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NailMaster73 10:20pm on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 
About six months ago, my old bed frame broke, and I decided to go to the local Ikea to buy another one. I had heard quite few good things about Ikea.

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Listed below are corrections from the 2007 IKEA Catalogue publications. IKEA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. Page number/ item 220
IKEA Catalogue Corrections




IKEA 2007 Catalogue

STDIS/SPNIS wall shelf

Price for combination should read $4.95 and not $3.95 as stated. Price listed includes 1 bracket only. Incorrect price for size advertised Price for combination should read $34 and not $23 as stated for the combination advertised. Price for combination should read $79 and not $64 as stated. Price listed includes 1 bracket only. The two Glass shelf sizes shown are actually solid shelves: 36x26 $8 76x26 $ 18 There is only one glass shelf size available 76x26 $18 Misprint of advertised price Price for single bed frame advertised as $180. Correct retail price is $189 NEW colour displayed but not described. Text should read black/grey cover instead of blue. Article Number. 300.995.42 Misprint of advertised price Price advertised is $95. Correct price is $599.

HLL/JRPEN wall shelf

SLINGA/STLIG wall shelf

BILLY Glass shelf

MALM Single Bed frame Medium Brown Veneer
BRUNKRISSLA single quilt cover blue
ARILD footstool Leather cover. W77xD62. H45cm. White. 200.847.POSTER Camels, Chalbi Desert, Kenya. W88cmxH30cm.
Misprint of advertised price Price shown is $17.00 Correct price is $10.00

EXPEDIT. Black/brown 88

EXPEDIT can be used vertically or horizontally. Measurements advertised are for when bookcase is used horizontally. For vertical use measurements are W79cm, H149cm and D39cm

Last updated 20/12/06

HOKUS Quilt single cover set
Typing error Single set only includes 1 pillowcase and not 2 as advertised Cutlery set contains teaspoons and not mini forks as pictured. Entire set includes knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons

Dragon Cutlery set

KEA 2007 Catalogue
LOTTEN cushion cover 2 pack # 90102706
Incorrect numbering The left hand cushion pictured with a number 10 (LOTTEN LYSA set) should be marked as part of number 6 combination (LOTTEN cover set) Incorrect Dimensions The queen size bed frame displays a length of 196cm. This should read : Length 203cm Incorrect Description The single bunk bed is described as Antique stained and clear lacquered. The actual bed is untreated pine Complies with WELS regulations: 4 star 7.5L/min

HEMNES bed frame

MYDAL bed frame
IKEA 2007 Catalogue IKEA 2007 Catalogue

123 & 124

ENSKAR mixer taps
LOVIKEN dual control mixer tap 50076337 ALSVIK dual control mixer tap 80076326
Complies with WELS regulations: 4 star 7.5L/min Complies with WELS regulations :4 star 7.5L/min
BAGVIK single lever mixer tap 00076325 SUNDSVIK single lever mixer tap 90068142
Complies with WELS regulations: 4 star 7.5L/min Complies with WELS regulations : 4 star 7.5L/min


AKSIKT sliding doors
The AVSIKT sliding doors have been removed from our range and are no longer available



LH-W250SC EW1248W Ls-color DES-1228 4345MFP IWC 7105 SGH-X461 AJL308-37B DCR-DVD306E Audioline 33 Es 500 Smcwcbt-G XC-3000IF Server A10-S127 DVP-F25 VP-M110S TV022 PRO 2000 10259 Review XD-E500 GC7220 02 NV-500 NF-M2P TCK909ES Blackberry 7700 FR755 RM4211 Classic KDL-26J3000 LK-220 Astra 4500 GS724T KD-AV7001E Binatone A430 SU-A800dm2 JBL 4318 Digimax A302 SCX-4300-XIP Dvdr985 FX-400 Twin Rumble PAD Mc226 Touch P5KPL-c 1600 Exacontrol 1 6300I Monster-2001 DA-P1 DV-310-K Dista F100 Roomster KEY49E ERS-7853B ROC 340 Mcd700 PCG-GRT100 S1000FD S-550 DES-3350SR Presser Foot WA 120 LE37R88BD Dmcf2 4810T RA-95 DVD-P250K ICF-CD855L Elt Herd Dvdr615 3100C Cuisinart LPP VK9820NHB EL-531RH ICN 330 Samsung PL10 UE-46C8700 KR-A3070 All-IN-ONE Series T59820 M7VKQ Dymo 2000 KX-T7730B Alpha F6D3230-4 BKF 355 KX-TG2622 2 0 N91-2 8GB Messenger MP 3350 HK3250 UN46C6400 Junior F1202V UF-7000 SRU2103 21PT1866 Syringe Pump


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