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mhassan 10:38am on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
"I had two of these. One of the navigational buttons stopped working on the second day on the first unit. As an MP3 player.
jdmcmillan 10:16am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
"I bought two of these because the price looked good. I got them on special thinking my sister would like it. "I purchase this for my grandson for christmas, he really loved it . It worked for two months the screen went black.

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Invion Slide PMP Frequently Asked Questions Q: The player does not turn on A: Check to see that the battery is charged (refer to page 33 of the instruction manual to learn how to charge the battery). Also check to see if an illegal operation was performed. Press the re-set button and then press and hold continuously the power (on/off) button. Q: The player is connected to the computer but I dont see the removable disk in the my computer window A: Check to see if the battery is charged (refer to page 33). Check to see if the USB cable is damaged. If you see any signs of ware the cable should be replaced. Check to see if the USB cable is properly connected to the computer. If none of these things are the issue the computer may be a problem. Restart your computer or consult your computers user manual to troubleshoot any problems the computer could be having. Q: My files did not save A: Check to see if the player has free memory. If there is no free memory some files will need to be deleted before new files can be saved. See page 19 of the user manual for instructions on deleting files. Check to see if the save location/path is right. Be sure you are saving the files to the proper location Q: The words on the player arent displaying correctly A: Check to see if the language setting is correct. Set the proper language setting (see page 62 of the user manual for instructions). Check to see if the language is supported. (see page 62 of the user manual) Q: The player makes sounds everytime I press the buttons A: Check to see if the key tone feature is on. See sound settings for more information (refer to page 62). Q: Im getting a FORMAT ERROR or files will not play A: Check to see if the files you are trying to play have DRM (Digital Rights Media). DRM files cannot be played. To check if a file has DRM please refer to page 22 of the user manual. Q: There is no display on the LCD screen
A: Check if the battery is charged. Recharge the battery if necessary (see page 33 on of the user manual for battery charging instructions). Check to see if the player is on (see page 14 of the manual for powering on instructions. Press the button for one second or longer to turn off the player. Check to see if the display settings are trying are set o turn off the player. Set the display setting to never (refer to auto off under the section settings on page 62). Q: Recording does not work A: Check to see if there is any free memory on the player. If there is no free memory you must delete files from the player before you can record (refer to page 19 for instructions on deleting files). Check to see if the battery is charged. Q: The player wont play A: Check to see if the player is locked; unlock the player if necessary (refer to page 12 for lock/un-lock instructions). Check to see if the battery is charged. Q: The loudspeaker does not work A: Check to see if the volume is set too low. Increase the volume if necessary. Check to see if the earphones are plugged into the player. If they are plugged in, unplug them. Check to see if the files you are trying to play have DRM (see page 22 in the instruction manual for instructions on how to check for DRM). The player will not play files that have DRM. Check to see if the speaker is turned off. See page 62 of the manual for sound setting information. Q: The earphones arent working A: Check to see if the volume is too low. Increase the volume if necessary. Check to see if the earphones are plugged in correctly to the player. Check to see if the player has DRM. The player will not play files that have DRM. Check to see if the earphones are broken or damaged. Try a new pair of earphones. Check if the player was formatted in the correct format (refer to the Format Memory section on page 30 for instructions on formatting). Q: The player keeps turning off A: Check to see if the display settings are set to turn the player off automatically. Set the player to Never (refer to the auto off section of the manual on page 62). Also check to see if the battery is charged. Q: Does the player play files with DRM (Digital Rights Media)? A: No. DRM files cannot be played by the player. To check if a file has DRM please refer to the Checking for DRM section in the manual on page 22.

Q: Does the player work with a Macintosh computer? A: No. The player is not compatible with a Macintosh computer. Q: Does the player work with iTunes? A: iTunes cannot be used to sync with the player. iTunes can be used to rip CDs into MP3 format. The MP3 files will then be stored on your hard drive in the my music folder. Q: I have Windows Vista or Windows XP, do I need to use the driver cd included with the player? A: No this player is plug and play. The driver is for Windows 2000 or earlier. Q: If I have songs stored on my computers hard drive, can I transfer them to my player without using Windows Media Player, iTunes, or other media programs? A: Yes. You simply locate the songs using the find search feature on your computer. Once you have located your music on your hard drive you would pull up the MP3 player (removable storage device) under My Computer and find Devices with Removable Storage then right-click and open. Once the MP3 player is open you would drag the songs from the hard drive and drop them into the player. Please limit your songs to 100 songs per folder on the root file of the player. This means you need to organize your songs into folders of no more than 100 songs per folder. Please refer to the Connecting and Downloading section on page 15 of the user manual. Q: What types of files are compatible with the player? A: Music- MP3, WMA, WAV Photo: JPEG E-Book: TXT Movie/Video- AVI. Other files (RM/VOB/DAT/RMVB/MPG/MPEG/MP/ASF/WMV/MKV) must be converted into AVI format before loading to the player. Please refer to page 64 of the instruction manual in the Converting a video/audio/image file section on page 64 Q: How do I delete information from the player? A: For instructions on deleting files from the player see page 19 of the user manual Q: What is on the CD?
A: A copy of the user manual in PDF format and the video convert too. The video convert tool allows you to convert your files into the appropriate format to load onto the player. See page 63 of the user guide for instructions on using the convert tool. Q: How can I charge my player? A: The player charges via USB port. Please refer to the managing the battery section on page 33 of the manual. Q: How do I use the convert too supplied on the CD to convert my movies? A: Please refer to the installing and transcoding software section of the instruction manual on page 65. Q: How do I make voice recordings? A: Please refer to the record section on page 51 Q: I lost my user guide or cannot access it on the cd A: please visit our website and visit the customer service tab. There you can download the user guide in PDF format. Q: What are the buttons on my player? A: Please refer to page 12 of the user guide for an overview of the players buttons Q: When do I use the reset button on my player? A: You can use the reset button when you need to reset your device. For example if the player freezes up you can reset the device to factory settings. Please note that if you reset the device you will lose what is stored on the memory. You will need to re-load all of your files. Use a paperclip to reset the player. Do not use a sharp object such as a needle or pin to reset the device as it may damage the player. Q: My screen always goes blank or turns off. How do I change my LCD settings? A: Please refer to the Power Mode section on page 62 of the manual Q: How do I sync the device with Windows Media Player? A: Rip your CDs on the latest version of Windows Media Player which can be downloaded here: Once the music is on Windows Media Player, in the upper right hand corner of the Windows Media Player program click sync. This feature will only sync all of your

music if it is less than 2GB. You can also create a play list by choosing edit play list then click on the songs you would like to include. Then press sync. Should you need further instructions on using Windows Media Player please contact Microsoft customer support. Q: What accessories come with my player? A: USB cable (used for charging and downloading music), earphones, CD, and quickstart guide. Q: Im getting a Format Error or I cant add additional songs to my player, what is causing this and how do I fix it? A: Many things can cause a format error, it is easily fixed by REFORMATTING the player, follow the steps below to fix this issue, once you have formatted it all of the information will be deleted and you will need to upload your play lists/songs from Windows Media Player again. To reformat follow the below: a. plug the USB cable into the player, and the computer b. go to the start menu on the lower left hand side of the screen. c. Go to my computer d. Go to devices with removable storage e. Go to the appropriate removable disk that is your player (it will appear only after it is plugged in) f. Right-click on the removable disk that is your player and select format from the drop down menu. g. A box will pop-up asking if you want to format and erase all of the data on the disk, choose OK when the warning box pops up. h. Once you have formatted the player re-sync your player and download the files back to the player. Please refer to the connecting and downloading section on page 15



Ellipse 2 Multimedia Player


Model: MP3-EL2XX-IUS_Special
Product : Ellipse 2 QSG with ACTION Language US : Page : ( of 9 Pages) Version : 1.2 Date : 2007.09.11
Congratulations on purchasing your new Invion product. We are convinced you will be satisfied with it. To always guarantee optimal function and performance of your product, we would ask the following: Before using the player for the first time, carefully read the operating instructions and adhere to the safety precautions! All activities at and with this player may only be carried out as described in these operating instructions. Please be sure to include the operating instructions in case you pass along this product to someone else. Packaging: This device is delivered in protective packaging to prevent transportation damage. Packaging materials are raw materials and can therefore be recycled. Please recycle these materials. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


This manual is a Quick Start Guide only. An electronic version of the full manual for this MP3 Player can be found on the accessory CD.


Do not share MP3 files without permission. (This would be contrary to International Copyright Laws.) The shock caused from walking has no impact on the music playing. However, dropping or crashing may cause damage. Keep away from chemicals. Keep the player out of heat or extreme heat (such as inside a parked car) or direct exposure to sunlight, moisture, dust, and rain. Do not place heavy objects on the player. Advice for using the earphones: Do not use earphones when driving, it may cause an accident. Do not turn up the volume too high when walking, it is very dangerous. You should use extreme caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations. Even if your earphones are an open-air type designed to let you hear outside sounds, dont turn up the volume so high that you are unable to hear what is around you. Do not listen to your earphones at a high volume. Hearing experts warn against listening to music at a high volume for extended periods of time. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce the volume or discontinue use.

ON/OFF Earphone

Mode Previous/Volume (Rewind) Volume Next/Volume + (Forward) Play/Pause/Stop USB Port
Features Supports MP3, WMA, WAV music formats View JPEG format pictures Supports AMV video formats Image folder function USB storage for versions higher than WIN98, plug & play by cable Built in MIC Energy save mode, auto Off setting Various EQ and repeat modes Supports Win98 SE/ME, Win2000, Win XP operating systems
How to use your MP3 Player

Getting Started

Check that the packaging contains the following items: MP3 player, earphones, USB cable, instruction manual, labeled CD

How to play music

To set up your player, you first need to upload your songs. You can either rip songs from an audio CD to your computer or if you already have access to MP3 & WMA songs in your PCs collection, simply ensure the battery is charged and then upload the songs to the player. You are then ready to start listening to music! Step 1: Importing music to your computer. Complete this step if you havent already transferred music to your computer. You can import music from your audio CDs and transfer it to a readable format, MP3/ WMA. Alternatively, if you have an internet connection, music can be purchased online and downloaded to your computer. To import music to your computer from an audio CD: Insert a CD into your computer. The CD is selected in the list. Highlight the songs you want to transfer then use Windows Media Player or another software (software converters to MP3/WMA format are available on the internet)

Step 2: Connect the player to your computer. Only if you are using Windows 98, insert the accessory CD and install the driver from the Win98 Driver directory. Follow the steps displayed on your computer screen. Step 3: Transfer the songs to your player. Open My Computer and then open your MP3 player as a removable disk. Select the songs you want and drag the highlighted songs onto your MP3 player (removable disk). Step 4: Play the songs on your player. Safely disconnect your player from the computer. Turn your player On by pressing the Play button. Your MP3 player will show the last song played. Press Play to resume playback. Press the Play button to pause playback. Step 5: Turning Off the player. While the player is paused, press the Play button for 3 seconds to turn the player Off.

Claims & Warranties

In case of possible product defects, please contact SupportPlus. For this reason we recommend you save your purchase receipt. Service: For technical questions, information about our products, and for spare part orders, our Service team is available as follows: Website: E-mail: Phone: 800-984-3270
Important note: Please do not send your device to our address without having been requested to do so by our Service team. The costs and the risk of loss for unsolicited mailings will be borne by the sender. We reserve the right to refuse the acceptance of unsolicited mailings or to return the corresponding merchandise to the sender carriage forward, that is, at the senders expense. The rechargeable lithium battery should be disposed of properly. Contact your local government for disposal or recycling practices in your area. Warranty: If for any reason the registered product does not function as it should due to factory defects, it can be serviced within 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse, accident, or unauthorized alterations or repairs. In no event will SupportPlus be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use this product.
US Address: SupportPlus North America Inc. 26439 Rancho Pkwy. Unit 115 Lake Forest, CA 92630 Note: To ensure prompt customer service, please register. How to Register To register, first go to website, next click on Contact US Registration, then click the link below MP3 Registration, enter in the required information into the online form, and then click the Submit button to submit the registration form. Remark: Both the Quick Start Guide and the full manual are only available in English and Spanish. The full manual can be found on the accessory CD in the User Manual directory.


Reproductor Multimedia Ellipse 2
Product : Ellipse 2 QSG with ACTION Language ES : Page : ( of 9 Pages) Version : 1.2 Date : 2007.09.11



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