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JBL GTO936JBL Grand Touring GTO936 Car speaker - 100 Watt
The GTO936 has a cone with more surface area than competing models of the same size. The benefits of Plus One woofer cones are greater efficiency and bass output. The GTO936 also features a kaladex super tweeter to make sure every last cymbal is reproduced without fatigue or harshness. Edge-driven Kaladex tweeters are not commonly used w-domes, but full edge-driven domes like those found in higher quality home audio speakers. The benefits are increased power handling, reduced distortion, and inc... Read more
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golfer_1367 10:16am on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
Bought these as a replacement to a set on Kenwood 6x9 speakers I had. I purchased these for my car when they were a fairly new design about 7 years ago! Though I believe the price has gone down a fair amount!

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multielements owners manual
THANK YOU for purchasing JBL Grand Touring Series automotive speakers. Weve organized this manual to make your installation as simple and trouble-free as possible. Please read it thoroughly before proceeding. Remember to keep your sales receipt and this manual in a safe place so both are available for future reference.
ABOUT THESE INSTRUCTIONS Installation of automotive stereo components can require extensive experience with a variety of mechanical and electrical procedures. Although these instructions explain how to install Grand Touring Series multielement speakers in a general sense, they do not show the exact installation methods for your particular vehicle. If you do not feel you have the experience, do not attempt the installation yourself, but instead ask your authorized JBL car audio dealer about professional installation options. LOUD MUSIC AND HEARING Playing loud music in an automobile can hinder your ability to hear traffic as well as permanently damage your hearing. The maximum volume levels achievable with JBL speakers, combined with high power amplification, may exceed safe levels for extended listening. We recommend using low volume levels when driving. JBL accepts no liability for hearing loss, bodily injury, or property damage as a result of use or misuse of this product. REAR DECK PRECAUTION In some cars, fuel tanks may be located directly beneath the rear deck. Before installation, make sure there is adequate speaker basket clearance before considering this location! INSTALLATION TIPS Always wear protective eyewear when using any tools. Turn off all audio components and other electrical devices before you start. Disconnect the () negative lead from your vehicles battery. Keep speakers in their package until final installation. When moving a speaker, always rest it with the cone or dome facing up. Never use force to install any speaker. Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surface before drilling any holes or installing any screws. Remember that the screws can extend behind the surface. At the installation sites, locate and make a note of all fuel lines, hydraulic brake lines, vacuum lines and electrical wiring. Use extreme caution when cutting or drilling in and around these areas. Before drilling or cutting holes, use a utility knife to remove unwanted fabric or vinyl, to keep material from snagging in a drill bit or saw. For door installations, check the clearance with the windows throughout the range of the windows travel, and verify that a mounted speaker will not interfere with the window crank or power window mechanism. If mounting speakers elsewhere, check for clearance around rear deck torsion bars, glove box or other structural elements. Do not mount speakers where they will get wet.


Figure 1. Mounting the GTO426, GTO526, GTO626, GTO6526, GTO636, GTO6536, GTO926, GTO936 or GTO836 using the supplied grille.
Rotate tweeter so it is angled toward the listener using the UniPivot (patent no. 6,002,780) feature on the GTO526, GTO626, GTO6526, GTO926 and GTO8626.
Figure 2. Modifying the GTO426 to be installed in locations requiring fewer than four mounting ears.
NOTE: Grip the tab (preferably with pliers) and bend to detach it from the speaker.
Figure 3. Mounting the GTO8626 and GTO6426. NOTE: The GTO8626 and GTO6426 speakers are designed to be installed under factory grilles. Consequently, no grilles are packaged with these models. Figure 4. Mounting the GTO626, GTO6526, GTO636 or GTO6536 using the supplied grilles. Figure 5. Mounting the GTO6526 or GTO6536 in 165mm speaker locations or GTO626, GTO636 in 160mm speaker lacations. Figure 6. Mounting the GTO626 and GTO636 in standard speaker locations.
Note: The GTO326 mounts similarly. Note: The GTO626 and GTO636 use an adapter to fit a variety of different 165mm openings. Select an appropriate adapter ring and secure it to the vehicle using the sheet-metal screws provided, then attach the speaker to the ring with the machine screws.


GTO326 Type: 87mm two-way GTO426 100mm two-way GTO526 130mm two-way GTO626 160mm two-way GTO6526 165mm two-way GTO636 160mm three-way GTO6536 165mm three-way GTO926 150x225mm two-way GTO936 150x225mm two-way GTO6426 100x150mm two-way GTO8626 150x200mm (125x175mm) two-way 4 ohms 60W RMS, 180W Peak 90dB 50Hz 21kHz 62mm 183x126mm GTO836 200mm three-way

Speaker Impedance: Power Handling: Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m): Frequency Response: Mounting Depth: Cut-Out Diameter:
4 ohms 25W RMS, 75W Peak 89dB 90Hz 21kHz 37mm 85mm
4 ohms 35W RMS, 105W Peak 89dB 90Hz 21kHz 54mm 93mm
4 ohms 45W RMS, 135W Peak 89dB 70Hz 21kHz 61mm 120mm
4 ohms 60W RMS, 180W Peak 90dB 55Hz 21kHz 54mm 131mm
4 ohms 60W RMS, 180W Peak 90dB 55Hz 21kHz 59mm 143mm
4 ohms 100W RMS, 300W Peak 91dB 50Hz 21kHz 83mm 224x153mm
4 ohms 40W RMS, 120W Peak 89dB 75Hz 21kHz 47mm 147x85mm
4 ohms 110W RMS, 330W Peak 91dB 50Hz - 21kHz 74mm 185mm
General Care The loudspeaker grilles may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaners or solvents on the grilles or the speaker cones. A valid serial number is required for warranty coverage. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
Declaration of Conformity
We, Harman Consumer International 2, route de Tours 72500 Chateau-du-Loir France declare in own responsibility that the products described in this owners manual are in compliance with technical standards: EN 50081-1:1992 EN 50082-1:1997
JBL Consumer Products 250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797 USA 1.800.336.4JBL (4525) FAX 1.516.682.3523 2003 Harman International Industries, Incorporated JBL is a registered trademark of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Part No. GTMEOM3/03
Emmanuel Millot Harman Consumer International Chateau-du-Loir, France. 3/03


Technical specifications

Full description

The GTO936 has a cone with more surface area than competing models of the same size. The benefits of Plus One woofer cones are greater efficiency and bass output. The GTO936 also features a kaladex super tweeter to make sure every last cymbal is reproduced without fatigue or harshness. Edge-driven Kaladex tweeters are not commonly used w-domes, but full edge-driven domes like those found in higher quality home audio speakers. The benefits are increased power handling, reduced distortion, and increased efficiency. This technology also allows for better integration with the mid/woofer Hi-roll rubber surrounds are used to provide excellent cone-edge suspension and damping. In addition this material will not break down due to UV contamination or moisture.

Product TypeCar speaker
Speaker System
System Components2 speakers
Speaker Type3-way - passive
Speaker Diameter6" x 9"
Nominal (RMS) Output Power100 Watt
Max (RMS) Output Power300 Watt
Response Bandwidth50 - 21000 Hz
Input Impedance4 Ohm
Sensitivity91 dB
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Speaker System Details
Speakers Included2 x car speaker - 6" x 9" - 3-way - 100 Watt - 50 - 21000 Hz - 4 Ohm - wired
Driver DetailsCar speaker : 1 x tweeter driver - Kaladex Car speaker : 1 x super tweeter driver - Kaladex Car speaker : 1 x woofer driver - 6" x 9" - Plus One
Cutout & Mounting Dimensions
Width8.8 in
Height6 in
Depth3.3 in
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberGTO936



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