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Mounting Accessories. Control Series enclosures
The most versatile are bracket

mounting consists

is the MTC-3, which
accommodate ceiling, wall or portable stand mounting. The MTC-101 Universal Mounting Bracket is easily and securely attached to the enclosure and provides the necessary attachment points for all brackets. The MTC-102 Adjustable Bracket, with its unique Wall Mount polymer ball
specifically designed to fit handily into even the most awkward installation areas. They are designed for the real world in which minimal space, tight corners and tough angles are all too common. tripod mounting Wall, ceiling, systems rack and allow pothe performance.
of an MTC-2 attached to a long bracket and a C-clamp type mount. The clamp slides on the bracket so the length may be effectively varied. When the desired length has been chosen, clamp a locking securely lever keeps the in place.
sitioning of enclosures right spot for optimum

in exactly

and clamp design, allow omnidirectional positioning of the enclosystems sure. The system connecting s wires may be hidden internally within the clamp. The MTC-103 Ceiling Mount Bracket is similar to the MTC-102 except that it is designed to be mounted to a rigid ceiling surface. Both the MTC-102 and MTC-103 include the MTC-101 to form a complete kit.
Control 5 There are five mounting
Control 1 & Control 1 PlusTV The unique series of mounting adapters for the Control 1 and Control 1 Plus allow their installation in virtually any application. The basic bracket is the MTC-1 which permits mounting on camera tripods and also adapts the Control 1 and Control 1 Plus to a wide variety of specialized wall or clamp mounting systems. The MTC-1 attaches to the Control 1 and 1 Plus by means of a cam lever locking system. Three attachment points are built into the speaker enclosure allowing quick, positive, vertical or horizontal mounting. A supplied set screw may be used to prevent inadvertent unlocking and removal of the Control 1 and 1 Plus from the mounting system. For permanent wall or ceiling installations, the MTC-2 bracket adds a ball joint and mounting plate to the MTC 1. A wire cable (supplied) may also be used to provide an additional margin of safety. The ball joint lets you position the speaker at virtually any angle you desire; a set screw keeps it there. tightening
available for the Control 5. Two of these, the MTC-51 Adjustable Wall Bracket and MTC-52 Adjustable Ceiling Bracket, incorporate ball joints which attach to the back of the enclosure. Both allow a full range of loudspeaker alignment. The MTC-56 Flush Mount Wall Bracket system is a fixed position mounting for use where not required. critical angulation is
The MTC-105 affords a mounting yoke assembly with safety plate for industrial installation. The MTC-106 is a nylon protective cover/carrying 10 and case. j
The MTC-53 Rack Mount Bracket does what the name implies, permitting the Control 5 to be installed in a standard 19.inch rack. The MTC-53 allows adjustment of the vertical axis as well as flush or recessed placement. The MTC-54 adapts the Control 5 to the JBL MT-4612 tripod and permits vertical or horizontal mounting. The flexibility of the MT-4612 expands the versatility of the Control 5 in public address and light sound reinforcement applications. Control 10 & Control 12SK In addition to the built-in handles for easy carrying, the Control 10 and Control 12 SR have specially engineered mounting hardware to

To allow the Control

Control 12SR to be mounted to the tripod in JBL MT-4612 aluminum either a vertical or horizontal position, the MTC-101 Tripod Mounting Adapter should be specified.
MTC-1 Universal Mounting Bracket
MTC-51 Adjustable WallBracket

Black Only

(Vertical mounting position) Black, Gray, White
MTC-101 Universal Mounting Bracket
MTC-2 Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Bracket (Shown in
wall mount position) Black, Gray, White
(Horazontal mounting position) Black, Gray, White
MTC-52 Adjustable Ceiling Bracket
MTC-102 Adjustable WallMount Bracket

ceiling mount position) Black, Gray, White

MTC-8 L BracketWallMount

Black, Gray, White
(Shown in horizontal mounting position) Black Only
MTC-56 Flush Mount WallBracket

MTC-7 Mic Stand Adaptor

MTC-53 Rack Mount Bracket

MTC-4612 Tripod

Brushed Aluminum
MTC-54 Tripod Adaptor (For use with
MTC-106 Padded Protective Cover

MTC-4612) Black Only



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