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stme 8:51am on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
I gave this monitor an excellent rating but after a while using it proved to be so painful that I came back to delete and rewrite the review.
Mad Ad 11:09am on Monday, June 21st, 2010 
This monitor is amazing. The quality is excellent and movies in HD are great. No dead pixels.
hammersteen 2:52am on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
Optimized for Both Work and Entertainment The fastest 2ms response time among 22" widescreen LCD monitors and HDCP supported function combined to offe...

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The new JA-83K super-size control panel
The JA-83K is a supercharged version of the JA-82K with a much larger housing, and the possibility of expanding the number of wired inputs from 10 up to 30 using JA-82C expander units. Adding a JA-82R module allows you to wirelessly connect up to 50 detectors and other devices. The bigger housing can accommodate a huge backup battery up to a capacity of 18 Ah. Customers also have a choice of three types of communicator, the JA-80X for traditional landlines, the JA-80Y or JA-82Y GSM/GPRS communicators, and the JA-80V LAN/landline communicator. Available now< p> For more extensive details click on here
The new JA-86P wireless DUAL PIR detector and JS-22 wired DUAL PIR detector
These two PIR detectors stand out from the crowd with their ability to ignore pets in the house and only trigger alarms when a standing human is seen.These clever devices have two PIR sensors. One looks above the horizon, the other below, so pets which only trigger the lower sensor can be differentiated from standing humans who trigger both sensors. Available now. Click on here and here to know more
The RC-86 dual-frequency remote control
Jablotron has brought out a new remote control with the ability to work on 433 MHz and 868 MHz. This means you can use it for JA-63 Profi systems as well as the JA-8* Oasis series of systems. This unit replaces the RC-4x and RC-80x series. Available now. Click here for more info
The JA-81M replaces the JA-80M
The JA-81M, which now replaces the popular JA-80M, is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc. It can also be extended by a normally closed / normally open sensor connected to its wired input. It is also designed to detect the mishandling of roller blinds. This is achieved by being wired to a CT-01 device detecting ratchet-wheel movements. Small movements are filtered out so that random wind blasts do not cause false alarms. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol. Click on here and here to know more

IFSEC exhibition

The IFSEC exhibition was a success with many people coming to our stand. Thank you for visiting us, for photos click here

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The control panels and communicators


JA-80Y GSM GPRS / communicator
eport of events to a mobile r phone by SMS message (8 phone numbers) eport of events up to 2 ARCs r by CID, SMS or GPRS protocol emote access to the system r emote operating of devices r SM gateway for phone calls G and SMS sending
JA-80X voice communicator
eports the events via PSTN r line by voice messages voice messages to 5 4phone numbers eports the events in CID r protocol to ARC
JA-80V LAN PSTN / line communicator
eports the events via SMS to r amobile phone reports the events up to 2 ARC remote access to the system remote operating with devices
JA-68 universal output module
factory pre-programmed 8 semiconductor outputs witch-over relay output s ollow system events: f ARM, INTRUDER ALARM, FIRE, TAMPER, PANIC, TECHNICAL FAULT, AC FAILURE, LOW BATTERY

Control panels

JA-83K control panel
p to 50 wireless addresses u (detectors, controllers, sirens) p to 30 hard wired zones u (10 on the main board) p to 50 user codes and cards u ast 255 events are stored l in the internal memory programmable outputs 2 (possible to extend) ermanent output load 1.1 A p ack-up battery up to 18 Ah b

JA-82K control panel

p to 50 wireless addresses u (detectors, controllers, sirens) p to 14 hard wired zones u (4 on the main board) p to 50 user codes and cards u ast 255 events are stored l in the internal memory programmable outputs 2 (possible to extend) ack-up battery 2.2 Ah b

JA-80Z repeater

xtend the communication range e of the detectors and peripheries p to 40 addresses u opies the status of the control panel c outputs ompatible with all OASiS detectors c and remote controls with the exception of the JA-84P ack-up battery 2.2 Ah b



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