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Create Dazzling Decorative Effects
Janome quality and precision mean your stitches will look beautiful inside and out.


It Hems, It Binds, It Bastes, It Embellishes.

Its Indispensable!

Beautiful binding in one easy step, using the optional tape binder accessory.
Amazing hems even on thin and slippery fabrics

Optional Accessories

Faux pintucking with a 2-needle, wide cover stitch

Cover Hem Guide

Straddle a center seam to create a trendy detail
Clear View Cover Stitch Foot

Center Guide Foot

3-needle cover stitch for elegantly precise topstitching
Specifications and design subject to change without notice. 2009, Janome America, Inc.
Elastic Gathering Attachment

Tape Binder

The CoverPro 1000CPX
Industrial-Style Cover Stitch Machine
When professionals in the fashion industry finish a garment, they dont just hem it on a sewing machine. They use a cover hem stitch. Now you can achieve the same professional finish with the CoverPro 1000CPX from Janome. It gives you the perfection of an industrial model with the ease-of-use of a home sewing machine. And, youll never have to worry about converting from regular serging to a cover or chain stitch again! The 1000CPX is a three-needle, four-thread model capable of producing: Wide 6mm triple-needle cover stitch Wide 6mm double-needle cover stitch Narrow 3mm double-needle cover stitch Chain stitch It has the features and power necessary to finish a huge range of sewing jobs and is the perfect companion machine to your Janome serger.
Youll find innovative features like the Seam Tightening System (STS), which creates a tighter, sturdier stitch on a wide range of fabrics. The 1000CPX also offers a convenient free arm configuration, so you can easily finish hard-to-reach seams. The CoverPro 1000CPX is simply the industrys most innovative and easiest to use. And because its a Janome, you can be sure the quality and reliability are unsurpassed.
Seam Tightening System (STS) Janomes exclusive Seam Tightening System employs a spring instead of the looper thread tension dial to reduce slack in the looper thread. This allows for a tight, flat, and sturdy stitch on thick fabrics, and a looser stitch on fabrics that require more flexibility.
Quick Reference Chart Located on the front of the machine for easy access, this full color reference guide helps you adjust for a soft or tighter stitch without consulting the manual. The chart clearly displays available stitches, and shows the tension settings for both soft and tighter seams. A color-coded threading chart located in the looper area means guess-free and super quick threading. The Easiest Threading System Youve Ever Seen Upper needle threading is color coded, easy to see, and smooth. But its the lower looper that will really make you smile. Its the easiest ever! Simply pull the thread through, push the looper closed, and youre ready to stitch. The handy needle threader is included.
Perfect For Activewear Fitness, dance, skate, and gymnastics outfits are perfect projects for a CoverPro1000CPX. Apply elastic within a casing with a beautifully professional finish all in one pass. Save money and boost the creativity of activewear creations.

VERTICAL NEEDLE DROP The same familiar vertical needle action of a sewing machine allows improved stitching. Extra space around the EXTRA LARGE BED SPACE mechanism makes switching out needles WITH EASY ACCESS The largest sewing space available anywhere: fast and easy. The presser foot lifter is also easier to reach than on a serger. 4 x 5.5 (100mm x 143mm). Such generous space means you can actually make a cover stitch in the middle of a garment.
GREATER VARIABLE STITCH LENGTH AND DIFFERENTIAL FEED The CoverPro1000CPX leads the competition in stitch length control (1mm4mm) and differential feed ratio (0.5-2.25).
FREE ARM CONFIGURATION Finish sleeves, cuffs, waistbands and other hard-to-reach seams faster and with better handling.
ONE-HAND THREAD CUTTER Just like a sewing machine, you can clip your thread tails in one easy motion.
SUPERIOR NEEDLE SYSTEM Uses the Schmetz ELX705 needle system. Like industrial needles, this special needle has a long groove front and back. Its more reliable than the HAX1SP needle used in most competitive models.



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