BC-119N/BC-152) (Use with BC-121N)


HS-94 HS-95 HS-97
Throat microphone type Earhook type with Behind-the-head boom microphone type


OPC-1392 MB-86 MB-98


MB-103 MB-103Y MB-109

(Use with OPC-1392)


MB-124 MB-96N MB-96F

(Use with MB-103) (Use with MB-98) (Use with MB-103Y)
FA-S64V FA-S59V Fixed type


Speaker microphone


HM-162B/SW HM-157B/SW OPC-999
6.1 m; 20 ft cable for use with COMMANDMICI I


6.1 m; 20 ft cable for use with HM-126RB/RG


6.1 m; 20 ft cable for use with COMMANDMICII I


For rear panel Mic. connection

IC-M412 IC-M504 IC-M604

(Use with HM-157B/SW) (Use with HM-126RB/RG) (Use with HM-162B/SW) (Use with HM-126RB/RG) (Use with HM-157B/SW) (Use with HM-126RB/RG) (Use with HM-162B/SW)

MB-69 MB-75



Total of 32 voice scramble codes available



MN-100 MN-100L


AT-130 AT-140

OPC-566 OPC-1147/N 10m; 32.8ft




(Use with AT-130)

(Use with AT-140)




MB-75 RC-25 OPC-1106 5m; 16.4ft
Max. 30A output (25A continuous) 115V variable output voltage Transformer type Voltage and current dual meters 209(W)120(H)280(D) mm; 8.234.7211.02 in dimensions
(Not available in some countries)




Frequency range (Unit:MHz) Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 58.5128.534.5 mm in 260g; 9.2oz (With BP266, MB-124 and FA-SC58V)


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 62139.543 mm 2.445.491.69 in 295g; 10.4oz (With BP252, MB-109 and FA-SC58V)


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 62141.543 mm 2.445.551.69 in 305g; 10.8oz (With BP252, MB-109 and FA-SC58V)


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx:156.050163.275 52.512530 mm 2.074.921.18 in 320g; 11.3oz (With BP245N, MB-103 and FA-S64V)


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.(LMR; Tx/Rx) 629739 mm 2.443.821.54 in 280g; 9.9oz

(With BP-227)





(projections not included; WHD)
6514544 mm 2.565.711.73 in 385g; 13.6oz

(With BP-234)

Weight (approx.) Transmit (High) Current drain Max. audio Power save Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) Intermodulation rejection Audio output power (10% dist./ 8 load)
2.3A typical (at 3.7V DC) 1.5A typical 350mA typical 8mA typical 0.25V typical 70dB typical 600mW typical

1.5A typical

1.7A/1.5A typ. (6W/5W) 1.6A typical 400mA typ. (Internal SP) 200mA typical 30mA typical 0.22V typical 70dB typical 20mA typical 0.25V typical 70dB typical
1.0A/0.7A (2W/1W) 200mA 0.25V typ. (USA version) 70dB (USA), 68dB (GEN) 350mW typical 2/1W
300mA typ. (Internal SP) 200mA typical 10mA typical 0.25V typical 70dB typical

(16 load)

20mA typical 0.25V typical 70dB typical
700mW typ. (Internal SP) 350mW typical
600mW typ. (Internal SP) 350mW typical
6/1W (With BP-252) 5/1W (With BP-252) 6/3/1W 5/1W (approx.) 5/3/1W RF output power 2/1W (With alkaline cells) 2/1W (With alkaline cells) 5/3/1W (Aus version) Measurements made in accordance with TIA/EIA603 for IC-M24, M36, M34, M72 and M88. TIA/EIA603 and FCC Part 80.271 or ETS300-225-3 for IC-GM1600.


Frequency range (Unit:MHz) Power supply requirement Dimensions


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 13.8V DC 15% 165110123.2 mm 6.54.334.85 in 1.45kg; 3.2lb 5.5A 1.5A 0.22V typical 80dB typical 4.5W typical 25/1W


Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 13.8V DC 15% 220110109.4 mm 8.664.334.31 in 1.4kg; 3.1lb 5.5A 1.5A 0.22V typical 80dB 5W typical 25/1W
Tx: 156.025157.425 Rx: 156.050163.275 13.8V DC 15% 16478139.5 mm 6.463.075.49 in 1.06kg; 2.3lb

72NM 10.242V DC 80W 12.1 inch TFT LCD (600800 dots) 15C to +55C; +5F to +131F 300323119.2 mm 11.8112.724.69 in 4.3kg; 9.5lb 4ft (120cm) slotted wave-guided array 6kW 22/24/36/48rpm typ. 2 typ. 25 typ. 60MHz 9410MHz 30MHz 25C to +70C; 13F to +158F 1205(diameter)381(H) mm*1 47.44(diameter)15(H) in 17kg; 37.5lb 20m; 65.6ft (OPC-1189A, standard) 30m; 98.4ft (OPC-1078A, option)
*1 Diameter of rotation height.
Weight (approx.) Type Peak output power Rotation speed Scanner Horizontal Beamwidth Vertical Intermediate frequency Transmission frequency Usable temperature range Dimensions
Weight (approx.) Cables Connection cable length
15m; 49.2ft (OPC-1188A, standard) 20m; 65.6ft (OPC-1077A, option) between display and scanner 30m; 98.4ft (OPC-1078A, option)
Applicable U.S. Military Specifications
Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard Low Pressure

Storage (Altitude) Low Pressure Operation (Altitude) High Temp. Storage High Temp. Operation Low Temp. Storage Low Temp. Operation Temp. Shock Solar Radiation Rain Blowing Rain Drip Humidity Salt Fog Dust Blowing Immersion Vibration Shock Functional Shock Transit Drop

MIL-810 F

Method, Proc.






500.4 I 500.4 II 501.4 I 501.4 II 502.4 I 502.4 II 503.4 I 505.4 I 506.4 I 506.4 III 507.4 509.4 510.4 I 512.4 I 514.5 I 516.5 I 516.5 IV
Approved intrinsically safe classifications for the IC-M88 intrinsically safe version. Intrinsically safe : Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F, G Non-incendive : Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous locations when used with Icom BP-227FM battery pack. Max. Temp. T3C at 40C. The HM-138 is an approved accessory for use with Intrinsically Safe versions.
Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D and -E tests.
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