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rdugar 11:32pm on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
Good stuff Zero trouble whatsoever with it, works perfectly fine, sound quality is actually pretty good, on the mp3 decoder. Does what it says on the tin Bought this as a stop-gap replacement for an all singing all dancing unit - but will probably leave it fitted!
Charles Hine 7:29pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
Ideal for my use Everything was in the box apart from a manual in English, however 2 mins on the PC and I had it.

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Installation/Connection Manual /




This unit is designed to operate on 12 V DC, NEGATIVE ground electrical systems. If your vehicle does not have this system, a voltage inverter is required, which can be purchased at JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealers.

12 . , , JVC.

Parts list for installation and connection
The following parts are provided for this unit. After checking them, please set them correctly.

. , , .

A/B Hard case/Control panel /

C Sleeve

D Trim plate

E Power cord

F Washer (5) (5)

G Lock nut (M5) (M5)

H Handles
I Mounting boltM5 x 20 mm M5 x 20

J Rubber cushion

K Battery


L Remote controller
The following illustration shows a typical installation. If you have any questions or require information regarding installation kits, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer or a company supplying kits. If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed by a qualified technician.
. , . - , , JVC , . , , .
Do the required electrical connections. , .
Fit the protrusions outside the unit. . @
* When you stand the unit, be careful not to damage the fuse on the rear. *1 , , .
Bend the appropriate tabs to hold the sleeve firmly in place. , .

1/19/04, 8:01 PM

Removing the unit
Before removing the unit, release the rear section.
Insert the two handles, then pull them as illustrated so that the unit can be removed. , , , .
When using the optional stay /
When installing the unit without using the sleeve /
In a Toyota for example, first remove the car radio and install the unit in its place. Toyota , , , .

Fire wall F Dashboard I

Stay (option) () Flat type screws (M5 x 8 mm)* (M5 x 8 )* G * Not included with this unit. * .
Screw (option) () C Pocket

Bracket* *

Flat type screws (M5 x 8 mm)* (M5 x 8 )*
Note Install the unit at an angle of less than 30. 30.
: When installing the unit on the mounting bracket, make sure to use the 8 mm-long screws. If longer screws are used, they could damage the unit. : , 8. .
PRECAUTIONS on power supply and speaker connections:
DO NOT connect the speaker leads of the power cord to the car battery; otherwise, the unit will be seriously damaged. BEFORE connecting the speaker leads of the power cord to the speakers, check the speaker wiring in your car.

, . .

The fuse blows. * Are the red and black leads connected correctly? Power cannot be turned on. * Is the yellow lead connected? No sound from the speakers. * Is the speaker output lead short-circuited? Sound is distorted. * Is the speaker output lead grounded? * Are the terminals of L and R speakers grounded in common? Noise interfere with sounds. * Is the rear ground terminal connected to the cars chassis using shorter and thicker cords? Unit becomes hot. * Is the speaker output lead grounded? * Are the terminals of L and R speakers grounded in common?
. * ? . * ? . * ? . * ? * (R) (L) ? . * ? . * ? * (R) (L) ?


To prevent short circuits, we recommend that you disconnect the batterys negative terminal and make all electrical connections before installing the unit. Be sure to ground this unit to the cars chassis again after installation. Notes: Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse blows frequently, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer. It is recommended to connect to the speakers with maximum power of more than 50 W (both at the rear and at the front, with an impedance of 4 to 8 ). If the maximum power is less than 50 W, change AMP.GAIN setting to prevent the speakers from being damaged (see page 38 of the INSTRUCTIONS). To prevent short-circuit, cover the terminals of the UNUSED leads with insulating tape. The heat sink becomes very hot after use. Be careful not to touch it when removing this unit.
. . : . , JVC. 50 ( , 4 8 ). 50 , AMP.GAIN , (. . 38). . . .

Heat sink

Typical Connections /

: . . .

Before connecting: Check the wiring in the vehicle carefully. Incorrect connection may cause serious damage to this unit. The leads of the power cord and those of the connector from the car body may be different in color.
Connect the colored leads of the power cord in the order specified in the illustration below. Connect the aerial cord. Finally connect the wiring harness to the unit.

. . .

Note: If your vehicle does not have any accessory terminal, move the fuse from the fuse position 1 (initial position) to fuse position 2, and connect the red lead (A7) to the positive (+) battery terminal. The yellow lead (A4) is not used in this case.
: , 1 ( ) 2 (7) (+) . (4) .
Rear ground terminal Line out (see diagram (. ) )
To SUBWOOFER (see diagram SUBWOOFER (. )

B5 B6 A5

B7 B8 A7 A8
Fuse position 2 / 2 Fuse position 1 / 1
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 A5 A2 A4 B7 B8 A7 A8

15 A fuse 15 A

*1 Not included for this unit *1 Ignition switch
To CD changer/DAB tuner or another external component (see diagram ) -/ DAB (. )


To metallic body or chassis of the car

Yellow*2 *2

To a live terminal in the fuse block connecting to the car battery (bypassing the ignition switch) (constant 12 V) ( ) ( 12 ) Fuse block

To an accessory terminal in the fuse block
Blue with white stripe *2 Before checking the operation of this unit prior to installation, this lead must be connected, otherwise power cannot be turned on. *2 , .
To the remote lead of other equipment or power aerial if any (200 mA max.) (. 200 )

Orange with white stripe

To car light control switch


To cellular phone system

White with black stripe

White Gray with black stripe
Gray Green with black stripe
Green Purple with black stripe


Left speaker (front) ()
Right speaker (front) () 3

Left speaker (rear) ()

Right speaker (rear) ()
Connections Adding Other Equipment /

Amplifier /

You can connect an amplifier (and other equipment) to upgrade your car stereo system. Connect the remote lead (blue with white stripe) to the remote lead of the other equipment so that it can be controlled through this unit. For amplifier only: Disconnect the speakers from this unit, connect them to the amplifier. Leave the speaker leads of this unit unused. The line output level of this unit is kept high to maintain the hi-fi sounds reproduced from this unit. When connecting an external amplifier to this unit, turn down the gain control on the external amplifier to obtain the best performance from this unit. . ( ) , . : , . . , , . , .
Rear speakers Remote lead Y-connector (not supplied with this unit) Y ( )


JVC Amplifier JVC-
Remote lead (Blue with white stripe) ( )


Signal cord (not supplied with this unit) ( )
To the remote lead of other equipment or power aerial if any


Front speakers
You can connect another power amplifier for front speakers. .
*3 Firmly attach the ground wire to the metallic body or to the chassis of the carto the place not *3 coated with paint (if coated with paint, remove the paint before attaching the wire). Failure to do , ( , so may cause damage to the unit. , ). .
CD changer and DAB tuner / - - DAB

Refer also to page 42 of the INSTRUCTIONS. . 42. Connecting cord supplied for your DAB tuner , DAB Connecting cord supplied for your CD changer , - - Connecting cord supplied for your DAB tuner or CD changer , DAB - -
JVC CD changer - - JVC KD-G807


JVC CD changer - - JVC
You can connect both components in series as illustrated above. , .
CAUTION / : Before connecting the CD changer and/or the DAB tuner, make sure that the unit is turned off. - - / DAB , .

Subwoofer /

Signal cord (not supplied for this unit) ( )


You can connect a subwoofer through an amplifier to reinforce the bass. For their connections, refer to the instructions supplied with your subwoofer. . .

External Component /

KS-U57 *4


External component

CD changer jack -

*4 Line Input Adapter KS-U57 (not supplied with this unit) *4 KS-U57 ( )



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