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Icom MN-100LIcom America Icom MN100L Antenna Matcher - Long Wire [IC-MN100L]

Part Numbers: 51707, MN-100L, MN100L

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Fionavar 6:09am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
very fast shipping and the ibm think pad lenovo is a great product. so far it works fine and i may concider buying another one. I have been using an old T60 and it was running gr8 on Windows 7. So I ordered one more again. It is far more better than so-called netbooks.
Estel47 6:57am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
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pixelpadre 6:54pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
Good laptop for the money. I purchased this laptop for my daughters birthday. The laptop was packed tight. Looked brand new coming out of the box. She loves it. Easy to set up.
vader_dlow 5:22pm on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 
Great Part and Service I had great service from this seller who let me know as soon as the part was sent and was cery helpful at all times.
jihadnader 11:19am on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
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athegn 2:28am on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Yes, I think T60s and older Thinkpad models look simple with no frills, but they are robust. The build is unbeatable. this is a great machine for the price. i was able to load software that came with my desktop a few years ago so i was up and running for around $350.

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(for 1.5MHz to 30MHz)

MN-100 MN-100L
Thank you for purchasing this Icom product. These antenna matchers have been designed for Icom HF transceivers. Please read all instructions carefully before installation to get maximum performance and full value from the transceiver.


To put a full size antenna on a yacht or boat is very difficult. However, these antenna matchers have been designed to put an antenna in such restrictions of space, and give low VSWR with short antenna elements on wide frequency range of 1.5MHz to 30MHz. So, you can obtain the best performance from the transceiver.


MN-100 : For dipole or whip antenna MN-100L : For whip antenna only Max. input power : SB S 200W pep CW 100W Frequency range :1.5MHz to 30MHz Input impedance :50 unbalanced Insertion loss :Approx. 6dB VSWR : ess than 2.0 with supplied antenna L wires Operating temp. :30C to +80C; 22F to +176F Dimensions : Projections not included 180(W)65(H)55(D) mm ; 7332(W)2916(H)2532(D) in Projections included MN-100 310(W)100(H)58(D)mm ; 12732(W)31516(H)2932(D)in MN-100L 245(W)100(H)58(D)mm ; 92132(W)31516(H)2932(D)in Weight (approx.) : N-100 M 1.27kg; 2lb 13oz MN-100L 1.23kg; 2lb 11oz

nSupplied accessories

q Antenna wires MN-100 8m 2 MN-100L 15m 1 w Nuts 4 e Spring washers 4 r Flat washers 4 t Mast mounting brackets 2 y U bolts 2 u Rubber vulcanizing tape 1 i Insulators MN-MN-100L 1 o Wire clamps MN-100 4 sets MN-100L 2 sets !0 Grounding wire 1

q w e r t y

n onnector assembly C instructions
q L-259 connector is not supplied with the MN-100/L, so P please prepare suitable connector for the coaxial cable you desired to use. w ut end of the cable evenly. Remove vinyl jacket 29mm C (118). Please do not nick the braid. e are 15mm (58) of the center conductor without nicking B the conductor. Trim braided shield 14mm (916) and tin it. Slide the coupling ring on the cable. r crew the plug assembly on the cable. Solder plug asS sembly to the braid through solder hies. Solder the conductor to the contact sleeve. Screw the coupling ring on the assembly. t ttach it to the connector of the MN-100/L, and cover the A connector with the supplied rubber vulcanizing tape.

i o !0

Icom, Icom Inc. and the Icom logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries.


D ipole antenna installation D
(only MN-100 can be used)
q irst, decide the place where you attempt to put the anF tenna. w ttach the antenna wires supplied to the terminals on the A both side of MN-100 as shown in the figure. ef the antenna wires are too long for the place, cut the I antenna wires to desired length. At this time, each wire should be the same length. r ttach coaxial cable to the connector of MN-100 with a A PL-259 connector. Refer to the connector assembly instructions on the front page. t ttach the MN-100 onto the antenna mast with the supA plied mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is adjusted for 25mm to 63mm (1 to 212) tubing. your antenna mast differs from this size, please make a If mounting attachment suitable for it. y tretch the antenna wires to both side so that the wires S are in line, and hold each end to a mast or other suitable construction with a wire or rope.

Dipole antenna

Antenna wire terminal MN-100
D hip antenna installation W
(both MN-100 and MN-100L can be used) When the MN-100 is used: q onnect the right side antenna wire terminal to the body C with the supplied grounding wire. Then join two supplied antenna wires, and connect one end to the left side antenna wire terminal as shown in the figure. When the MN-100L is used: q onnect one end of the supplied antenna wire to the anC tenna wire terminal. w ttach the MN-100/L to a balustrade of the deck or other A suitable portion of the yacht or boat, where is an adequate ground connection, with the supplied mounting hardware. If the attached portion is not grounded or on wooden or fiberglass boat, use a copper ground plate as the ground portion of the keel and connect between the ground terminal and there with another wire. e ttach the other end of the antenna wire to the mast or A other suitable portion as high as possible so that the antenna wire is stretched in line. rf the antenna wire is too long, cut the wire so that the anI tenna wire is a stretch line when installed.

Whip antenna

Coaxial cable
Antenna wire installation

Wire clamp


MN-100 or MN-100L


Antenna wire joining

Total length
Whip antenna installed on a yacht.

Grounding wire attaching

Grounding side indication label
Wire clamp MN-100 or MN-100L Coaxial cable

Screw to the body

Grounding wire
1-1-32 Kamiminami, Hirano-ku, Osaka 547-0003, Japan


Printed in Japan 2008 Icom Inc.



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