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JBL JBL On Tour PlusJBL Control 24ct Micro Plus Background Music Ceiling Loudspeaker

JBL - 2 Channel

Most compact of the JBL ceiling speakers - the Control 24C contains a coaxially mounted 4" woofer and 3/4" titanium-coated tweeter - providing high-fidelity sound over an extremely wide coverage area of 130° conical

Brand: JBL
UPC: 844632066115
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bestlesbint 12:18am on Monday, October 11th, 2010 
PROS: OS, look, Awesomeness ITs great, and the idea is well along with the OS its a Mac downsized. its size is a bit big Awesome game player, and has replaced my laptop but I do not have to need for business and so I do not know about how those work. Great for traveling,...
egede 6:01pm on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 
My Company uses Citrix, so I am able to run Windows Applications, SAP, even flash and all my GO TO corporate applications on the device. you will love the 9 inches screen. You will enjoy the touchscreen experience with iPad Fast, Lightweight, Compact

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jbl on tour plus

portable loudspeaker system for media players

Sony PSP not included.

JBL On Tour Plus is a revolution in portable personal sound. Its a compact, lightweight, high-performance sound system for portable game and video devices, digital audio and MP3 players on-the-go electronic devices that could benet from cleaner, more powerful audio. And its battery- or AC-powered for true portability. Compatibility The stereo mini jack connection and audio input cable allow you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of devices, including Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)and other handheld gaming devices, MP3 and CD players, and desktop and laptop computers (all platforms). Game Console Bracket Discover the excitement that realistic sound adds to your favorite video game. JBL On Tour Plus includes an integrated bracket for portable gaming, music or video devices. Rugged Carry Case Zippered, ballistic nylon carry case protects the JBL On Tour Plus, AC adapter and game console bracket; an external pouch holds portable devices. Easy-to-Use Touch Controls Just touch the [+] or [] pads to increase or decrease the volume. Touch both pads to mute or unmute the system. JBL On Tour Plus even remembers your last volume setting after system shutdown. Additional Features Integrated protective cover and stand the sliding cover serves as a stand and protects your system when not in use. Surface-gripping rubber feet provide a stable platform on most surfaces. Advanced Technology JBL On Tour Plus combines many proprietary technologies to provide the highest quality sound and playing time. It will provide astonishing bass and clear, accurate sound from a pocket-sized system. Digital Amplier Technology The Class D digital ampliers provide clean, powerful sound while extending battery life. Odyssey Transducers The two aluminum-domed transducers are driven by powerful neodymium magnets. This design provides a full, rich frequency response, from the lowest bass to the highest highs. COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization ) System equalization is computer-optimized to provide a rich, complete soundstage. AEMS (Advanced Energy Management System ) The JBL On Tour Plus system has an automatic batterysaving shutoff. The AEMS will automatically put the system into sleep mode when the cover is closed or when there is no audio input. JBL On Tour Plus awakens with just a touch and resumes at the same volume level when the cover is opened or the input resumes. Battery-Powered JBL On Tour Plus is designed to use most types of AAA batteries. Four fresh AAA batteries provide more than 24 hours of continuous play at normal to high listening levels. An amber LED ashes when the battery protection circuit senses the batteries are low. JBL encourages the use of rechargeable types of batteries ( i.e., NiMH and lithium ). These batteries reduce waste and help the environment. Technical Specications Manufacturer: Model Name: Available in: Input Requirement: Drivers: Power: Frequency Response: Dimensions: Weight: Input Impedance: Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Voltage Input: JBL, Incorporated JBL On Tour Plus Black with Graphite 1/8" (3.5mm) mini stereo jack Two Odyssey neodymium drivers 3 Watts per channel 100Hz 20kHz Width 7" (175mm) Depth 3-1/2" (88mm) Height 1-2/5" (35mm) 12 oz (350g) >10k Ohms >80dB 100V 230V AC, 50Hz 60Hz
JBL, Incorporated 8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329 USA 1.516.255.4525
2006 Harman International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. JBL, Harman International and Odyssey are registered trademarks, and JBL On Tour is a trademark, of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Sony and PlayStation are registered trademarks, and PSP is a trademark, of Sony Corporation or its afliate.



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