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Active, balanced bridging input circuitry driver and output circuitry distortion (TIM) Full complementary
Low transient intermodulation Individual stepped
Rugged, road-worthy construction gain controls XL-type, phone jack, and barrier strip input connectors Heavy duty 5-way output binding posts Rear panel switch for bridged, dual mono, or stereo operation L @ approval on Models 62 15,6230,6260 Models 6230,626O and 6290 approved for THX@installations by Lucasfilm
JBL power amplifiers have been designed to meet the most critical professional sound requirements. They are rugged and road-worthy, conservatively rated, and can handle highly reactive loads with ease. The engineering design approach stresses the optimization of each stage, allowing high slew rate and relatively low loop gain. Overall feedback has been held to a minimum and is employed only to stabilize the gain and the operating point. This design approach results in amplifiers with excellent performance under the most demanding dynamic
input and load conditions. As evidence of the stress on dynamic rather than static or steady-state distortion mechanisms, transient intermodulation distortion measures less than 0.03% by the DIM 100 test. (Leinonen, Otala, and Curl, A Method for Measuring Transient Jntermodulation Distortion (TIM), Journal of the Audio Engineering Society,Vol. 25, No. 4, April, 1977, pp. 170- 177.) The heat sinks of the amplifiers are made of heavy aluminum extrusions; the chassis is fabricated of heavy gauge steel. All internal components are easily accessible through removal of top and bottom panels. Front panel graphic details are incorporated on the rear side of a polycarbonate laminate which is virtually indestructible. The 6230,626O and 6290 use multiple 200-watt output devices in complementary configuration for high reliability and low distortion. At rated power into 8 ohms, these output devices are operated at less than 35% of their rated power dissipation. The benefit is high reliability and long component life. The 62 15,623O and 6260 employ a continuous duty power supply section common to both channels. The 6290 has two totally independent power supplies with separate power switches and fusing. Reliable operation of these amplifiers is ensured through the following protection modes: Current is limited under improper load or drive conditions. Output relays, with front panel LED indication, protect the loudspeaker load under conditions of DC offset or large low-frequency transients. The relays also provide power-up, power-down, and brown out muting to protect loudspeakers from AC power transients generated anywhere in the signal path. LED on the front panel indicate the onset of s clipping and standby mode. The JBL amplifiers may be operated in the normal stereophonic mode, dual monophonic mode, or bridged monophonic mode. A rear panel switch sets these modes, eliminating the need for patch cords or adaptors. Active differential input circuitry offers the benefits of balanced operation without the use of input transformers. Input connections may be made via 3-pin XL-type connector, three-conductor TRS 6.3 mm ( in) Jack, or barrier strip. The barrier strip includes a ground strap which can be removed to isolate the circuit ground from chassis ground. The five-way output binding posts are arranged in a 19 mm (31 in) array so that bridged as well as normal connections may be made with standard dual banana plugs, bare wire, or terminal Jugs.
The 62 15,623O and 6260 models are cooled by natural convection and the 6290 has a quiet twospeed fan for extra thermal protection when the heat is on.

Bacli PaMelModel 62 I5

Bacli Panel Models6230, 6260

Bach Panel Model 6290

Rated Power 20 Hz-20 kHz 8-ohm stereo channel) 4-ohm stereo channel) l6-ohm bridge (per 35 w




Midband Power kHz
Rated Power 20 Hz-20 kHz 75 w


Rated Power 20 Hz-20 kHz 15ow
Rated Power 20 Hz-20 kHz 300 w
Midband Power I kHz 400 w

45 w 90 w

5ow IOOW

l5OW 300 w

220 w 350 w

300 w 600 W

380 W 630 W

600 W l2OOW

700 w 135ow
8 ohm bridge Rated Power:
is minimum continuous sine wave average power output per channel. with both channels driving their rated load and overa power bandwidth of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Maximum total harmonic or intermodulation distortion measured at any power level from 250 milliwatts to rated power is less than 0. I% for 8 ohm stereo and I6 ohm bridge. 0.2% for 4 ohm stereo and 8 ohm bridge. is maximum +O, output power at onset of clipping, both channels output bandwidth, A weighted) driven with I kHz sine wave, THD I%

Midband Frequency


Response: Noise: Input:

20 Hz to 20 kHz. at any level rated output

up to rated kHz noise

At least Balanced

100 dB below bridging

( 15.7

differential 40k ohms

amplifier used as balanced mono modes, input; 2Ok ohms used as unbalanced (single-ended) input


6215.6230,6260: 6290: In dual

and bridged

20k ohms balanced;

IOk ohms unbalanced

Maximum Input Voltage


+ 20 dB (7.75 V rmsl I.I V for rated Variable; output into 8-ohm load 30 dB 162601, 33 dB 16290)


Amplification: Rise Time: Slew Rate: Factor:


24 dB 162151. 27 dB (6230),
Less than 7 microseconds 40 V/microsecond With 8-ohm Greater Output into &ohm load from 20 Hz to I kHz; greater than 70 at 20 kHz

Damping Channel

load. greater
than 200 at any frequency

Separation: Polarity:

than 60 dB at I kHz signal is in phase with pin 3 of XL-type 6215
connector and tip of TRS jack

AC POWER; & At Idle

AC Power Consumption: 30 w 8-ohm 4-ohm 18OW 225 W 44x483mm(Itixl9in) 229 mm (9 in) 4.76 kg f 10.5 Ibs) 5.67 ke (12.5 Ibs) Attenuator security covers, 70 V autoformers 50 w 420 W 720 W 133 x 483 mm (5% x I9 inl 280 mm (I I in) Il.9 kg (26.25 Ibs) 50 w 600 W ll8ow _. l78x483mm17xl9inl 280 mm (I I inl 20.2 kg (44.5 Ibs) 24 ke 153 Ibsl _ l2OW l4OOW lnnn _ W. l78x483mm17ul91n) 356 mm (I4 in)
(approximate) Output Output Both Channels Both Channels
28.6 kg 163 Ibs) kp (71 Ihs) es-._ -

WEIGHT Accessories

15.9 ke 135 lbsl and transformers
The amplifier active as fully balanced shall input be a dual channel circuitry, output model of solid state design driver employing The amplifier under relaylsl surges, improper which shall contain drive sensing circuitry which provides for current limiting and complementary circuitry. Front panel cascade controls

circuitry as well

power shall
or load conditions. the load under power up. power

The amplifier

shall contain

an output

complementary and individual illuminated

shall include indicators

DC offset conditions, down,

large lowfrequency

switch[esl include channel, protected
stepped indicator, standby
gain controls. illuminated indicatorlsl.
Front panel clipping Front panel
low line voltage, amplifier
and over temperature. performance criteria: Maximum I ,I V rms.


indicators graphic
for each details shall be
The power input voltage, Maximum

shall meet

the following required

and illuminated

at least 7.75 V rms. Voltage amplification, rated

to reach rated


by a polycarbonate

laminate. construction, panels. mode dual switch for selecting from connections 6.3 the with internal parts easily


24 dB. (27 dB), (30 dBl, 133 dB). Hum output (Aweighted). output. power Frequency Damping

and noise +O. 200 35

The amplifier through removal
shall be of robust of top and/or


level -

at least

100 dB below


I, 20 Hz to 20 kHz. at any power

up to rated Output

factor at least into 8 ohms, 45 watts, (150 (600
Rear panel following channel


shall include
a three-position stereophonic.
from 20 Hz to I kHz with 8-ohm watts, watts), watts), (75 watts), (300 watts), II50 watts).

per channel I6 ohms,

modes A input,

of operation: or bridged

normal monophonic 3-pin

monophonic Input

1300 wattsl; bridged


from channel XL-type

A input.

I600 watts]; with THD

into 8 ohms,

90 watts,

(300 watts),

for each channel mm ( in) phone A circuit posts. AT.R.S. ground

shall include:

female strip.


3-conductor TRS for lifting 5-way the binding

[ I200


or IM no greater

than 0.2%. Transient 100 method
intermodulation of Leinonen. O&la,

jack, and barrier


shall be made


shall measure

less than 0.03% by the DIM 1977. 6215, (6230).

from chassis ground.



shall be dual
and Curl, IAES, Vol. 25, No. 4, April, The amplifier

shall be the JBL Model



Yfl (6.3 mm)


jack shall be provided

for output


on the front panel

(6215 only).
Amplifier Model Stereo EDUT Mono Bridge IO0 70V Pout 45w I5OW 3oow 600W VAC VAC VAC VAC EOUT
Transformer Model 6268 6298
I34VAC 25 VAC 35 VAC 50 VAC

Autoformer Model *Can

in ohm ohm ohm ohm

Impedance Ratio

I:9 I:4 I:2

be used for step-up

or step-down


Frequency Response: THD: Insertion Loss


at rated output
f 0.5 dB 25Hz-20kHz Less than 0.5% from 25Hz-20kHz Less than 0.75 dB #6-32 Screw/Solder Lugs attached NET WEIGHT I.8 kg (3.9 Ibs) 2.2 kg (4.8 lbsl 2.8 kg (6.2 Ibs) 3.7 kg (8.2 Ibs) 3.6 kg (8.1 lbsl kg (12.3 Ibs) kg 1129 Ibs) 7.8 kg (17.1 lbsl SHIPPING WEIGHT
Connections: Mounting: MODEL NO. 6217: 6218: 6237: 6238 6267:


L brackets
DIMENSIONS 76 x 76 x 76 mm (3 x 3 x 3 in) 76 x 79 x 96 mm (3 x 3ti x 3% in) l02x83x89mm (4 x 3 x 3% in /4 89~96xl15mm (3%~3sx44%in) 102 x 89 x 96 mm (4 x 3% x 3K in) ll5x83x96mm (4% x 3% x 3% in) ll5x83x96mm (4% x 3% x 3% in1 II5x96xl33mm (4% x 3% x 5% in)
2.3 kg 15 Ibs) 2.7 kg (6 Ibs) 3.2 kg (7 Ibs) 4.1 kg (9 Ibs) 4.1 kg 19 Ibs) 59kg II3 Ibs) kg (14 Ibs) 8.2 kg 118 Ibsl



and 6290.

Security Cover Cups for Model 6230,6260, SC Security Cover Cups for Model 62 15.


JBL Professional, 8500 Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box 2200, Northridge, California 91329 U.S.A.

15M 8189 P844 U65731



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